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  1. Cabrera is slower than Sano out there. Good awareness by Garver, but Adrianza bobbled the transfer and they still turned it.
  2. After his coaches and QB quit on him. He was a max effort player during his time here. Pretty disingenuous way to use that term.
  3. Quit on the team? care to expand on this?
  4. Certainly. But right now the Vikings offense would be better with Diggs. I’m not sure how that is debatable.
  5. Isn’t it ok to be critical of that decision though? They are a worse team for not having Diggs here.
  6. Cousins just stinks. Forces everything to Thilen and looks like a robot.
  7. These refs are doing worse than the Vikings.
  8. Seriously, you just come here to talk out of your behind.
  9. Seems like you know the roster really well...
  10. No, this is what poor football looks like. They aren’t trying to lose.
  11. Lmao that Rhodes play was not Illegal contact?
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