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  1. Around the NFL

    Bucs sign Vinny Curry
  2. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Alright guys, let's get back on topic. Basically been 3 pages of this now. Let's avoid continuing down this road.
  3. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Don't think he did it
  4. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Vaccaro has to end up in Dallas when this is over, right?
  5. Pick 188- 49ers select Marcell Frazier, DE, Mizzou
  6. Around the NFL

    Colts released Jonathan hankins. No idea why
  7. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Must not have been a crazy offer lol. I figured they would take up all 5 days just to hold the Packers up lol. So I think Edmunds would be high on their priority list then. Maybe James. I know that they had Amos at safety last year, and he's pretty good, I have no idea who the other safety is though.
  8. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Just so it's clear, the at least Washington ended up with Champ Bailey in the first round that year, otherwise those picks are just ugly lol. Washington traded up to 7 from 12 in that Chicago trade.
  9. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I keep waiting for the run of first round punters and long snappers....I'm always disappointed.
  10. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Neither is seen as the long term answer on one year deals, and I don't know how much of either contract is actually guaranteed
  11. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Yes, but those different skillsets and different pros and cons could easily weigh out similarly in overall grades for them. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, but when you account for everything, who's to say that they don't have 3 quarterbacks graded between a 91-93 and their 4th rated quarterback is like an 85? This assures them one of those three if they have comparable grades on them all after their evaluations. I'm sure that they still have a 1/2/3 ranking of them all, but it may have been more important to them to make sure that they get 1-3 rather than settling on #4 who they don't like nearly as much, especially if they are dead set on acquiring a quarterback in this draft with their first pick (which obviously, it appears that they are)
  12. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I've begun to have my doubts that we are, even if he were to fall into our laps. I think this is going to be a defensive heavy first couple of rounds in this draft.
  13. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I mean, Stafford completed 57% of his passes in college. Not like that is a huge difference. Cutler also completed 57% of his passes in college.
  14. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    You'll get Minkah or Ward or James and you'll like it.
  15. 2018 Draft Thread I

    So I figure that this locks in quarterbacks at 1-3, Barkley at 4. Denver could still use a quarterback at 5, but they may not like the left over quarterback is much. So I could see quarterback / Nelson / trade down with bills (who would then take a quarterback - I believe that they love Allen is the rumor). Colts at 6 I feel would look Barkley / Nelson / Chubb. Tampa at 7 could be Ward / Minkah / James or whoever is left over from barkley/chubb/nelson if denver takes a quarterback, while Chicago at 8 may look heavily at Edmunds on one of the secondary guys if they don't match the offer on Fuller.