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  1. Week 10 GDT- 49ers v Giants

    Shanny is getting at least 4 years here. Everything else is noise.
  2. I discounted guys before my time (he was a couple of years before I was born), but given how bad that 78 team was, and how bad he was, yeah, that's hard to argue
  3. I feel like unless he wants to take a year off, he will have head coaching offers next year in the NFL. I think he's a great fit in Tampa Bay
  4. That is a name I have not heard in a long time. Kudos to you, good sir.
  5. Only if you started drinking and never stopped after selecting Blaine Gabbert ahead of JJ Watt and were blacked out from 2011 - 2013. Bortles is bad, he's not Gabbert bad, man.
  6. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Philly is broke in a fake way. Nick Foles counts 20.6 million against the cap next year, obviously he's not going to be on the team. That gets them out of the red with 18.8 million savings. I would assume that Jason Peters is gone, and that's another 8 million. If Agholor is healthy, they are going to cut him, and that's another 9.4 off the books (fifth year option, only guaranteed for injury). Michael Bennett shaves off another 7 million and chris long 5.3. Those three moves alone get them above 30 million in space. They do have some guys they may want to resign - Graham is a free agent, and if they cut Bennett and Long, that's a lot to lose off that defensive front. Plus, Wentz can be extended after this season, I believe? Though that may be after next season. So they do have places to spend that money. But creative cap construction can be done. I don't know if they can afford Bell, but they could make a run for it, I suppose. That being said, Mark Ingram would strike me as the better value for them given their money situation and I don't think he's going to be very expensive at all.
  7. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    If I'm Tampa I'm considering. Think the Jets will be in on him. Not feeling Denver as a match, and not Seattle. Those rbs have played very well.
  8. Nick Chubb

    Spoiler alert, it wasn't him.
  9. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    just keep Doyle as well. I mean, ebron only ran 12 routes the entire game and played half of Doyle's snaps. The guy has a 25% touchdown rate at this point for TDs v touch rate. It has to come crashing back down to earth - those are largely unsustainable numbers.
  10. Twice tonight we have kind of gotten screwed. I know that Crosby interference was close, but man. And there was a whistle on the Bratt goal, so I can't be angry on that, but how are we always on the wrong end of these things?
  11. Trade advice

    Given comparable players between a wide receiver and a running back, I usually want the running back. i think production from a receiver is easier to make up for. I want Kamara
  12. God, that sucks to have that goal called back. We have had rotten luck with that the last couple of years. I think we lost 2 or 3 last year on offsides reviews, and now we lose this one on a completely stupid penalty away from the play. Beautiful pass by Butcher and nice finish by Bratt regardless.
  13. Feel like the devils would be better off keeping Zacha up and just treating him for what he is - a bottom 6 defensive center and penalty killer. Maybe he figures the offense out eventually, maybe he doesn't, but I feel it's in the teams best interest to assume that he doesn't but still utilize him in the ways that he is strong.
  14. Trade advice

    Said screw it and did it. Going YOLO on this fantasy football trade market. My friend (the commish and my opponent this week ) texted me almost immediately afterward and said the deal was almost vetoable lol. Personally, I think that it's closer than he wants to give it credit for, and I'm giving up a lot of value if Jones is the legit majority ball carrier from here on out. He's a little too caught up in the fact that the majority of the guys I'm shipping off were waiver wire pickups 2 weeks ago lol. Honestly, I'll be upset if it's vetoed because even though it seems skewed, it is actually in the best interest of his team to make the deal as he needs to win out for the rest of the season in order to have a shot at the playoffs, and given his scheduling circumstance, he needed to make a move like this in order to win out. My waiver wire flip game has been really good this year though, I must admit
  15. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    I believe that all three members of the 49ers "million dollar backfield" are in the NFL hall of fame (4 if you include the quarterback). Different era, of course, so you're really going back there, but if we are talking nfl history, has to be mentioned.