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  1. Why do you feel the need to interject when no one is speaking to you. Clown
  2. No this is wrong. There is nothing different with Carr outside of comfortability and supporting cast.
  3. ***removed Anyone that EVER doubted Carr is retarded. He is literally the perfect, prototype QB that has been surrounded with a garbage heap of a supporting cast and a revolving door of coaches and OC's. I have never and will never waver on my statement that Carr is better than Mahomes. I DEFINITELY swung and missed on my evaluation of Mahomes, he is lightyears better then I expected coming out. But Mahomes just had the perfect scenario, you switch Mahomes and Carr Jersey's the last 3.5 years and Carr has more wins better stats and more rings then Mahomes put up.
  4. I know it was the Donkeys but i liked that defense. More please!! dominant win as expected even with that block of swiss cheese in front of Carr
  5. Just got look at PG defense pre Marinelli and post its a big difference. Marinelli had his finger print on this defense. The impact that football nerds give to the position coaches impact on the GameDay performance of a player always makes me laugh.
  6. Ok Chairman Xi I can't call people out on their BS? What is this Communist China... I am so sorry Mr Zuckerburg please don't ban me. I WOULD HATE to have to create a new name. Get off your high horse Jack Dorsey.
  7. You do this same thing with Carr and the "Beta Male" crap. And now you're doing it with Brown and this "lack of passion". Are you Sam Harris or Jordan Peterson? Or some other world renowned psychologist that can evaluate personality traits with such limited exposure, yet spout off with so much certainty? Stop projecting you're own personality flaws on others, you passionless beta male cuck.
  8. I don't know man. That came off as a dogwhistle... Just saying. Be careful
  9. No. Just no... stop it. This post is so wrong its not even funny. The QBs best weapon will always be his arm. Not his legs.
  10. I'm sorry but PG sucks. I can scheme a better defense in my sleep.
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