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  1. I do listen to the ringer pod, but I haven't listened to the Kevin Clark episode this week. I did listen to the fantasy podcast on the ringer network and they were kind of funny (there are three people) and they kept bouncing back and forth. They like the 49ers more, but feel like they can't bet on Jimmy lol. So I think that they are picking the 49ers, but refusing to bet on anything involving Jimmy playing well LOL I listened to Mina and Ben Solak on their podcast, and they seemed to be leaning 49ers (Solak flat out said it, Mina was going back and forth). Nate Tice picks the Rams (but
  2. The most games we got out of the 2019 class was 19. How insane is that? LOL. I mean, that's almost like you were intentionally bad lol I haven't seen that site before, that's pretty cool. I was referring more to the podcasts and whatnot I have been listening to. Feels like more people are going with the 49ers, but this is pretty cool to see.
  3. I just had someone tell me that the 2012 draft was not worse than the 2017 draft. Don't do drugs, kids.
  4. He's one of the few I've actually seen pick the Rams. I imagine there's going to be a torrent of movement to the Rams side if Trent is ruled out.
  5. Agreed. I don't consider wins a QB stat, but I think that they need context too (Jimmy makes big plays in some of those wins, especially in big moments....not all better QBs have shown a propensity to do that). But I sure as hell would never step into Deebo's mentions to tell him that LOL
  6. The comp pick for this year from Saleh was traded as part of the Lance deal I'm pretty sure. I'm not sure how the rest goes. I think it's stupid if we have to wait until the 2024 / 25 for the two McDaniel and 26 / 27 for Ryans (2023 would be the comp pick for Mayhew). So if they only allow one per year, that's just kind of dumb lol
  7. Better get Trent going or they are going to be invading SoFi and watching another home loss 😂
  8. He missed week 18 with a different injury. That was an elbow issue. This one has only been classified as an ankle sprain, but nothing more than that. Sounds like a high ankle sprain, but the team has said that its similar to Jordan Willis' injury in that they aren't able to determine the severity because of previous injuries there. Tomorrow will be a light practice...if he can't do it, I Don't know how he plays barring some miracle recovery. He was on crutches after the game with the Packers.
  9. Then we can try to go run heavy with Wilson still a DNP and Mitchell playing on one leg lolol Trey Sermon maybe finally gets a shot?
  10. 49ers going to be in full on "let's run the ball 45 times and hope that works" mode on sunday...which probably isn't great given that Wilson still isn't practicing and Mitchell was DNP yesterday and limited today lol
  11. Really sucks if he can't play. Man, I'm so flipping tired of injuries derailing us lol
  12. Trent Williams did not practice again today. Tomorrow is obviously the big day, but very worrisome he can't get back on the practice field in even a limited capacity. Jordan Willis was able to be limited participant by the end of last week, I'm pretty sure. If I had to guess right now, I'd hedge toward him not playing.
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