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  1. Yay, we got the top player on our board My little table I drew up for discussions with hockey with the RL 2nd/3rd players picked up in PFA; Player Pick Team Captain? 2018 Position Notes Key Quotes Breeland Speaks, Edge, Ole Miss 46 Chiefs Yes OLB3 Going to be the 3rd pass rusher from OLB this season. Chiefs traded up to get him. "We see Speaks as a guy where it will be Justin (Houston), Dee (Ford) and Speaks…" Andy Reid (HC) MJ Stewart, CB, UNC 53 Buccs Yes NCB TB took another DB in the 2nd round (Carlton Davis). Figures to be the nickel CB. "Want to get a guy who can play nickel …. We got that in MJ (Stewart)" Dirk Koetter (HC) PJ Hall, DT, Sam Houston State 57 Raiders Yes DT3/4 Very productive player in college although against weak opposition. The pick of Maurice Hurst in Rnd 5 concerns me as Hurst could easily become the rusher Gruden is looking for. "Hall is an inside rusher. He’s a potential three-technique, outside shoulder of the guard…" Jon Gruden (HC) Tyquan Lewis, DE, Ohio State 64 Colts Yes DE4/5/6 Colts traded up. Part of a big logjam or Des for the Colts. Turay was picked earlier in the day while Basham was a 3rd rounder last year. Chad Thomas, DE, Miami 67 Browns Yes DE2/3 Starter postion opposite Garrett is open but will have to beat out talented Ogbah and Nassib. Should be a rotation to start the year. "We think his run defense will play immediately in the NFL as a left end in our system. He can kick down inside and rush the passer from inside, as well" Andrew Berry (VP Player Personel) Justin Jones, DT, NC State 84 Chargers No DT3 High motor guy who will probably see the field quite a bit with Liuget starting the season with a suspension. Oren Burks, LB, Vanderbilt 88 Packers Yes ILB3 Packers traded up. Coming in at a position manned by former 4th round picks, Burks is a really high character guy who will do a great job on special teams. My comp may be Lorenzo Alexander who took a while to get settled in the league but is a really solid player. "Athletic linebackers like him that can do so much, not only in the run game but in coverage, are just really, really hard to find, the versatile ones." Brian Gutekunst (GM) Joe Noteboom, OT, TCU 89 Rams No LT2 Traded down. Rams first pick of the draft. Going to sit this year and learn from Whitworth with the intention of succeeding him in the future. "I don't think any offensive tackle will be in a better situation…. It's a perfect situation for him to be able to come and learn from one of the best." Les Snead (GM) Alex Cappa, OT, Humboldt State 94 Buccs Yes LG3/4 Has an adjustment period ahead due to step up in competition but a fiery competitor. 4x lineman of the year in his conference! "I love that dude...He's a great guy, our kind of guy" Jason Licht (GM) Mason Cole, C, Michigan 97 Cardinals Yes C2 Very reliable player who has a streak of 104 starts that dates back to high school! Cardinals OL was not good last year so wouldn't surprise me if he starts and has a long career with Rosen (like Manning/Saturday). "He’s smart. He’s physically tough. He’s gritty. He loves the game. You can see it on tape" Steve Wilks (HC) Jordan Akins, TE, UCF 98 Texans No TE2/3 There is no obvious starter at TE for the Texans but a lack of run blocking experience is not going to help Akins case. Old for a rookie and lacks nuance as a route runner but good hands. "He has a good work ethic. Good ability in the passing game." Bill O'Brien (HC) Isaac Yiadom, CB, Boston College 99 Broncos Yes CB4/5 Broncos recently traded Talib although the 2 outside spots look filled for now. Will be competing with 3rd rounder Langley from last year for snaps this season. "He’s really long and can run, and really does a nice job on the deep balls. He’s physical and we think he’ll be a really good special-teams player" John Elway (GM)
  2. Antonio Callaway going to a WR room with Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman sounds like a really, really bad idea! Overall all the Hawaii players seemed to land in a good spot. Landry was the only big faller and I think NFL teams will regret that in a year's time when he is the leading sack man of this draft his rookie year.
  3. Not sure how I feel about the Jaguars buying Wembley. On one hand its the national teams stadium that took years and £1bn to build which probably mainly came from taxes. On the other hand I live the other end of the country and only go to Wembley for the NFL or Derby getting there (which doesn't happen) and I was in secondary school when it was built so its not my taxes haha! It will be interesting if it goes through though because it looked like the Tottenham stadium was going to be the future host for the NFL. I mean they literally built the pitch on wheels to accommodate a separate NFL field underneath.
  4. Roquan is going to end up going to Cincinnati where rookies go to stagnate and will only play 6 1/2 snaps all season, probably.
  5. Drafts over. You can name whoever you want now.
  6. Pretty surprised one player wasn't taken late as a flyer but then a lot of people are afraid of spiders.....
  7. I got you covered Ted. I've just started work so will be around all day.
  8. Nooooooooo, great pick of Nathan Shepherd by Orlando. I really wanted him, hockey will tell you if I had my way he'd have gone #1 haha! Some good picks but I'm shocked that the #22 player on my BB is still around!
  9. Haha wut; Don't like Kirk all that much but he was no.30 on my BB
  10. Well you had better pick quick because I'm going out for food soon! (It doesn't affect the draft, I just wanted to brag :/ )
  11. My biggest BB and Draft disparities so far; Value; Will Hernandez, G - BB15, BDL38, -23 Connor Williams, T - BB12, BDL34, -22 James Daniels, C - BB19, BDL35, -16 Isaiah Wynn, G - BB20, BDL32, -12 Billy Price, C - BB29, BDL40, -11 Reach; Josh Sweat, DE - BB96, BDL31, +65 Josh Allen, QB - BB57, BDL12, +45 Ronnie Harrison, S - BB71, BDL33, +38 Derrius Guice, RB - BB47, BDL15, +32 Frank Ragnow, C - BB63, BDL37, +26
  12. lol I had Davenport at 46, I must be missing something haha!
  13. Rounds 2 , 3 and 4 are always my favs as it is where people start to take people they like regardless of 'value' and you get a better feeling for the players an owner likes. Sidenote; recently started taking BCAAs and they taste MINGING don't suppose anyone has any tips to make them nicer lol?