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  1. Steeler vs. Panthers Thurday Night Football Gamethread

    Domination. Well done.
  2. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    If I am reading this schedule right, the Browns have a late bye at week 11. They have to play the Steelers in Pittsburgh and then play the Mahomes led Chiefs and ATL. If they fail to win any of these, which is quite possible considering the firepower on those offenses, I would bet he gets canned and they use the bye week to get the interim up to speed.
  3. Is Aaron Donald already a HOFer?

    Needs a few more years. Just speaking from gut feeling on how the voting would work out. Three more years at this pace, and he's in. Another poster said it though, he's playing at Hall of Fame level.
  4. Week 6 GDT: KC @ NE

    Mahomes is ridiculous. I don't get Watson vibes off of him either in terms of 'yeah a collapse is coming.' Dude is just really good. Grats on your franchise QB. You guys are my division rival, but I always respected the hell out of your organization. You scored so fast though on your last touchdown, I was like "damn, Brady is going to bleed this clock out." That has to be one of the toughest outcomes in situational football.
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I knew nothing about Mahomes from his college days but it just felt like something was being bioengineered in a basement somewhere and then the season started. Mahomes just sounds like a name bred for football.
  6. Broncos-Cardinals sets a RECORD new low for broadcast ratings

    I enjoyed it. But I am a Broncos fan, and my mother is a Cardinals fan so I may be guilty of personal bias.
  7. ThuNF Week 7: DEN @ ARI GameDay Thread

    I know that had to hurt
  8. Week 6 GDT: KC @ NE

    Broncos fan here. Mahomes is ridiculous. You guys deserve a quality quarterback. Not sure if I want you to win or not - not because you are a division rival - but because everytime you do, Brady goes to the Super Bowl. But this has game of the year potential and I am looking forward to some good football.
  9. Why does Washington spit the bit on Monday Night Football

    I'm curious to see whom they have played and what momentum those teams were on. Like the Saints, with Brees about to break a record on primetime at home. The odds are not in your favor to win that game.
  10. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    This could be bad. That being said, I think it won't be 4 full quarters of annihilation. We'll likely shoot ourselves in the foot around the 2nd quarter and the Rams will coast to a 30 point victory. No beef with Rams fans. You guys have an awesome team and you all are pretty cool. Hope you guys win the Super Bowl. I live in Minnesota and damn did Goff make a statement against the Vikings.
  11. Should have taken the 2nd when they had the chance.
  12. Football's Future Power Rankings || -- Week 10 COMPLETE

    Disclaimer: I am a Broncos fan. The Chiefs defense is what concerns me about them. I am still trying to get used to that defense not being top 10. However, that being said, the offense is ridiculous. I don't think Mahomes will finish with 69 TDs or whatever he is on pace for, but there is so much firepower there that I think that they have a more than reasonable shot at finishing as a historical offense. Like top 3 in points and/or yards. Chiefs were long overdue for a franchise QB and as much as it will hurt me for years to come, they deserve it.
  13. MNF: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    Fitzpatrick is a national treasure, imo
  14. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

  15. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade