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  1. I agree with you. I don't really care, but if I had to vote I'd vote to change it if for nothing more than my own entertainment lol. But I get why people don't view that particular argument strongly given the limited number of games. I don't know why any fan would actually have a problem possession for possession. Not sure that the NFLPA goes for it, but why do we as fans object to it?
  2. I'm pretty much fine with whatever. I will say that one argument that isn't get brought up, but I Think it should: Entertainment. Football is an entertainment product. I was not as entertained as I could have been had the Bills also gotten the ball back. I think in the playoffs, you're far more likely to have great team v great team and great QB v great QB. Give it all to me, baby lol. Possession for possession, I don't care lol.
  3. The problem is the sample size of the playoffs. 10 out of 11 is alarming as hell, but it's still just 11 games. If this were 90 out of 100, I think people would view it differently and probably have to admit that maybe we can't treat the same. There's a credible argument to be made that 10 out of 11 is just a crazy outlier that we would expect to regress back to something more in line with the regular season.
  4. It means that they are tied at the end of 60 minutes. I don't know that it means much more than that, to be honest. Would need to be contextualized a whole bunch more than that.
  5. Honestly, this is the perfect way to look at it.
  6. I believe that is only if you do it multiple times. Someone can correct me, but i believe that the Bills could have held the hell out of all of the receivers on first down and it would have run clock and been a 5 yarder.
  7. I mean, they are really annoying lol
  8. People need to let the Hill thing go.
  9. His wife (or fiancee) and brother are super annoying.
  10. Maybe. Also not sure that it's in my top 5.
  11. Man...he must be really good as an interview. That's pretty scary throwing your future into some uncertain hands. He's a defensive mind. Who's he bringing to build up your QBOTF? Then there's a chance that you could lose that guy if he actually does do that with Fields after a year or two.
  12. For someone as smart as Lombardi tells everyone he is, I really wonder if he's understanding what he's watching or contorting it to fit a narrative for a tweet. Johnson was in good position for someone who had bracketing help over the top. Its not like he was shutting down Adams on his own there and "blanketing" him lol
  13. There is nothing that supports that the run game needs to be good or effective for play action to work. Studies tend to show the opposite. You guys just don't use it a lot this year in general. I've commented on this quite a bit throughout the year because it's confounding. The run stalls for pretty much everyone against the niners over the last 3 months of the season. Again, not really overly concerned with Akers on his own. I don't think that makes or break your season. Protect stafford better.
  14. I just saw this. Holy crap. I mean, small sample size, but we have to admit that there's certainly a possibility that this is also driven by the fact that the teams in the playoffs are actually pretty good and there is an emphasis on offense league wide. Going to be a lot of overtime games in the regular season that are played by teams that are not really all that good.
  15. Akers doesn't overly concern me. I think the net gain in and of itself is pretty negligible. He could help, don't think that's the difference that puts you over the top or anything. The 49er defense isn't really worried about any running back at the current point in time, to be honest. I think if you guys win, its mostly because you protected stafford much better this time around (dude has been under siege against us all year...I think we have a put pressure on him on over 40% of his drop backs despite only blitzing 14% of the time) and he didn't turn the ball over.
  16. We are tight on cash and at some point we can just keep throwing money on interior pass rushers like that. Given the success of guys like Hyder, Key, Jones and the money already going toward AA and Bosa in short order (not to mention The dead cap to Ford) you have to start triaging that department and rely on your ability to squeeze talent and production from the position at a lower cost. I don't think you can afford to pay DJJ a ton of money.
  17. The one thing that also comes in to play is that some of those guys won't be back. DJJ is a guy I'm really curious to see if we bring back (especially with Kinlaw sitting there). Street is a FA. Key is a FA. Jones.
  18. Same thing some of us have been doing since making the selection - Regretting the pick lol But no, seriously. NOthing. We like to run a defensive line 9 deep so we will have a spot. He's jut not going to be the game breaker this team envisioned
  19. Andrew Whitworths' wife has offered to buy all tickets being sold by Rams fans on the secondary market. They are really pushing to try and avoid the 49ers over running the stadium again.
  20. This amuses me. Don't think it holds for Stafford, who I thought was a step up and unfairly derided for his time in Detroit, but still funny
  21. If you adhere to the old philosophy that home field is worth 3 points (which I don't necessarily think is the case any more, but I haven't seen any data on it) this is basically a neutral field pick em, so there is that.
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