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  1. No kidding. Getting pressure on a rookie QB to affect him mentally is one thing but it sure seems like theres more to this.
  2. Normally when people say the statline doesn't show how a guy played I roll my eyes because generally thats just nonsense, but in reality he actually played very well last week, though even still they had the kid gloves on him. He had a number of really really nicely placed mid to deep balls and Montgomery was such a hot hand that Fields would get the ball to the red zone and then OC would send in Montgomery to finish the job. I was extremely critical of Fields in the browns game where he played terrible and I don't think its yet the right decision to go fields over dalton but if you watched
  3. Bummer for him but man am I glad its not a worse injury, it looked season ending for sure.
  4. I've long since thought that while Soldier Field is a cool venue and very historic, its terrible as an NFL field, especially since the city has a tight handle on it. I'm glad they are moving forward with something new. I do hope they opt not to build a dome, its so historic for the Bears games in Chicago to be snowy messes come winter but I have a feeling thats not in the cards.
  5. Rodgers was actually really good as the host of jeopardy. It would be cool if he retired just to do that 😂
  6. Thats a fair assessment for his career until last year. There was a fairly significant drop off from the average play that he had, he was bad last year. Certainly no longer worth the contract that he was getting.
  7. I'm not totally sold on Jenkins at LT, but Leno was not good. The bar to beat his play from 2020 is not high. Theres a whole lot more upside here and I doubt he will be worse at LT than Leno was, but its certainly a possibility.
  8. Glad that we aren't mincing words and just taking bold actions, finally. I hope Tevin can step up to being a left tackle in the NFL. He's definitely a good looking player but from my understanding he hasn't played there before.
  9. Leno is not good. I'm surprised they made this move instead of giving Jenkins the possibility to win it, but they are strapped for cash so its not that outlandish.
  10. Are we still trying to dump Anthony Miller?
  11. They were talking about on NFL network how since there was less pre draft events and other restrictions, a lot of teams have smaller boards. Maybe the bears are going full bore into their top few and trying just to get the guys they are really confident in?
  12. Hard to win a draft that you are set to have like 3 picks in
  13. Jeeze, everyone jump down Cwoods throat for having a relatively unbiased take that is more positive than negative. Its fair to like Fields but not trust the Bears coaching staff to get him over the goal line, thats exactly the boat I'm in.
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