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  1. Is Haskins still on pace to break B1G passing records? Is OSU a mess?
  2. I'm going to miss RoCo and Saric because of how long they've been around. But I'm really not going to miss their play. Both showed how limited they can be against Boston last year. RoCo has a reputation as a 3 and D guy and he is but he certainly doesn't seem like he's good enough to fit that role on a championship team. He's a maddeningly streaky shooter and although his defense is good, it's not really good enough come playoff time against the best teams. Saric is a liability defensively. Both against good teams and also in general. And he's also a bit streaky overall with his game. Saric ce
  3. This was the right thing to do. And something they should have done from the start
  4. Me too. Feels like they put it together to just make the numbers look more interesting for matchups for this week
  5. There are other football coaches out there... Why do programs stick behind morally bankrupt coaches like this? Really hope this is one of those situations where the NCAA steps in. A student-athlete died under the watch of a football coach and the player's death could be linked to the coach's actions. On top of that, there's the numerous accounts that the culture in the program is toxic and that this wasn't one incident of cruelly treating players. Horrible decision by the university. I hope the family sues the University not only because they deserve damages (that won't
  6. Alabama Clemson ND LSU Georgia Michigan Oklahoma West Virginia Ohio State UCF
  7. Secondary: They're missing McLeod a ton. Not having a safety back there is really messing with the rest of the secondary. But that doesn't excuse or get to how horrible Mills and Darby have been. The Eagles legitimately need 2 new starting CBs next season. Those two have been very bad. And if you think about it, with McLeod going down and with Patrick Robinson leaving in FA, the Eagles are currently without McLeod and Robinson. They were both key contributors to the secondary last year. Defensive Line: They've been phenomenal. Honestly, they're the reason the secondary doesn't look like
  8. A team that lost to Florida isn’t very likely to play close against Alabama. Doesn’t seem very likely.
  9. ND running the table would keep UCF out. UCF wouldn’t get in over a one loss Big 12 or B1G team even. Undefeated or one loss Alabama is in over undefeated UCF Undefeated ND is in over UCF. Undefeated or one loss Clemson is in over UCF. One loss B1G champion is in over UCF. One loss Big 12 champion is in over UCF. Maybe if ND wasn’t undefeated and looking like they’ll be undefeated this year, they’d have a shot with chaos. But I can’t see a realistic path for them this season.
  10. Is Haskins still on pace to break B1G passing records?
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