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  1. Leon Jacobs

    Thanks for all the input fellas, good to hear he is working out for now. He's definitely as versatile as they come having played all 3-4 LB positions and FB in college. I think because he is so athletic and his physique is so ridiculous scouts overlooked his intelligence, he is quick to diagnose, never makes negative plays, and always plays with his head on a swivel. I agree that he is undersized a pure pass rusher but his ability to play the run, drop back in coverage, and be decent as a pass rusher I thought would lead to a higher draft pick.
  2. Leon Jacobs

    Sounds like he got hurt? 2 tackles in 11 snaps isn't bad then.
  3. Leon Jacobs

    I wasn't able to watch the game, how did he look in his first start? I imagine there were some growing pains but hope he was respectable for such a ridiculously good defense.
  4. 2019 7 Round Mock Draft **UPDATED 7/1***

    Give the Packers Sweat with #25 and this is a very good draft for them. #1 need rights now is EDGE.
  5. I think there is a 1% chance King doesn't start on this team. He looked good last year until he got hurt.
  6. 2019 7 Round Mock Draft **UPDATED 7/1***

    Maybe I missed him but if I didn't give the Packers David Edwards OT in the 3rd, it's a need and easily BPA there.
  7. I know being a Badger fan I am bias but tbh, Watt during his three year reign of DPOY was one of the best defensive players ever, Miller/Mack/Dnald are not on that level. If we are talking right now, it's Donald all day. Should be interesting to see if Watt can get back to his DPOY level, most likely not but who knows...
  8. 11 Months Too Early Mock

    Not great positions for the Packers. Their main need as of now is Edge. Matthews will most likely be gone next year unless he decides to come back really cheap. They need an infusion of youth at the position. Next will most likely be OL (RT/RG), WR, and TE. If josh Jones doesn't become the new SS/LB we think he will S may be a need but most likely not in the first. It would be hard to see them take a RB in round one unless they just fell in love with someone, which they hardly ever do. I'll be the first to admit I don't know this years crop that well so I am not sure who to take but I would start with the positions listed above as long as the value is there. Also, Dieter to Denver, he will kick in to OG at the next level (his more natural position), and may even move their in his senior season (per reports). So if Denver needs an OT they may want to look elsewhere.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    I'm not sure I agree with the comment that his numbers have regressed. In 2016 he had one of his best years statistically. I think for the QB position age 35 for an elite player like Rodgers is still in his prime. QBs will start playing later into their careers due to change in NFL rules, medicine, etc. Yes Rodgers been injured a few times since 2013 but they were also not debilitating injuries like ligament tears or structural damage. he's good to go for a while. As far as other impactful WRs, plenty of all-time great QBs never had an elite wide out for their entire careers, I think that is why GB doesn't want to spend high draft picks on a group that can be formed later in the draft.
  10. DeShone Kizer

    I think that was more of a knock on this years class than anything else.
  11. DeShone Kizer

    That statement is just not true...but I see you like to argue for the sake of arguing so I'll leave it at that.
  12. DeShone Kizer

    Randall is a FS not a SS, so starting over Jones or Brice...wrong.
  13. That is about 95% of people's reaction. That's also what people said about Frank Thomas, some people just have God given physique that we normal people just can't comprehend lol
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/MarcusJD84/status/959877414460391424/photo/1 https://mobile.twitter.com/JaredStanger/status/963125353408430080/photo/1 just sayin...
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Draft pick value chart shows they should be able to trade into the 8-10 range but it all depends if the trade partner is making you overpay to move up. I think we could get to 9 or 10 though.