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  1. I do not need the camera that close to John Perry's face, thank you much.
  2. That was a horrendous past two minutes. Makes me want to shower.
  3. "3rd and forever." Since when is 14 yards "forever?" Especially with Patrick Mahomes?
  4. That's actually exactly what I am using.
  5. We need a culture reset, to be frank.
  6. Dak's yards over the first four games of this season just simply can't be ignored. I'll be honest, he literally finally won me over and then he went down. I really, REALLY wanted to see him keep going.
  7. The Titans have had some HUGE moments in big games since he took over. And in a right now league, what 5 coaches do you take over him?
  8. If he couldn't be worth even being depth on a ravaged team with our backups? No.
  9. I am so glad that I saw that play live. It is still being discussed and dissected to this day.
  10. Damn. They announced the Bell news and then seamlessly transitioned into the pick. Like the timing could not have been better.
  11. I get the feeling these two will meet again in the postseason.
  12. The team itself, yeah it never gets old. I just imagine being a fan must make you bald early in life. Skip the grey, straight to clumps coming out in the shower.
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