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  1. I hope you get it. I very much enjoyed that Super Bowl.
  2. If Reich gets him back to form (and that is a gargantuan IF) then that's another young QB that the AFC has to deal with. And the draft has yet to occur.
  3. This isn't happening unless Watson decides that he doesn't like the AFC East teams. I like him, and I would like to acquire him but one, this isn't under his total control. Two, those two teams have WAY more to offer with their draft positioning and the respective Adams and Tunsil trades they made. I read other discussion boards and their hopes are climbing too high.
  4. 38 is far too young. And I could only dream of having the charitable impact that he did. Rest in peace, Mr. Jackson, and may peace be with you.
  5. It was fun to cheer for Tom Brady for once. Never thought the day would come. So trippy.
  6. My apologies. To be honest, I get what you're saying. It's one hell of a catch 22. Dude is elite but he will cost a LOT. But it's hard to be even an above average defense for an extended period of time. And there's a lot of firepower in this conference to deal with.
  7. I'm tired of hot takes for the sake of attention on the corners of the internet where I dwell. This is one of them. I've seen several of his predictions, I know what he is.
  8. I will never post here again, under this name or any other, if this were to happen.
  9. Mahomes is in this conference. Allen is in your division. Lamar, hate him or love him, is a MVP and his team is a very, very competent franchise. Lawrence is coming. Burrow is a threat if the Bengals ever figure it out. And Herbert is an ascending star. I'd do it if I were your GM. You need firepower to compete for this conference.
  10. Wow. This is actually... a fairly reasonable post.
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