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  1. The funny thing is, I was going to say juice check... But his aav with bonuses is 5.25 lol
  2. Buying a House

    Can confirm his price is reasonable as that is excellent advice
  3. Did you just include the cards in that? The Seahawks and Rams I get. The cards?
  4. Nor am I going to. I think my vote will be on Dome in perpetuity.
  5. Official SFGiants Thread: 2019, Is it over yet?

    How in the hell are we suddenly only like 4 games under .500? LOL
  6. Was listening to some talk on Dev camp and particular, the 5 on 5. Apparently, the Russians were highly impressive for the most part (Maltsev, Papuaguev, Okhotyuk). Ty Smith, not so much.
  7. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    I would expect, with nothing to really support this but my own opinion, that at best, he's still on the edge about 60% of the time still
  8. Clowney Franchise Tag

    You need to be level 9 to summon Saquon
  9. It's always important to remember that people are laughing at you, not with you. I think that's how it goes
  10. Fine. You can put me in @MWil23. Not sure how active I'll be but if it's just to fill a spot, I can do that.
  11. True story. Btw, congrats on moving into the all time top 5 of likes on this site. Clearly people do not know you that well.
  12. Nah, I'm out. These games require too much commitment from me and I don't really want to half play.
  13. One of the best perks of playing is just driving you up the wall.