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  1. RB David Johnson- 3rd round / *WINNING BID* Sydney Dingos Offer: RB David Johnson 4 years $40,444 ($10,011/yr). @SkunkApes you have until Saturday night at 9 pm EST to decide to match the contract or accept the pick compensation.
  2. D.J. Chark vs D.J. Moore

    In a stifling run first offense where he was really only used on offense for his last two years he had 6 receiving TD's, 4 rushing TD's and 2 punt return TD's. I'd say he's more than just a 40 time guy.
  3. I don't know. Maybe don't discuss trades made out of spite in the main thread. Thinking out loud.
  4. No rebuttal to being more dynamic player and the deep threat we need. Check...mate.
  5. Chark also has 4 rushing TD's and 2 special teams tuddies to add to that. Career YPC DJ Chark: 20.5 DJ Moore: 13.9 Looking for the more versatile big play threat opposite Jeffery and that's our boy Chark.
  6. You've been disrespecting the man all over the boards, at least get his name squared away.
  7. D.J. Chark vs D.J. Moore

    Right, because Moore's work at the combine didn't propel him at all.
  8. So you can guarantee how next year will shake out?
  9. Yea there's really no way to tell who is going to be picking where in 2019 so you can't say he moved back twice for nothing.
  10. There were a surprising amount of people there! And they were being super tight with people sneaking down to lower seats. I was 12th row and watched 10-15 people get booted from seats in front of me.
  11. Sydney/Rome trade approved.