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  1. Wilson and Clausen certainly look alike.
  2. Give it a year with cap space and an actual off season if Bill doesn't show something then you can blame him. But if this past season had a decent QB things wouldn't have been that bad. And while not taking anything away from Brady, he went to a team that was pretty good. Winston threw for over 5000 yards lass year when he was throwing to his guys.
  3. I think that there are only two QBs (maybe three but Fields has only really impressed once) in this draft that are going to be around for the team that drafts them after 3 or 4 years. If the Patriots could trade up and get one of the two then good but other than that, drafting a QB before a late second or third is a waste. Sam Howell, Kedon Slovis, and Desmond Ridder are all better options next year than anyone other than the top two guys this year.
  4. Yeah I don't see the Patriots drafting a QB before the 4th and I don't see them trading away much to get a guy unless his last name starts with Watson.
  5. Don't worry they aren't going to resign Cam. Stidham will be the Patriots QB next season.
  6. Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger + Mitchell Trubisky Ravens: Lamar Jackson Browns: Baker Mayfield Bengals: Joe Burrow + Fitzmagic Bills: Josh Allen Dolphins: Deshaun Watson Patriots: Jarrett Stidham Jets: Zach Wilson Titans: Ryan Tannehill Colts: Jacoby Brissett + Mac Jones Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes Raiders: Derek Carr Chargers: Justin Herbert Broncos: Drew Lock + Kyle Trask Packers: Jordan Love Bears: Nick Foles + Tua Tagovailoa Vikings: Kirk Cousins Lions:
  7. Well there is the part where he doesn't play for the team that you are a fan of...
  8. I am not cheering for either team to win. One of them has to win but I really don't care who wins. As for why I am not cheering for Brady: first he is not a Patriot and second If my wife divorced me I'm not going to hope she wins the lottery so why cheer for some one who left the Patriots.
  9. The bills won't be back to a championship game for a while...
  10. at least the Bills don't have to worry about being 0-5 in Super Bowls...
  11. its the 3rd quarter and points are better than no points.
  12. The Bills look panicked when they come to the line.
  13. Because all the other 100% penalties haven't been called
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