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  1. Jfresh is an oddly humorous follow
  2. Tremendous player and you'll get the best of him. He'll never be an albatross because of his play on this deal either
  3. I think it's really hard to contrast anyone's request against Jimmy. That release is stupid, stupid fast lol. Going into the draft one of my bigger concerns was just Lance's timing in general. He could be a tick late sometimes, specifically single read developing plays, but chalking a lot of that up to inexperience. He has excellent anticipation on shorter routes such as out patterns. I don't think Lance has a super long or impactful release when compared to NFL qbs in general.
  4. Which makes me laugh when people say we overpaid. He seriously got less than werenski and Jones lol.
  5. I lived through EYBS... Dodgers don't scare me making these moves
  6. Really hope the Giants don't do anything stupid to keep up
  7. Actually, it was apparently 5
  8. Yeah, it's a topic I'd love to avoid altogether, but I'm not so naive as to think all NFL teams will have the good fortune of not running into some issues so I'm sure it will come up. But we have an awesome forum and I'm pretty sure we can just be in and out of that type of conversation. Address it when needed and just move on
  9. Yeah but it rips right through his prime. I actually kind of like it. It goes through ages 25-30. You know they will trade him that last year. So they get the very best of him prime, someone else overpays for his over 30 years, you get assets back at 30. If you're going to buy out at least 3 ufa years (may have been 4), it's going to hurt.
  10. Yeah, I think he maxes two years... Though admittedly I thought the same for Gardiner a couple years back and Carolina gave him like 4 lol
  11. I've never seen a player completely melt down a franchise before. All this because of Tom Wilson 😂
  12. Go get tatar then throw some nominal assets at San Jose for labanc or Boston for debrusk
  13. Covid is a legitimate football situation right now, so we can 100% discuss it with regards to the ramifications it presents the team and the league, but we just have to keep it as much in that realm as possible, which can certainly be very difficult
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