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  1. FA 2020

    FIFW And I totally agree. Lol
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    It's going to be so good on this forum for 10 minutes... I can already see it now. Raiders trade up. Everyone on here is going to be going crazy for 10 minutes while we are on the clock with all the QB scenarios. Only to have us draft a a defensive player. It's going to be some good reading.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    "I don't agree with his rankings but listen to him know his Evaluation" Nope doesn't work for me.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    When I watched Clemson games last year pre draft I noticed Terrell flashing more then just about everyone on that defense. More then Mullen and more then Ferrell. I think he is going to be a stud. Let's not pretend that Terrell wasn't going up against Lamar Chase and Joe Burrow with Joe Brady scheming it up.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I can't figure out who I prefer as a fit next to Abram, Ashtyn Davis or Antoine Winefield Jr. I really like both prospects. Going to go back and rewatch some games this weekend.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    They aren't interested in a QB, they weren't last year and they aren't this year. . Gruden doesn't want a Rookie QB.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I mean it is super good to know how well Mayock and Gruden use the Media to manipulate reports. I hadn't made the statement yet this year... But I'm ready at this point to guarantee no QB in the first 3 rounds for the Raiders. I Guaranteed it last year and was correct. I guarantee it again this year. No QB in the first 3 rounds.
  8. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    "This is Derek's team and I am hear to support him." Sounds like words of a guy who is not going to compete for the job.
  9. FA 2020

    Everyone and their mother wants clamoring over a sound bite from PG and Vic reported he was going to play FS. Joyner was not terrible. He was not good.
  10. FA 2020

    That's a great move by MM. We have a system sticking to it and being consistent is how you build a winning organization. Also like I have been saying for months. Joyner is not playing Safety. He is our NCB through thick and thin.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    You are 100% right. I got him confused with the other edge rusher from Notre Dame. I edited it
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Loving this idea of trading back for 34 and 44. I wanna play. 12. Henry Ruggs III | WR | Alabama 34. AJ Terrell | CB | Clemson 44. Antoine Winefield Jr. | FS | Minnesota 80. Michael Pittman Jr.| WR | USC 81. Khalid Kareem | Edge | Notre Dame 91. Zack Moss | RB | Utah 121. Jacob Phillips | LB | LSU 159. Avery Williams | CB | Boise State
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Terrell and Winefield would be my ideal trade back pick up. But would not be mad if we came away with Davis or Winefield.
  14. FA 2020

    Assuming you're current cap hit has 51 players counting against it. If you have 7 draft picks and only 43 players under contract. That doesnt ring true.
  15. FA 2020

    It's also a generalization. Assuming you have every roster spot filled and will be cutting someone to make room for the rookie.