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  1. Miami enters next season as a Super Bowl contender with Deshaun Watson on its roster, no? I think the answer is yes, which means you try and find a deal that works, if you can.
  2. I'm with you on that last point, but I'd add that it is a bit early to get on board with your first statement. Tua may never be the QB that Deshaun is, but I'm still hopeful that he will be very damn good. You're right thought the opportunity to acquire a QB like Watson is so rare and considering his salary (deserved and I'd be fine Miami taking it on), the turmoil within their organization and his leverage, he'll be as cheap, from a trade perspective, as a QB of his talent probably ever will be. There is a very small number of QBs I'd want in Miami over Tua right now, and he is one of t
  3. Just watched his interview from the SB with Dan Patrick and he explains that his dad made his decision to go to Alabama even though Tua himself really wanted to go to USC. This is definitely a concern, but hopefully it doesn't come to fruition and he succeeds.
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