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  1. SNF GDT: Vikings @ Cowboys

    They travel pretty well it appears. The Chiefs game had a ton of purple there and in 2015 they swarmed Mile High. Manning tried to quiet the crowd not realizing just how many there were.
  2. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Wtf rivera
  3. Which team would you rather be in 2019?

    Depends on if I have to ignore having SIX rings or not.
  4. Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb tears ACL; out for year

    Horrific news. The kid had a fantastic rookie year and despite our woes at sacks this year, you saw him trying.
  5. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    I'm disappointed in Vons performance ever since the Super Bowl but in all honesty, in terms of performance and the goal, he earned his money that year. That entire year the most I expected was a wild card berth after the back half of 2014. Even when we beat the Pats in the championship, I felt our luck was over.
  6. Shaq Barrett - Is he human?

    He was undrafted and signed by the Broncos in 2014 and backed up Ware and Miller in the 2015 Broncos championship year.
  7. Shaq Barrett - Is he human?

    Before this season ever even started, you would've had your work cut out for you trying to find one Broncos fan who did not love Shaq since the day he first got meaningful NFL snaps. He was undrafted. Came up from the practice squad. He was brought up behind Ware and Miller and was essential edge depth in the 2015 Super Bowl run. That guy was the reason I picked up the Broncos defense that year and I won the entire fantasy league in no small part due to that. Is it bittersweet watching him in respect to our current woes? Yes. But I love the fact that he is dominating now that he has what he was always competing for past the ring that he has on his finger - which is that starting spot. Looks like he is not going to let that spot go.
  8. He saw and crafted Mahomes. He gets all the time in the world.
  9. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Can't fake a baby but then why bother with the hamstringfluback symptoms? If you have or even had the flu recently then hospitals will do everything they can to keep you the hell out. Especially the paternity ward.
  10. Quarterback Rankings (through week 9)

    Numbers and results. Stats and wins. Mahomes seems to have wide open receivers and he seems to find them more often than not. This is where context breaks down because at this point, it doesn't matter whom is better. It matters who is winning. Difficulty of pass means nothing. Who scored the most points?
  11. MNF: Chicago at Washington

    Flawless victory.
  12. Please never air that Tide commercial ever again.
  13. Are Rivera or Newton in trouble if Panthers miss the playoffs?

    It wasn't just about his passing that year. The man had an aura about him and that entire team was powered by that energy.