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  1. Is Haskins still on pace to break B1G passing records? Is OSU a mess?
  2. I'm going to miss RoCo and Saric because of how long they've been around. But I'm really not going to miss their play. Both showed how limited they can be against Boston last year. RoCo has a reputation as a 3 and D guy and he is but he certainly doesn't seem like he's good enough to fit that role on a championship team. He's a maddeningly streaky shooter and although his defense is good, it's not really good enough come playoff time against the best teams. Saric is a liability defensively. Both against good teams and also in general. And he's also a bit streaky overall with his game. Saric certainly has a bit more room to grow but I think he's getting close to his ceiling. He's limited athletically. Covington seems maxed out. I think he's at his ceiling and this is what he's going to be for a while. I think both guys fit whatever it is that Minnesota is trying to do. Especially with their locker room dynamic. What were the issues with Butler in Minnesota? His competitiveness is too much for most players. They don't like how hard he practices. And he doesn't like to lose. That certainly did not fit with how KAT and Wiggins approach their careers. Neither are necessarily the most competitive players. It's pretty clear why Butler didn't fit at all with Wiggins and KAT. Those two have some of the most potential in the NBA yet have been real disappointments in terms of reaching their ceiling. Butler has never been the guy known for having generational talent potential. He just outworks people. It makes perfect sense why that would be so frustrating for Butler and also for Wiggins and KAT. Good hates great. And I think everyone can also think of people who have a ton of talent but resent others who work harder than them to look better. Some people love that competitiveness and it brings out the best in them and for others it can be draining. Embiid and Simmons don't strike me as people who are going to shy away from Butler. We all know Embiid has a competitive streak. You see it every time he plays. He's a goofball on social media off the court but he's actively trying to embarrass people on the court. I think that's something Butler and Embiid will have in common. If Butler was bothered by KAT's lack of a killer instinct or a lack of drive, he's going to love Joel. People say Simmons is just as competitive but who knows. It's not as clear as Embiid so far but that's fair because we've only really seen a full season of Simmons playing in the NBA. The one massive question mark is what this will do to Fultz. At one point or the other, Butler is going to tear into Fultz. That's inevitable. I get the impression players on the Sixers have been soft on Markelle. Whether because they're all young or because they better understand Markelle's personality is a question. Regardless, I don't think Butler is really going to care and I think it's a near certainty that he's not going to be as sensitive with Markelle. It's going to go one of two ways. Either Markelle is going to respond to some forceful pushing from Butler to get things going or Butler is going to completely break him and Markelle will lose whatever little confidence he has left. At this point, my take on Fultz is that he's broken. It's going to take a miracle for him to turn this around and even be a passable player. Just watch him play. He is sulking up and down the court. It doesn't seem like he's enjoying playing basketball at all and it looks like he's checked out. I don't know if he's beating himself up over the start of his career. But it definitely seems that way. And I'm not so sure that a big personality like Butler bringing his competitiveness every day is going to help him. But then again, maybe a veteran player pushing Markelle is all the Sixers have left to hope for. I love the move for the Sixers. Butler is a clear upgrade over RoCo and Saric. The Sixers needed to find a wing capable of playing elite defense against opposing wings. That was missing in the series against Boston. They found that with Butler. It might take some time but I don't think the Sixers are going to be missing RoCo and Saric in the playoffs. I actually think having Butler is going to be a huge bonus for them in the playoffs. Combine Butler's ability on both ends of the floor with Embiid's noticeable improvement this season and another season of Simmons playing in the NBA could make a huge difference for the Sixers in the playoffs this year. Not saying they'll beat Boston. I think Brad Stevens owns Brett Brown so it'll take a lot for the Sixers to get past the Celtics but I think that close playoff series from last year will be even closer. A lot of those games were really closely contested and were decided by a couple late possessions. I can't imagine any scenario in which this Sixers roster looks the same in April. I think there are a few more moves to make. They're definitely going to be adding shooters whether that's signing players who were bought out or trading for some shooters. Maybe even potentially another trade for a star player. They still have assets to pull something off. The Miami 2021 pick should be extremely valuable. And it only takes one team to think they can turn Fultz around.
  3. This was the right thing to do. And something they should have done from the start
  4. Me too. Feels like they put it together to just make the numbers look more interesting for matchups for this week
  5. There are other football coaches out there... Why do programs stick behind morally bankrupt coaches like this? Really hope this is one of those situations where the NCAA steps in. A student-athlete died under the watch of a football coach and the player's death could be linked to the coach's actions. On top of that, there's the numerous accounts that the culture in the program is toxic and that this wasn't one incident of cruelly treating players. Horrible decision by the university. I hope the family sues the University not only because they deserve damages (that won't bring back their son or even remotely help with their pain) but also because a message needs to be sent to schools that cover for coaches like this.
