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  1. This core group of guys doesn't really have a Puckett among them, but they are one of the most entertaining and enjoyable groups of players that I can remember. The Garver homerun on Friday says everything about this club - sheer joy looking back at the dugout as he's rounding second. I can't remember the last time I saw a Twins team that looked like they were having fun every game.
  2. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I still expect them to try to get deals done with Ant Harris and Stephen Weatherly this offseason.
  3. Nothing will ever be worse than this:
  4. Rudolph with a Very Shiny New Contract

    Atlanta is a Julio Jones injury away from having a terrible receiving group Oakland is an Antonio Brown injury away from having a terrible receiving group Houston is a DeAndre Hopkins injury away from having a terrible receiving group Cleveland is an OBJ or Jarvis Landry injury away from having a terrible receiving group Cincinati is an AJ Green injury away from having a terrible receiving group I could keep going, but I think you get the point. An injury to a top 10 player at any position significantly impacts the quality of that position group. You can't have all pros with quality depth at every position. Never mind having two all pro caliber players at a position.
  5. http://twinsdaily.com/articles.html/_/minnesota-twins-news/do-the-twins-have-the-best-bottom-of-the-order-ever-r7933 Great article on what has, IMO, made the Twins lineup so special this year.
  6. ****, Marry, or Kill (or something like that)

    Rookie: Randy Moss Prime: Brett Favre Final: Randall McDaniel
  7. I'm with you on the bullpen being a "weak" link. I also think they need another starter. I think the only way the Twins have a shot at Kimbrel is for 3+ years. I'm trying to drive the trade for Stroman train in terms of adding a starter. I don't think they need to add two bullpen arms - Kimbrel will straighten out a lot of the problems that they might run into. And yes, this is typical Minnesota fandom. We are watching a team that has gotten to 40 wins faster than any in franchise history, and we are worried about the bullpen costing them games!
  8. I'm a huge proponent of bringing him in, but not because of that performance yesterday. Guys are gonna have bad outings. Consider that Magill had 12 consecutive scoreless outings before yesterday. I think Kimbrel is the best option to close no matter what night it is, and that lets you use the other guys more strategically.
  9. fixed it Also pretty crazy that they have only used 7 starters this year. Last night was a weird game. Pretty much every ball was hit really hard, they were just right at someone or dropped by the wind early on.
  10. I think they were playing the analytics about 3rd time through the order. Smeltzer was diagnosed with cancer at age 9, battled and won. He’s been in full remission since 2012 and is now pitching in the bigs. Hell of a first outing. I couldn’t stand not watching anymore being in Chicago, so I signed up for MLB tv tonight.
  11. Holy cow! This Smeltzer kid is a hell of a story. I’ll be rooting for him no matter what happens or where he goes.
  12. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    Right, and if he has a great season then he broke out. It’s implied that he was on the field. I’m not sure what’s disqualifying?
  13. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    3 million dollars for a team that is very tight against the cap with no real experience on the roster, and no ability to sign a replacement would be tough to do. It’s not something the Vikings have done frequently in the past. Treadwell had more catches last year than every other WR on the Vikings roster outside of Thielen and Diggs for their careers combined. No cap and no experience behind him is almost a guarantee that he is on the roster. If Cook has a great season, which he is set up to do, I don’t understand how that doesn’t constitute being a breakout player.
  14. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    I highly doubt the Vikings will be willing to take on Treadwell's 3m+ cap hit by cutting him given their current cap situation. Dalvin Cook is probably the biggest breakout candidate with Kubiak's influence on the run game.