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  1. 2019 7 Round Mock draft

    Dude, do some research first...it helps. Just making statements with nothing to back them up holds zero weight. I didn’t even make a comment about who you had the Packers drafting, only that HHCD is not good in coverage, as you stated he is.
  2. 2019 7 Round Mock draft

    Just no...HHCD was a liability in coverage and not a great tackler, that's why they let him go. He was fast and had good range but was consistently out of place. As previously stated, they need a coverage S who can play centerfield better than HHCD could. There is a reason the Redksins didn't resign him.
  3. T-minus 2 weeks final mock

    Love the effort but don’t like the draft for GB. With all their defensive issues the past few years, even with their signings, they need to draft at least one defensive player with their first three picks since this draft is so strong on that side of the ball. Also I don’t think McGary is a OT, and if we go OG I’d rather grab Lindstrom in the 2nd.
  4. Four Rds and some trades

    I’d prefer Risner or Lindstrom over McGary as fits and BPA
  5. The Plunge Mock Draft #2

    Sweat and Risner would be much better for GB.
  6. 2019 4 Round Mock w/ Trades

    Give the Packers David Edwards with their second 4th round pick and it’s a decent draft. I can’t see Edwards dropping to the 5th
  7. 1st Mock of 2019

    First of all that’s yet to be seen, second of all he was an early pick and third of all, name one more...
  8. 1st Mock of 2019

    You can’t just slot any QB behind a legend like Brady and say they will be the next star...this Rodgers/Favre analogy gets used far too much. It’s more likely Grier will fail in any situation than succeed, he is hot garbage. But in his defense so is Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, Dwayne Haskins and pretty much all the QBs in this class. It’s 2013 all over again except the media has everyone so far up QBs ***** nowadays they will all get over drafted and those teams who are patient will hit big in the next two years.
  9. First 2019 Mock, One Round

    That’s an easy cop out. But use some deductive reasoning and it’s clear if the Cardinals do draft Murray they are the ones with zero leverage on moving Rosen, there aren’t any desperate teams to take him and everyone knows the Cards don’t want to carry both QBs on the roster. They will end up moving him for a second or third before the draft because they will have no other choice.
  10. First 2019 Mock, One Round

    Reports are out that it’s a third round pick...so late second is in line.
  11. Mock #3

    I can’t see the Packers passing on Burns or Risner for Jones.
  12. First 2019 Mock, One Round

    I replaced Bulaga with Risner, I think they resign Daniels, Graham won't be let go unless he has another bad year, which I doubt he will. The players I considered at #12 based on the board were Burns and Ferrell, but I went BPA with Metcalf, not often does the #1 WR fall out of the top 10.
  13. First 2019 Mock, One Round

    Being a Packer fan myself I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility, no one knows which way Gutey will go now after FA. That's what was so great about what we did, it leaves so many possibilities open.
  14. First 2019 Mock, One Round

    Well some team is going to make a big mistake then, but I see your point.
  15. First 2019 Mock, One Round

    Sorry man, not putting Lock in the first round, most years he’s a 3rd round QB. Actually as a semi-Chargers fan maybe I’ll give the Broncos Lock, the bust potential is so high it would put them back five years. I’ll think about making that change for you.