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  1. Nixon, an UDFA that played ok in the slot with the little of the field he saw. Johnson and Mullen are Boundary CB. Lawson played ok in the 2 starts he got but hes an UFA.
  2. He struggled with the transition.
  3. I know guenther said something in his season ending presser that got people convinced he is going back to safety next year. But with how much Gruden and Mayock talked about him like a Ronde Barber (which I thought was a ridiculous comparison) type and how he is a weapon in the slot, I think he continues to play in the slot baring an injury to a safety next year.
  4. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    The rebuild is complete. I really don't see what you skeptics see. Let's say for argument sake no on the roster improves and this is their ceiling. We are POSSIBLY losing 1 starter from our 7-9 team on defense. We are getting back a first round safety that played 1 game. Plus 2 more 1st round picks and 60 million in cap space for free agency. Even if this is everyone on the current rosters max potential (which we all know is not true) and no one improves how is our floor not 7 wins with a way easier schedule and improving by addition 5 positions... If we can fill out holes (WR1, MLB, Coverage LB, CB2, S2, and an Interior pass rush) with starting calibur players (very easy with 60Mil in cap space and 2 first round picks) like Ruggs, Shobert, Littleton, Roby, KoJo, and Kinlaw and I don't see how we aren't a top tier team in the NFL. Even if you think Carr is trash that is a playoff team with Brady that is a Superbowl team.
  5. ERFA- Doss, Carlson, Leavitt, and Seig RFA- Sharpe, Peterman, Morrow UFA - Richard, Mayowa, Washington (on a deal where we can cut before him if someone falls in to the 3rd in the draft), Mauro (same as Washington), Jordan, Compton, Lawson, and Joseph. * Note the only person signing to be a starter is Joseph. And there are at least 12 guys on that roster and that will not be anywhere near the final Roster. Starters needed: Interior Pass Rusher (although Hurst may be the answer), Coverage OLB (Littleton) MLB (Schobert), CB2 (Roby), S2 (KoJo), and WR (Green).
  6. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    I wouldn't touch Ward with a 10 foot pole. I would rather spend less of KoJo or More or Anthony Harris. And I don't like Eason at all. I'll take a shot on Fromm before I take a shot on Eason. Maybe even Hurts ir Love. But no way I like anything about Eason projections as a pro.
  7. New Derek Carr thread

    I like that he plays SMART to avoid injury. The best ability is availability. This is why is 6 years Watson, Mahomes, Kyler, Allen, and Jackson will be out of the league with injury after injury and, if they are lucky, a ring. While Carr will still be the Raiders QB with ringS in his trophy case.
  8. New Derek Carr thread

    You are taught to play within the offense and take what the defense gives you and live to play another down. Situations dictate the risk levels. But at the end of the day you make the risk vs reward calculation in your head and make a decision. Do I love EVERY SINGLE decision Carr makes? No, but I don't love every decision a lot of guys makes, and it's easy for me to see on my couch. Do I love that he throws the ball away on 3rd and 4 when he has a clear running lane to take TRY to get the first? No, but I love that he is taking the next snap instead of being carted off the field. But that isn't BayRaiders point. He is in love with the Y/A stat. Never in any meetings did coaches stress this stat. Never was y/a part of the evaluation process.
  9. New Derek Carr thread

    OK, so let me get this straight. YPA is "one of the biggest formulas in traditional QB Rating" and "Carr is a dink and dunker". Yet Carr has one of the highest Traditional QB Rating in the NFL this year. You see why you sound moronic? It is actually the least relevant part to 4 parts that comprise QB Rating. Y/A in the early 2000's as more passes started being thrown it was discovered and widely accepted that the amount of yards you have in comparison to the amount of pass attempts you have MEANS relatively little about the QB and more about the game flow, offensive style and coaching. Only in the last few years with the emergence of Next Gen Stats and PFF did Y/A make a comeback. I was coaching QB's for 10 years after holding a clipboard as a 3rd string QB at Cal Berkeley for 3 years and never once did anyone preach Y/A.
  10. New Derek Carr thread

    OMG YOU AND THIS STUPID Y/A STAT. NO ONE CARES ABOUT Y/A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying it, "Yards Per Attempt", it sounds like a stat that doesn't matter
  11. Mock Offseason Thread:

    Lamb, Ruggs, Higgins, Juedy, Shenault, Jefferson is my preference
  12. Around The League V.2

    I agree. I think he is up there with Donald and Watt as the top 3 IDL. I would love him in Vegas. He is Without a doubt my #1 FA Target although I doubt he sniffs FA.
  13. Around The League V.2

    Lol it would indeed be my worst nightmare. I already have a trip planned to Belize super bowl weekend if the niners win today, I am not watching the game... trip is waiting in my United profile. Just need to pay for it haha
  14. Around The League V.2

    Really? He comes to Vegas and wins us a super Bowl you aren't going to be a Raider fan? I hate Tom Brady. Like more then any athlete on earth not named Kobe. But if he comes to Vegas and repays us for the super bowl he tucked away from us. I'm down. All is forgiven. He comes and sucks it up then I get to vilify him even more!! I believe he is still a top 5 QB.
  15. Around The League V.2

    I made a grip of money last week on Titans and the under parlay. Thinking about rolling it on Titans and the over today. I get a very 2017 Eagles vibe from this Titans team. They are on fire. I think Tannehill goes blow for blow with Mahomes and they win by 1 score. Really wanna bet the packers too but I can't pull the trigger on a big bet. Might throw a 100 on GB/TEN ML parlay.