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  1. I was joking I do think Watson is one of the top QBs in the game however. Just the BOB factor kills him this year.
  2. They have moved the ball just 13 INTs and such. Even with Hoyer the offense got yards just can't score.
  3. I think Cam Newton should be getting some serious consideration...
  4. Tiring him out so he can't play the second half
  5. Remember when people thought Brady would light up the world with these receivers in this system...
  6. They could have told their QBs to follow mask protocol and they wouldn't be in this situation
  7. Probably ends up with better numbers than Cam.
  8. The 49ers were at least at full strength for that game but it is a crazy season...
  9. I'm not disputing any calls. Just saying I don't blame bad play or games on officials. Some times they suck.
  10. I think that officials can be bad but don't make excuses.
  11. I don't think the Patriots team is as bad as their QB. But he did throw a 50 yard hail mary last week that was 15 yards short of the endzone.
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