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  1. It looks like some schools are already reopening campuses for football and basketball.
  2. I wonder how these simulators determine who will come out early? About half of those Wisconsin guys won’t come out in 2021. Most of them will be juniors and of those again most wont leave early or there has been no indication they are even draft-able. Should be interesting to see how their lists change over the next 7-8 months.
  3. He’s a very solid ILB but more of a throwback than what the NFL is moving towards. It’s the reason he decided to go declare this year.
  4. He already knows, he’s not only a great commentator but he’s also a client of Osteoporosis R Us.
  5. It’s pretty funny to see you compare Dak to Russell as if they are even on the same planet. For what it’s worth from an outsider Dak is not what I would consider a franchise QB at this point in his career. Has he been good? Sure. Has he ever won in the playoffs? Has he underperformed based on the team around him? Franchise QBs aren’t common, I would say there are probably less than 10 in the league right now. Final thought: You can’t be a franchise QB when you aren’t even the best player on your offense.
  6. It more sounds like the Packers were just ******* with the Niners.
  7. I’m still waiting for Loudermilk to break out. I think his size and measurable will intrigue the NFL but he needs to put together some production to match. I think he lacks explosiveness which most NFL teams cover. He could get up there but for me he is 6-UDFA for now.
  8. Yea I definitely agree that he made some major strides, he just is too average at everything (as you basically stated). Good luck to you guys as well, I’ll probably head down for a couple games at Autzen again this year.
  9. Wisconsin has Van Lanen (LT) and Ferguson (TE) and that’s about it. I don’t see anyone having a meteoric rise like Baun did last year, if there was one player who it could be it would be Sanborn (ILB)
  10. Coan is decent but if not for COVID-19 he may not even be the starter next year.
  11. No worries, obviously I’ve followed his career closely and despite his legal issues last year he’s a stand up human being with a lot of heart. His Dad was murdered execution style about 2 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine.
  12. That’s because he didn’t play in 2018...
  13. Watch the B1G Championship game. He went up against two 1st round CBS the entire game and dominated. If you think he can’t win on those jump balls over NFL calibur CBs watch the very end of the first half of that game. His ability to go get the ball, no matter where it’s thrown and adjust, is elite. He has multiple catches over his career where he just rose up and plucked the ball out of the air over defenders. Again, he’s not going to be that guy who dazzled you with speed or the ability to avoid multiple tackles, that’s just not his game. My guess is he ends up as a top 10 WR from this class as long as Detroit understands his game and doesn’t ask him to do things beyond his natural abilities.
  14. Unfortunately this is 100% not true. There are plenty of injuries you can “put behind you”, one of the main ones being broken bones. Once healed properly you are no more likely to break that bone again than any other in your body.
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