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  1. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Wouldn't be opposed to taking a DB in the supplemental draft. If Beal is legitimately a first round prospect for 2019, it would seem like a big missed opportunity to not at least put in a claim for him. Feeling like Darby won't be back. Organization doesn't seem to value paying CB as much in terms of roster construction. Jenkins isn't getting younger. McLeod's contract gets scary very fast going forward. And on top of all that, our safety depth as of this moment is a little scary.
  2. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    My teams have been such trash but I'd still be in
  3. Name Change Requests - Open till July 31st

    Thanks so much Webby! WeaponX If that's taken, FlyEaglesFly And if that's taken, Flipadelphia And if that's taken, A2PHL
  4. Pretty much this is spot on. I think the only only other path is if Ben really takes a step forward with his shot. We have something awesome brewing but so does Boston and we were about a half a step behind them last year. They're going to be better with Kyrie and Hayward but I think the questions about how they'll look reintegrating them into their lineup will be interesting. I'm expecting Markelle to be the real deal. But the Sixers also have a pretty nice prospect in Zhaire. I think given a year or two, he could be real impact player and could help give us an ultra athletic wing to defend some of Boston's wings (Tatum, Brown). Legitimately, Zhaire has best-athlete-in-the-NBA potential. He's a freak. Just needs some work.
  5. Name Change

    Ahh did I miss it? Could I change it to "Weapon X"? Not sure if that's taken on the new site. Kiltman mentioned in another thread that it would be a nice combination of the Eagles and Michigan. And that sounds perfect for me.
  6. Free Agency Thread

    I don't really like this take. They aren't cowardly for doing this. They're trying to win. I don't blame them at all. I blame the union and owners for putting the rules in place to allow this. How can we blame players for wanting to win and having certain places where they want to play?
  7. Free Agency Thread

    Warriors are going to run the league for the next 3 or 4 years. Only injuries would derail their run. After 3 years, I could see the Celtics and Sixers young guys developing and getting ready to push them. But the NBA is going to be all Warriors for then. I suppose the Lakers had a shot at putting something together this offseason to push the Warriors with all the big fish being interested in going to LA but they've really butchered this offseason. How do you end up signing LeBron and then surround him with just washed up player after washed up player? Yeah, it's a 2 year thing and it'll take time but what moves can they make going forward to push Golden State or even Houston? They're just another team in the West.
  8. Free Agency Thread

    In the last ~25 years, has there ever been a team assembled with this much star power in any of the 4 major sports in North America? I guess maybe the Yankees could make an argument but there wasn't the same sense of invincibility and the addition of top players on top of an already historic team. This truly might be the best team assembled in this generation of sports. Seems hyperbolic but I truly can't think of anything that rivals this. There are going to be so many changes to the next CBA.
  9. Free Agency Thread

    I think the fact that he took so much less money says it all. He knows he's tagging along for one year to make money and that he will be a piece of a dynasty. If he signed a bigger contract, maybe I could see what you're saying play out. But the contract speaks volumes.
  10. Free Agency Thread

    So what happens to Kawhi now? Why would any GM give up assets for him when you know you don't have a chance next year and that Kawhi will be in LA in 2019?
  11. Free Agency Thread

    I don't want Silver to step in because he shouldn't be stepping in for stuff like this because it's within the rules. But it's time like this when I remember that Silver has been so quick to criticize the Sixers for so long for ruining the league. He stepped in and forced out Hinkie and pushed the Colangelos on the Sixers but sits back as the NBA will actually be wasting an entire season with the Warriors winning another title. I'm impressed with the Warriors. It's the best starting five I've ever seen. But this sucks. What's the point of watching the NBA next year?
  12. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I want to hold cap space for 2019 too but I really don't know who is going to be available outside of Klay and I don't think he's leaving GS for Philadelphia
  13. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    If Doncic was on the board at 4, that would be the pick
  14. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    To me, the most likely scenario seems to be LeBron and Paul George ending up with the Lakers. Very, very hard for me to imagine Pop trading Kawhi to the Lakers but I also don't see Kawhi signing an extension with any team besides the Lakers so that might hurt Kawhi's trade value and I could see Pop having to accept the best offer coming from the Lakers if it beats all other offers (although I'm not exactly sure what assets the Lakers have that would compel Pop to accept an offer). As a Sixers fan, I'm not entirely bothered by the idea of the Sixers missing out on all the big fish this offseason. It would certainly be disappointing. But understandable given all three players' attraction to LA and also the youth of the Sixers. Feels like Kawhi would be a great fit but why would the Sixers want to trade for him if there's no guarantee he'll sign an extension in Philadelphia? Same with Paul George. You just get the sense that Kawhi and Paul want to be in LA and that at some point in the near future, they're going to end up playing there. And given that we know LeBron already owns property in LA and is at least somewhat influenced currently by his post-NBA ventures, LA makes the most sense. It felt like LeBron signing in Philadelphia was the best chance but now that we know of Kawhi's stated interest in LA, it changes things. At this point, if the Sixers know they're going to be missing out on all three, I think they should take on that Parsons contract to get the #4 pick. If #10 for Parsons and #4 is on the table, I'd take it and deal with that contract for a couple seasons. Not exactly sure if Memphis would take that alone but I like the framework of that deal.