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  1. Nice, I run a 365XL. Have you tried that as a point of comparison?
  2. I’m good with it. Not in love with it, but good with it.
  3. For those hating on the move, where do you view Foles in relation to Trubisky? I'm not a huge fan of this move, but I do think that at the very least he's going to be more capable of keeping the Bears in games and being a game manager than Trubisky has been so far. With this defense, that might be all the Bears need. There weren't a whole lot of other options out there when they signed Foles besides Dalton and Cam Newton. Newton has huge health concerns, and Dalton may have cost a 2nd round pick which he's definitely not worth. In short, I think Foles is average. I think Trubisky is less than average. I see this as a net win overall, even if Foles isn't going to be a boom for the offense.
  4. Agreed, which makes me think that it wasn't so much a "desperation" move from Pace to sign graham than other factors. Not saying thats a good thing, but maybe they actually like Graham more than the other guys out there.
  5. I don't know if I would describe him as pretty good, but its clear that at this point he's significantly better than Trubisky. If we can go 8-8 with Trubisky, I think we can certainly do better with Foles.
  6. His tackling wasn't bad that I can recall last season for the Bears, but the biggest reason he wasn't retained was that he didn't really work well in a SS role, which left Eddie Jackson playing in the box more than he should since he's a game changer when roaming in coverage. I am surprised he didn't get more money, but I'm not surprised the Bears didn't bring him back.
  7. Do we know the details behind the restructuring yet? Schefter made it seem like there were other changes besides the ability to void after a year.
  8. Floyd is a good player, but he's not a good pass rusher, so hopefully he gets used more like an ILB or traditional off the ball linebacker. If he's spending most of his snaps rushing the passer, he's not going to be worth the money, but he is extremely athletic and great in pass coverage and stopping the run. I wish him luck.
  9. This pretty much sums up my feelings about it. The biggest problems for me is giving up a pick and the contract. Looks like his contract can be voided after this year, and I have to ask myself, what is our potential of finding someone who can push Trubisky immediately with a 4th round pick in the draft? I don't love it, but its not the most terrible decision that could have been done. "Damned if he did, damned if he didn't" is just about the best way to put it for this scenario, especially considering the way the cards fell. Bridgewater and others didn't want to have to come in and earn the starting position, so our options were really limited.
  10. Well, I'm not a Foles fan, but at least Trubisky has some competition. I'd have rather had Newton if it was between the two of them, at least Newton has potential for upside.
  11. Dang, wish the bears brought him back in case DT gets hurt again. He was clutch as a replacement last year.
  12. Well, the first pick Pace made that I absolutely despised. He actually turned out better than I expected, but he really doesn't fit as a pure pass rushing guy. Good luck to him, hopefully he goes to a team with a decent scheme fit that can use a tall, rangy linebacker.
  13. No he was great in Chicago, at least in relation to the terrible play from the rest of the offense. He was well worth keeping, but Martz was hired as OC and refuses to use talented TE's, so they dumped him.
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