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  1. Not without an injury. There is no reason to. There's not QB competition between Beathard and Hoyer, so this game is about final preparations and run through for the starters. We are trying to put our best foot forward heading into the season.
  2. I would think Watson. He's a special teams stud usually, so it helps for his place on the roster. Maybe we would move Bowman or Foster to SAM, bring in Ray Ray at will in that instance, rather than just going to Watson anyway.
  3. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    I would have been fine with that. Originally I said that I thought it would have played better if she had left of her own volition, which would have allowed the timing not to be so jarring. Either way, it's a minor quibble. I do think that it would have played off better had we opened with Dany, seen her concern over them, and taken off before we even cut to them. Or maybe soon after.
  4. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    This is a case of using the end result to justify the decision. To me personally, it doesn't work that way. It's like if I'm playing poker. Flop a gut shot straight, have $2 invested in the pot. Someone pushes all in for $80, and I call, hit my gutter ball and win the pot. The fact that I won the pot did not make it a good decision. Like Sunny, my issue with what happened is not the NK choosing to kill Viserion, but rather the director doing a poor job of setting the scene to me where it's believable that he should have made that decision. Speculating on the reasoning for why he did it is an impossible task; I just think that it was a poor directing choice for it to be staged that way to raise those kind of questions.
  5. Training Camp Battle - QB #2

    http://www.csnbayarea.com/49ers/49ers-rookie-qb-beathard-turns-vr-reality Pretty cool
  6. Offensive Line Thread

    Haven't heard anything, and I didn't notice him during the game, so I'll take that as a positive. I just haven't seen us play him at center yet, but I will admit that it's easy to miss if I"m not looking for it.
  7. Offseason/Training Camp Thread

    Looks like we are hoping to get Ward back on Wednesday. I think the odds are slim that we put him at corner, but I"ll be intrigued to see where we put him. I think that it at least be in consideration - Jerome hasn't been awful at safety, and though nobody really wants to go into the season with an UDFA as a starting free safety, if putting him there and Ward at corner is superior to having Ward at safety and playing someone like Reaser at the CB2 spot to start the season (unsure when Johnson gets back from the concussion), then so be it.
  8. Baseball forum experiment

    I'll be honest - I have no idea what that is. I don't think I was super active in the baseball forum at the time - just the occasional post in the Giants thread.
  9. Currently Active Hall of Famers

    I think it's way too early to know on Madbum. Possible is the best you can hope for. Right now, his career war is 27.7, which is in the 300's. The last three years, he's been between a 4 and a 5. Even if he did that for another 7- 10 years, that would get him into the conversation (there are other HOF pitchers in that range), but at the same time, that range also includes guys like David Cone, Kevin Brown, Mike Mussina, etc. Also, I feel like that type of production is unreasonable to assume will happen. It doesn't help that someone like Schilling, who has a similar level of postseason dominance and a superior regular season career, isn't in the hall. He hasn't had a cy finish higher than 4th, so I think he definitely needs to grab one of those.
  10. FootballsFuture Fantasy Football Challenge

    @BayRaider Have you thought about having the Mods post this into their own team forums? Maybe to get some of the guys who don't venture out into NFL gen? The Mods can then have a week to week post on which people the posters in their forum are using, then just copy and paste into a main thread in NFL gen for you. May generate a little more interest and get some more sign ups plus clean up the main NFL Gen post so you're not going through 40 individual posts of player teams.
  11. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    There is nothing wrong with being critical or not liking what they did / have done.
  12. We haven't had a lot of highlights the last couple of years, but one of them definitely came the last time we played the Vikings
  13. Wanted to get this started early this week. This is the biggest game of the preseason typically, the one where we can see who's stealing a starting spot, or in danger of getting cut. We need a clean game from the 1's for once, and this game won't exactly be the easiest to do it in - the Vikings #1 D is legit. Some interesting projections on the 53 man roster from Chris Biderman and Can Inman. Both actually have Brooks getting cut and us sticking with Harold as the starting SAM, so if Harold gets the start again there this week, I believe they could be right. Hopefully, we could get something from someone like the Pats for Brooks, even if it's a 7th rounder, for Brooks rather than just out and cutting him. I'll be curious to see if Magnuson plays any center. I haven't noticed him playing there this preseason or heard anything about him being there during camp, but Biderman thinks we will keep him on to be the backup center and cut Barnes (Inman has us keeping 9 O-line, but with Magnuson being cut and Barnes and Theus making the squad). Both have us keeping only 5 receivers, and both currently think that Redmond doesn't make the squad, which is a massive disappointment given that he was an early third rounder just last year. Weirdly, Inman has us cutting Tank, which I just don't see happening given his play this preseason and camp, and the way we have used him as a starter in the games.
  14. The guy has made them money. Even though I think the NFL is a cash cow that would keep the money rolling in regardless of who was commissioner, my understanding is that NFL owners have made more money with him than ever before. Regardless of how much of that he is responsible for, he was the lucky guy that was commissioner at the time it happened.