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  1. Who’s the worst team in football?

    Really?? He doesn't?? Then please explain to me why he simply fails to play at a high level 60% of the time. He had a future HOF WRs at his disposal from 2012-2014, and another one in 2015 (yes, I know, he was at the end of his career, but he wasn't expected to be their #1). He had his security 'banky' in Fleener for his first 4 years in the league. He had great dual-threat RB in Frank Gore in 2015/2016. He's had TY Hilton since coming into the league as well (and please, somebody come back with telling me that TY Hilton isn't a good WR...he was a top 5-7 WR between 2014-2016...easy.) He had a very nice, young WR in Moncrief from '14-'16 (7 TDs in 9 games? ) But no...he doesn't need to be surrounded with talent to play at a high level...I forgot...HE'S the great one...everyone else just hopes they deserve to breathe the same air he does when in the same room, right? So, If Luck doesn't need everything around him to be ideal, when he plays...yet is provided a pretty darn good support staff, then again, why can't he play great more than 40% of the time?? You act like he's infallible, and is some great QB...ummm...he's not, and the evidence is plain as day. Why is he currently 2nd in the league with the most INTs, tied with Carr? Why does he have the lowest YPA of any Veteran starting QB in the league?? Is that 'playing at a high level'? Are the Colts en route to another Division Title under Luck's 'leadership'? And when did Carr EVER have everything 'around him' being ideal? I'm taking Gore over Latavius Murray, Hilton over Cooper (yes, really--at worst, they are equal--don;t care about draft positions, or what they are/were 'supposed' to be, it's what they've done), and Wayne over Crabtree...oh, and Cook just arrive in 2017...now on his 4th team. Just ask any Rams fan abot how wonderful the 'Part-time' player Jared Cook is... So, because Andrew Luck passes some highly subjective 'eye-test'...SOME of the time...makes him a great QB?? But Gruden comes in, guts the team, and Carr struggles a little, and it's all Carr's fault?? C'mon, really??
  2. Who’s the worst team in football?

    If he continues to throw at below 65%, a paltry YPA of 6.2 with a Passer Rating in the 80s??? Yeah, in today's NFL, that would be a mediocre season...and BTW, I didn't say 'Bad' seasons, I said, he only had TWO 'good' seasons...the others were average/mediocre, so be careful putting words in other people mouth in order to make your point, and by adding cute little gifs. I said, when Luck is 'bad', 'it's everyone elses' fault' -- I never said he had Bad seasons, and yes, there IS a difference...I would have said Bad seasons, if that is what I meant. So, you are like many other posters here, who feel jacking up tons of stats automatically makes a player great--it's the 'Drew Brees'-syndrome. Yes, Drew Brees is a good QB, but take away his being in a pass happy offense in a Dome environment for 15 years, and we'd be looking at his legacy a bit differently...just look at his first few years in San Diego as proof--he wasn't getting it done, so they 'upgraded' to Rivers, and the rest is history...but I digress. So, if all it takes is 4750 yds, 42 TDs and 21 INTs to be great, well, then welcome, Matthew Stafford, to greatness! Sorry you haven't been getting your due, but well, your name isn't Andrew Luck, so... ...because I'll take 4446yds, 29 TDs and 10 INTs, with a YPA of 7.9 and Passer Rating of 99.3, over 4750 yds, 42 TDs and 21 INTs, with a YPA of 6.2 and Passer rating of 88.8...EVERY time. Matthew Stafford has as many seasons with Passer ratings over 91 (including this year) than Luck has in the NFL. He also had 3 mediocre seasons, and well, his rookie season was just bad. But, according to YOUR criteria, in 2013, he had a 'Good' season, because he threw for 4650 yds, had 29 TDs, and 19 INTs...or is 29 TDs not enough to be good? I assume it is, since you feel 2016 was a good season for Luck, and he threw 31 TDs. IDK. Oh, but wait...he didn't even get to the playoffs in one of his best statistical seasons...so...shouldn't we be really re-evaluating how much impact Luck REALLY had on getting the Colts to the Playoffs/Division Titles those first few seasons in his career??? I mean, we all know how great the mighty Titans and Texans were that 2016 season...it was a really tough year in the division that year with 2 x 9-7 teams, and the Colts being 8-8 (and of course, the Jags and their 3-13 record). So, if Luck was SOOOO good that year, how come he couldn't get the Colts over .500? Huh...and yes, we all know about his shoulder injury, but obviously, it didn't affect his play. But let's roll with this other side of the argument that I always hear, anyway..."Luck took his team to the Playoffs and Division Titles...blah, blah, blah"...OK, well, then let's welcome Andy Dalton to greatness as well! But he did it in an actual 'challenging' division. Or how about Alex Smith?? Bottom line--until Luck actually starts PLAYING like the #1 Overall Pick, who was destined to be the next coming of Payton Manning's success in John Elway's 'body', he's destined to be nothing more than 'pretty good'. What he's actually turning out to be, is closer to an Eli Manning without the SB wins. Maybe he'll get those too, some day, but he's inconsistent--season to season--just like Eli Manning is/was. I'm sorry--there is no 'winning' this debate with Luck--he can pass all the 'eye-tests' you want to claim, but until he learns to control his game, and truly develop his talents/gifts, he will never be more than a 'pretty good QB who disappointed as a #1 Overall Pick'--because that is what he is right now. Doesn't meant that can't change...he's still fairly young, (in QB years, where the new retirement age, apparently, is 42ish) and has time to turn this thing around, and become 'great'. I never said he didn't have the tools to become great; I'm just saying, as it stands right now, he is not a great QB...not yet.
  3. Trades you want this year

