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  1. Evans kind of fits the Hightower mold IMO. Very similar players.
  2. Wentz Message to Fans

    Just also think about how a fan could view it as obnoxious when it comes to Tebow. Tebow as a professional football player was defined by his faith. He wasn't a good professional football player. He talked about his faith every time he was in front of a camera. And when he wasn't getting interviewed and not on the field, the focus was him taking a knee. It got to the point that people created a term for him taking a knee and praying. "Tebowing" encapsulates why Tebow gets crap from some fans. It's not for being religious. It's the fatigue that comes from overexposure and pushing it down people's throats.
  3. Wentz Message to Fans

    Tebow shoved it down everyone's throats constantly. I mean, constantly. He was obnoxious about it. Every on camera interview started with a declarative statement from Tebow about his faith. Every. Single. One. With Carson, he makes it a big point of emphasis on his social media. For those who care to follow him on social media, they'll know about his faith. But if you watched a post game interview on the field or in the press conference, you'd never know he was particularly religious because he doesn't go out of his way to use that as a platform to express his faith. IMO, there's a massive difference between how Wentz goes about it and how Tebow goes about it.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Parsons is playing the game. He's going to PSU. I'd be stunned if he didn't. Based on everything surrounding his recruitment, he's playing the recruiting game and drumming up attention for his recruitment. I don't even think that's a bad thing. People care about his recruitment so he can really do whatever he wants. But I think it's pretty clear where he's headed.
  5. Around The NFL: Gameday Talk

    So Miami is really, really taking it to the Pats tonight.
  6. Wentz Message to Fans

    That's our QB. A truly special person. We're very, very lucky.
  7. We have to address the OL this offseason. OT: Peters will retire very soon. We need another tackle. Vaitai can be a fine spot starter but shouldn't be relied on as a full time starter. OG: Wis is a capable starter but could potentially be upgraded. Warmack hasn't really worked out. Seumalo will never be a competent starter in the league. I think we have to draft both or sign players at both positions.
  8. Wentz left the football game with 2:20 left in the 3rd quarter. At that point, the Eagles were up 31-28. The next drive, the Rams scored a quick TD and went up 35-31 with 13:58 to go in the 4th quarter. A team with Nick Foles at QB won the 4th quarter against a 9-4 team that could finish as a top 3 seed in the conference. This season isn't over yet.
  9. The NFC East Thread

    Not really? Last time the Eagles won the division, Nick Foles won most of those games as a starting QB. Nick Foles played maybe 20 minutes of meaningful football in this season.
  10. The Race to the #1 Seed

    I'm expecting the defense to step up and our offense to become much more run oriented. This thing isn't over yet. We're 11-2. We have 3 regular season games to figure out what we have. And if we win one of those games, we get an extra week to get Foles up to speed.
  11. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Jake Rudock (Class of 2011): #627 overall, #23 Prostyle QB John O'Korn (Class of 2013): #645 overall, #32 Prostyle QB Shea Patterson (Class of 2016) #4 overall, #1 Prostyle QB I think there's a little bit of a difference with this one.