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  1. the average age of the starters last night was 29.6. i'm not even a fan of josh jackson and i know he played more than wayne ellington but why do we need to watch a 33 year old career 9th man at all? jahlil okafor does nothing better than isaiah stewart except score inefficiently. sekou has played 10 minutes total over the last 3 games. and last night down 20 with 3 minutes left, casey kept 4 starters in. what do those guys need to show in that situation? there's a difference between playing young guys, watching them try to figure it out even if they can't and losing close games, and playing v
  2. imagining this makes me irrationally angry
  3. "down 20 with 3 minutes left? better leave the starters in" - dwane casey, probably
  4. the shift from “we can get a 1st for blake” to “oh god we’ll have to give up two 1sts to dump his contract” has been quick and it has not been pretty
  5. sekou wit a nice stat line of d/n/p/c/d at halftime
  6. am i upset that we continue to hire guys just based on the fact that went to an sec school or have been coaching in the sec for 15 years? yes but do i think tracy rocker is totally past it and this is a bad hire in a vacuum? also yes
  7. they'll promote him to head coach for real cheap after they fire pruitt for cause
  8. harsin hiring mike bobo just to get gunner stockton and then firing him after stockton's freshman year is such a big brained move none of you can even understand it
  9. thrill you’re one of the two relatively reasonable bama fans i’ve ever interacted with but this is outrageous
  10. look i hate stidham as much as the next guy but the last thing the world needs is saban putting back to back first round qbs in the nfl
  11. this has been a visor worthy performance by the whole ohio state coaching staff
  12. someone get ryan day on the phone and tell him to put the pipe down jesus christ
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