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  1. I said most people, not you specifically. Everything isn't as personal as you make it. And you do care how we vote, that's why you're changing yours and getting upset by my vote. But you're right, you shouldn't care. Unless someone is blatantly voting you down or slandering you, everyone has their own take on the roster and game plan and it's efficacy, and they've given an explanation (we still have people that don't do that) then it should never be an issue.
  2. Most people see Kyle Allen and wanna vote against it, that's why I'm saying it's an upset. It's 3-3 don't change your vote. You get all heated when you vote on people's matchups and they question you on your reasoning, so don't do it to me man.
  3. Based on an overall lack of respect (in game not real life) for the oppositions roster, along with game planning to stop a QB who isn't the focus of his opponents attack leads to an OKC upset.
  4. Ultimately I like Berlin to take advantage of the single high safety. I like ICs intention to press, but with multiple guys who can make a big play, keeping 1 safety back there can be a recipe for disaster.
  5. Jeffery is out for this game also, btw.
  6. Does that make him a good replacement for Anthony Harris against Aaron Rodgers? I should've said another competent safety, you're right.
  7. It's been a tough go for Hawaii this year. Looked like they were getting some guys back and getting strong and now they lose Lattimore and Harris. That leaves them without to ability to even field another safety.
  8. Another game plan where a team wants to go run centric and the only mention of stopping the run game from the opponent is how fat one of their DTs is. Haha. Everyone expecting air raids today.
  9. I agree your run game is better, but you're severely underestimating his RBs by calling them very weak. They're both operating behind what are likely the two worst lines in football. Gordon's best OL is Dan Feeney. See what I mean? Mixons best OL right now is who? Trey Hopkins? Both their OL in BDL is far superior and his game plan is to run at a team that doesn't respect the run and (in my opinion, again) isn't as well suited or prepared to battle a power run game as he could be. I also havent voted yet. Just going back and forth.
  10. I haven't voted yet bud, and that's not how I vote.
  11. No, he doesn't. Dallas plays a 4-3. I can't imagine I'll convince you of that though. Not based on what I see and read, but again I can't imagine I'll convince you of that.
  12. But you voted for Cuba two days ago?