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  1. not even a basketball school anymore

    hey wait a minute
  2. Name the best NBA player each year since 2000?

    lebron didn't win the finals in any of those years and was outplayed at some point in the playoffs from 2008-2011
  3. Name the best NBA player each year since 2000?

    yeah bro curry was definitely not the best player in the league his unanimous mvp year, you got it
  4. My idea for an 8-team CFP bracket.

    ok just a few quick things there are 10 states that make up what most people consider the northeast, why should they be rewarded for having one single decent football program between all of them, which hasn't won a national championship in 8 presidential elections every team has an equal chance to make the cfp, i like to call it august it is not the sec's and clemson's collective faults that brian kelly, clay helton, jim harbaugh, and tom herman have jobs at their respective schools. if your coach is bad and that makes your program bad, your program is just bad now, that's how it is. you don't get a geographical bailout because the best players in the country want to play for the 4 programs that have been the best during their lifespan
  5. My idea for an 8-team CFP bracket.

    why are we gifting a spot in the national championship to a team just because they don't exist in one of like five states
  6. The Official Recruiting Thread

    ok so yes you are insane, got it
  7. The Official Recruiting Thread

    are you insane

    i get all of this but that's still not good data. there's too many variables. we don't know if someone is in foul trouble or how it changes for the team in the lead vs the team that's behind. and how often does a college team have a 6'10" backup and a 6'10" starter. while it may be factual, it's just a bad blanket statement to say teams get smaller without looking into the reasons why obviously the rockets are the ultimate outlier and i'm sure morey has done a more in depth version of this in house, but there's a better way to prove this than with this chart

    this is literally a difference of 2 inches total across the whole lineup from the biggest group to the smallest group and that drop off in the last minute is half an inch total difference from the previous minute so if you want to take out a 6'10" guy for a 6'9.5" guy to hit free throws or a last second 3, sure, go for it?
  10. Official Pistons Thread: Offseason

    its crazy to me how many pistons fans have stockholm syndrome

    the knicks roster is so incredibly poorly put together its almost kind of shocking
  12. Ryan Day signs three year extension with Buckeyes

    can't believe coaches who didn't make the national championship in their first year at a p5 school are getting this kind of money time for gus to get a raise
  13. Spring Game Schedules

    who else is excited to see cord sandberg outplay son of former auburn quarterback patrick nix/sec freshman of the year bo nix