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  1. We can take Alshon off the list - he signed an extension with Philly. I'm not terribly upset about it as he wouldn't have been one of my primary targets in FA at receiver, but it's certainly a bit of a ding in the free agent class.
  2. I feel like the Eagles have extended everyone on that team already.
  3. Not going to lie...I kind of want to hear this tape of Bochy attempting Japanese as well
  4. At this point in the thread, I'm reasonably sure that the only team that apparently participated in the NFL draft was the Saints and no other team has any rookies lol.
  5. Yes, but I'm greedy lol I want Stanton and to keep one of those.
  6. Please make this happen so I don't have to listen to Polian call games on the radio any more lol
  7. I really hope that Garcia is a part of the deal...not really a fan. Really hoping that Ramos is not part of the deal lol.
  8. This makes sense with what Nightengale said earlier. At this point, it feels like the only thing that is known for sure is that this appears to now be a 2 team race. I know another team can swoop in, but there's been nobody with the sustained interest of the Giants and Cardinals.
  9. I think it's fair. There's a guy in the draft forum who thinks he's all freakish athleticism and no actual running back skill (for point of comparison, I would say that Frank Gore is more skill than talent) and will bust hard, so you're not alone in not being completely up on him. I like him, and I think he's one of the better prospects in this draft, particularly given his versatility, but from a personal standpoint, I just can't take a running back in the top 5 unless he's a considerably greater talent than the rest of the people available. My problem, quite frankly, is that I just don
  10. The Browns second first rounder from Houston has to be the drop dead point, I would imagine. Currently, that's slated to be in the 7-10 range (through week 12, #8). Other teams picking earlier may be interested, a team like Indy for example, but there are other pressing needs there. Same for the Broncos. If the Jets miss out on the top 3 or so quarterbacks (they are currently sitting at 7, behind the Browns, Giants, Broncos), they would also make some sense. I could see the Bears trading down with someone like the Dolphins or Cardinals with the intent to take Barkley. So there's a lot of poss
  11. The only thing I can't figure out is why in the world was Bochy at the meeting if Stanton wasn't there and it was only his representatives? He just seems completely unnecessary in that situation lol
  12. There were a lot of angles that you could take from that meeting, but I agree that I think it's largely just to make sure that the Giants aren't further wasting their time. There are other options out there that they want to be in on, so probably good to get this out of the way now. Everyone just sort of took for granted that the Giants were on his list of teams he would approved, but there was nothing to support that. I do think that the Giants and Marlins have some sort of possible generic outline of a deal in place at the very least, but before getting to the nitty gritty, they had to make
  13. It depends. Can you throw a football well?
  14. As a Giant fan, obviously I'd be ecstatic with keeping Ramos, who is pretty much the only guy in our farm system with stud potential. Honestly, this return just seems so extremely light that as a Giants fan, it seems too good to be true. And I say that having advocated against obtaining Stanton this entire off season. But if this is all we are giving up? Signing me up every day lol. But I agree, I don't know how you do this deal and don't include Ramos in it. Even if your preference is for "close to the majors" guys (which Shaw and Beede can be considered), you can't pass on the far greater po
  15. Didn't the Bengals try to play the matchup game against the Jets one year and then promptly get beat by said Jets in the playoffs? You play to win the game. Perceived advantages to losing are just that - perceptions. Almost any nfl team can beat any other NFL team on any given day regardless of the prior experience between the two teams.
  16. I still really want a receiver through free agency. Give me Adams or A-rob. Paired with Garcon and Taylor in the slot, Kittle...i think that's a decent receiving corps.
  17. I did say *if* they were good with the package. In another post I made in the Cardinals team thread, I laid it out more plainly "if this is true". But that was the idea here.
  18. Maybe he could be a third line type guy, but yeah, he's a bottom 6 type, and I think that's his ceiling, so I'm not even sure that he gets there with any sort of consistency. He had a really, really good camp this year, and he was probably the last man out, but I just don't think you're giving up a ton of potential there for the most part.
  19. If the rumored return the Marlins are willing to accept is true, and the Giants lose Stanton based on money haggling, they're idiotic. At this point, you've already committed yourself to going down this road. I feel like haggling over money (which may not have to be paid since Stanton could theoretically opt out in a couple of years, though I'm not sure if that's likely or not) when you're only giving up Panik / Beede / Shaw (the last of whom isn't needed with the acquisition of Stanton and completely blocked for the immediate future) is asinine. That's a super light return for someone like St
  20. I seriously was just about to post this tweet. Because I can't say that I hate any of those deals. Health is in consideration - Johansson may finally be coming back, but Palm is on the shelf, and Vatanen has had some durability issues, but from a x for x deal, I like it. And like I said, its important to not that if Henrique re-signs with Anaheim (which is probably unlikely, but possible), we get that third round pick back, just a year or two later (depending on when he re-signs)
  21. Yeah, it really does. I said it before, but from the Giants perspective, the hardest piece to give up there is probably Panik. Shaw is a nice prospect, but he becomes completely superfluous to the Giants if they have Stanton because he'd be blocked from the only two positions he can play unless the Giants can trade Belt, which seems unlikely. Neither Shaw or Beede are top 100 prospects...probably just outside of it, and you could argue that the Marlins aren't getting either of the Giants top two prospects in Ramos or Arroyo (though I do like Shaw better than Arroyo, that seems to be against th
  22. Wow, I thought that they were going to ease him in and he wasn't going to see a lot of snaps. Apparently not.
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