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  1. Full Mock #2

    Just an FYI, Dieter is an OG, not OT
  2. Two-Rounder (with a few FA predictions)

    Great first two picks for the Pack but then it bombed in the 2nd round. Michael Jordan? A 4-5th rounder over guys like Risner or Edwards or even Dieter?
  3. Ferrell, Hockinsen, and Risner would be much better for the Packers. Actually that would almost be an ideal draft.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    Thanks for telling me a bunch of **** I already know...and not answering my question. Cheers. Watt switched sides on the ball, if he hadn’t he wouldn’t even have been drafted. Don't compare apples to fish Also not a lot of people have time to watch every prospect because of having their own life to worry about so it helps to take from others notes/experience...just saying.
  5. Post-Simmons ACL mock.

    I 100% disagree. Sweat is 6’6” and not nearly as athletic as Ferrell. Plus Sweat has had off the field issues, Packers wouldn’t go that route unless desperate and with Ferrell available they wouldn’t be.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    If you knew it was from PFF why did you ask? Honest question, do you think you are the only person who can evaluate talent? I think most people acknowledge that there are others who have the skills to do it as well and take their thoughts/points into consideration. Especially people who have more experience watching/evaluating certain teams or players. I argue this because you seem to only value your own judgement and base all your “facts” on what you see, which you then argue are always correct. There is a lot of value in collaboration. Also, there is a reason many people swear by PFF, because it doesn’t look at just stats. I appreciate your opinion and will always engage in debate as I think you bring up a lot of good points but be willing to do the same. You think I talk up my teams players, and maybe I do, but I never over-value them. I’ve never said any Badger player is deserving of a 1st round pick this year. I only argue to their skill set. Finally, regarding Ferguson, if you can name me one player that has left UW after their RSO year I’ll shut up about it.
  7. Post-Simmons ACL mock.

  8. Post-Simmons ACL mock.

    Ferrell over Sweat all day for the Pack. Smith is ok at #30 but I’m more interested in OL at that spot so Risner, Edwards, or top OG would be preferable.
  9. 2019 1st-Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    Can’t argue the picks for the Pack.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    No one is arguing Ferguson isn’t going to be a top TE prospect, I guarantee I’ve seen more of his game than you have but to suggest he would come out after his RSO year is just ignorant. ”That list if top rated OTs” with Cole at the top was PFF.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    This is why guys like Travis Frederick get picked in the first round, anchor strength is more rare at the C position. If you watch his tape he can handle 1-on-1 matchups all day long, not having to rely on a double team and then has the athleticism to pull and get to the second level. I don’t see a C in his mold in this draft. Those will come next year.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    I’m sure every fan will have a few adds to the list from their school so for the Badgers... I would add Cole Van Lanen - LT, he won’t be a senior but I’d be surprised if he didn’t enter after his JR year. He was the #1 rated OT in pass pro in the country last year. Jake Ferguson is a beast but I doubt he enters the draft after next year unless he adds some weight and has a huge year statistically, which won’t happen in the Badger offense. Overall really solid list.
  13. Free Agency, Trades, 2 Rounds

    In the 1st would rather go Greg Little, Dexter Jackson or Dalton Risner with the first and then Polite at #30.
  14. Johanns Mock #1

    White or Ferrell at 12, if White then Sweat at #30, if Ferrell then Risner at #30
  15. This was fun and I love Allen but the only way a trade like that ever happens in the NFL is if the team moving up is taking a QB