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  1. So Charleston give up 3x 2+yr cost controlled contracts (including arguably the best CB in the league) AND the #6 pick for 3x players on 1 yr deals (taking on nearly 10k in cap space) who are worse than the players they are trading, including a Robert Quinn contract that may be one of the worst in the league. Charleston must really value the 4th round next year..... In a years time this deal becomes the following whilst also making Charleston worse in the short term; CB Marcus Peters (2,500/yr; 1yr); TE Jimmy Graham(4,000/yr; 3yrs); Edge Shane Ray(3,050/yr; 1yr); 1.6 FOR 3.13; 2019 Portland 4th
  2. London Monarch's Journey in NFL!

    wooo, go Monarchs. Just a quick fyi though, with our weather there is no way the stadium would be open top . I know this is probably taken from Madden so no choice, but IRL much more likely the NFL would use Wembley or the new Tottenham stadium (which has been purpose built to share with NFL).
  3. Plus Aaron Donald who is going to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL pretty soon.
  4. Get yourself over to Newcastle, every night is student night and Geordie Shore was mild for what really goes on! Theres a reason British holiday makers are universally hated across Europe! In all seriousness though I was over in the US a year ago and the difference in drinking culture is crazy imo. After 3 beers the bar staff were asking if I was ok and suggesting I slow down. It seems like you guys go out to have an enjoyable time, not to get absolutely wrecked. Weird.
  5. With this rule, do you not want to put in a clause that players signed from the playoffs onwards can't be resigned? Otherwise you are going to hit the issue that either a 1st/2nd year player breaks out and a playoff team grabs them and makes them an UDFA when half the league isn't allowed to go after them or the team could pick up a player on RL IR with the intention of 3Upping them, getting a discount and cutting the competition out of the market. That just seems like a loophole that will cause grief.....
  6. Not wanting to cause (too many) ripples but looking at the voting it looks like the core owners are still pretty much the only voters. Not sure what sort of advertising of the league has been done already but what would people's thoughts be to trying to drum up some interest with Twitter/Facebook/other social media accounts? Wouldn't have to be anything extensive just like semi regular (in season) posts linking to the league and maybe a few trending hashtag tweets etc to get people looking at the account. Even if it attracts 2-3 people it would be worth it, no? Maybe an owners meeting topic??? That's not me volunteering btw, I SUCK at social media.
  7. Thanks all Can confirm do not want own team, happy to help out anyone who needs it though. If one of the new owners wants a hand I'm in, if not then I have an offer from someone else I'd happily take.
  8. Helllllooooooo all, I have managed to bag a job for double the money and half the hours and now have time on my hands again. If anyone wants a draft advisor/sounding board let me know. If not that is coolio, I'll go take up golf or something. PS I scanned through a few pages and; 1) Congrats Rome on the BB win!!!! 2) Yay, London's draft class turned out pretty good! Go me! 3) Would do that Luck trade again, worked out ok in the end!
  9. Hello, just came to pop my head in and see how this was getting on do you guys still have a standings table ? struggling to locate it but then I can be a plonker at times.
  10. Sorry to go silent but I needed time to think. I'm done here I'm afraid. PSID is a good dude and more than capable of taking the team forwards, though may need some help getting to grips with the league because I was pretty bad at explaining everything to him. I've been in this thing since it started in 2011 but since then I've gone through uni and work full time now, including OT most weekends so I just don't have time or passion to even watch sports anymore. It was a great journey though and thanks to all those involved!
