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  1. Bleacher Report article about trades

    Wai...Wha??? You want to trade the pro bowl outside linebacker and three other starters and our second round pick for 1 all-pro and 2 first-round busts... These three trades you proposed might be some of the worst I've seen on this forum. I am sorry, I do not enjoy being or sounding like a jerk but those trades are terrible. Solomon Thomas does not fit our scheme in any way. And a Levon Kirkland-type in this day and age is not what you want to have at outside linebacker. Then, we end up with Darron Lee who is basically a lesser version of what we just drafted in the first round. Lee is not a replacement for VW. And then we trade a former all pro corner and a newly acquired starting corner for 1 current all pro. Who is exactly is going to man the other side? A third-round rookie who is unproven at this point? Or would you suggest we lineup our very own first round bust who was a projected third-round talent, that actually plays like a sixth-round project. I don't believe I am being hyperbolic when I say that those trades wood set us back for a minimum of three years.
  2. Bostic released

    Burns is easily the worst. At least JJ was expected to be taken in the first round. Additionally, Burns was a knee-jerk reaction to Jackson being taken ahead of us. Colbert strayed from the BPA model and went to fill a need instead. Burns is the poster child to the saying, "... I trust the GM to know more then the draftniks / fans / media-types. Just go to any post on a team's forum where their team 'reached' for a prospect, and I guarantee you will see no less then 3 posts ascribing to that theory. Yet, we see it every year. I'm not saying those types are the only ones to bust, but they are definitely a higher percentage of the busts from the 1st round, especially. Day 3 picks?? Sure, not a problem. If a team takes the prospect that is graded out as being a seventh-round pick in the fourth round, is that a reach? Yeah, possibly, but it's not nearly as egregious as picking a third-round talent in the first round.
  3. Oh, I totally would. They made the most of what they had. Half the guys they selected, I was hoping the Steelers would pick them a round or two earlier. As was mentioned, a top 5 talent taken in the back half of the draft. An arguably 1st Rd WR talent taken in the 2nd...David Long was a 4th/ early-5th Rd prospect take. Midway through the 6th... ...and Nate Davis was their worst value pick... because he actually went in the Rd that he was slated...The Titans had a sneaky-fantastic draft... I'd argue a Top-3...but I can understand why they would be downgraded here for only coming away with 5 players for next season, but sure did make the most of it.
  4. heading to arizona friday

    That's awesome the horny toad is still around. I went there back in the mid-80s, as a teen I know I'm dating myself, haha. I forgot to mention Slide Rock just north of Sedona in Oak Creek canyon. That area is beautiful as well if you drove north of Sedona at all. Bunch of A-frames along the 'crik'... pretty neat. And those switchbacks on 89a just north of Oak Creek are no joke, as well. Sounds like a one-off vacation but if you ever go back and it appears you enjoy hiking, you should try the highline trail on the mogollon rim.
  5. heading to arizona friday

