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  1. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    Not saying it is going to go bad or anything Brady is still a great QB but does Tampa have the personnel to run a Brady style offense? They have some guys that can go down the field and make big plays and I look for Brady to get them the ball. But who will be underneath or the back out of the backfield?
  2. Goodbye Gostsuckski

    Was expected.
  3. If Brady does in fact leave...

    Your looking at this as a Miami Marlins firesale and rebuild, but I don't think that is what the plan is. I think the plan is to move forward and keep trying to win.
  4. The Next Big Thing...No, not NBT

    I think you have to say his name three times while stretching your hamstrings...
  5. Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

    That's what I was meaning, I'll be cheering for the Patriots.
  6. Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

    I was a Patriot fan long before Brady was here. I think he the greatest ever but he is the one leaving. As for me I'll keep cheering for the Patriots. The only sad part is that I'll never again cheer for Brady to win the Super Bowl. Hats off to Brady it was great but over and its time to move on...
  7. Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

    Yeah everyone acts like it was the Patriots but I get the feeling that Brady was wanting to move on. I am okay with that but I feel like Tom is making a mistake.
  8. Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

    It was reported that they made a deal and it wasn't what he wanted.
  9. Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

    I don't care where Brady goes at this point. He is probably my favorite player of all time, but he decided to move on and so will I. When he met Mr. Craft for the first time he said he would be the best choice the Patriots ever made and he was. However, I think Brady leaving is the worst choice he will ever make. There is no team out there that he has a better chance to win with than the Patriots and when he doesn't win fans will not be loyal nor will the new organization. We are on to Jarrett Stidham
  10. Super Bowl

    Jimmy looked average, but so did most of the 49ers today. Was relaxing to not care who won...
  11. It's hard to be in a championship game every year. Ask everyone except the Patriots...
  12. No big deal I remember this team that was down 28-3 and won the Superbowl.
  13. This is where the problem winning multiple superbowls starts
  14. Good game both QBs played okay neither looked great. One team adjusted the other played scared...
  15. So how does Belichick feel now