  6. Alabama Clemson ND LSU Georgia Michigan Oklahoma West Virginia Ohio State UCF
  7. Secondary: They're missing McLeod a ton. Not having a safety back there is really messing with the rest of the secondary. But that doesn't excuse or get to how horrible Mills and Darby have been. The Eagles legitimately need 2 new starting CBs next season. Those two have been very bad. And if you think about it, with McLeod going down and with Patrick Robinson leaving in FA, the Eagles are currently without McLeod and Robinson. They were both key contributors to the secondary last year. Defensive Line: They've been phenomenal. Honestly, they're the reason the secondary doesn't look like even more of a disaster so far. Jernigan was great in the first half of the regular season last year but there was definitely a drop off in his play in the 2nd half of the season. But they're really missing having a capable player on the field next to Cox. There's really no depth at DT and it's showing late in games. Sure, it's a "nice to have" but it's a "nice to have" that this team had last year on a Superbowl run. Can't complain about the rest of the DL. They've been pretty great. Only thing I've been wishing for is more development from Barnett. Waiting on him to breakout. I'm glad they drafted Josh Sweat as a developmental player but he clearly has a ways to go in terms of physically getting ready for the NFL. Seems a little too thin to be playing year one. Will be interesting to see what happens with Brandon Graham. The longer he goes without a contract, the more concerned I am that he won't be back next year. Still plenty of time so the panic meter shouldn't be at a 10/10 right now. LB: Can't complain. They've done their jobs. I don't view them as the problem. Hicks and Bradham have done well. Wonder if Hicks will be back on a new contract and if he does what that will look like. Offensive Line: This is a big area that on paper doesn't seem different from last year but is clearly not the same. Lane Johnson has been a massive disappointment. Most people believe he's a franchise tackle and one of the better linemen in the NFL. You expect those types of players to improve in their age 28 season and not regress. His play has been so surprising. Maybe he's injured. I don't know if he is or not but his play has really taken a step back. Same could honestly be said for every single player on the OL. They're just not nearly as good as they looked last year. Jason Peters - 36 years old, Jason Kelce - 30 years old, Brandon Brooks - 29 years old, Lane Johnson - 28 years old, Isaac Seumalo - 24 years old. It's time to get younger on the OL. I fully expect the Eagles to go heavy on OL in the draft. Running Back: Another very different group compared to last season. Ajayi, injured. Blount, free agency departure. Clement and Smallwood as just the two backs have individual things they do well. Clement does more things well but is clearly playing hurt. And that's kind of the problem with missing guys like Ajayi and Blount. More capable bodies that can do different things really well. Coupled with the OL regressing, the RB attrition has hurt our ability to run. Another position where I expect the Eagles to draft a player or two. Sproles will be done after this year. Ajayi will be gone. I think the Eagles can move on from Smallwood. Wide Receiver and Tight End: Jeffery is a beast and is proving how much of a difference maker he is. Zach Ertz is incredible and on pace to break TE records for a single season. Agholor hasn't had a lot of volume this year and hasn't been as noticeable. Goedert's potential is very clear whenever he's involved. I'd bet that he's going to be a major weapon in 2019. Beyond those players, I'm not exactly sure what the Eagles have as far as receiving threats. They desperately need a deep threat. It's a bit puzzling that they have struggled to find one in the draft. It seems like numerous teams have found players to stretch the field late in the draft or on cheap free agent deals. Instead, the Eagles have seemingly missed on these types of WRs in the last two years. Torrey Smith clearly didn't give them what they would have hoped. Shelton Gibson looks like a bust. Mike Wallace got injured. An example of a player they had available in FA was John Brown. Signed a 1 year 5 million dollar contract with the Ravens in the offseason and is on pace to finish with 64 receptions, 1275 receiving yards, and 9 receiving TDs. I'm not sure that pace holds but even something along the lines of 55 receptions, 975 receiving yards, and 5 receiving TDs is a WR the Eagles could use opposite Jeffery. Quarterback: No concerns with Wentz at all. He looks great and is getting more comfortable. I wish he looked better in the last drive against the Panthers and that's something he needs to clean up. The only young QB in the NFL I'd take over Wentz is Mahomes but you could make the argument that you could take Mahomes over most NFL QBs right now. The Eagles made a pretty big mistake not trading Foles this offseason. He's going to walk and I doubt anyone gives him a big enough contract to get a high comp pick. If they could find a sucker to take him now, that would be awesome but doubtful. That's going to be a mistake that Howie regrets because it was easy value.
  8. A team that lost to Florida isn’t very likely to play close against Alabama. Doesn’t seem very likely.
  9. ND running the table would keep UCF out. UCF wouldn’t get in over a one loss Big 12 or B1G team even. Undefeated or one loss Alabama is in over undefeated UCF Undefeated ND is in over UCF. Undefeated or one loss Clemson is in over UCF. One loss B1G champion is in over UCF. One loss Big 12 champion is in over UCF. Maybe if ND wasn’t undefeated and looking like they’ll be undefeated this year, they’d have a shot with chaos. But I can’t see a realistic path for them this season.
  10. Is Haskins still on pace to break B1G passing records?
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