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  1. To make matters worse, he looks bad. Not just mentally, but physically. Speed has disappeared. Has been caught from behind quite a bit in open ice. Can't finish to save his life
  2. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Correct. Though that's not a town loss. Just depends on the other, assuming that they exist, and assuming that a faction hit isn't blocked. And of course, that is assuming that I myself am not the other.
  3. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Because I'm the most logical lynch and everyone here knows that. This is all fluff. To go against that would be silly. Also, there's no way to know for sure if town would lose, unless you know something I don't. Mafia would need to have multiple hits available tonight. Possible, but not guaranteed. But voting me is the most logical decision at this point based on the data available. The best choice is me, even if it doesn't garner the optimal result in this specific instance. Most of the time it would, which is why you go through with it.
  4. How are those rookies doing?

    Much better.
  5. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Who cares. It was reasonable at the time. Vote me.
  6. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    @Ragnarok @Slappy Mc Vote for me and let's get this show on the road. I am by far the most logical lynch candidate.
  7. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Still Squirtle, still nothing that can be verified in thread, Myself / Rags / Slappy through process of elimination. You and I both know that I'm the most logical lynch candidate here, so let's stop with the pretensions. I already started it, you and @Counselor need to finish it.
  8. I mentioned it very briefly in passing during the podcast we recorded yesterday, but the return he had sunday was one of the worst I have ever seen just from a "what in the world are you doing" perspective lol. I mean, it was bad. There was literally nobody around him when he caught the ball, and if he just went straight ahead, it's probably an 8-10 yard return, even if he doesn't break out. Instead, he took 2 steps and then seriously started running laterally. It was confounding.
  9. Small sample size, but Pettis has largely been able to even muck up his opportunities doing that. He's only got 9 career returns (James has 40), but I know that he's muffed a couple, and he averages a whopping 3 yards per return. I feel like even when they have given him the opportunity to do just that, he hasn't been able to take advantage. I think there's a reason we stick with James back there.
  10. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Gopher said he could track every night....
  11. The Original Pokemon Mafia - Day 6

    Nobody asked for a reason. His scum meta was through the roof. He came in firing in defense of himself for something that didn't need to be defended, which is something he has a habit of doing as scum. He was following but not active until someone brought him up. He was far more concerned with himself than anything. If people wanted to know why, they could have asked. They didn't. You keep saying I didn't scum hunt, yet I again, I did point to material that indicated that Matts and Mwil may be together with a possible slip from Matts. I voted Matts because he stumbled over himself for 13 pages. I don't know how you looked at that and then proceeded not to vote for him. Swag beasted out there. It was enough to switch a vote for sure. I don't think that really needs to be explained.