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  1. Allright I was terribly wrong. I knee the Chiefs Oline could be trouble but I did not expect that bad. I also feel the Chiefs were wronged by the refs but well. Nothing that they called was a phantom call but they called penalties that you often see not called and that really hurt the Chiefs. And then the penalty on Pringle not called. Anyways good job Buccaneers.
  2. Well the Packers finished with a better record than the Bucs. And the Packers entering the playoff matchup were clearly the favorites and with a line of -3.5 despite losing their season matchup 38-10. Rodgers was outstanding this season and he is the reason why in my opinion the Packers are the slightly better team but I know plenty of people believe that if you lose in the playoffs you are not the better team. Anyways, at the end of the day, I feel better about a Chiefs win tomorrow than if they were to face Rodgers and the Packers.
  3. Most complete and balanced doesn't mean better team. I thought the Saints had a chance to go all the way but their defense was disappointing in the playoffs and well Brees is not the same anymore. I realize the Bucs beat the Packers twice this season but I still think the Packers were the slightly better team and the bigger threat to the Chiefs with how well Rodgers had been playing this season. Really, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chiefs win by multiple scores tomorrow.
  4. Chiefs are about to smash the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs have obviously had a great season but in my opinion, and I don't mean disrespect, the Packers were the best team in the NFC and were the team that could have been a real threat to the Chiefs. I know about the Chiefs Oline but really unless Mahomes gets injured or something, I'm confident that the Chiefs win this anything between easily (multiple scores) and a close game. The Chiefs will simply not be denied that #RunItBack tour.
  5. WAIT...seems like just yesterday those Rams fans were telling us here that Goff was Peyton Manning and that Goff would have a better career than Mahomes. Lol.
  6. Some posters around here take these boards way too seriously. They are the very ones who need to get a life because I could care less being banned or anything but I'm not going to push the envelope seeing some of the reactions here. Chiefs fans and Chargers fans were debating all last offseason about who was going to win the West. We know how the season played out and I decided I would wait until the very end to ask to eat crow. I felt confident all along that this Chiefs team could win the SB this year. You debate opinions but then you like the one who was wrong to eat crow wh
  7. All last offseason (and previous offseasons) all I'm hearing from them is that they are the most talented and complete team in the AFC West if not the whole league. It never made any sense to me and here I am supposed to stay silent when my team crushed the AFC West and just won a Superbowl. I did formulate the thread as if to make it an actual debate and people are indeed giving their opinions.
  8. I absolutely never made a thread like this ever before. But please show me by using the research tool. It's true though that I was a homer and too confident during the pre-Andy Reid era. I thought some of those teams were real talented but in the end they were dreadful.
  9. There is some if not a lot of satire in my post but looking at the first few posts I see I've done well.
  10. It's that time of the year right? They got the most complete and talented team in the AFC West but were unlucky with injuries this past season. They're going to have a brand new QB. Anyone think it could indeed finally be their time to shine?
  11. I grabbed myself a popcorn and reread all these posts. Remember I tried to tell you. I told you first! And I doubled down before the season started. The Kansas City Chiefs..your SB winners!!! I would think it's legit to bump this thread in the present case.
  12. People have in mind that players will make mistakes but referees should be perfect. Referees will always make mistakes. The referees were not perfect but IMO they were as good as one should expect from SB referees.
  13. The replays I saw on TV did not show clearly and without doubt that his foot was out before the ball crossed the plane. There was one view where it seemed to show he very possibly put his foot out before TD but it was not clear cut evidence. People like to ***** about the refs but they were excellent yesterday.
  14. Thank you for saving me the time to respond to him. He's wrong on both counts.
  15. I wont lie. I was disgusted by the Chiefs offensive performance. I felt they should have gone vertical a lot more. Andy Reid definitly has his faults but we did it.
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