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  1. Used to have trouble breathing I'd laugh so hard at that show.
  2. I hope you get rid of him before he takes any real snaps and gets hurt.
  3. Walt has gone full scumbag. It's clear he hasn't cared about much except for conspiracy theories for a while.
  4. I still think there's like 1/3 of the women who haven't even been deposed yet.
  5. Wow me too. Lived in Pine Hill for most of my childhood. Then went to Mercer County for about a decade.
  6. For how long? I grew up around there. Only live about 15 minutes away now.
  7. You gonna work at NFL films in Cherry Hill NJ?
  8. They have wild horses on the beach there.
  9. Approve that incredibly league-shaping trade that I needed to be tagged in.
  10. I know, it's going to be nice to get him as an RFA since he never saw the field year 1.
  11. That's fair. I think I have 3 good LT candidates. As Rags stated above....is Lewan healthy?
  12. I think Wynn is fantastic when he's healthy.
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