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  1. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Diggs and Thielen are definitely great at catching contested balls when the QB puts them in that situation, but to suggest that they don't get separation is wrong IMO.
  2. 2019 Draft Talk

    I agree that the players need to be better. Using all of your draft capital to add players that *might* be better when A: the OL talent pool this year is pretty small and shallow, B: the team hasn't shown the ability to get the most out of the players already selected, and C: it would come at the expense of adding multiple better players at other positions, is a bad idea. Look, If Nelson was available this year, and they had the ammo to go get him and did, I say that's a good move. I don't see a Nelson in this draft, nor have I seen anyone else suggest that there is. Is it a good idea to trade up in the first to draft a guy like Cedric Ogbuhei or Laken Tomlinson? Just saying draft an OL no matter what is a bad idea. They traded up to draft Elflein. They drafted Bryan O'Neill. I hope there is an OL that they find valuable enough to draft at 18. If they don't, I don't think it's fair to sigh and say that the Vikings never draft 1st round OL and that's why the OL continues to under perform.
  3. 2019 Draft Talk

    wow. That's exactly what I've proposed that they DON'T do. My hope is that Stefanski and the new OL coach are able to maximize the talent of the players currently on the roster. I don't know what (if any) changes have been made in the types of players that they are scouting/skill sets they are looking for. If the right OL is available and fits the new offensive scheme, by all means, I hope they draft that player. If the board falls in a way that there is a highly rated defensive lineman or safety that falls in their lap, I hope they pull the trigger. Same with TE or WR. Making up your mind in December that it's "trade up in the 1st for an OL or bust" is a terrible strategy. period. If they have to trade up for an OL, which guy are they trading up for? Which player are they going to take that is going to make an immediate impact that they absolutely can't miss out on?
  4. 2019 Draft Talk

    So the proposal is to reach for a players in a less talented draft class and put them into an already less than ideal situation? I'm not misunderstanding you. I think it is a terrible idea to be dead set on using high draft capital in a bad OL class and expect different results than we've been seeing.
  5. 2019 Draft Talk

    The Vikings have brought in free agents, made trades, traded up in the draft, and drafted depth in later rounds to try to improve the line. What leads you to believe that the results will be any different with out a fundamental change in the way the OL position is handled once the players are in house? The Vikings have either been drafting the wrong players, or have not been coaching/developing/utilizing the talents of the players they have. Now we want them to use the majority of their draft capital on a position that they haven't been able to utilize effectively in years? I'm not saying don't draft OL. If there is a can't miss guard (no idea if there is one, haven't really followed draft prospects), by all means take him. But reaching for a guy with #18 because "we need a starting guard" is a terrible idea. When that player flames out will people advocating for drafting OL still be satisfied with the pick?
  6. 2019 Draft Talk

    You said "add two starting guards". As if throwing players at it alone is the magic solution. There has been something wrong with the Vikings' line play, and not being able to develop the players that they have drafted. My fundamental disagreement is the idea that resource allocation is the root of the problem. This has been debunked time and time again. Fix the coaching, fix the scouting, the player development will follow. That's how teams are able to find productive late round players. It isn't luck, and good OL are not always built with highly drafted players.
  7. 2019 Draft Talk

    So they would have won a super bowl with a rookie guard is what you are saying? Additionally, I highly doubt that O’Neill would be a Viking if they had selected Hernandez. I’m taking the tackle every time. I’m not against drafting lineman or fixing the line. You know my stance on this. Improve the scouting, improve the scheme, improve the coaching. Then we can talk about misuse of draft capital. An intern isn’t going to be an effective manager the first day on the job. He probably won’t ever become a very good manger without someone to show him how to do things the right way. The Vikings were 13-3 last year in large part because Sparano and Shurmer put the OL in a positions to succeed.
  8. 2019 Draft Talk

    Yeah, I mean Will Hernandez really put the Giants’ offense over the top this year...
  9. 2019 Playoffs

    I have Bears fans in my family that have given me a hard time my entire life about being a Vikings fan. Add that to how obnoxious it was to live in this city during the Lovie/Grossman/Urlacher years and you would understand my dislike. This team is actually sorta likeable outside of Trubisky.
  10. 2019 Playoffs

    Sorry, but I love the Bears losing like that. One of my least favorite NFL teams.
  11. 2018-2019 Offseason Thread (Season Concludes)

    Because he was a really solid collegiate player from a school that has produced good OL in the past. Really, no clue?
  12. 2019 Draft Talk

    I think that the draft strategy has been sound - take the best player available (for the most part). I hope the draft pans out that they are able to grab a great OL prospect. I think that they need to fill the giant hole that Tony Sparano left when he passed away. I have no idea what they have done from a scouting standpoint, but I still have hope for Elflein and O’Neill was pretty darn good this year. While I think that the OL needs to be improved, I reject the premise that if you fix the OL, the Vikings are instantly contending *this year*. That is a short sighted and easy argument to make because it is an obvious weakness, but a lot of other things went wrong this year. Many of them either out of the team’s control or fluky. In my opinion the draft is about adding the most young talent that you can, regardless of position. That is how you sustain success. How the team uses and develops that talent is another matter.
  13. 2019 Draft Talk

    .... but they haven’t added only one player. Every player that played on the line this year was either drafted or signed within the last 5 years in an attempt to fix the problem. What are you even arguing about anymore? Also, what’s with the crappy comment about “goals?” That somehow people that don’t want to draft OL in the first round are content with not making the playoffs? What a smug comment. Dallas has spent a ton of high picks on the OL. Lot of good it’s done them...
  14. 2019 Draft Talk

    I don’t understand why you think that routinely drafting lineman when this team hasn’t shown the ability to develop them is a great idea. The Vikings have looked high and low for lineman. Spent resources in every way imaginable aside from trading for high performing players on other teams and have failed to produce a good line. But sure, they should just keep throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Why treat the symptom when it’s pretty clear what the real problem is?
  15. 2019 Draft Talk

    He’s also spent a lot of money in free agency, and made plays for big time FA that haven’t panned out. Maybe the problem isn’t resource allocation, as is being implied. Perhaps it’s talent scouting and player development.