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  1. Mike Groh promoted to Eagles OC

    He was a fantastic WR coach for the Bears, didn't realize he was on the Eagles.
  2. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Came to say this, if anything this is a good indication that they have been making contract progress. JLC is a worthless reporter.
  3. The Gun Thread

    I finally got a chance to shoot my 1911 M96 Swedish Mauser the other day. Had a real fun time with it.
  4. Bitcoin

    Never going to make me a millionaire but I've been mining Turtlecoin lately, just because I like the Devs and think its got a pretty good following base to it. Mined to 35,000 shells (which is not that much, roughly equivalent to 35-40 dollars).
  5. Positional Analysis: WR

    I've watched plenty of Moncrief, I think he'd be a good fit. Not going to fix our WR corps, but he's young enough and certainly talented enough that Tru would love having him on the squad.
  6. Bitcoin

    For the miners here, what are you currently mining?
  7. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    They had a contract in principle with a guy who said he would accept it after the playoffs ended, and he was clearly their top choice. How is it their fault that he ended up backing out? Just because they didn't rush into a decision and force themselves into taking a guy they liked less just because they could sign him earlier? The only mistake they made was in judging McDaniels character IMO.
  8. 6 figures is 100,000k +. Not 6 zeros.
  9. Josh McDaniels withdraws from Colts HC job

    That piece of logic aside, I honestly think that would be a good move. I'm shocked he didn't get any HC interviews this off season, personally feel he was more deserving of them than Defilippo.
  10. Colts officially announce Josh McDaniels as head coach

    My bad, didn't know a separate thread was made.
  11. Could be. GoT is adapted from a book series, so i could see KoTor adaptation from video games.
  12. I can definitely get on board with this. They would be great for some sort of Empire or dark side related films.
  13. Colts officially announce Josh McDaniels as head coach

    I highly, highly, highly doubt that. McDaniels wont be making the same mistake, either.
  14. Looks like he's doing the same thing as Dan Pees. Either way, great hire for the Bears, gets some solid experience on that offensive coaching staff.
  15. Bears Hiring Matt Nagy

    This is another big get for Da Bears.