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  1. Jameis about to lose 3 games booiiiii
  2. Is Mychal Kendricks a stud now? Didn’t get that kind of love on my team last year.
  3. Yea that doesn't really answer the question based on your post, but thank you. Also, you keep posting like you're speaking to media people. Is this a new shtick?
  4. So you addressed depth in FA and are looking for starters in the tank?
  5. We have a depth chart thread though? @Ragnarok is gonna do all the power rankings though so I'll post mine at some point to help my friend out.
  6. Are we posting depth charts now? I don't understand what's happening.
  7. So you've narrowed it down to between 9 PM tomorrow and 8:15 am Monday. I love it.
  8. So sometime after 9 we can expect it? Quick turnaround. Thanks!
  9. What does past success matter to current power rankings?
  10. @Ragnarok should just piggy back off his previous rankings.
  11. BDL 2018 FA Week 3 - DB/DL/LB

    Camden offers: S Bradley McDougald 2 years $3,600 (1,800/year)