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  1. Considering he wilted when given the opportunity last year, I'd say not.
  2. Must've been a bad year for those guys then.
  3. The edit on this made me laugh.
  4. Common man, no love for Trai Turner and Warford on the inside? Solid guards even by BDL standards. I don't even know if Wynn gets used this year, depending on where he ends up in NE.
  5. Love you bud. Glad Pops is ok.
  6. "Continuing to do it", meaning what? Following the rules everyone voted on? He saved around $2,200/year on Donald. Who cares. It's not 5k, it's not 10k. Everyone gets the same rate. Better players with bigger contracts are going to yield a bigger discount. That's how it works.
  7. It's been proven and shown in multiple cases that at 85% players are getting much more money than when they hit FA. So it's really not a "hometown discount" at all. It's basically the equivalent of overpaying to keep your guy unless he was somehow worked in on a sweet contract (or we have contract shenanigans as usual). We can probably take a look at this year's stuff too and I'd imagine players getting 75% are still getting more than what they got in FA, I know my biggest FA Grady Jarrett got less than what his 75% 3 up # would have been. Bumping it back up to 85 is just punishing owners to punish owners at this point.
  8. I'm on the side of getting rid of the biggest reason for loop holing, shadiness and bickering. After each period that this passes and each new rule creates a new problem itd be nice if they just weren't a thing.
  9. Done. Also, Cordy Glenn available for future reference.
  10. Good thing you signed Whitworth.
  11. You still want to. I said please!
  12. Mod rags is downright unbearable