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  1. Well that sucked. I was away from my desk for 1 minute to put on Bee Movie for my son lol
  2. Hughes on the wing? Really? Wow. Wonder if that's just to protect the shoulder for now
  3. Yep. So I'm thinking something like 8 x 8.5? Maybe 8 x 9? It's a risk, but I kind of wanted to shoot that shot with Bratt at the time and we didn't and now he's going to be expensive. I'm willing to shoot that shot with Jack.
  4. I think it'll be over 8, but I also think it will be for 7/8 years. I don't think this is going to be like 5 years, 7 million each.
  5. Was just about to post this. Damn, we are wasting 0 time between he and Nico. I like that we are just in...results to be determined, but we are just in. Have to give them credit for that.
  6. Yes, but we also have a history of them being very explosive. I'll be honest in that I Didn't know that about Rodgers, and that's super interesting. Not sure what's going on there. I have only watched the one game for the Packers (the 49ers game, where Rodgers ripped the 9ers apart lol). Obviously Mahomes has had a host of issues this year, and one of the early season narratives was the proliferation of the use of cover 2 and man 2 coverages being used against him. At one point, he was facing the most of each of those coverages and the least amount of cover 3 and cover 1 (not sure
  7. I have him about middle of the pack, but honestly, given the struggles of a lot of quarterbacks this year, I'd have him closer to the 15 range as opposed to 20 (I usually tend to think that there's a drop in tier between 15 and 20...so I may have a group that runs from 12 - 17 for example, with him being closer to the top of that range). He's going to be an efficiency monster for his career. I have no doubt about that. My question has been and will continue to be what can he do beyond that. Efficiency monsters are only part of the equation (see Jimmy G)
  8. Mac Jones: 13th in epa / play 15th in QBR (52.6) 17th in ANY / A (6.43) 14th in DVOA (4.2%) 27th in Air Yards per Completion (5.4) 11th in Success Rate (50.1%) 15th in INT rate (2.1%) 21st in ADoT (7.5) Pressured rate (highest to lowest): 32nd (19%) CPOE: 6th Drop Rate: 5th lowest (3%) Fumbles: 4 Jimmy G 3rd in epa / play 8th in QBR (58.6) 6th in ANY / A (7.45) 5th in DVOA (19%) 7th in Air Yards per Completion (6.6) 9th in Success Rate (50.6%) 15th in INT rate (2.1%, t
  9. Oh Ye of little faith. I'm on the west coast...it was like 6 am when the earlier ones went through...I was still sleeping lol
  10. This is something I would 100% do...sadly, I do not have mod powers in this forum. We only have our powers in our own domain. I am a golden god in General and 49ers forums...I'm just one of you plebes in this forum.
  11. What's crazy is that it was so close that originally on my screen, you were first. Then I refreshed and I was first and you were second.
  12. They almost lost to a niners team that couldn't score in the first half.
  13. I still think he's getting multiple firsts +. Stafford honestly got traded for just as much just last off season.
  14. Washington averaging 4.8 yards per play. Seattle averaging 5.4. Washington has 26 first downs. Seattle has five Lol that's insane
  15. I dunno, tbh. But there's really no point in putting Geno out there either. You can't even showcase Russ because what we are seeing is ugly
  16. That was a strong drive by Washington
  17. They need to cash out their equity in Russ this off season. Giants' two firsts this year + Daniel Jones and maybe a conditional pick or something like that.
  18. Going to be pissed if this Seattle team takes us to the woodshed
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