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  1. Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals Pre Season

    Shaheen is playing well
  2. Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals Pre Season

    There we go, Kyle fuller making some moves
  3. Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals Pre Season

    Offensive line looking like Swiss cheese
  4. Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals Pre Season

    Really bad tackling by Amos and timu there...
  5. Teams similar to last years teams.

    This is a much more fair comparison than that of the Rams. The Rams is the lazy comp just because of a young HC and 2nd year QB. Eagles are much more accurate.
  6. Teams similar to last years teams.

    Lol, this is a stretch. Sure, they tried to get a young offensive mind like McVay, but as far as doing everything in their power to emulate the Rams, almost none of those line up. - Vic Fangio has been the Bears DC since the Bears hired John Fox. They just kept him around, because he's a fantastic DC. - Mitch Trubisky didn't really struggle as much as he was held back from doing anything remotely risky, as well as having terrible playcalling. - Jordan Howard has been around for 2 years, the fact that they have him already doesn't mean they are trying to emulate the rams. - They upgraded their WR corps. Yeah, so? They were coming into the season with Kevin White (aka Elijah Prince), Josh Bellamy, and Tanner Gentry. Of course they were going for WR's and targets for Mitchell, thats common sense, not emulation of the rams - James Daniels was a surprise only in the position he played, not that they drafted him. It just meant that they are pushing Whitehair back to guard instead of drafting one, but everyone and their mother thought the bears were going to take an OL. Also, thats a big stretch considering Whitworth is a 10+ year veteran and Daniels is a new 2nd round pick. There are certainly comparisons to be made, but most are based on the HC they brought in and the fact that they have a 2nd year top 3 QB, and in my eyes thats where the comparisons stop. Saying they are doing "everything in their power to emulate last year's Rams" is a real stretch based on what you presented.
  7. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2018

    I'm in
  8. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Something that can be universally agreed upon by both Bears and Vikings fans
  9. As much as I like your enthusiasm for this team, I don't think I would classify them under this, because seems like the Bears are a sleeper pick in most people's eyes, so that kinda defeats the "everyone thinks is absolutely awful" premise.
  10. Most underrated player on your team

    For the Bears, I think Eddie Goldman doesn't get enough credit, he's very very important to that defensive line, and when healthy does a great job.
  11. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Damn, 2.50 is great. Got mine for 15 bucks last summer. I seldom use it tbh, though I would like to start using it more, just haven't had much time lately. Even on wireless in an average network, I've found very little latency in my short testing of it.
  12. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Its a pipe dream but I'm hoping for a good price on Far Cry 5. Its probably too soon to hope for it to hit 30 bucks or below, but if it does I'll certainly buy it.
  13. Chicago Bears unveil new alternate jerseys

    Thats not black....
  14. Madden 19

    Wooooooo definitely getting it for PC. Didn't think I'd see the day.
  15. Tattoos

    I already have my I heart Tyty tattoo on my ***, you were supposed to do it at the same time