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  1. Two things Hank is known for is being married to a professional who-uhh and being on the 'hands team' for the Colts and muffing that onside kick against the Saints in the SB.
  2. 2018 Draft to be Held in Dallas

    I think what's most surprising is that Chicago got two years, in an awful weather and a boring venue. The Eagles put on probably the greatest draft experience ever and it gets yanked after 1 season. I bet Jerruh stops muddying up Goodell's contract extension now.
  3. Hope you guys ruin the draft. Absolutely ridiculous that Chicago got two years in that god awful place and we put on the greatest draft experience ever and it gets pulled.
  4. I think the better question is why is his last name pronounced "Sheriff" when there's no 'I' in it?
  5. Dude was playing really well too. I thought it was a bit light when they said he'd only miss a few weeks with that.
  6. BDL Discussion Thread

    Guess he'll just walk at the end of the year then.
  7. BDL Discussion Thread

    Right, but you've got a great team under contract for next year, it's not like you're trading a bunch of expiring deals and/or selling high on older high salary players. Aside from Matthews, you're gonna sorely miss a lot of those guys next year. Also Hopkins is locked on your roster.
  8. Can always expect something sarcastic from you. Planning double digit targets to two guys when your game plan is to be run oriented and limiting the pass attempts is predictable. Even teams with two good receivers (Oakland for example) don't force double digit targets at two players when limiting their passing game. Hell, even a team whose been behind for huge stretches of this season like the Chargers haven't given two players double digit targets in a single game. So like I said, doesn't seem practical.
  9. Doesn't matter now, I didn't vote. But if you're looking to throw it 25ish times, and saying you're going to get each outside WR double digit targets doesn't that lend to some serious predictability and forcing some passes?
  10. BDL Discussion Thread

    Why would you wanna sell on your team?
  11. BDL Discussion Thread

    We can just all make a pact to vote for them. #downwithOrlando
  12. I'd agree that Dak is more Alex Smith than Russell Wilson.
  13. He needs to go back to his best friend from last year.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread

    Going with the double strong safety defense with him and Neal?
  15. BDL Discussion Thread

    None. He's not. No bye in BDL. He's ok. He can play. If he played in RL, he can play in BDL. He's ok. Can play. Good to go. Let it rip. All systems go. Cleared for launch.