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  1. Can we now officially call Kevin White a bust!?
  2. What could the Cowboys get for Prescott or Elliott

    As for Elliott, it would seem he is clearly worth a 1st round pick but I'm not 100% sure they would get that because of the fact that he wants to be paid a massive contract, he is stupid and he plays the RB position which is easily replaceable.
  3. Cowboys extend LB Jaylon Smith

    Yeah that post didn't make sense at all. There is a reason DLs pretty much always get drafted before CBs and LBs and there is a reason they are paid more.
  4. I have a feeling that helmet story won't be the last problems the Raiders have with this guy.
  5. Rest assured my friend, the Chiefs will do great this year.
  6. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    It was a bad defense but I don't think it was as bad as some people say. It finished 1st in total sacks with three good to very good pashrushers. They had a few games where the defense looked good albeit against poor offenses. And then in the playoffs people thought the Colts Oline would maul that Chiefs Dline and the Colts would have no problem scoring at will but it ended up they barely could do anything offensively. At the end of the day, the defense finished #24 in points per game allowed. I mean it was a bad defense but it's not like one could say the defense was just as bad as the offense was good, far from it IMO.
  7. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    The Chiefs defense was ranked #24 last year. How many times do I need to tell my follow Chiefs fans? The best stat to rank offensive or defensive units is points per the game.
  8. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    I could see Mahomes throwing 30-35 TDs most seasons in his career but I really don't think he throws less than 35 TDs this year. That offense is loaded and this might be the best team the Chiefs will have in the foreseeable future. I could even see the Chiefs maybe having some trouble running the ball which would favour more TDs for Mahomes IMO.
  9. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    I would expect between 38 and 42. Better Chiefs defense means less TDs for Mahomes. As crazy as it may sound, it's not out of question that he repeats 50 TDs. That's Mahomes for you.
  10. I would definitly have said no. Watson was drafted just two spots after Mahomes and had that great rookie season while Mahomes was sitting on the bench. I don't think there's many Chiefs fans at any point in time that would have switched Mahomes for Watson. If you knew the Chiefs official forum, Chiefsplanet, you would know how high the Chiefs fans have been on Mahomes all along. And you be the one to create the first meme of me. It will be an honour.
  11. Not happening. Forget it.
  12. You need to watch the game. He didn't have great stats but if you watched the game, he looked great. Broncos' players were full of praise for him after the game and it was well deserved. They knew he was/would be a baller.
  13. Yeah between Mahomes playing very good in that week 17 game against the Broncos, Louis Riddick saying in the offseason that he would take the league over by storm, Peter Schrager saying he was going to torch the league, John Dorsey drafting him and a GM I regard as good as any at talent evaluation, comments from Chiefs players about how he looked amazing in practice, the whole Chiefs staff being very high on Mahomes, a plethora of weapons, etc. Let's just say many of us Chiefs fans were indeed very confident he would do great. I drafted him in both my fantasy league and won both. You can say that I was just hoping. I like to believe that I felt strongly that he would be great. Maybe the next big thing..
  14. Mahomes is a special talent. Goff is not. Some could see it before it all happened (the MVP season). Some could not. Mahomes is literally maybe the next big thing and some of us have been saying that for a while now.