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  1. Barrett 6.0. 3 round draft w/trades!

    You have Delpit going twice in the 2nd.
  2. Lieker Mock 1.0 2020

    Which 5?
  3. Lieker Mock 1.0 2020

    Value is relative and without an entire draft I have no way of knowing who was available at those spots. My guess is they didn’t address it in FA because they didn’t have the funds to do so. What makes you think they would go EDGE? It’s hard to imagine they would invest too much more capital at that position.
  4. Lieker Mock 1.0 2020

    Not terrible but we can’t wait until the 6th to address DL, outside of WR it’s our #1 need.
  5. 2021 NFL Draft Order

    Says who? It’s the NFL and they can do what they want.
  6. What does a players recruiting from high school have to do with how he is going into the NFL? For as many top 50 recruits that pan out there are as many that don’t. JJ Watt wasn’t recruited but anyone and is one of the best defenders in the history of the NFL. Sorry but this is a terrible argument as to why someone should be ranked high as an NFL prospect.
  7. BK's 2020 "Quick" 3 Round Mock

    I know you didn’t do trades but I’m hoping if there is no OT/DL worth the Packers 1st they trade back and grab a WR with their first 2nd round pick. As it sits I’d rather take Mims, Higgins or Austin Jackson in the 1st Would rather go Ezra Cleveland in the 2nd.
  8. Awesome effort on the 7 rounds! I don’t really like it much for the Packers. I think they would be a great trade partner to move back in the second for a QB needy team. There they can grab just about the same caliber WR as they would take in the first. Most of the other picks are meh. I didn’t see Quintez Cephus in your draft. He would be a great possession/red zone target for them in the 7th.

    I’d prefer Jones OT over Shenault WR for the Pack.
  10. I'll add that I hope they don't go two offensive skills position players an neglect the run D. More and more I feel they need to get a run stuffer DL with one of the first two picks.
  11. Mock As I Went

    Fine, i'll bite. Where would YGM play? He is 15 lbs lighter than Gary, 10 lbs lighter than Z, he can't play on the line and we are already two deep with youth at OLB. That's why it's a hard pass. I said "hard pass" because I wanted to put in as much though to my response as you did to making that pick, which was clearly not much.
  12. Mock As I Went

    Your comment makes zero sense, but cool. I see you are getting seriously butt hurt by peoples critiques, don't be so defensive.
  13. Mock As I Went

    That's a hard pass for the Packers.
  14. Badger to Packer Annual Thread

    It’s possible, or Turner at RG.