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  1. I mean, I'll take it if it means the 49ers win this weekend, but that is not a match up I want lol. I've been down that road. Bengals would be my preference. Knowing the 49ers have already beat them once this year (on the road) really gives you a certain degree of comfort without you feel about the game.
  2. It doesn't change my stance at all, because I don't much care, but just realized it's actually only 7 of the 11 who won on the actual opening drive. 3 other coin flip winners had the ball multiple times
  3. Remember how long we all thought he would be traded or not signed because we were going from a 3-4 to a 4-3? lol Good times.
  4. The 49ers are 3-0 against the 3 teams left in the playoffs, including a win over Cincinnati already. Cincinnati has weapons....they also have a tendency to get Joe Burrow damn near decapitated and that is not ideal against either the Rams or the 49ers given their ability to get to the QB. Burrow can't light up the scoreboard from his back. If Tannehill doesn't Tannehill that game, Cincinnati is likely not playing right now.
  5. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. Maybe if New England goes on D, they give up 4 third down conversions in OT. But they never had to prove anything defensively in overtime. I have no issues with people wanting that to change and not letting a coin flip determine 90% of the winners of playoff overtime games as it has over the last decade. Now, that being said...you're talking about 1 game per year (rules adopted in 2010, I believe though someone can correct me), so I don't know that there is enough to really get anything going. The Chiefs tried to get this changed in 2018 and the Owners
  6. Its enough to make me say that the team made the right call, results of the pick we got from the colts be damned.
  7. Yeah, this is kind of getting legit. I would have imagined the family would have made a bigger show of it on sunday because I would assume that they knew, but I will say that he's talking a lot about family and the like right now. Jeff Darlington is saying that he's really considering it and he was the very, very first (like months beforehand) that said Brady wasn't going to be back with the Pats, so my ears perk up at that as well.
  8. If we win, and he looks good...I think he does. Its very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle at that point after a couple of weeks. Sometimes, a player just forces your hand. Look at Kaep in 2012. I mean, Smith was fantastic that year when he lost his spot. Kaepernick just made them make the move.
  9. I'd feel more comfortable saying that AA was more valuable in two out of the three years because I do think that they have had a slightly different game (until AA was move inside full time midway through this year). But I think AA was just flat out better than Buck in 2019 (despite Buck's all pro nod, which is something I didn't even agree with at the time). Buckner was awesome last year, so he gets the nod for 2020. This year, its hard to gauge because AA still had to play an edge at points during the season and at times had more of focus on that. So there were times where his job was just di
  10. This isn't a new fight for the sake of Josh Allen...this has been a debate that comes up every few years. . I mean, that's how the OT rules got changed to begin with. The FG thing was a worthwhile compromise for the NFL, but people were just as upset that Mahomes didn't get a crack in 2018. The thing is that it just doesn't happen enough to get a major swell of support.
  11. I always felt that the Deebo and Kittle thing was more hurt and pain as opposed to actual injury
  12. Its funny how much the appearance can vary from tweet to tweet in conveying similar things. I mean, Lombardi make it seem so happy go lucky, but then I read this and it almost feels negative because of that last line lol.
  13. I'm not sure if it's a high ankle sprain or not. Shanahan apparently compared it to Willis', but Willis' was also an exacerbation of a previous injury / re-aggravation? I don't know. I'm very confused on the exact injury issue, so we will see what happens.
  14. The Rams are very good. Winning six in a row is such a random thing lol
  15. Nor do I think this one will either. I don't think it happens enough for the league to care, frankly
  16. @ET80 please confirm that if the niners are getting beat that I am allowed to ban @El Ramster before the clock runs out 😂 Rammy is the scariest thing about this game and it's not even close.
  17. Over the last 12 years, the team playing on Saturday the week before is 16-8 in the conference finals (this is probably skewed by it being the #1 seed more often than not, but still)
  18. I agree with you. I don't really care, but if I had to vote I'd vote to change it if for nothing more than my own entertainment lol. But I get why people don't view that particular argument strongly given the limited number of games. I don't know why any fan would actually have a problem possession for possession. Not sure that the NFLPA goes for it, but why do we as fans object to it?
  19. I'm pretty much fine with whatever. I will say that one argument that isn't get brought up, but I Think it should: Entertainment. Football is an entertainment product. I was not as entertained as I could have been had the Bills also gotten the ball back. I think in the playoffs, you're far more likely to have great team v great team and great QB v great QB. Give it all to me, baby lol. Possession for possession, I don't care lol.
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