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  1. I'd wait another month or two before we started saying the political issues are why Could it be an issue? Sure. But we don't know that yet because the safety market has been crawling along: - Morgan Burnett hasn't signed - Kenny Vacarro hasn't signed - Teams are trying to trade for Earl Thomas Reid certainly has value and should get signed. But the market is still moving. I can see why teams are waiting on him and other safeties as well
  2. NFL News & General Info Thread

    But what if they want the Haul life?
  3. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Mathieu got 7 million for 1 year with the Texans. Interesting. I wonder if his market never really developed to his liking. Teams probably scared of that very significant injury history. His injury history actually lines up well with Sam Bradford's injury history
  4. Very possible that we're done signing guys this offseason. I'd be ok with that. This roster would be ready to defend the title as is. Add in the draft and we'll be just fine.
  5. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Wow Mathieu took a one year deal with the Texans.
  6. I like Eric Reid as a player and while I generally (and really almost always) agree with the players who speak out and are advocates, I can't really support him speaking out right now about not being signed already. 1) He isn't some All Pro talent that teams are going to be busting down the door to sign. 2) There is a better FA at his position in Tyrann Mathieu who has not signed yet. 3) There is a much better player at his position who is available via trade in Earl Thomas. Complaining about not being signed right now and using the excuse of speaking out at this point strikes me as misguided at best. It just undermines a lot of what you're speaking out for if you immediately fall to that as a crutch. I don't really care about whether or not we sign him but I do agree with those who say that Reid and Jenkins have clearly demonstrated differences in how they approach these issues. I can't ever imagine Jenkins complaining about not being signed less than a week into the new league year about not being signed.
  7. Ertz restructures

    Yeah I still think something is coming that isn't on our radar. Why push more dead money down the line just for the sake of creating space? We know Curry has to take a pay cut or he will get cut. They definitely have more than enough to sign their draft picks.
  8. Ertz restructures

    That's what I'm wondering as well. We're creating cap space. Can't imagine it's just for the sake of creating space. It must be to allow for some additional signings.
  9. Apparently the hold up on Ngata is a physical that he will be getting tomorrow
  10. Eagles officially announced trading for Bennett, trading for Worley, and signing Corey Nelson. I only bring this up because the notable omission is Haloti Ngata. They haven't announced anything with him yet. *whispers* Ndamukong Suh was just officially released
  11. *Delete*

    I'm slipping
  12. *Delete*

    Someone sent me an old tweet from Albert Breer saying Maclin signed
  13. I believe that he might have given the Eagles some sort of discount but not enough for the Eagles to justify keeping him around at that rate