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  1. I think the real key to this game was the fact that Gotham should completely control the trenches when Sydney is on offense. That Sydney OL is going to get Ben hurt agains the Gotham defense, and their secondary is strong enough to eliminate any of the short stuff Ben could look to to save himself. Gotham.
  2. I'll come back and vote on this game when @SirA1 can tell me who his starting FS is. I've never heard of Jesse James III.
  3. I said this last week, but I actually really really like IC's defense. I think a combo of very athletic and fast CB's and keeping his safeties over the top eliminates DJax, and helps slow down Hill. Hill can still make plays in the short game, but his damage isn't nearly as devastating as when he's running right past people. I also think their defensive line will do a great job frustrating Keenum all game. Berlin has lots of weapons, but I think the IC defense is underrated in terms of how athletic it really is, and they can really make it a long game for the Berlin offense. I think Rags is underestimating the IC offense. With a really good OL, a good QB, a stud in Cooks and a plan to wear Berlins D out, I think IC shocks everyone and steals this game.
  4. I like Whicker's idea on offense. I don't like how much it exposes a QB who already takes an unfair amount of hits in the league. I think in the long run it's a bad idea. I think even with a below average offensive line they can wear out the Jazz defensive line who is playing 3 defensive tackles along the line the entire time and will give Cam more time to throw the ball than many expect. On the flip side, the Jazz have one of the better OL in BDL, one of the best QB's in football and a dominant RB to go along with a really good group of receiving options. I think the dominant Jazz OL and the dominant OKC pass rush will essentially cancel each other out. In the end, I think Jazz have enough depth on the DL to overcome this spread attack they'll be subject to, and they'll be able to move the ball more effectively on the ground with the better RB and better OL in this one. Close game, low scoring game. Jazz win.
  5. Yea no reason to be concerned for exposing your QB all game.
  6. Such an interesting match up. Both teams want to establish the run, and should have success doing it. Problem is that Seoul seems to know exactly what coverages to expect from Portland, and has the personnel to exploit it. Also, funnily enough, is that Portland wants to match Jenkins and Telvin on Kelce, and Seoul is ASKING for the same matchup. To me, Kelce can win that match up more often than not. I think Seoul wins this game.
  7. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    He’s coming off missing most of last year with a torn ACL, he’s not injured now at all from what I know.
  8. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    I was referring to Watson/Mahomes.
  9. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Is that for us to worry about? Whats up frogs? There aren’t many posts of your recently that arent begging and/or whining for votes. I know all of us value our own players more than most (it’s like favoring your children) but I’ve never seen you this vocal about it.
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Well, ones coming off a major injury and playing ok and the other is setting the league on fire. Not about you, frogs.
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    The exact reason the trade committee was formed, because years of people not caring what they got back in trades for important players greatly alters how the league is shaped for years to come. Either way. The trade committee can weigh in however they want at this point.
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    No one is saying this. People are saying you got terrible value. Also, please don't post what people offered you in a trade on the thread man. It's unnecessary.
  13. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    And before Whicker quits, my level of interest in PM's was asking what Mike was looking for in a trade before I saw any deal accepted.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Completely disagree, but if people want me to be left off the ruling on this one, that's fine.