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  1. Playing the worst pass blocking team in the NFL this year.
  2. No one is more fun to watch than Lamar. He’s just electric. Great 4th quarter.
  3. I hate the “2nd guy gets caught” junk. Can the refs not be held accountable and be responsible for getting the 1st guy? karma, it seems.
  4. Have you ever considered modding? You’d be good at it.
  5. Doesn’t inspire confidence in me the same way that missing the kick in AZ didn’t make me lose confidence. This team will be in every game all season long. Nothing will be comfortable. I said as much on the first page of this thread.
  6. Pulled one out after giving away a couple. A win feels good.
  7. You waited until it looked like the Vikings were gonna lose so you could call me out specifically. That’s trolling bro. Have a great afternoon.
  8. Does this make you happy? What a miserable existence.
  9. When the offense stays on script, it’s been working. Poor execution and penalties have been killing drives. he’s not perfect, but it’s too early to ditch a guy after 4.5 games. Especially when they had a pretty great showing the first three weeks.
  10. Herndon was a massive mistake by Rick, and they can’t keep trotting Hill out there. He stinks.
  11. Gotta bench Hill. He can’t play extended snaps.
  12. Rattler plays like a day 3 qb. Attitude makes him almost undraftable.
  13. Holy cow that was a wild drive for Arkansas. Incredible catches by Burks, but the throws were perfect.
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