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  1. Your favorite games as a Raiders fan

    Last year's game vs the Chiefs was one of my favorites... plus I was there live for that one! Forget what year it was but the snow game in Denver with Jerry Porter torching Champ Bailey multiple times... Kerry Collin's best game for us haha. I mean... all of Carr's game winning drives in 2016 it's hard to pick just one of those...
  2. Madden 19

    Anybody play Squads on MUT?
  3. Good, Bad, Ugly vs KC Part I

    Haha you know I'm exaggerating. But honestly though... do you see any potential in him?? Like seriously... he is atrocious lol.
  4. GDT: Chiefs @ Raiders

    As long as we compete like this I'm happy. I do want us to get the first overall pick and get Bosa, but I also want our team to play hard and not embarrass all of us. Today was a fun game to watch. Carr made some pretty throws. Run game looked nice aside from the fumbles. I know KC's defense isn't that great but it was still nice to see that we can compete with a top team. Why can't we play games like this every week? I don't expect us to win, just execute the best we can and compete.
  5. Good, Bad, Ugly vs KC Part I

    Good: Karl Joseph Carr O-Line Nelson and Ateman back shoulder grabs Our kicker Bad: Dropped Interceptions our RT Parker getting beat consistently without any help like a chip block or something Reggie Nelson getting beat on every deep throw thrown Missed sacks, pass rush in general and lack of containment Ugly: Townsend is the worst punter in NFL history. Why do we seem set on keeping him? Every once in a while he boots a 45-50 yarder but most of his punts seem to be in the 30-40 yard range. And has a lot of punts under 30 yards.
  6. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I actually like our RBs at least Richard and DWash... if we are going to put a lot of money into FA then I want us to improve the OL and DL as much as we can. Carr needs that elite protection so he can be his elite self. We do need some weapons at WR now so that should be more of a priority than getting someone like Bell.
  7. State of our team

    I thought Gabe Jackson was at least average but I see him consistently knocked on his butt a majority of plays. And what is the deal with KO? Is he still hurt? He has been terrible. Hudson is the only bright spot.
  8. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Idk... the broadcast angle doesn't show downfield so it's hard to say. I'm guessing not since our OL sucks.
  9. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    I think he was only targeted one time as well. It's pretty sad that we can't even attempt any passes beyond 10 yards anymore.
  10. State of our team

    Man.... when did our OL become so bad? We still have the same 3 guys in the middle.
  11. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    Harris and Conley seemed like the only defensive players that did anything positive today.
  12. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    Was at the game today. Honestly all of the LBs were terrible.
  13. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Everyone is making a big deal out of not giving the ball to Lynch at the 1. It's the interception that is the big deal... if Carr throws the ball away after Smith wasn't open we give it to Lynch on the next play.
  14. Bucs name Winston the starter over FITZMAGIC

    That would be awesome haha
  15. The Good, the Bad, the WINNING TEAM vs the Browns

    Agreed. Even this last game... he had quite a few runs for no gain where he broke 3 or 4 tackles after he was hit immediately in the backfield. Our big strong interior OL seems to struggle quite a bit through stretches of a game.