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  1. Chargers S Derwin James to miss significant time

    He was one of the safeties bringing sexy back to the position. Sorry to hear it. Despite them being division rivals, I always had a soft spot for the Chargers. Not out of pity or anything. Just no matter how good or bad the Broncos or Chargers were, they always disregard it every time we play. They took a game off of us in 2013, blanked us for the first time in like 25 years, week 17 of the 2015 Super Bowl year, the huge comeback we had in 2012. Etc etc etc.
  2. Why do Texans fans hate Bill O'Brien?

    Hopkins is my favorite receiver in the league and I think that he is arguably the most valuable. At least arguable enough that he needs no parentheses tangents to explain why one would take him.
  3. Who is more likely to miss the playoffs: Bears or Ravens?

    These two divisions will be must see tv. I say Ravens. Not because they are bad but because the Bears went 12 and 4 and they have who I believe to be the most dangerous player on defense in the league. I still thank Bears fans at work for getting him the hell out of the division. Although now I have Patrick "50 touchdowns MVP" Mahomes to deal with.
  4. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    Every year there is always a surprise. Maybe Jones is legit. That would be huge for the Giants and I hope that it is the case because QB purgatory sucks.
  5. the 2019 Bills, Jets and 49ers

    Give me the Jets. I think that they'll at least have a good chance to upset some good teams. Not that the other two don't, but the homer in me still likes Gase and I think that Darnold could take a Goff like step forward.
  6. Memorable Special Teams

    It can be. I want all things special teams. I'm watching the 2013 Broncos vs. Eagles and just watched Holliday's kickoff return touchdown. You had a memorable one in the 2009 Super Bowl. Tell us about it.
  7. Memorable Special Teams

    First thread that I have ever made. Not good at it. I wanted to start a discussion about special teams. I rewatched the Miracle at Mile High. We had two special teams touchdowns (which mattered not to Flacco, he was ridiculous that postseason). Made me wonder... What are your opinions on whom are the best special teams this decade? Patriots are usually solid. Rams were excellent last year. The Chiefs are explosive. Who was the best last year? Who do you think will be the best next year?
  8. Football is back! (Kindof) - HOF Game - Broncos vs. Falcons

    Let Ed Reed finish. Wtf?
  9. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade - Bills trade falls through

    I'm expecting 2020. Maybe it is a poor comparison but after the inaugural season that the Golden Knights had? You want to kill it from day one.
  10. Chiefs sign Carlos Hyde

    Seems odd. Chiefs always struck me as a team that enjoys RBs with skills in the passing game. Can Hyde do that?
  11. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade - Bills trade falls through

    AB seems like a "we are knocking on the door and need a push to break it down" move.
  12. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade - Bills trade falls through

    Yeah, you're right and that's fair. I haven't been very clear in what I am trying to say.
  13. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade - Bills trade falls through

    I was looking at the 2020 season. Probably screwed up my projections regardless though.
  14. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade - Bills trade falls through

    It's the window that I don't get. This is all assuming that the Raiders go scorched earth next year and I think that they will - how is a 32 year old AB better than a 30 year old Mack? Only thing that I can figure is that Mack makes QB money and AB won't.
  15. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade - Bills trade falls through

    Please explain to me why the Raiders would do this after trading Khalil Mack? I know I have a Broncos avy and no, I am not pushing an agenda. I honestly just can't figure it out. I had settled on the idea that they're going scorched earth for a couple of years and then will make win now moves once in Vegas. How does AB fit into that schedule? Or am I wrong about my idea?