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  1. I thought they had him for a sack for sure on that 1st down.
  2. Worlds greatest ever game of hot potato.
  3. A Ravens coach damn near pounced on one of his own guys after that Chubb catch. Don't know who but he was livid.
  4. Lamar immediately turned around and left the instant his lineman jumped. Lol
  5. Collinsworth bringing up Mahomes unsolicited yet again.
  6. He's saying that ice cream is high in sugar and saturated fat, so don't do it.
  7. Anyone remember the Lions on Thanksgiving? This is that 2.0.
  8. Baker is being held together with gorilla glue and duct tape.
  9. He shouldn't, with all of the L's that he is choking on.
  10. You are playing the 2021 Vikings. It was written.
  11. Seeing a grown man's momentum forward just completely stop and reverse after a lowered shoulder like that makes me cringe for collarbones everywhere.
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