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  1. Is Fryfogle considered a good prospect or just a good college receiver? I just know he produces
  2. There's talk of the Knicks trading up with the Cavs for 5 (supposedly targeting Toppin), so 23 has better value than 27?
  3. Besides the rumors of Pritchard and Poku supposedly having promises, any other "promise leaks" out there?
  4. I mean, that's why the Lakers did it, what about the thunder?
  5. Can anyone explain why the Thunder would accept Green + 28 for Schroder? I understand they are buying into the tank, but surely there's a better deal out there (I guess maybe not). Also guessing they'll flip Green
  6. Depending on what happens with trades/our first pick, I'd like Winston to run the Hawks 2nd unit. Whether that means we trade up/buy a late 1st early 2nd or he falls to us at 50
  7. Wasn't there a rumor a month or so ago that one team had Herbert as the top QB this year AND last? Speculation was the Chargers
  8. I like Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah (mainly for him) and Bucky Brooks. Journey to the Draft with Fran Duffy I enjoy as well, it's understandably a little Eagles centric since he works for them. Rotoworld Football Podcast has some good episodes, but they aren't always draft heavy.
  9. Also think they've never not returned to the same team
  10. Listened to a podcast yesterday (Tony Pauline) he mentioned it was the GMs who don't have a scouting background who were complaining about the draft staying as is. Found that to be an interesting tidbit
  11. Was wondering when he'd pop up again. Whether or not you believe him, I feel he's entertaining
  12. Along with my wait for Quinn and TD no longer being part of the Falcons' organization
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