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  1. How does hf not allow specific player threads? That's dumb as hell
  2. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Yeah, I'm not doing that with regards to fully guaranteed and 3 years. 6 years as a largely mediocre starter versus 10 games of play level that I think are going to be very difficult to sustain (9.6 YPA is Mahomes and better territory. He's simply not going to sustain that in my opinion). This is the type of play that the franchise tag is great for. If they want to give him a Jimmy G type deal though, I'm okay with that. Basically, the 49ers "purchased" a 3 year option on Jimmy G at below market rate for 20-22 (24 million per, basically) for 10 million. The first two years of the deal / guaranteed money were tagging him twice + 10 million. So they paid 10 million up front on the first two years, but honestly, they are probably saving 5 million or more on each of the last three years of the deal. Obviously, it could have blown up in their face, but effectively, they could have cut him after last season, just a year into his deal, and saved money this year. The structure had no real ramifications long term, which is atypical for quarterbacks since the amount of money they get is absurd. They spent one year underwater on the deal (the first year). If they were to cut him next season, they'd have all of 4 million dead cap in 2020 from him. If the Titans can structure a long term deal along those lines, I don't have a problem with that.
  3. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    teams can use both franchise tags and transition tags because it's the last year of the cba. So you can tag both, effectively.
  4. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Franchise tag should be the play, but if they give a five year deal that is really a two year deal with a reasonable hit the for those two, that makes sense as well. I really wouldn't be committing to him more than a year in preference, but two isn't so bad
  5. Best thing that could possibly happen. I'd love it. As much as I like this draft, the idea of getting a pick in the top 7 and then another in the top 15 is super exciting.
  6. It's sad that we can't even consider his contract a horrible albatross. We can seriously just let him stay on the AHL roster the next two seasons and he wouldn't have any impact on us whatsoever because we aren't all that close, I think, and we aren't going to need the money.
  7. Lead 36 - 21 in shots. Trail 5-0 in goals LOL
  8. Why even put Blackwood in there in relief of Cory? You know Cory is going to get slaughtered the moment you start him. If you can't deal with the idea of Cory getting shelled, he probably shouldn't be your back up goalie to begin with. Just take the beating you were always going to take with Cory in net.
  9. We have nobody who can actually put the puck in net consistently besides palms and Coleman.
  10. I mean, this makes it seem an awful lot like you were trying to use actual statistics
  11. 32:15 - chargers 28:27 - Bucs 26:43 - Panthers 22:08 - Chiefs 23:04 - Jags 27:29 - Colts 29:12 - Raiders 28:40 - Texans 28:56 - Saints 28:21 - Texans First half possessions vs the Ravens: 13:19 for the Titans, less than 50%, and the first half is most decidedly not "garbage time possession". I would argue against you on the TOP thing if only because the Titans have been big play juggernauts since Tannehill took over. Over 10 yards per attempt passing will tend to do that. For example, they had one scoring drive in the Ravens game that lasted 8 seconds. The points are by far more important, but things like that work against the TOP argument.
  12. Weekly Bets Thread

    Local sports radio had the Vegas guys on all the time from places like Westgate, William hill, etc and they usually talk about where the money is for them. I'll have to make it a point to remember to try and listen and say what they say for local Vegas
  13. That's actually incorrect. We threw to the middle less than we did to both the left and right. Short pass attempts: Right- 157 attempts Left - 124 attempts Middle- 114 attempts Deep pass attempts Right- 24 Left - 22 Middle- 12 Though I do suppose it depends on what you define as the middle
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    I have a lot of interest in Chris Rowland as a guy to replace Taylor / James down the line