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  1. ill be back for the lottery to watch the pistons get the 9th pick
  2. of course the pistons are somehow gonna win this game by 25
  3. this is such a sad answer but killian hayes, diallo, saben lee, wayne ellington, sekou, etc we do only have 3 bigs active tonight but jah hasn't played since january and tyler cook just signed a multi year contract literally like 2 days ago
  4. first guy off the bench, jahlil okafar why dwane, just why
  5. also btw this is the worst basketball game i've ever seen
  6. someone find me a worse starting lineup i DARE you dennis smith, cory joseph, josh jackson, saddiq bey, isaiah stewart
  7. thunder announcers down 20 to the pistons: there simply isn't a better place to develop as a young player in the entire league than okc (almost a direct quote) wolves announcers up 10 on the kings: if everyone was healthy the whole year this team might've been undefeated (paraphrasing)
  8. dwane casey beating teams who are playing 11 guys no one's ever heard of is the 3rd place podium guy meme come to life
  9. i was ecstatic when delon wright got traded until i remembered that cory joseph also played for casey in toronto which means he'll get about 24 minutes a night i hate this team more than last year's before the drummond trade
  10. the last time mick cronin called a timeout to draw up a play at the end of a game it ended up with a jaquez (4 points, 1-5 shooting) contested three with 15 seconds left on the shot clock and juzang (27 points, 11-19 shooting) didn't touch the ball don't pretend he would've had a flash of brilliance tonight
  11. there has never been an nba head coach whose rotations make less sense than dwane casey
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