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  1. Kirilloff's hitting is the reason they brought him up. He's not going to be intimidated by post-season pitching. I highly doubt that he ever sees the field defensively.
  2. This is probably the best case for the Twins. The Astros have the worst road record of the AL teams and are not close to the team they were when they were banging trash cans. Can’t run into the Yankees til the ALCS, and I’m not afraid of either of the central teams. I don’t think anyone really has a shot against the Dodgers though.
  3. If you look at Reid disciples, the Vikings just got the wrong one. More of them have gone on to be very successful.
  4. I’ll ask again, where is the screen game? That was one of their most effective plays last year.
  5. Hoping for some drastic changes. I don’t think it would help to relieve Zimmer, but someone’s gotta go.
  6. Yikes. What chicken crap play calling again.
  7. I saw him hit a nice block on that jet sweep fake run. He’s become a really good blocker.
  8. You are so full of it man. Have a great day.
  9. trolling is supposed to be against the rules, but mods don’t mod...
  10. Then why do you keep bringing it up in the Vikings GDT?
  11. Cool story bro. Not sure what your point is or how it is relevant in any way other than to rile people up.
  12. Jefferson can play. Great blocking on that TD.
  13. Could have done that on his rookie contract.
  14. That’s one way to grab your first sack, Wonnum!
  15. I like Ragatz on Twitter for the most part, but this article is saying a bunch of nothing. Hindsight is 20/20 and there’s virtually no analysis in the article. I found nothing enlightening in there. perhaps you liked it because he agrees with your general dislike of Speilman?
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