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  1. Interesting. I didn't know tartt was banged up. Great sign that bosa was limited but participating. Step in the right direction from last week
  2. I think this is right. Impressive to do that. Nearly broke my brain just reading it lol
  3. Those would be the official 4. It may not happen, but I won't rule out Mikey or Bastian playing a role throughout the season
  4. I just realized, as reading an article, that there's a good chance we are carrying 4-5 rookies in somewhat important roles (includes blackwood). It's like 1999 again (Gomez, Madden, rafalski, white.... Though white didn't come up until the end of the season)
  5. I forget who it was, either masisak or pronman, but one of them said he (pasic) looked pretty good in a recent tournament. Better than he remembered
  6. If we can get zetterlund to just stay healthy this year, I'll be ecstatic. He lost quite of bit of development time
  7. I'd probably like another center, but maltsev may be a center before all is said and done, which would help. And I really do like what I saw from Clarke. Obviously years away, but I thought he was one of our standouts in the prospect challenge
  8. Damn, that's nice. And those guys are so fairly young. I love that we don't have the 33 year old career minor leaguer in there
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Congrats to Bochy. 2000 wins
  10. I'd definitely prefer to move Wood, but if Coleman gets us a decent return, I'd absolutely move him. I love him; heart and soul and guts type player, but truthfully, I'm not really convinced that he's not all that replaceable. In fact, I'd love for the person who could replace him to be Wood. If Wood could be disciplined, and defensively responsible, I think he'd be a monster on the PK with that speed. Could have a Michael Grabner type shorthanded goal contribution. But I simply can't ever trust him in that role. It does feel great to have that kind of depth and not have room for all the guys that we want to be up here. I mean, that list doesn't even include Bastian, who was pretty impressive at the end of last year, Hayden, and other fourth line clunkers. Such a nice change of pace from the days when we legitimately could not fill out a full 4 lines iwth actual NHL players.
  11. McVay demanded Goff get extended too

    Admittedly, I totally want to quote this and use it for my signature
  12. I get that. You want to believe it and it's a story that makes sense. It's very logical. But I wasn't going to cast any vote there without people feeling some negative way about me. Everyone knows that's true. The night before I voted BCB, left myself on the chopping block, and people questioned me on that. That ended up in a tie, I didn't want that to happen again so I voted Orca. And now I'm being questioned on that. People had problems with both decisions. I gave my reasons for why I ultimately chose Orca, and for better or worse, they are my reasons. At least i offered them. But if you want to believe something, and squint hard enough in this game to find ways to make the pieces fit together, you can make almost anything come true. Could be Counselor and I. After all, he did switch his vote off me to tie it up after I willingly cast a vote on myself to get lynched in overtime. Or I could look at the voting history and find it very peculiar that squire and nacho have never been on the line of the lynch, except for the night where there was miraculously no lynch, and they were on opposite sides of the two vote getters. What makes it more dubious is that his sole reason for Nacho voting me was basically inactivity, and he was there at night and could have switched his vote to prevent the tie that he later said of, "okay, whoever let that no lynch happen is clearly scum". I could wonder why if swag believes Touch and Mwil are scum, he continues to keep his vote on me, even in a situation like tonight where it was basically meaningless. Earlier he claimed Touch was scum and Orca was town, yet he left his vote on me and let a person he thought was town get the noose over a person he thinks is scum. You expressed interest in swapping out to touch. He moves over to Touch, and you can do so as well. Touch is hanged. Is that likely to be the scenario? No, but I can make it logical in my head if I want to. If that's what you want to believe, that's what you want to believe. I can't change it. You're wrong, but nothing I can do about it.
  13. The thing I'm most looking forward to in this game. I want to see how good our pass rush really is against a good offensive line
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Thank you, much appreciated
  15. Minor Niner News Thread

    I'm kind of confused by that, to be honest. I guess maybe we are just going to call Pope or Reynolds up for the game? We certainly can't go in to the game with just two tackles. I thought I remembered reading that Brunskill had experience there at some point, maybe in camp, or AAF, or wherever, but I can't remember if that is accurate.