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  1. Chris Blewitt blew it with the Bears

    All 3 of them missed a kick from 42 yards at the end of practice (meant to replicate a game clinching kick), so I wouldn't be surprised if none of them make the final team and they look somewhere else.
  2. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Gives them the flexibility to draft someone if theres someone available or to wait until later in the draft. If they thought he was an ideal long term solution, he wouldn't be here for 1 year at 3.5m. They can't guarantee that they have someone capable fall into their laps at one of their limited number of draft choices.
  3. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    This is also incredibly accurate. Hands of stone.
  4. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    I will say this, I'll take Clinton-Dix for 3.5 million over Amos at 9m. Hands down.
  5. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    I think you guys are overestimating Amos. His PFF ratings are very misleading. He was average, mostly reliable, but not spectacular and was a bit of a liability in coverage. I don't know if Ha-Ha is any better than he was, he likely isn't based on what you guys have said, but Amos is not spectacular either.
  6. Bears sign Ted Larsen

    He was absolutely terrible. We better hope he doesn't see much play time.
  7. Free Agent Rumors

    Yeah for that money, I'm kind of pissed too.
  8. Dolphins release OG Josh Sitton

    He was fantastic in Chicago, I don't know what you are talking about. Other than missing a few games a season due to injury, he was great. FWIW, he was ranked among the top interior OL both years he played in chicago, if I recall correctly.
  9. Free Agent Rumors

    Packers also just released Nick Perry. He's got injury problems, but could make an ok rotational pass rusher, probably wont run very expensive.
  10. Free Agent Rumors

    I'd take Bell if we are still in the running, but honestly, I think Tevin Coleman would be a great choice as well. Reminded me a lot of Matt Forte coming out of college, it'd be cool to see what he can do with a full time starting gig.
  11. Free Agent Rumors

    Jeeze. I'm so swamped lately that I didn't even realize that FA opens this week.
  12. Ya' Can't Make Stuff Like This Up

    NVM, HuskieBear made my point for me already.
  13. Bears HC Matt Nagy wins COTY

    I would argue that the Bears are more following the Chiefs/Eagles blueprint than the Rams, but they are certainly similar. This is well deserved by Nagy, but I think a strong case could have been made for Frank Reich considering all the factors at play surrounding his hiring and the start of his season.
  14. Why Signing Bryce Callahan Makes Sense

    Well, initial reports are that Amos is determing his value based on his PFF ratings from last year of being the highest or second highest (can't recall which) safety in the NFL. Pace doesn't agree with that value of him, apparently, but we will see how it plays out. I imagine Callahan will get paid, but considering how strapped for cash the Bears are, I doubt we are the ones to give him the cash.
  15. Why Signing Bryce Callahan Makes Sense

    I think you are focusing too much on those PFF ratings, and I think we will not resign either Callahan or Amos before the free agency period starts. Amos may make less money than he is demanding when the free agency period starts, according to the rumors, so maybe we will get a deal in place, but I would argue that of the starters on the Bears defense, he's probably the most replaceable among them right now.