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  1. When the Skins outright cut you and still have Rueben Foster on payroll it's bad.
  2. Then Derrius Guice arrested on domestic violence. Great day for Berlin!
  3. Damn I'll have to go back and watch when I get time later.
  4. Bro when we have hard start dates for things like the draft and FA you always want to move them up. Don't act like the league as a whole just floats around with no schedule.
  5. He did, just not worded specifically enough to not make it a problem come vote time. So hopefully he can reword it like I stated before vote time. Clarity is good.
  6. He was just saying he wanted to make sure no one else had any other proposals before we voted, that's all.
  7. Bro it's two posts above you, where I broke it down. edit: Not you, that was for @PR
  8. I think Pheltz proposal, #3 needs to be worded more clearly like I broke it down yesterday. It's two options. 1. Players opts out, owner pays 150 or 350 depending on what he got IRL. Contract tolls to next year. Doesn't count towards roster number. 2. Player opts out, owner pays full contract value for this year. Contract proceeds as normal. Doesn't count towards roster number.
  9. It's not complicated at all. Your player opts out, you accept and he gets 150 or 350 and his contract tolls to next year at it's normal rate. Your player opts out, you decline to toll the contract, you pay them their full amount for the year and the contract plays out at usual. Both instances the opt out does not count against your roster number.
  10. This league was formed because of a lockout! It's what we're built on.
  11. People suggest something, and you told them they can't have it that way. I didn't realize you telling them "no" was an opinion. But if that's what you call it or you worded it weird, that's fine.
  12. Just talk to each other about football for a year
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