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  1. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Brady to Renfrow.... sounds nice but I don't see Brady coming here. Gruden likes QB's with mobility and if he's going to get a new one he probably wants one with that extra ability to scramble.
  2. The Welcome Thread!

    So when does the forum name here change from Oakland to Las Vegas
  3. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    The more this season plays out the less I think Carr will be around next year. I still think he can be a decent starter somewhere else, just not here. All the comments addressing his pocket presence, and mobility are accurate, he no longer fits the offense the team is trying to put together. I'm trying to remember the Carr that won us games in 2016 and its difficult to do. This offense we run now is just so different.
  4. Week 13 GDT Raiders(6-5) Chiefs(7-4)

    The only way I see us winning this is if we force and recover a fumble or two. And Jacobs gets over 25 touches minimum. Keep their offense off the field and as someone else mentioned... Limit the big plays and limit the game to as few possessions as possible for that Chiefs offense.
  5. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    Jacobs is a beast. There is no doubt in my mind he'll be a great back for us for many years.
  6. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    I'm really curious to say how our OL performs and how our new look secondary looks. If we keep Carr clean we win. Tough to do against Denver for 4 quarters.
  7. RB Lesean McCoy signs with Chiefs

    I feel like he still has a lot left. He's had some injury troubles and was on a terrible team.
  8. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    I know it was the Cardinals but I really liked how our defense looked. Love our young secondary that actually has some speed in the back end now and our young D-Line seemed to get some push and no missed tackles.
  9. I would bet that the hundreds of people who were applauding his injury are not the ones donating.
  10. I actually agree with you on this one. Why is it actually a rule? To save the refs from intense arguments? To save the refs from players yelling in their faces? In baseball, the players and managers can get in the umpire's face and yell whatever the hell they want...even literally spitting on them while yelling in anger... Worst case, they get tossed for the game. There is no suspension unless there is something physical. Verbal confrontations should not result in suspension. Ejection? Fine. Fines? Maybe... but suspensions? Why is that a thing for getting a specific amount of technicals and how does it benefit the league? Is it so the players act like better role models? These refs are paid to handle the emotions of players in the highly intense, competitive nature of a game.
  11. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    I thought Waller would be getting more opportunities at TE?
  12. Lol... stick to NFL topics if you're coming in here with posts like that.
  13. Biggest talent wasted on a team.

    Anthony Davis: Pelicans.... I'm surprised nobody mentioned him yet.
  14. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    So... after the draft we can now finally evaluate our team to some degree. I think our offense will be OK... assuming Carr has protection. We improved at OT so I think Carr should be kept upright. We have some decent weapons at WR now and some balance of playmaking and move the chains type of guys... and with Jacobs I like our added versatility, and I think he makes our offense much less predictable because he's an every down type of back. On defense, I'm not sure what to think right now. I like our defensive backs... but I still have some concern that we will be at the bottom of the league in terms of pass rush. Will Ferrell take advantage of 1 on 1 situations? Or will he be like Arden Key was and not generate pressure? Who will create pressure on opposing QBs and be able to win a lot of their 1 on 1 matchups? I'm curious to see who steps up out of our rookies, and I'm also curious to see how guys like Key and Hurst have developed.
  15. I like the rule the way it is... for REGULAR SEASON. For PLAYOFFS, I would rather see a sudden death type of overtime similar to college football. I understand that for the regular season we want to reduce the time the players are on the field to decrease possibility for injuries, etc... but the playoffs should be an entirely different story. Mahomes deserved a shot to carve the Patriots defense right back, and he didn't get it. Once the Chiefs lost Chris Jones they weren't going to stop anything. Without him, once the Pats won the OT coin toss the game was over.