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  1. From Reddit: A look at Pete Carmichael Jr.

    Gotta say, I don't get a great feeling about Carmichael. If he'd been the cause of so much success for Drew Brees throughout his career, he'd have been hired already. My gut says he's maybe a contributor, but Sean Payton and Drew himself have much more of a reason for it. Carmichael seems more like a guy who is along for the ride than a real game changer.
  2. How are those Rookies Doing? Mid-Season Edition

    Bears: 1st - Mitchell Trubisky - About as good as you would reasonably expect with the piss poor supporting cast they have put around him at WR, and now its going to be worse with Zach Miller out for presumably the rest of his career. I'm going to make no negative judgements based on his performances this season because we simply are awful in terms of skill positions apart from Howard and Cohen, and coaching is dreadful. 2nd - Adam Shaheen - About as raw as you could get out of college, he looked pretty decent in preseason and tc but has done absolutely nothing since. He'll need to step up with Zach Miller's injuries but I'm not sure he's ready for anything 4th - Eddie Jackson - He's been extremely good. Very productive, and of course singlehandedly won the game against carolina. Has played very well both in pass defense and run support, and is a real playmaker with the ball in his hands. This is the pick I'm most excited about for this season, I think. 4th - Tarik Cohen - The Bears pretty much knocked it out of the park with their 4th rounders. Cohen hasn't done quite as much since his hot start, which is typical for a rookie RB I've noticed, but he's extremely dangerous out of the backfield as a receiver and can breakaway a long run at any moment. 5th - Jordan Morgan - IR since preseason.
  3. The Gun Thread

    First of all, automatic weapons are both impractical and incredibly hard to get as it is. They are incredibly expensive and the ATF red tape is apparently a nightmare. Never used bumpfire myself, but from what i've seen it looks like nothing more than a range toy. The problem is its impossible to restrict because you literally can do it with a rubber band, or your finger and belt loop. The law they are trying to pass is so vague and generic it basically cant be enforced unless every semi-automatic weapon where the rate of fire was affected by how fast you pull the trigger is banned. Very few people that I have seen post online about bumpfire stocks even cares about their existence, it seems like something that people buy, use a couple of times and say "neat" and then get fed up with throwing so much money away in ammunition cost from dumping it all so fast. Not to mention your accuracy goes down the tubes. Also, not to get nitpicky, but why do you specifically refer to an ar-15? People get so up in arms about them because they are these scary looking assault rifles but when you boil it down they are not much different than a semi-automatic hunting rifle. They just look like they are from the military, so they are more scary to people who don't handle firearms. Lastly, have you ever shot a gun before? I'd highly encourage you to try it and have an open mind about it.
  4. The Gun Thread

    Found a reasonably priced Swedish m96 on gunbroker, though I'm kinda regretting it because images were a little limited in scope. Too much of an impulse purchase. I'll let you know if I feel like I made a bad decision when i get it, though its too high of a caliber to use at my local indoor range, so it'll only be a "show piece" and a shooter when I'm visiting family out in the country.
  5. ProFootballFocus Top 5/Bottom 5 at every position, as of Week 8

    Absolutely true. Frankly, he should be in DPOY contention, although realistically considering the position he plays I know he will not be. We have not seen interior DL play as good as his since Tommie Harris in 2006 and 2007, and that is saying a lot. Hicks is elevating every other defensive player's game, and is practically unblockable.
  6. Does Chuck Pagano Get an Extra Season?

    I don't blame them for keeping Pagano around, the waters were pretty murky around him considering how little Grigson had given him in terms of players. Short of TY and Luck, he hadn't been given much. It may be a similar situation to the Bears when they hired Phil Emery in 2012. He was "encouraged" by the owners to keep Lovie Smith as a HC for a year to decide if he was really the problem, and then Emery fired Lovie after a 10-6 non-playoff season. Ballard has a better case to bring in his own guy than Emery did, but of course ownership is extremely different in terms of culture between the Bears and the Colts.
  7. Does Chuck Pagano Get an Extra Season?

    I think after a really poor season, Chris Ballard is going to want to bring in his own guy, instead of one he inherited. I could see Dave Toub be a legitimate candidate there considering Ballard's connection to KC and Chicago.
  8. ProFootballFocus Top 5/Bottom 5 at every position, as of Week 8

    I'm very pleasantly surprised by both Adrian Amos and Eddie Jackson, for the first time in a decade I feel like the Bears S are not an overall weakness. I don't know that Amos is the second best safety in the NFL, but he's certainly been on a hot streak since getting benched for Demps and then coming in to replace him due to injury. Lit a fire under him or something.
  9. Reportedly they were pills to help him with his head trauma. Apparently he's having major memory issues and personality issues ever since the last concussion that put him on IR. I hope he retires.
  10. Zach Miller injury

    This is so awful, I feel so terrible for Zach. One of the better TE's in the league and could have been something if he didn't have the worst ******* luck with injuries. I really hope he keeps his leg and retires without major issue. Not to hijack the thread, but I'm ******* sick and tired of the NFL right now. The refs stole the last TD this guy will ever get from his finger tips based on the bull**** of him putting the ball down after completing the catch, to brace the leg that he could potentially lose. So sick of the NFL, I'm not buying any merch for a long long while. Anyways, Zach, get better. He's a genuinely great guy and teammate and I hope that even if he gets a miraculous recovery, he never plays another down, he's had way too many close calls with injuries that he needs to move on to bigger and better things.
  11. Week 8 GDT: Bears @ Saints

    That is ******* bull****
  12. The Gun Thread

    Thats my concern. I know I can get them, but damn, I wish I hadn't missed out on them running under 200 bucks all the time. Probably better for my wallet this way, it'll limit me to only ones that I realllllly like.
  13. The Gun Thread

    Picked up a 10/22 takedown, looking forward to some cheap plinking. Gonna pick up a few bx25 mags and go to town at the range. Also, I'm interested in milsurp collecting but afraid I missed out on the "Golden Era" of milsurp since I'm late to the game. Any recommendations? The Swedish m96 would be my top choice personally right now.
  14. Bears Pick 'Em 2017 - Week 8

  15. So, uh, the Bears Trade for Dontrelle Inman

    How often do you see the Bears make mid-season moves like this? Not very frequently. Not a worldbeater but I'll take any chance at an improved WR core, even if its just marginally better.