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  1. When Raiders games are available, I've watched whenever I can. And I've always been on the side of ability vs stats in this league, and I've said far too often this is treated like a standard fantasy league where people only take Sundays body of work into account. No need to take a shot at me man. I just thought Crosby peaked and he was feasting on bad tackles. Probably wrong.
  2. Pizza edges? Sauce as close to the edge as possible don't skimp.
  3. If anyone wants my pizza dough recipe holleratchaboi. Also if you want my 4,750 man bowling league PPR strategy guy let me know too.
  4. Every sunday I make my own dough and bake my own pizza I feel like I qualify.
  5. That's the Premiere Pizza League. Working my way up.
  6. I'm actually in a 393 man parchese league so I may have to slow down my role in this league. At the very least I can't submit legit lineups or cohesive gameplans.
  7. Well his rookie year, 4 of his 10 came against Cincy. His total fell to 7 the next year. I honestly felt he reached his max and is probably a 6-8 sack a year guy so that's why I traded him. No idea he was battling full blown alcoholism his first two seasons. I'm still seeing the same trends as far as success in actually getting to the QB though.
  8. I've let one too many edges go already. Although last year when I had him he was a target for opposing offenses to other ignorant owners. I trade him and he's a diamond in the rough whose sacks comes in mysteriously wild bunches against bad tackles. I digress.
  9. I see that, I'm just wondering how the name Drake became so popular and if he's been around THAT long now.
  10. I've got a 73 man badminton league kicking off soon so I'm probably not gonna submit gameplans much longer. If you wanna trade for whatever stars I have left holleratchaboi.
  11. USC has a Drake on offense and defense? Has Drake been around THAT long???
  12. I've got a 14 man cricket league with 94 spots open if anyone wants to join. I run it with my godfather.
  13. I have a better Landon Collins tho. Save that nonsense for Counselor
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