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  1. I haven't been to this part of the forum in a while but I thought you tucked your tail and quit years ago?
  2. I think if Duce is passed up again he's gone. Especially if a guy with 2 years total experience as an OC, with one of those being college, gets the HC job.
  3. I didn't see anything that went into the detail of the parking attendant, just said got into a verbal and physical altercation in 1993. I saw the stuff with recruits, but none if it ever actually named him in any of it from what I've seen. More than anything discipline came back on members of the football team themselves. I still don't see the other assault accusation stuff though, 'of both kinds'. I see Vance Joseph has been accused of sexual assault, his former coaching colleague at Colorado but nothing on Bieniemy. I'm not disputing it, because I think it's pretty damn important
  4. Being on Gary Barnett's staff when he ran a crooked program? I saw that. But there's really nothing tying him to anything other than being an assistant on a team that was run very poorly. I can only equate that to when Tennessee boosters ran Schiano out of town because he was on staff at PSU during that debacle.
  5. I was just looking into it. Bar fight in college, driving infractions in college, and a DUI 20 years ago. Let the guy live.
  6. Imagine 185 lbs Earl Thomas picking a fight with 350 lb Brandon Williams.
  7. Yea Berry was sad. Awesome player.
  8. You guys remember when Earl Thomas' wife found out he had a 2nd home that he used to have orgies in with his brother and then his wife showed up to the house ready to kill? Then he got big-timed by Chuck Clark in practice, then cut, then never played again?? Crazy.
  9. Let's not act like Burrow wasn't really talented to begin with. Gatorade player of the year as a HS senior and a top 10 ranked QB in the country when he committed to Ohio St. He just got stuck behind some bigger names before he left. His play in Brady's offense was unreal and the progression was fantastic, but don't act like he pulled him off the street.
  10. Bienemy will have his pick of any of these essentially, I'd imagine Houston being out since they showed no interest until after Watson got upset and they already missed their interview window. I think he ends up on the Chargers. That leaves who? Daboll, Brady, Kafka, Mayo, Bowles, Lincoln Riley?
  11. 14,000,000 would ruin your cap, but 14,813 would work just fine.
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