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  1. Better Team: 2018 Chiefs or 2019 Ravens

    Not sure but I'll say this, the Chiefs cleanly beat the Ravens earlier this season and if I remember correctly, it was a fluky play or two from a blowout (thinking amongst others of that lobbed pass when Jackson was getting sacked that was caught near the endzone and where there was arguably OPI on Kendall Fuller). Most teams go through good and bad phases in a season and right now the Ravens couldn't be in a better phase. It remains to be seen if they will keep this up. No one thought the Ravens were even close to the Pats at the beginning of the season and now I would think many people think the Ravens are better.
  2. Mahomes or Jackson

    You can pick Lamar just for right now or this season but if you would pick Lamar long term, good thing you're not a GM. I'd like to remind you also that Rams fans and other fans were debating Goff as being better than Mahomes a bit earlier I believe last season. That didn't exactly turn out well this season. Not saying Lamar cannot stay great but Mahomes is a safe pick to be an elite QB for years. Lamar is a lot of unknown and very likely anything between a little and a lot worse than Mahomes long term. I'll myself always favor a throwing QB to a running QB. Running QBs carry a lot more injury risks to start.
  3. Monday Night Ravens @ Rams

    McVay for sure has lost some of his shine. And that Ramsey trade which didn't look good at the time looks even worse right now. I know that guy will be elite for years but he will also cost a lot and it just seems like the Rams thought they would get this guy and no matter the price. To give two first round picks and a 4th for a CB, a player who wanted to leave Jacksonville at all costs, I'm just not sure that Rams staff considered the possibility that they might not even be a contender this year. Just thinking of the Pats who got Gilmore as a free agent and the guy has probably played just as well as you could expect Ramsey to play moving forward. I know this rarely happens but I just don't think it's a smart move to give 2 first round picks and a 4th for a CB.

    Yeah that DPI call was weak. It just felt like the refs wanted to make this game closer.

    That's more like the Chiefs offense I know. Now I want more.

    Chiefs offense needs to put another TD now. They have been terrible so far.
  7. Early returns for the 2019 Raiders Rookie Class

    That's the thing. You have to factor in those 3 first round picks. It is kinda like your team had almost double the draft capital of some other teams.
  8. Early returns for the 2019 Raiders Rookie Class

    We obviously need more time to fully assess this draft but for a team that had 3 first round picks, including a top 5 pick, 9 picks in total, I don't think it's that impressive. Not saying it cannot prove to be a great draft down the road but right now I just don't think it's anything great when taking into account the above-mentioned. I mean you got 3 first round picks and only one looks like a hit so far.
  9. How good is Carson Wentz

    I was/am a fan of Wentz but I was watching the game yesterday and I thought to myself, I thought this guy was better than that. He's a top 10 QB but clearly not any better right now. You can't put it all on his receiving corps as he missed some throws yesterday that you would expect an elite QB to hit most of the time.
  10. Denver trades WR Emmanuel Sanders to 49ers

    Draft picks have clearly become devalued. A few years ago, you'd never have seen that type of compensation for Ramsey, Sanu and Sanders.
  11. Are the Chargers struggles purely because of injury?

    Just waiting for my Chiefs to play them and the season to finish to go on a rant about that team, their fans and the analysts who once again said they were winning the West. Lol
  12. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

    Ramsey is obviously a great player but I don't know that any other GM in the league would have given straight up 2 1st round picks let alone add a 4th round pick for an elite CB. I saw rumors that teams were offering 2 1st round picks but were asking a 2nd round pick in return along with Ramsey. Rams got a great player but any player has a value and it just feels like the Rams were willing to give anything to get Ramsey and thus clearly overpaid.
  13. What's the Most Valuable Defensive Position?

    Cornerback is not the most valuable position. The best way to determine how valuable a position is to look at which position are drafted the highest in any draft. Has a CB ever been even drafted top 3? Yeah, defensive tackles and defensive ends are clearly more valuable than CBs.
  14. Which team would you rather be in 2019?

    I agree I was wrong. That Chiefs defense has been dreadful these last few games. I mean who could have thought Frank Clark would look so average if not plainly bad. I didn't necessarily think the difference between the Chiefs and Pats defense will be down the road as steep as it looks right now but yeah, that Chiefs defense looks horrendous right now. Chiefs fans are just losing their head on the Chiefs official forum lol. They want heads to roll.
  15. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    If Ramsey plays this weekend it is clear he won't get traded, unless something unexpected happens.