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  1. ALCS: New York Yankees vs Houston Astros GDT

    So I'm going to guess and say that with that reply you don't know.
  2. That's not true, Cousins will get to at least one super bowl with the 49ers
  3. ALCS: New York Yankees vs Houston Astros GDT

    I'm curious - does anyone know how much money MLB would stand to gain with a Dodgers / Yankees World Series as opposed to a Dodgers / Houston one? I know that Houston is a solid market, but it's not New York, and I have to imagine that MLB is salivating over the prospect of it's premiere markets coming together on the biggest stage.
  4. They need to just shelve him for the season, but I don't know if they will given that they are only a game back in the division. Take the lost year, grab a high pick to help put a better team around him, and get him back fully healthy and ready to go next year.
  5. Jonathan Allen Out for the Season

    That's good. Some hope moving forward. Foot injuries are just such a tricky thing with athletes. I mean, toe injuries basically ended Patrick Willis' career. It gets worse when you are carrying around all that weight (and sometimes height). So hopefully he gets better and comes back strong. I had really high hopes for him coming out, particularly when you guys drafted him and he was going to be paired with Tomsula. That was a great fit together.
  6. Also, according to one Dallas fan, While they will use Lawrence on both sides, he's typically lined up over the right tackle. I'm really looking forward to the battle between he and Trent Brown.
  7. Hey, hey. Keep it civil. Don't make me lock this thread
  8. I just copied my text and replied in yours, deleted the other one. Same thing basically.
  9. The run game is something I'm interested in as well. Shanny makes a big deal about starting hyde, going to breida, then riding the hot hand one week...then did the exact opposite last week. Hyde didn't look great at all, and Breida looked alright in limited carries (only 4 for 20). I really don't know what we are doing there. I'm not expecting a great game for Beathard either. The key to me is just him looking like he belongs in some way shape, or form. Don't pull a Kevin Hogan, and I think it's a win for him and gives a little hope moving forward. I'm not buying him as QBotF, but he's got 10 games to prove me wrong. It's just going to be hard to do that in this situation in your first start.
  10. From my GDT: Zeke is in for the Cowboys as is Sean Lee it appears. Beathard in for the 49ers, and I would guess that we see Foster this game as well. Armstead is out, obviously, which leaves are defensive line pretty thin. Buckner needs to keep being Buckner and we need Thomas to build off last week's effort, which was certainly his best game of the year. This begins the 10 game audition for CJ beathard to show that there is something potentially there for the future. The guy is certainly a gamer, but I don't know that he's got the talent, so it'll be an interesting 10 games to watch. This is probably the best situation to put him in to give him the start prior to the bye week. The game is at home and Dallas' defense isn't great, so there's an opportunity to build some confidence. I'm not sure that Zeke is that big of a deal, to be honest. He's been very inefficient this year - not nearly what he was last year, and it's clear that their offensive line isn't what it was. That being said, Dak looks much better and is playing like a quarterback that doesn't need to have the running game he had last year, and the line is still good enough to stonewall any pressure we could bring given that we can struggle sometimes in getting to the quarterback. On defense, we are still doing pretty good against the run. We give up some bulk stuff, but efficiency wise, we've been pretty strong. Giving up less than 4 ypc, and FO has us currently residing at #13 on dvoa against the run. The pass is a different story. Our linebackers have really struggled in coverage, and Robinson has had a crazy Jeckyl / Hyde thing going on. Witherspoon continues to eat some snaps, which is a good thing to do moving forward to bring him along slowly. Last year, we got up early on Dallas before falling apart in the back half, which was pretty much our operating procedure last year. This year. we are pretty much the opposite, starting off slowly in most of our games while mounting the comebacks to bring the game close on the backend. I'm not overly optimistic about this game - I think that Dallas is just a better team, so I'm happy with a close loss in this one. I think Beathard will struggle a bit more in his first start - I'm seeing maybe a touchdown, a couple of picks, depending on how much we let him loose. My best guess would be something like 24-13 Dallas.
  11. Haha, I was typing mine up while you did this.
  12. Do you get your gas delivered?

    I feel like I'm not smug enough to make someone bring me my gas.
  13. 2018 Draft Thread I

    The tackle market took another hit and Trey Adams from Washington is out for the year. It looks like he's going back to Washington for his senior season