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  1. Third Playoff Committee Rankings

  2. you've never seen this level of defense before i can assure you
  3. we've all been waiting for it. but that was definitely it. stidham's heisman moment
  4. Week 11 | Other Games Thread

    why is auburn ranked i don’t understand
  5. Auburn AD: Malzahn returning for 2019

    you cannot kill what is already dead
  6. Kirk Herbstreit: I'm Stupid

    *disagree. i meant to say disagree
  7. Kirk Herbstreit: I'm Stupid

    now that they’ve announced gus will be back next year and the team knows there won’t be a new coach i couldn’t agree more
  8. Kirk Herbstreit: I'm Stupid

    fade me fam
  9. Kirk Herbstreit: I'm Stupid

    ******* cant trust aggie to do anything right
  10. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    **** me god damn it
  11. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    guys today could be the day
  12. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    well put
  13. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    IM JUST MAKING AN OBSERVATION AND NOT IN ANY WAY INTIMATING THAT THE B1G MODS ARE ANTI SEC but we had a "late gotw" for #15 vs #12 and i've not seen any indication that there will be two gotws for a clearly much more deserving sec east matchup