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  1. It also depends on where he's pulling these stats from. Places like PFF are pretty bad about recognizing coverages and who's to blame for certain outcomes sometimes. Jimmie Ward is really freaking good. So glad that we finally got to see him healthy and blossom...we waited so long lol
  2. Sorry about the future lost picks, Saints fans.
  3. Apparently Marleau will break the records for game played this year. That's pretty huge.
  4. The funny thing was that he used one of KK's best games as a pro from the other day. He had a ridiculous xgf% of like 90 something I think
  5. Amazing foot and boundary work
  6. Would you rather fight one horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?
  7. The most important part, of course is saying that Jack is way ahead of KK lol 😂
  8. It's more fun to portray him as a Machiavellian super villain though
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