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  1. Mike Kafka was a high school star in the same league as my high school in Chicago. It was so embarrassing to watch him and their running back destroy every other team in the area. It really is amazing to watch roster-able talent in high school playing against average joes, only to find out that those guys are fringe roster players at the NFL level. Kafka is a good dude, super sharp. He still stays in touch with some of the guys on Chicago's south side. Pretty cool to see him rising up the ranks in coaching circles.
  2. Jared Allen for me. Always loved that guy and his energy. My favorite bit from that season:
  3. Lot's of comments about his age - which is fair - but I'd wait to judge this deal until we see how he plays with a healthy and overall better defense. He was still top 5 at his position after "declining", and is the unquestioned engine/heart/soul/whatever word you want to use of the defense. I've got a feeling that the contract will have been worth it in the end.
  4. I like Mond. He can’t play this year, but the tools are definitely there. Great zip, throws off platform, and can make things happen off-script.
  5. Bad throw, but 40 has to make some effort there…
  6. Wonnum has to be the starter. He just looks better.
  7. Ha! My fault - I thought you meant the three playing tonight.
  8. Probably a different story with Jefferson, Thielen, and Cook in the game.
  9. Didn’t understand that 3rd down and goal play. is it just me, or is the broadcast angle really tight and difficult to see the whole play?
  10. This will be my first opportunity to watch the Vikings this preseason - not sure I missed much in the other 2 games... I really like the defense, and as long as everyone stays healthy I think they will be in every game during the regular season because of it. This whole season revolves around figuring out the OL and Cousins avoiding those stinker type games. I'm not sure this is a super bowl team, but I expect a playoff win, minimum. NFCCG is probably the ceiling if everything goes right. Looking forward to watching the starters tonight.
  11. Long time, no post. Thanks for starting this one, @Virginia Viking! My earliest football memory is being enamored with Cris Carter’s toe-drag sideline catches. My friends would come over to watch games, and at the half we’d go outside and try to make falling down catches by the imaginary sideline. I also very distinctly remember listening to Herman Moore torch them on the radio because the game was blacked out. fun thread, good idea.
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