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  1. I don't know posters well enough to vote for a HoF'er.
  2. 2017 BDL Shark Tank

    Thomas Davis $525
  3. 2017 BDL Shark Tank

    LB Thomas Davis $475 DB Byron Maxwell $600
  4. 2017 BDL Shark Tank

    WR Mack Hollins $475 DB Byron Maxwell $550
  5. BDL Discussion Thread

    @OleXmad and anyone else, if you're going to up a bid, make sure you're quoting the most current bid that you're topping and delete all the other bids in the quote to make it easier to keep track of.
  6. 2017 BDL Shark Tank

    WR Mack Hollins $425 DB Byron Maxwell $475 DB Marcus Cooper $450 G Ryan Groy $450 C A.Q. Shipley $450 C Jason Kelce $450
  7. Let's get our version of Tyreek Hill, minus the scumbag woman beater part:
  8. BDL Discussion Thread

    It's actually pretty nice when you start using it a bit.
  9. 2017 BDL Shark Tank

    Camden Bids WR Mack Hollins $375
  10. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Ahhh alright, I see the snap counts now.
  11. BDL Discussion Thread

    Rolf can't read. It probably doesn't matter either way, but your timer won't start until noon. @rofldogs
  12. BDL Discussion Thread

    Looks good, thanks Frogs. @MD4L
  13. BDL Discussion Thread

    Welcome. As soon as frogs gets to it here, the tank should be up and running.