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  1. one of my dads facebook friends posted this
  2. somebody just outed themselves as not having seen an oklahoma or auburn game this year and i wish it was me
  3. serious question, what is your beef with clemson aside from them being the best team in their conference
  4. i hope we all recognize this is setting up perfectly for saban to bench mac jones and put in bryce young to get the comeback win
  5. if i had to pick between giving a lifetime extension to gary or gus and firing the other we're gonna have to roll with the bus man and just hope cam’s son is a talented qb
  6. you’re supposed to get a booster every 10 years
  7. he ditched the visor so now he has to accept 100% of the blame for any and all bad coaching
  8. here’s the cycle odd year auburn: always underrated coming off a bad year prior, starts unranked or below #15, one close loss early in the season to a good sec opponent, a second loss to uga late in year, people write them off, and then some ******* how gus beats bama and the world loses their minds, finishes around 10-3 ranked in the top 10 even year auburn: always overrated coming off a memorable iron bowl win last year but has serious issues that people always overlook, starts ranked in the top 10 or just below, underwhelming win over a bad team to start the year, a blowout loss to a good team a couple weeks later, the team starts to implode and quit, another couple losses against teams with much less talent and finally a embarrassing loss to bama, finishes with 5 or 6 losses and unranked rinse and repeat
  9. i feel like seth williams might opt out of the season during the quarter break
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