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  1. Medical doctor and Super Bowl champion. I wonder what it is like to be that talented. Stay safe, my man.
  2. I have no idea. Titans shocked the world (and good for them, great job!) Deshaun Watson is an MVP candidate. Colts are well coached and constructed and if Rivers can find his form behind that oline, he'll be a sniper.
  3. I think he means both have superhuman skillsets and are both MVPS. Just trying to show respect. Both lead extremely dangerous teams at such a young age. Both have their offenses channeled through their inhuman abilities. Is it so far fetched?
  4. He'll get 2 TDs on someone excluding injury.
  5. I was robbed 10 years ago. 19 years old. Hope he's well and they find who did it.
  6. After draft signings? After what Winston went for, this could mean something.
  7. Damn, I got shredded in this thread. Alright, alright, I was wrong. My bad.
  8. Also 2012 Mile High Miracle Broncos. We had young Molly Popping Von Miller at home in altitude with Peyton Manning after winning 11 games and earning a bye. Double overtime two special teams touchdowns
  9. This game literally almost gave me a heart attack. I always liked Romo before then but that game sealed it. Toe to toe with God mode Manning.
  10. That Falcons Super Bowl was all Brady. My stepbrother left at halftime and said that it's over. I said "bro you have no idea what you have just done."
  11. I won a fantasy game off of his three touchdown game. I also won a championship off Mahomes his MVP year. Draw your own conclusions.
  12. I will. Five deaths in the family since the clock hit 2020. I will not suffer a sixth.
  13. I have a cough. Grandparents have nothing. My mother is working across the country in a hospital.
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