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  1. He even voted against a team last year who had their owner replaced THAT morning and needed extra time to get their gameplan in.
  2. Zach Ertz out a month. Hakeem Butler time!
  3. Yea...well...whose S3 forced two fumbles and had an interception called back because he didn't actually secure the catch?
  4. Hey @EaglesPeteC look! You're gonna get Lawrence either way!
  5. I don't necessarily think the 3 QB prospects you mentioned were universally seen as "great" prospects. Just because the they were taken high, doesn't mean they were viewed as great prospects by anyone but the Jets. There are tons of examples of teams reaching for QB's and it not panning out, the Jets have just done it more than anyone.
  6. How is having Marvin Jones in the starting line up instead of Chark a formatting thing? Isn't that just a slip up?
  7. Would be a dumb move. He'd be better off declaring and then telling the Jets he's got no intention to play for them.
  8. What a horrific cast of skill players in that game.
  9. Humphrey peeled off his man with the ball in the air. Now he forced a huge PI on Peters. HE CAN'T BE STOPPED
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