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  1. The Titans are actually good on Will and Mike backers. We could use a edge rusher instead. Our defensive backs got as many sacks as our edgerushers if not more.
  2. Mock Draft Every Week: #3 March 9, 2019

    Can't pass on Clelin Ferrell for the Titans. We can find another nose tackle. A Edge Rusher is at the very top of the list. If Ferrell wasn't there then Bradbury just cause our interior Oline needs work.
  3. First Crack (w/ trade concepts)

    As long as that Lisfranc doesn't hamper Hollywood were good!
  4. The Plunge Mock Draft Version 1- Pre Combine

    If Metacalfs proves he can stay healthy A, but for now it's a B.
  5. Jeezla Pre-Combine 1st Round Mock

    If the Titans need a new corner the Seahawks need a new Quarterback. It's not that huge of a need. The reason our secondary ever got exposed was Malcoms bad technique which he fixed at the end of the season. Other reason was the main one which is our pass rush doesn't exist besides Casey and Laundry. G, C, WR, EDGE, DL. Any of those would of been fine. Cody Ford, Jerry Tillery, or Chris Lindstrom would of been my ideal options.
  6. Full Mock #2

    I like this mock. If the Titans had gotten Hollywood in the second, and Bradbury in the Third it would be perfect. Although I would also be satisfied if Humphrey was swapped out for David Sills. Regardless our offense needs some work! Hopefully it will be a little clearer after Free Agency. 👍
  7. 2019 1st-Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    Corner ain't a high priority need. Edge, NT, C, G, WR, any of those positions would be acceptable.
  8. First Round - First Mock for 2019

    You get a phat F from a Titans fan! We just got Dion Lewis, and Henry found himself. Edge, NT, DE, G, C, WR any of those would be fine.
  9. Pre Super Bowl 3 Rounder

    Malcom had a horrible start for us, but he finished out the year strong. So I am not that worried about corner at all. Rather the Titans could use oline or dline more.
  10. D82's 2019 Mock Draft/Off-Season

    This is by far the best mock for the Titans I have seen! Someone needs to get you a Oscar for you're great Mocking sir!
  11. The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

    This mock started beautiful for the Titans with Wilkins, and then questionable choices were made. So let's make it right. Rather than Charles Omenihu it should be Brian Burns. Brian Orakpo retired, Morgan is a shell of his former self. Then if we are gonna trade up it ain't gonna be for any QB in this draft. Comes to it we draft one next year. So instead in the scenario we do trade up we would get Chris Lindstrom. We got our bookends, but our guards and Center need replacing.
  12. 4 Round mock: Team by team

    F for Titans. Don't need a new QB, and if we got one he would get injured as much as Marcus with that line! Our Interior oline is horrible.
  13. 3 Round Mock (Updated)

    Like Raekwon, but the rest meh. One just had a injury scare, and we aren't exactly in dier need for a tightend. Need a receiver more than a tightend at the moment.
  14. Forgive Me Mock Draft

    Your crazy if you think we are trading Marcus! You are going about this all wrong here. 1st: Nick Bosa Spice up our pass rush! 2nd: AJ Brown need other recievers besides Corey and Delanie. Especially receivers that don't drop easy catches! 3rd: Ross Pierschbacher we need better interior play. Center, or Guard all I know is a upgrade can be made.
  15. 7DnBrnc53's 2019 season prediction mock

    Either the Titans will be looking at upgrading the Dline or Edge. Cause our Pass Rush isn't hitting home. We just drafted a ILB in the first round so we're fine there.