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  1. Kwiatkowski is key this week to play. I'll make my prediction closer to GameDay when we know more about his status. Keeping Cam's running in check is my only question which Kwiatkowski will be key in doing. Everything else points to an impressive Raider win match-up wise.
  2. Wheres my boy @BayRaider. Let f'n go MF'r. RAIDER NATION STAND THE F UP AND GET READY!!!!
  3. Carr missed Ruggs on an open deep ball and then didn't pull the trigger on Waller and took a coverage sack. He needs to pick it up
  4. Lol jokes on you i already added 10 points to my original prediction to account for bias. So really at best you think 37-35 Raiders... Gotcha lol!!
  5. Gruden seemed genuinely angry anout Carr "Cindy Gruden. Tiger Woods." Audible during his presser today.
  6. Umm he looked ok. Still had some horrific misses and looks tiny and fragile out there. I don't think he lasts long.
  7. That is a good comp. Very similar situation to our defense with Mack.
  8. @ me don't be a coward you puss*
  9. CMC is the best player in football. But that's like having a Ferrari with no insurance, driver's license or Registration. Bridgewater is trash. The OL is trash. And then have 3 2/3 WRs. That is a dumpster fire.
  10. Got the raiders score right. Over estimated the defense vs. Dumpster fire offense. Losing Kwiatkowski didn't help.
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