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  1. They should probably run the ball a little more. Why trade for Ajayi and not use him?
  2. Defense looking real sharp here fellas.
  3. So for the rest of us not in the playoffs, here's a quick look at what the top 5 of the draft order looks like. 1. Compton 1-13 2. Orlando (via London) 1-1-12 3. OKC 3-1-10 4. Wichita 5-9 5. Camden 5-9
  4. I'll take Ajayi today please.
  5. Man, you're really not holding Callaway accountable for anything he's done.
  6. I did that week 1 last season because my alignment was unusual. It worked. Visuals help people sometimes.
  7. Is Mayfield a first round QB???

    To be fair, there aren't many other people who fit the "cocky short QB" category so it's a small list to choose from.
  8. @SirA1 can you double down once the regular season ends?
  9. I told you when I signed him, it was a calculated risk.
  10. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    Same with Zack Martin edit: Actually, Martin was taken significantly later than I thought.
  11. He started getting bitter towards the meeting at the end of his time here. He was always passive aggressive.
  12. Someone had started a "Worst offseason moves" thing, @DingoLadd maybe but he never finished. He was going to give me #1 worst move for signing Josh Gordon. I'd have to go back and look through everything but this is a good idea.