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  1. ...what jebrick said, haha...except for that one team's GM, that said they didn't get the guys that they wanted...oh, wait... But I'll play along, but I'm going to split Loudermilk's grade into 2-parts...I'm also going to include the PFA we should have drafted. These are primarily based upon how I feel Tombert navigated the 'draft process', with recognition of our teams needs, consideration for the fact that we drafted near the end, again, in each round, and as always, including value vs where I believed they should have gone...not what others believed... 1. Najee Harris
  2. Exactly. There was absolutely no reason to trade away our 4th Rd pick next year...then, reading this article, it kind of makes one 'chuckle' (in a masochistic way, of course...) To trade away next year's 4th, when Colbert even alluded that they were likely the only ones interested was a 'rookie mistake', not something one who's been at this for a couple of decades would have actually done...
  3. Here's PFFs, BTW Round 1: No. 24 – Najee Harris , RB, Alabama -- 65 (lol...BTW, Etienne was 66, so this is complete, utter position bias) Round 2: No. 55 – Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State -- 55 Round 3: No. 87 – Kendrick Green, G, Illinois -- 68 Round 4: No. 128 – Dan Moore Jr., OT, Texas A&M -- 285 Round 4: No. 140 – Buddy Johnson, ILB, Texas A&M -- 222 Round 5: No. 156 - Isaiahh Loudermilk, DT, Wisconsin -- NR Round 6: No. 216 – Quincy Roche, LB, Miami -- 168 Round 7: No. 245 – Tre Norwood, CB, Oklahoma -- 303 Round 7: No. 254 –
  4. HA! Sorry, I missed that...I just grabbed these from NBC Sports, I think...I was just looking for a generic list, without commentary, that I could just cut and paste...sorry... Oh, wait...you men where he was ranked? thought you were talking about the fact that it didn't include Center, as a position...anyway, that was DraftTek's ranking...I wonder if they put the list out there just once, sometime in early January, and don't update it...not sure...
  5. As I like to do... (Because it's fun, but has absolutely no worthwhile or inherent value, whatsoever...) ...using some Draftnik/Media Big Board lists, below is where these sites had these prospects going, along with an average 'projection', using the Big Board information from these sites. Great Blue North Report (GBNR), Pro Football Network (PFN). The Athletic, and DraftTek--Here are the results: (NR = Not Ranked--will use #301 for averaging calculation. By these numbers, selections in Rds 1, 2, and 6 were solid values...the rest?? Not so much, lol...well, except for our UDFA selection of S
  6. 'Revisionist' history...Looks much better, don't you think?? Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 Draft Class Round 1: No. 24 – Najee Harris, RB, Alabama Round 2: No. 55 – Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State Round 3: No. 87 – Kendrick Green, G, Illinois Round 4: No. 128 – Dan Moore Jr., OT, Texas A&M Round 4: No. 140 – Buddy Johnson, ILB, Texas A&M Round 5: No. 156 (From DAL through PHI and MIA) – *Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan State Round 6: No. 216 – Quincy Roche, LB, Miami Round 7: No. 245 – Tre Norwood, CB, Oklahoma Round 7: No. 254 – Pressley Harvin III, P, Georgia Tech
  7. To be fair...Gerry had to do what we all did...find any relevant information on Loudermilk and the NFL Draft, and scroll through the first 5 pages of google results of how he might be able to to get on a team via UDFA, but most likely, via a tryout...so there's that... I'm sorry...I exaggerated...there were only 2 and a half pages of google results when searching Loudermilk NFL Draft...ugh... ...what a horrible, horrible selection...were they afraid that the Ravens might get to him in on a tryout before us, so we panicked and traded into the 5th round for him??
  8. And the Steelers were doing so well in addressing needs, and selecting solid talent, with guys being drafted around or near their projected level...until...now. There are so many things wrong with this Loudermilk pick...value...the fact that we traded up for him, and that we used a 2022 4th, to do it...Miami must be laughing their butts off..."we got a 4th next year, so the Steelers could trade up for powdered milk??" What?
  9. I ask a question...voila...
  10. Anyone know more on this Dan Moore Jr? He seems protypical size for a LT--good length, long arms, etc...seems like most of his 'weaknesses' are coachable... https://www.nfl.com/prospects/dan-moore-jr/32004d4f-4f78-8885-a285-ff2e4eb4db91 As far as DBs, I wouldn't mind Shakur Brown.
  11. Yeah...nevermind he was 1st Team All Big 10...first Illini to do so since 2011. Not to mention, the three Big Boards I've been following have him ranked between 94 (Late-3rd) to 104 & 117 (Mid-4th). ESPN is more concerned about 'name recognition', than it is in providing an accurate 'Big Board' (And just for shins and griggles, they had Freiermuth between 47, 54, 66, and Harris between 20, 22, 26....so, knock on wood, our GM/HC Draft Dream-team have actually been fairly spot on, picking 24, 55, and 87
  12. ...and yet, Schein couldn;t praise the Jags, enough, for taking Etienne...gets on the Steelers for taking a need, yet praises a team, with the very next pick, taking a player at the same position, and acting like it was brilliant?? And he couldn't stop talking about the Patriots taking Mac Jones, either...remember that song from Sesame Street "...one of these kids isn't quite, the same...one of these kids is doing his on thing...are you ready to play my game..." or something like that--point being, most thought Etienne at 25 was a wasted, luxury pick, and most felt the Steelers taking Harris,
  13. If not him, than whoever the heck else they like at Center on Day 2. Center is not a position that I feel they should gamble with, on Day 3, unless they feel that somehow, they've got the inside track on a guy with Day 2 talent, that they feel no other front office is aware of...in other words...not likely. So don't screw around and not grab our future Center tonight.
  14. 2 Good: - Vikings Trade Down 9 picks, and still get a LT with the athleticism to be a LT, and get 2 x 3rd Rd Picks - Dallas Trades down, gets an extra 3rd, and still gets best OLB in the draft 2 Bad: - Jets trade up 9 picks + 2 3rds, for an IOL, who I'm not sure is much better than the LT the Vikings grabbed... - Bears also trade up 9 picks, but have to pay a likely Mid-Rd 1st and a 5th next year, and a 4th this year, for a QB that seemed to 'regress', the last half of this past season...that would worry me a little... My homer take? RB-haters need to real
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