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  1. Tom Brady struggled and went to a new team and flourished?
  2. http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine the playoff machine is here. It looks like the Vikings need strong showings from the NFC east against the NFC west to close out the year. If the Vikings can beat Tampa or NO I think they get in.
  3. They have a log jam of outfield talent in Larnach, Rooker, and Kirilloff. Rosario was just too expensive for his overall production. They should use that Rosario money for another starting pitcher. Ideally 2021 will have an outfield of Kirilloff, Buxton and Kepler, then in 2022 Sano moves to DH, Kirilloff to 1B, and Larnach to LF. I think they are positioned well for building sustained success. If their prospects continue to develop they can turn the roster over a couple of pieces at a time: Polanco > Lewis Donaldson > Cavaco Sano > Kirilloff Arraez, Buck, and Kep
  4. So long, Eddie. Thanks for all of the great and equally frustrating memories.
  5. To say that they were "run off the the field" is an interesting way to remember that game. I remember the Vikings taking the lead twice in the 4th quarter, and a bunch of egregious penalties (and missed calls!) heavily favoring Dallas (2:1 against the Vikings, more than 2:1 in yardage). Yes, the run defense stinks, but I don't think I'd use the Dallas game as a reason that they can't make the playoffs. IMO, they're much closer now to the team that won 3 divisional games in a row than they are to the ugly Falcons game team.
  6. Cool man, thanks for the vocab lesson. I didn’t know that until you shared that with me just now.
  7. Laying someone out implies something more than a routine tackle or sack. But ok.
  8. Idk, that’s for you to explain. Calling for an opposing player to get hurt without context is pretty distasteful, IMO.
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