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  1. I was meaning his injury. Apparently its an injury to his throwing shoulder.
  2. Anyone know what is supposed to be wrong with Stidham?
  3. I'm going with QB play because if that doesn't improve the over all record won't improve. When teams realized that Cam couldn't throw last year they started to sell out on the run and... I do think there are a lot of areas that have improved.
  4. He beat out Hoyer his rookie year and was hurt early in camp last year.
  5. I think whomever gives the Patriots the best chance to win week one will be the starting QB. I don't think it will be Jones. I don't think looking at the number of starts by Harry, Michel, Dugger, or any players that were injured as rookies as an indication as to whether or not Jones will start is pointless. But I don't think Jones will be ready week one. However, with that said with all the extra attention McDaniels is giving Jones there is a chance but I think it is a very slim one.
  6. I would not give up a 1st round pick for Julio at this point. That is not as much about Julio but more about where the Patriots are. If I thought Julio was the piece that put the Patriots in the super bowl then sure, but with the QB situation where it currently is I don't think the Patriots are a Julio away.
  7. NFL Drafting Efficiency, 2010-2019 | Football Outsiders Always hear how bad the Patriots draft but return in relation to draft capital is about where it should be. They just haven't had that surprise guy that is way better than the spot picked.
  8. I get the attitude, SBLIII is a Patriots fan, he cheers for the Patriots Tom Brady no longer plays for the Patriots. He didn't say he hopes he blows out his knee or anything like that, just that he does care about him winning. With that said this is the Patriots forum in a thread about training camp hype, I think it should be about players that are on the Patriots roster.
  9. The NFL's Biggest Cheaters - Your Team Cheats - The Definitive Guide to NFL Cheating
  10. I would just say that it's hard to win back to back super bowls. It has only happened 8 times. I also would like to say that I think its funny that people always say the Patriots cheated and were spying on other teams, when they got in trouble for filming from the wrong location. The filming part was fine it was just they were in the wrong spot. The wrong pad thing was actually practicing in pads at a May rookie camp, which also had 15 veterans there. You can also add Crampgate (2012) Tarpgate (1976) Salarycapgate (2000){lost a 3rd round pick} Steroidgate (1970-2007) Impedegate (2013) to
  11. Jerry Rice 200 lb 4.7 40 Terron Armstead 306 lb 4.65 40 N'Keal Harry 225 lb 4.59 40 40 times are meaningless...
  12. I keep forgetting that Van Noy is back as well.
  13. At this point this year I like the pick.
  14. well I was wrong about Swartz being around for a while
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