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  1. You are the one who brought that "generational" thing. You literally said that Mahomes WASN'T as great this season as Chiefs fans pretend he was. Your words exactly: "He was great. I don't think he was as great as Chiefs fans think he was." Then you get told he was nearly a unanimous MVP and 1st team All-Pro which would show that a ton of people thought he was outstanding. And now you are talking about projecting his career. I mean how is this supposed to make sense.
  2. That's like saying (with an equal supporting cast) Watson is just as good as Mahomes. He is definitly not. It seems like some people dont realize how special Mahomes was this year.
  3. How much trade value do the following have right now

    I would give you a 1st but I got Mahomes. I'm good.
  4. I guess it is not impossible that they could be close to 200 points differential next year but never get close to those top 10 point differentials. I expect next year's Chiefs to be their best team in the foreseeable future because after that, they have a bunch of good players (Kelce, Schwartz, Fisher, Houston, Ford, Berry, etc) getting older.
  5. AFC Early Predictions

    Chiefs having a perfect season is a possibility but unlikely. Even an amazing team usually loses a few games. I could definitly see them at 14-2 though. They are going to have a really strong team, better than this year.
  6. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    Ehh? No. Hunt has been a top 10 RB since entering the league and close to top 5 but nothing more.
  7. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    I believe we can stop arguing with Bearerofnews and get back on topic.
  8. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    Give me McVay. The results of this pool so far look like another good example of recency bias.
  9. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    More like the Chargers looked like they didnt belong. They got crushed and looked like they should never have made the playoffs based on that game whilst the Chiefs were a coin toss away or a stupid offside penalty from potentially going for a SB. In all cases, the Chiefs won the division, had a much better points differential, went further into the playoffs, etc. I mean I hope you guys enjoyed that win by a hair because to be honest, not sure at all that you will sniff a win against the Chiefs next year. That team will be even better. I wouldnt be talking like that if I didnt see some of you Chargers fans, yourself being the worst, that claimed the Chiefs were the worst team left in the playoffs, that the Chargers were the better team this year which makes no sense whatsoever and still talking after having been punched badly in the mouth by the Pats, etc. Did you even watch that game? It was ugly.
  10. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    Lol if only you were right about beating the Chiefs twice.
  11. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    Look, you are entitled to your opinion. Just know that you are the only one or maybe a few other Chargers fans who believe the Chargers are a better team than the Chiefs. For the rest of us, the Chiefs are clearly the better team, now and moving forward. It is what it is. Go and see the top 10 teams this season and 2019 ESPN power ranking threads, no one is ranking the Chargers above the Chiefs. But look, I have seen stubborn people like you before. You would have thought that Pats game would have humbled a fan like you but it seems like it's all the opposite lol. It's all good.
  12. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    Are the Dolphins better than the Pats because the last time around they beat them? I mean, serious question.
  13. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    Lol. It is hard to be objective, isn't it? Chiefs got you guys in their pocket and this is not changing anytime soon. I like you, though.
  14. You Rams fans shouldn't be salty. I saw some of you use selective stats to pretend that Goff was good under pressure. He is not. It is there for all to see. Some of you indeed compared him to Peyton Manning, a young Tom Brady, a guy that wins big games. Rams fans saying Goff is/will be better than Mahomes. Well, this doesn't make much sense right now nor did it make any sense at the time as far as I am concerned. It is what it is.
  15. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    I don't think Goff is good under pressure or that he has the "it" factor as cliché as it sounds but if you can get to the SB you can win it. There's no doubt that a Goff-led team can win a SB. BTW, he is a top 10 QB to me before someone says he doesn't like my critics of Goff.