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  1. Chargers vs Patriots: Divisional Round

  2. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    CJ is a champion. I'm not really surprised.
  3. Would Eagles trade Wentz for the world?

    All of this chatter will look silly a year from now, maybe two. Foles could go 7-0 Postseason with Pederson and win the Super Bowl again and it'll still look silly.
  4. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    Like a live grenade
  5. Week 16 GDT

    Lots of Christmas cheer in this thread.
  6. Ravens to sign John Harbaugh to an extension

    Yanda is pretty good.
  7. Vance Joseph to be fired at end of season (PFT)

    Falls on both of them. Elway especially for hiring Joseph in the first place. But he did do well with the last draft. Chubb, Sutton, Jewell, and Lindsay have all been great.
  8. Vance Joseph to be fired at end of season (PFT)

    It was a 62 yard attempt. He rushed a !!!62!!! yard attempt.
  9. Josh Gordon Stepping Away from Football

    Addiction is a curse. Stacking it on top of mental health issues is a nightmare. I just hope he finds peace. Somehow, someway, I hope he gets on track. I've been there. I know it. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  10. The greatness of Saquon Barkley

    Barkley is insane but I think it is too early to tell right now. As we all know, you need a quarterback to win games in this league and we don't yet know what Darnold, Allen, and Rosen will turn out to be. Just think of Goff and Wentz and their first years. Now one is leading a Super Bowl favorite and the other has a ring and would have most likely been MVP if not for injury.
  11. What players have been exposed the worst this season

    I agree with you.
  12. When is a good time to go for 2 late in a game?

    That situation was the definition of the perfect time to call for 2. Chargers got hot and the Chiefs have had ridiculous luck on coin tosses. Why risk trying to stop Patrick Mahomes from a go ahead touchdown drive?
  13. No, Reid should be praised. He timed it perfectly. Mahomes has 45 (45!!!) TD passes and over 4,500 yards passing. Throwing him in too early might have damaged that potential. He brought him along perfectly.
  14. Browns at Broncos' GDT

    What bothers you about him? Simply curious, no agenda here.