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  1. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    I joined this forum in 2010, freshman year of HS. I cant believe we are here at the superbowl after years of being dedicated to one of the worst teams ever. We survived bradford, spags, fisher, 11 corners on ir, tavon austin, refs cheating to make seattle go to the playoffs at 7-9, case keenum and more. We deserve this. And we are going to crush the cheatriots.
  2. Week 15 - Rams vs Eagles - SNF

    Now we want someone other than barron? lol These are the perfect last two games to test some of these guys out. I wouldnt shake up the offensive line right now. Allen was getting bullied in preseason by the ravens just as bad as sully has recently.
  3. Week 14 - Rams @ Bears SNF

    Bears fans are so insecure lmao. We have two losses and playing us was their superbowl. Sad.
  4. Week 13 - Rams at Lions

    Explain? Are we going to go from one of the worst run defenses to the worst? We gonna miss 12 tackles a game instead of 10? Not trying to be smart, but it really cant get THAT much worst than it is. Im taking that risk on the chance that someone can come in to be better. Its not as if barron is serviceable or average. He's been one of the worst lbs in the league. Hes playing worst than ogletree.
  5. Week 13 - Rams at Lions

    As bad as barron has been, I dont think you can safely say that honestly. Its a 0 risk high reward issue. Because he cant possibly be worst.
  6. Week 14 - Rams @ Bears SNF

    538 had us at 8 wins, lol
  7. Week 13 - Rams at Lions

    What am I talking about? Have you seen our LB play this year? At this point not going to the bench for Barron at least makes absolutely zero sense. Its not gonna magically get better.
  8. Week 13 - Rams at Lions

    Glad we won, but one of these Lbs still need to be benched. Its going to cost us in the playoffs.
  9. Week 13 - Rams at Lions

    If we dont bench at least one of these LB's this week, its a fisher- esque sign of incompetence. Enough is enough.
  10. Week 4 - Rams vs Vikings - TNF

    Honestly, I think this is our first L. We cant rely on Ficken, punt returns are pretty much done, we are down two pro bowl CBs and the vikings are going to come out angry. Im mad they giving out towels and didnt give me a damn thing when i flew in for the season opener lol
  11. Madden 19

    Yeah. I thought that was a lot too until i got really into the leagues then it wasnt much. 3 hours a week basically. If you change your mind just send me a message.
  12. Madden 19

    So you in? You have discord?
  13. Madden 19

    Xbox. If you want to use the bunch formation all game its fine as long as its not the same play per drive.
  14. Madden 19

    Last play shows what you ran regardless of audibles unless they changed it. Just to be honest, the top dudes in this league are gonna figure you out and shut you down. You wont win anything against any of the heavy hitters here doing that lol. Theres always people running gimmicks in every online franchise thats full.
  15. Madden 19

    Its pretty sim. Heres a quick rundown of the rules. -7 min Quarters -All Madden Difficulty -Sim setting -Owner only -Position changes are allowed except No Wr-HB, Safety-LB. DE and olb can be changed depending on scheme, OL can be changed immediately after draft, but other than that are set and cannot be changed down the line. -Offensive Plays can only be ran once per drive -Free agency draft at the beginning of season 1, order determined by player overalls, but will be a snake draft with two rounds. After the draft FA is free for all -2 trades per offseason, and one during season. must show proof that both users agree to trade -players can be traded if they’re 80 ovr or less, or on the final year of their contract -Fourth down attempts limited to 4th and one or shorter unless you’re on the opponents side of the field. -Gameplay Sliders will not be touched -Xp sliders can be adjusted when seen fit