  11. Louisiana 42 – 31 Long Beach 70F, Light Wind Scoring Summary; SCORING SUMMARY 1st Quarter LOU 12:53 TD Eric Ebron 54 yd. pass from Brady (XP kick) 7-0 LGB 7:45 FG FG 28 yds. 7-3 LOU 4:43 TD Michael Thomas 23 yd. pass from Brady (XP kick) 14-3 2nd Quarter LGB 12:56 TD Mark Ingram 1 yd. pass from Rodgers (XP kick) 14-10 LOU 11:12 TD Bilal Powell 50 yd. run (XP kick) 21-10 LGB 8:46 TD Mark Ingram 36 yd. run (XP kick) 21-17 LOU 2:55 TD Zach Ertz 8 yd. pass from Brady (XP kick) 28-17 LGB 0:11 TD Mark Ingram 2 yd. pass from Rodgers (XP kick) 28-24 3rd Quarter LOU 0:40 TD Zach Ertz 8 yd. pass from Brady (XP kick) 35-24 4th Quarter LOU 10:07 TD Bilal Powell 13 yd. run (XP kick) 42-24 LBG 7:31 TD Christian McCaffrey 13 yd. run (XP kick) 42-31 Key Stat Leaders; Passing; LOU: Tom Brady – 14/17, 226yds, 4TDs, 0Ints LGB: Aaron Rodgers – 18/26, 213yds, 2TDs, 0Ints Rushing; LOU: Bilal Powell – 12 car, 123yds, 2TDs LOU: Ezekiel Elliott – 17 car, 103yds LGB: Mark Ingram – 13 car, 106yds, 1TD LGB: Christian McCaffrey – 10 car, 36yds, 1TD Receiving; LOU: Michael Thomas – 4 recs, 61yds, 1TD LOU: Eric Ebron – 1 rec, 54yds, 1TD LGB: Marvin Jones – 2 recs, 47yds LGB: DeAndre Hopkins – 3 recs, 43yds
  12. Portland 24 – 26 Singapore 84F, Light Wind Scoring Summary; 1st Quarter POR 3:38 TD Jordan Howard 4 yd. pass from Carr (XP kick) 7-0 2nd Quarter SIN 10:54 TD Keenan Allen 4 yd. pass from Roethlisberger (XP kick) 7-7 POR 7:57 TD Jordan Howard 46 yd. run (XP kick) 14-7 SIN 1:32 TD Le'Veon Bell 4 yd. run (XP missed) 14-13 SIN 0:00 FG FG 18 yds. 14-16 3rd Quarter POR 11:23 FG FG 21 yds. 17-16 SIN 5:34 TD Keenan Allen 1 yd. pass from Roethlisberger (XP kick) 17-23 4th Quarter POR 7:12 TD Davante Adams 13 yd. pass from Carr (XP kick) 24-23 SIN 1:56 FG FG 35 yds. 24-26 Key Stat Leaders; Passing; POR: Derek Carr – 12/18, 194yds, 2TDs, 1Int SIN: Ben Roethlisberger – 16/16, 216yds, 2TDs, 0Int Rushing; POR: Jordan Howard – 10 car, 140yds, 1TD POR: LeSean McCoy – 8 car, 25yds SIN: LeVeon Bell – 23 car, 119yds, 1TD SIN: Kareem Hunt – 9 car, 92yds Receiving; POR: LeSean McCoy – 4 recs, 83yds POR: Sammy Watkins – 1 rec, 29yds SIN: Larry Fitzgerald – 5 recs, 83yds SIN: Corey Davis - 3 recs, 55yds
  13. Berlin 24 – 19 Rome 70F, Light Wind Scoring Summary; 2nd Quarter ROM 11:30 TD OJ Howard 72 yd. pass from Manning (XP kick) 0-7 BER 6:03 TD Taylor Gabriel 18 yd. pass from Winston (XP kick) 7-7 ROM 0:08 FG Gary Anderson 20 yds. 7-10 3rd Quarter BER 10:36 TD D’Onta Foreman 1 yd. run (XP kick) 14-10 BER 1:53 FG FG 20 yds. 17-10 4th Quarter ROM 7:27 FG FG 38 yds. 17-13 BER 5:00 TD Kyle Rudolph 37 yd. pass from Winston (XP kick) 24-13 ROM 0:38 TD Amari Cooper 10 yd. pass from Manning (2-PT conversion failed) 24-19 Key Stat Leaders; Passing; BER: Jameis Winston – 12/18, 232yds, 2TDs, 0Ints ROM: Eli Manning – 20/25, 372yds, 2TDs, 0Ints Rushing; BER: Lamar Miller – 19car, 102yds BER: D’Onta Foreman – 10 car, 41yds, 1TD ROM: Adrian Peterson – 8 car, 42yds ROM: Todd Gurley – 16 car, 27yds Receiving; BER: DeSean Jackson – 4 recs, 100yds BER: Kyle Rudolph – 2 recs, 42yds, 1TD ROM: OJ Howard – 4 recs 139yds, 1TD ROM: Amari Cooper – 6 recs, 109yds, 1TD
  14. Oklahoma City 17 – 20 Wichita 72F, Light Wind Scoring Summary; 1st Quarter OKC 8:22 TD Nelson Agholor 6 yd. pass from Newton (XP kick) 7-0 WIC 2:01 TD Leonard Fournette 5 yd. run (XP kick) 7-7 2nd Quarter OKC 7:13 TD Adam Thielen 44 yd. run (XP kick) 14-7 WIC 2:06 FG FG 46 yds. 14-10 WIC 0:00 FG FG 33 yds. 14-13 4th Quarter OKC 12:54 FG FG 33 yds. 17-13 POR 0:18 TD Leonard Fournette 11 yd. run (XP kick) 17-20 Key Stat Leaders; Passing; OKC: Cam Newton – 15/28, 165yds, 1TD, 1Int WIC: Jared Goff – 14/22, 181yds, 0TDs, 0Ints Rushing; OKC: Adam Thielen – 1 car, 44yds, 1TD OKC: Jonathan Stewart – 13 car, 37yds WIC: Leonard Fournette – 27 car, 96yds, 2TDs WIC: Matt Forte – 19 car, 47yds Receiving; OKC: Jordan Reed – 5 recs, 52yds OKC: Jeremy Maclin – 3 recs, 41yds WIC: Eric Decker – 4 recs, 59yds WIC: Kenny Stills – 4 recs, 55yds
  15. Compton 20 – 43 Seoul 77F, Light Wind Scoring Summary; SCORING SUMMARY 1st Quarter COM 13:53 TD Pierre Garcon 26 yd. pass from Kizer (XP kick) 7-0 COM 6:02 FG FG 24 yds. 10-0 SEO 0:21 TD T.Y. Hilton 9 yd. pass from Ryan (XP kick) 10-7 2nd Quarter COM 9:27 FG FG 33 yds. 13-7 SEO 3:50 FG FG 20 yds. 13-10 SEO 1:19 TD Travis Kelce 9 yd. pass from Ryan (XP missed) 13-16 SEO 0:34 FG FG 21 yds. 13-19 3rd Quarter SEO 10:35 TD T.Y. Hilton 3 yd. pass from Ryan (XP kick) 13-26 COM 5:21 TD Antonio Brown 2 yd. pass from Kizer (XP kick) 20-26 SEO 0:14 TD Isaiah Crowell 5 yd. run (XP kick) 20-33 4th Quarter SEO 7:52 TD Charles Sims 6 yd. pass from Ryan (XP kick) 20-40 SEO 4:06 FG FG 32 yds. 20-43 Key Stat Leaders; Passing; COM: Deshone Kizer – 17/31, 204yds, 2TDs, 0Ints SEO: Matt Ryan – 22/27, 258yds, 4TDs, 0Ints Rushing; COM: Deshone Kizer – 6 car, 38yds COM: Marshawn Lynch – 15car, 37yds SEO: Jay Ajayi – 20 car, 105yds SEO: Isaiah Crowell – 13 car, 89yds, 1TD