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  1. Huge fan of Surratt and Cisco. Cisco has major boom potential. Incredible range, but he makes soooooo many bad plays. He reminds me of Bacarri Rambo in that sense. If he can get disciplined he's going to be awesome to watch.
  2. Camden class Justin Fields Terrace Marshall Jr Asante Samuel JR Joseph Ossai Daviyon Nixon Elerson Smith Jabril Cox Osa Odighizuwa Nico Collins @samsel23 the roster sheet says Nico Williams can you fix that for me? Ben Cleveland Ok with it overall. Happy I got Fields even though he was constantly mocked to me, I didn't think it was gonna happen because at one point @Scoundrel had the dastardly plan to literally draft every big QB available in the first. Marshall I've had a crush on forever. I know I had to reach on Elerson, who probably has some developme
  3. With pick 7.2 the Camden hood rats select Ben Cleveland G Georgia @Ragnarok OTC
  4. Was debating spencer brown at my last pick
  5. With pick 6.10 of the BDL draft the Camden Hood Rats select: Nico Collins WR Michigan @SirA1 OTC
  6. With pick 6.7 in the BDL draft the Camden Hood Rats select: Osa Odighizuwa DT UCLA @bcb1213 OTC
  7. Almost pick time, c'mon twins take a break from "baseball" so rags can go.
  8. Wow that looks a lot simpler than me having to manually input teams/years/salaries last year.
  9. Also, very selfish time to be 3 upping people.
  10. Common knowledge that more than 1 'y'all' in response to something is a clear and obvious cover up of an insecurity. We know you needed Tremble.
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