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  1. We were caught up in opening night in Friday, but....
  2. He still has one of the most ridiculous shots I've seen from a prospect. And that's not me being hyperbolic. The accuracy and consistency at hitting corners or the inside of the post is pretty absurd. His one goal was just a rocket. He took 7 shots lol. You love to see it
  3. He has everything you would want from a qb except the great physical tools
  4. Old brees did not. But he was still excellent.
  5. Sure, but it likely caps his ceiling (there's always a chance he becomes Brees, so I don't want to say that it 100% does). There are going to be throws that he can't consistently complete or may not be able to attempt. I think he'll be a fine starting QB, he's a guy you may not know what he is for sure until he's 26-27 to see how his mental game moves forward.
  6. Fine is about the best way to describe it
  7. I think those streaks from fitzy involve quite a bit of good fortune as well. It's not like he becomes super careful with the ball or makes good decisions all of a sudden. He still makes really bad decisions, they just don't always result in the worst possibly outcome
  8. I've made my feelings on Reich pretty clear this year. I think he's been absolutely brutal with his strategy
  9. He's so frustrating. Someone said he was fitzy earlier (apologies that I can't remember who) and it's a pretty good comp. I've really seen Daniel Jones make some incredible plays... But he is so consistent at making bad ones. I think he'll have a long career as a backup, bridge starter, plays for 5 teams in 13 years sort of way
  10. Shanny's legacy with the niners will likely be a what could have been. Nevermind that he's on record as saying he didn't scout guys like mahomes because he wanted to get Kirk the following year. Which he didn't even do lol He should not have personnel power. I'm not sure he's all that good at evaluating talent
  11. That was a brutal showing by Flores today
  12. No. He's a victim of his own success. His first year, people thought that team could go winless. It was a mess in the front office, talent, etc. Winning 5 games was a huge over achievement. He wins 10 games last year, over achievement. So we have two years where his team has over achieved and one where his team is under achieving. Coaches have bad years too
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