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  1. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    So we are playing Greenlaw at Sam, huh? Jordan Matthews mostly working out of the slot this far
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Would any of you guys ever consider assistant coaches / coordinators for the hall of Fame?
  3. What movie are you watching?

    I should have read this post earlier
  4. Screw. You. Scum. Never let me get lynched. I will live the dream one day!!!!! Sorry @The Orca, I tried
  5. And he hasn't switched off. He and pickle could save him, yet they haven't
  6. Honestly, racks worries me. But more to the point, I wanted to see if anyone besides Rick or Orca followed
  7. I saw it. Pretty ingenious...don't know if I believe it though. The problem is that everyone who has somewhat claimed the role has backed off of it, so Dingo is just as good as anyone that has. If everyone is telling the truth, the only person it could be is Pickle or Racks because I know that I am not the jester. Pickle would be an interesting choice - while I do believe that he's tunneling considerably on you, it's also somewhat aggressive, which is a new flavor for him from what I have seen. Sure, he got amped up in the TK3 debacle, but that more or less just affected his arguments as they became slightly less coherent and articulate. Not really the same thing going on here.
  8. Well, on day 1, past games is just as good of an indicator as some of the slop that gets thrown out there. I mean, in overwatch Gopher tried to use the number of explanation points in my post as a sign of scumminess. People assign intent that doesn't match up just to try and manufacture a "read". Reliance on past game dwindles with the more information that is presented throughout the current game. Why couldn't you have done that stuff to use this at this exact moment to try and proclaim your innocence? Isn't that what you said last game about me doing what I did? That I did the claim a couple days in advance to try and help myself out when the time came for the claim / cc? Sure, you could be the jester - that's probably the simplest solution I would imagine, though I don't know why you would fight the lynch at this point. You're admitting yourself that what you have done would get you lynched, so it's certainly not a town play. If I take what you're saying at value, and you're right, you would never play this way as scum, there's really no options left on the table, because you're absolutely not playing this way as town in my opinion.
  9. Take swag out of equation, what do you see around this game?
  10. 1. I'm not sure what you are getting at here. You said that you're willing to go squire on d1? But you never did. Your vote was on Counselor pretty much the entire day if I remember right. In fact, it's not like you changed your vote with 1 minute to go to Counselor to try and start the train...it was already on him if I remember right, you just doubled down on it. I could be remembering wrong, but I glanced over the votes before answering this, and I didn't see where you were ever in on Squire. Saying you're okay with squire really doesn't mean anything. 2. Why wouldn't you? There's some pretty crazy logic and thinking that goes into these games. I don't try and suss it all out, to be honest. Its an impossible task. Why would I claim to be mafia when I'm town like I did in overwatch? Why did Counselor do a lot of the stuff that he did on night 1? People just do weird stuff. If you're the Jester, why the tunnel on Conselor and not on Swag who outright claimed it? 3. Trying to play the "if he were mafia he wouldn't claim to be mafia" card? Just trying to confuse and cause chaos? If you think that there's a likely chance that you're going to be lynched you could pull out all sorts of crazy stuff. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but I'm not going to rule you out just because you're doing weird and zany stuff. What's the benefit to playing the way you did if you were town? That leaves the Jester, of course, but if you're the jester, why try and stop your lynch? It's your wincon. 4. My power rankings are still the same as when I posted. Your game is shattered and in pieces, and I'll admit, putting it back together on my end is a smorgasbord of random shards that don't quite fit. But that doesn't mean you aren't scum. To me, nothing quite fits with what you're conveying and what you've done. If you asked me who scares me the most right now, it's probably Racks. 5. Of course scum, and if it's the Jester, the Jester would. 6. Broken and in pieces. Silly and insouciant. I don't feel like things make sense, but that goes both way with regards to what you can be. Avoiding the lynch makes no sense for the Jester. Nothing in your game has largely been to the benefit of town, and I have no idea why you would draw so much attention to yourself as scum.