    Gotta hit up "Whiskey Row" in Prescott - not sure what it's become, but 20-30 years ago, well, it's just what it sounds like. Jerome - old mining town I was always partial to Payson, AZ, and the Mogollon Rim area, for the scenery. And if you are going to bother to head out to Winslow, AZ, may as well go a little further and go check out Monument Valley. Another neat little area north/northeast of Phoenix, about 30 minutes, is Carefree/Cave Creek area... used to be some neat restaurants up that way. But if you are looking for the party scene, as was mentioned...Tempe... specifically Mill Ave.
  6. This is really, the only item I disagree with regarding your take... ... I have come around to the conclusion that was mentioned, actually, by the Giants' GM in Peter King's post-draft column... that once a GM tries to be 'cute' about not picking the guy they want, they often regret it, because they end up missing out... If they valued Snell higher than, say Moreau, then grab him while you can, because honestly? We may not want to admit it, but Connor is injury-prone, and missing out on his contribution the final few weeks hurt our offense;. I have no issue with replacing Bell with multiple backs with similar profiles, and Snell provides us with that insurance , IMO. I really liked the Snell pick, and if what they say is true about his underrated pass-through ability, then we got a great deal, imo.
  7. I was actually thinking the same thing the other day when they mentioned that Minnesota might be letting him go. Rudolph would be an awesome 2 - 3-year rental until we find our tight end of the future.
  8. As a prospect, or as the best...the #1 WR in the NFL, and er go, one of the most confident WRs in the league? I am not saying you are wrong... I am legitimately asking which Antonio Brown you are comparing, because if it's the latter, than yeah, sure... several years in an NFL Strength and Conditioning program, coupled with the his league standing, I would certainly hope he looked like he had more burst, explosion, and quickness. And I am not so sure that Washington is a dud... 16rec 167yds 10.4ypc 26yds long 0 tds 16rec 217yds 13.6ypc 47yds long 1 tds The top is AB's first year with Wallace as the #1, the 2nd is Washington with AB as the #1...and I, there was this other Juju dude in the offense, as well. 😎 I know what you are saying though...it seemed as if the reports coming out about Washington we're not kind, but remember... Washington accumulated 129 yds in two of the final 3 games if the season...the final game accumulating 64 yes in AB's absence.
  9. And, he was actually on the radars of a lot of other GMs... likely, thanks to the explosion of AB...a 6th rounder who has been a more productive WR than the following season's draft's 6th overall pick. The funny thing, is that, there is a better chance that AB starts trending more towards mediocrity, while our 3rd pick this year will likely outproduce AB in 2020 ( contingent upon he and Ben remaining healthy that season...) When will the rest of world recognize, that which, I am hoping, many Steelers' fan already recognize... that the success of Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, AB, and most recently, Juju, is in large part due to Ben 'developing' these WRs?? One can point to several factors for their success, but there has been only one constant factor in their development, and that is Ben. The media try to point to the Steelers being phenomenal drafters of WRs, and maybe that does play a small part, but until Ben gets his 'claws' in them, as developing them as #1/#2 WRs, they really are not that special, IMO. AB can ' prepare' until the cows come home, but if the Raiders' QBOTF does not develop that bond with him, he can only be as good as his QB let's him be. And he'll never admit it, because he's too hung up on his ' brand', and too self-hyped and selfish, but he's going to realize that he's made a big mistake... I don't care how good AB is this year...he would have been BETTER as a Steeler... Sorry, off-topic their on a tangent... but my point is, if this kid is smart, he'll take to whatever Ben tells him to, and I hope Tomlin, the WR coach, and even Colbert is smart enough to challenge this kid, and tell him that he can be even better than AB next season, if he humbles himself to live, breathe, and eat any and every thing that comes out of Ben's mouth. I know I would, if I was Diontae Johnson... I would hang on every word that comes out of Ben's mouth-- he does that, and he'll out-produce AB...he could even conceivably do it this season, depending.
  10. It's funny, because I watched the video the talked about the best draft this year and one of the talking heads picked New England because...his main reason? They didn't pick any small school players. They only chose big conference players. So I guess that means our draft really really stinks... I mean...the best WR ever played played for Alabama, right? 'Sweetness' played for LSU, and quite possibly, the best DB if all time...Mel Blount played for Georgia, I think. ...do people really think before they speak ??? What an idiot. It's not even that I don't think that they had a great draft...they did...but don't tell us it was because they picked all big school players... that's idiotic... ... sorry, rant over...😎
  11. That may be, but it sure would be nice if Tombert would have learned from the Burns debacle, that you don't panic in those situations. Just an all-around waste of a 5th Rd pick...better than a 1st, at least...and thankfully, we had 8 other picks.
  12. Thanks for typing up my grade/overall draft evaluation for me. I liked the guys we got, but as you mentioned, they left some talent on the board by no moving up into 2nd or 4th... I am not naive to the fact these are 'either/or' proposals...we didn't have the draft capital to make both happen. Basically, I would have been happier with just 8 players (subtract either of the small LBs, while upgrading Gentry). I just don't think that they manipulated their draft capital as well as they could have.
  13. Nevermind, I guess Tennessee had the same idea at the exact same time.
  14. David Long, anyone? "Sources Tell Us "Personally, I would rather have David Long over Devin Bush for a round or two discount. They have about the same size but Long is more productive and maybe less prone to injury." -- NFC executive
  15. 3 Cone Drill--6.75 Sixth-round is when you start going for these high athletic types. But a 3 Cone Drill of 6.75 for an Edge linebacker is insane.