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  1. CW21's 2020 NFL Draft Thread (RB Watch List - Page 2)

    Makes sense. Obviously those will be points of emphasis for him this year. I get the mileage thing but I think on the flip side of that it shows he is durable. Thanks for keeping it simple and not going off on tangents that are irrelevant.
  2. CW21's 2020 NFL Draft Thread (RB Watch List - Page 2)

    I gotta be honest, I stopped reading after that first paragraph. Again, appreciate the “analysis” but again lacking substance and any real analysis that you can’t pick up off ESPN. P.S. I never said Taylor was better than Barkley but thanks for bringing up completely irrelevant arguments.
  3. CW21's 2020 NFL Draft Thread (RB Watch List - Page 2)

    Just a few heads up statements as you go through your analysis. Wisconsin is not a team that utilizes their back in the pass game often. MGIII, James White or Corey Clement didn’t come out of school with that I their repertoire and it was a huge knock on Gordon but he and the other two have made that a strength. The “Wisconsin backs fail in the NFL” is such a tired narrative that isn’t even relevant anymore. The last three that have come out have all done well and carved out a significant role with their teams. “Sure have the best center in the nation back which helps and some other promising tackles but not proven quite yet.“ LT Cole Van Lanen is more than promising he is 100% proven, he was one of the highest rated tackles in college football last year. He didn’t start because they wanted to get Dietzen some reps but he played the majority of games. “He is a power back but when you can get a big time tough power back like Benny Snell who carried a program to new heights in the 4th round” You know Taylor is more of a speed back than a power back right? It also sounds like you said Elliot, Barkley, and Gurley did everything on their own and had terrible OL, do you actually believe that? I definitely appreciate the effort but this was a pretty brutal read with a lot of inaccuracies and statements that really don’t hold any water if the review and analysis had been done, but again I appreciate the effort and thanks for taking the time to put in your two cents.
  4. CW21's 2020 NFL Draft Thread (RB Watch List - Page 2)

    What makes you think Taylor’s game/success won’t transfer to the NFL?
  5. In the era he played in? Absolutely. You can’t make blanket comparisons across all eras, then you are basically saying everyone in present day sports is better than everyone who came before them because they are bigger, faster and stronger now than they used to be. Your argument is probably the most short-sighted you can possibly get. But not really worth arguing if your thought process is what it is.
  6. You have Eagles blinders on. Walter Jones, Orlando Pace, Willie Roaf, Forrest Gregg, Ron Yary, Jackie Slater, Jim Parker, Tony Boselli...all better and that’s not including the aforementioned Thomas and Ogden.
  7. You can’t name 3 T in the history of football who were better than Peters? Are you joking?
  8. Your team's potential draft gem?

    I’d think Adams is safer than Lancaster no?
  9. Your team's potential draft gem?

    You’re missing Montravius Adams and James Looney.
  10. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

  11. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Nice, thanks for the response.
  12. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    What happened with Leon Jacobs? He run out of favor in Jacksonville?
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Moving around the interior for sure, playing outside a 3-tech as an EDGE, no chance.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    At 6’7” 306 Laudermilk is not playing upright and would not be considered and EDGE. He is a solid 3-tech. I’d be surprised if he was a 1st rounder though, he will most likely come back for his senior season.