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  1. Damn. Didn't expect to get shelled this bad. Good work Frogs.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Oh my fault, I wasn't necessarily speaking about you.
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Or up depending on what's going on.
  4. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    That's true I tried to trade for him numerous times and you were steadfast.
  5. No that's the ridiculous part, abstaining was dumb but acceptable, but then just voting for Gotham based on your hard line stance in this circumstance is even more dumb.
  6. I'm gonna go with Seoul in this one. While I like their lineup and the game plan was solid, Ted countered the cover 3 (majority of Counselors coverage) by attacking the intermediate outer parts of the field. I think he'll make a couple big plays to win another close game. Seoul 20-14
  7. I'm with Whicker on this one on how oddly similar these teams match up and how big of a blood bath this would be. I think Lancaster has more horses for a race like this though.
  8. Really close game once I got through all of it. One thing I think is a big factor in this game is that 'Sport only has 1 real backup defensive lineman. I can't count putting Tiny Tim Williams on a 4-3 front. Going against a fast paced, talented, pass heavy attack and only having Jon Bullard to sub in for 3 guys I think that line is gassed in the second half. Even with a secondary I like a lot from the Reavers, I think OKCs QB is going to have all day to throw in crunch time. Okc 24-14
  9. I'm still getting through the defensive plan on this one, but for all the talk of game plan length I think I found a good compromise. Don't be so redundant?
  10. I'm actually going with NO here. I think he's got one of the most talented and deepest groups all the way around in this thing. His decision with the defensive Josh Allen confused me a bit, but I'm going to assume he's not just blindly rushing 5 all game. On the other hand, I think Portland really underestimates QB Josh Allen's ability and that's going to bite them. I think NO is going to establish the run, and when it comes time to attack in the passing game Portland's defense (especially the secondary) won't be able to keep pace after being attacked on the ground for a while. NO 27-21.
  11. Oh ok. That cover 7 looks like it needs to be utilized against a very particular offense. At a glance it looks like there's a lot of room.
  12. This isnt the old "well I lost already!" Thing is it? Because we've got more than a days of voting left and it's 3-1.
  13. Like everything here, it depends how you go about it!