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  1. i can't* believe weaver extended a coach whose entire offensive system is "late clock? let's get a mid post iso" *of course i can
  2. take the picture of rob lowe wearing the nfl hat and switch it to my face and the pac 12 logo
  3. this overtime proved to me that it’s time for someone to innovate a second wrinkle to the philly special
  4. how many more overtimes before bert stops walking from end to end
  5. to drive this point home army gave up two kick return touchdowns to uconn
  6. he’ll win out the rest of the season, beat uga in the sec championship, make the playoff, and then resign, the most auburn way to go about it
  7. can't shoot, can't finish, can't use his right hand at all but it's not all bad, at least he didn't get concussed for the third game in a row
  8. since the pistons were -6 tonight with him off the court i think it's only fair to say cade was actually +6
  9. it's pretty incredible all 4 first round picks from the last 2 draft missed time with ankle injuries this offseason/preseason/regular season
  10. you are ******* sick you know that
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