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  1. Everson Griffen is on pace to have his contract voided and free up $13 mil on his own.
  2. How about the longest streak of pass blocking snaps without allowing a sack to start a career? That seems like a good place to start.
  3. When you can't see the forest for the trees....
  4. uhh... They used their first round pick on a Center, signed multiple free agents, including a starting RG (who has been very good so far), and the blocking scheme has changed. They drafted developmental depth. 3/5 of the starting OL is different. They have drastically improved the running game. Mind blown that he didn't do more?
  5. Week 6 Non Vikings Games

    2 bogus hands to the face calls and no DPI call against Redmond all in the 4th quarter.
  6. Week 6 Non Vikings Games

    This is insane. What a terrible way to decide this game.
  7. Week 6 Non Vikings Games

    Redmond gets away with PI
  8. Week 6 Non Vikings Games

    Ridiculous call on Flowers.
  9. Week 6: Eagles (3-2) at VIKINGS (3-2)

    Good to get a convincing win against a good team.
  10. Week 6: Eagles (3-2) at VIKINGS (3-2)

    Still need to be aggressive here. A TD drive should end it.
  11. Week 6: Eagles (3-2) at VIKINGS (3-2)

    What is it going to take to hit Wentz?
  12. Week 6: Eagles (3-2) at VIKINGS (3-2)

    Great job Ant Harris