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  1. Ftr, Jerry did have a 183 receiving yard playoff game. It was his second highest total (had over 200 in super bowl) and he was 40 years old when he did it
  2. They didn't play for the rams?
  3. Curious how we don't get the threads talking about how they went against the analytics there and lost
  4. We didn't get an offensive TD and still made it happen. There's definitely a chance
  5. But that's not the case. I believe they were: 2017 they were 6-2 2018 they were 3-3 2019 they were 4-5 2020 they were 5-1
  6. Hill is a free agent after next year, but I don't think that they'll have any major issues locking him up. If they really did smash the draft on the offensive line, it may be a minute. May have to wait for Kelce to age out a bit / offensive line money to kick in. They have money they are going to shed soon as well. A guy like Frank clark isn't long for the roster.
  7. I would say the 0-6 is just an exceedingly random statistic that is destined to regress to the mean.
  8. If the Rams make it, will be the second straight year someone went to the super bowl in their own home field after never having it done before. Chiefs could be involved in both lol
  9. It's not....people just don't know it yet because Trey Lance hasn't gotten started
  10. That offensive line is far better than last year and may be better than 2019
  11. For 2-3 years at least. Not sure what his long term outlook looks like
  12. NeptunePenguins coached by Maurice Drayton confirmed.
  13. With respect...that game was the perfect encapsulation of why you bet on tools
  14. They recovered from Norwood. They are a resilient bunch. Josh Allen is going into his fifth year. They'll be okay
  15. Patty's revenge. He should have gotten a shot in 2018. Didn't. He's got to serve Allen his medicine in this one before Allen can elevate.
  16. Along with Jimmy G if he wins it all this year
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