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  1. There were a couple of loud voices with that opinion, but I remember plenty of people upset about the Rams win in 2016 lol (assuming that's the one you meant?). I think playing the result in 2018 has led to that fading into oblivion (we still ended up with bosa), though people were plenty happy with that victory, I will agree. But overall, I think that there's been quite a shift in posters since then. Wishing for a top five pick... That's just not going to happen. We are too talented for that overall. Bad luck prevails, I think the floor is 6 wins. I think the ceiling is probably about 9 right now? The back half of the schedule will be rough, and doesn't help that we play in the toughest division in football. Eh, doesn't do much for me either. I just end up looking forward to different things. When we are awful, waiver day is a big day. The draft is the story bowl. Things like tcmd become way more interesting because you get to treat it like Madden lol
  2. Russ is just flat out special though. He's entered that territory
  3. Yes he has. So has givens. It sucks that we haven't gotten to talk about the stuff that has been good as much
  4. I really don't understand that fan base...I mean, Taylor is straight up crazy sometimes, but he's not wrong in the frustration he can have with those guys. If the player in question isn't part of the hive mind accepted players, everyone is just out and their reasoning is brutal some times
  5. If neither wins another super bowl, and Wilson plays at a high level a few years after Rodgers retires, I'm going to be intrigued by the Wilson v Rodgers comparison thread when it's over
  6. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, we already know my opinion on that. But it'll be fun to really put him to the test in it to know for sure. Time to be a big boy
  7. Some devils fans are weird. Someone posted a trade in main board. Wood / foote / #7 for Nylander / #15 I get not wanting to give up #7, and I get not liking nylander... But the response to the trades were: "We are rebuilding, why would they trade a top prospect and first round pick". Sorry, but that's just dumb. You're getting pick 15 and a consistent 60 point nhl player back who's 24 years old lol. There's a high likelihood that foote doesn't even become that. If you can't fit that into your rebuild, or believe it hinders your rebuild, I don't know how serious I can take you. Again, don't want to give up the pick or don't like nylander, I get it. But the excuse should not be, "we are rebuilding" lol Then another guy legitimately complains about adding skill and losing grit. Seriously, that was a real thing. Imagine letting miles wood be the breaking point of adding a 60 point scorer to a team that has no 60 point scorers and has finished 25th, 26th, 18th, 28th, 30th, 28th, 27th, 28th over the last 8 years. Then he doubled down by complaining by adding just nylander, we would be the new leafs. Imagine complaining about being a team that has finished with at least a 90 point pace 4 straight years while including 2 at 100+ when your team has had a top 7 pick 5 times in 8 years. Do people listen to themselves?
  8. I've been weirdly okay so far. I have a league with Sutton and Godwin, so that wasnt great today (same league I had Connor in last week), but it's not really a league I care about. I'm my other league, I lost Adams today, but I'm assuming that will not be long term
  9. Has there still been nothing about Greenlaw? His injury did not look good either and I don't think I saw him go back in
  10. Yeah, it's snowing. Wondering if I should do that with Cook as well. He's putting up points, but hell it's ugly
  11. We don't have a great QB, that's why things have to be perfect around him. And he may be out a few weeks to boot lol If we had a great quarterback, I wouldn't think we are in as much trouble as I do
  12. Dk is a beast. Would have been wasted here, but he's great in the right system
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