    C'mon...that's really stretching it. He's playing on par with someone that was selected in the 2nd-3rd Rd, but he's improving. And look at Myles Garrett...the next 'coming' of Julius Peppers or Chandler Jones...yeah...not so much. And heck, we don't need to even go beyond his draft class to see that he's matching up fairly well to those taken ahead of him, or one pick after him. Fowler, Beasley, Ray?? I'd say, we've got the best of the bunch. Doesn't change the fact that he's 'under-performing...I'm not saying that. But my belief/opinion still stands. Until we fix the issue(s) that are holding back his development, well, sadly, we can expect to continue to see the same thing.
  4. Draft Prospects 2019

    You are very right...in some cases...but everything you are pointing to are COLLECTIVE failures--Draftniks, GMs, Media, Fans alike... I'm talking about when there is a consensus regarding a player...Draftniks, fans, Media, and 30 other GMs...I should have made myself clear. Nobody was picking Burns before the mid-2nd, and that's fine; he's probably a little better than a 3rd Rd pick, but it's clear that he's not, and never was, worthy of a 1st Rd pick. That is what I am talking about here...when there is a consensus of everyone outside of the NFL...AND NFL GMs/Scout personnel. I don't remember it being the case this time around, but I love it when a team makes a massive reach for a prospect, then another GM somewhere says 'it's a good thing they took him, because we were going to take him 10 picks later," or something to that effect...that's why I said 30 GMs, not 31...because often, there are two GMs that become bamboozled over a prospect that they shouldn't. And yes, they miss on players all the time...players that are better than their draft position indicates, but usually, it's because there's a combination of aspects/forces that come together...that 'perfect storm'...where a player puts in the hard work, an opportunity presents itself due to injury, etc., and a magical play / game happens for this player, and the rest is history. that's not what I am talking about here; I'm talking about clear, definitive evidence that a prospect has no place being drafted in the 1st Rd, but because Mr. GM thinks he's smarter than 30 other GMs, or gets wind that ONE other GM is interested in the same prospect, they pull the trigger...or, they are dead-set on taking a certain position, be-darned of who is left when they are on the clock, and even though all the 1st Rd prospects have been picked, and in some cases, a marginal 1st/2nd Rd player at that position is selected, and the next man up is a clear 3rd Rd prospect, and they take them anyway. Sorry, but your argument is not directly correlated to my point. And I was not clear by not adding in the other 30 teams GM/Scout personnel--I figured that was a given. But I'm talking consensus both in-and-out of the NFL...when a GM thinks he's smarter than all the other GMs AND media/draftniks/fans. You want to take that chance in the 3rd? 4th? It's still dumb, but at least you haven't wasted a 1st Rd pick. So, tell me I am wrong that Colbert/Tomlin made poor decisions in 'reaching' for JJ, Burns, and Edmunds--because if you HONESTLY believe that they 'chose wisely' with those picks...and I'm not talking about Hindsight is 20/20 after knowing what we know now...I'm talking about when they were selected. Tell me you believe that they did not 'reach' with those three picks...and massively, by 1-2 full rounds, on two of them...JJ was probably worth a gamble in the early 2nd. If you honestly believe that those two were not massive reaches, then there is no point in attempting to further my side of the debate with you, because we believe 2 separate things happened on those 2 days...and again, 3 if you count JJ. I thought JJ was a good pick, so there were enough people out there that still believed that Jarvis was worthy of a 1st, but there were more...likely greater than 50%...who felt the Steelers reached on that pick.
  5. Who’s the worst team in football?

    You mean, the QB that has a higher Passer Rating, YPA, and Completion % over the Definite Top 10 QB talked about over the past 6-7 pages?? How come Luck gets a pass for having a crap roster and coach, but Carr doesn't?? How come Luck gets to use his TWO good seasons out of SIX to justify his greatness, yet Carr doesn't get to use his TWO good seasons out of FOUR to validate his being considered at least 'good'. (These questions aren't directed toward you, per se...just using your statement to quote, is all) It just cracks me up on these forums, how if Luck is bad, it's everyone elses' fault but his, and when he's good, he's carrying an entire team by himself, yet in Wilson's case, it's the exact opposite...he couldn't be good unless his team was good, and if he's bad, it has nothing to do with his crap OL he's had for years. Just using Wilson as an example, but you can plug just about any QB not named Luck, Brady, Rodgers or Brees into that statement above, and it holds true for Luck 'fan-boys'. But going back to Carr, please tell me how bad the Raiders need to be before he gets a benefit of the doubt like Luck gets about 60% of the time., which equates to about how often Luck is just 'average-to-below-average'. Maybe this will work...how about we agree to say that 40% of the time that Andrew Luck plays, he's as good as a top 5 QB, but the other 60% of the time, he's a bottom half of the league QB. That's probably the most accurate way to describe Andrew Luck, anyway...
  6. Trades you want this year

    Well, I'm going to backtrack a little bit on what I said...meaning, and I don't know how it works, but since we offered the 5th year option at $9M, he either needs to be starting, or playing for someone else. If we are paying $9M for a back-up, then that's a serious problem. My point basically is this; let him finish this season, and see how he does. If he continues to improve, and they are comfortable with him as a starter next year that will be an impact OLB, then great. If not, then again, get rid of the 'problem', not the 'symptom' and get a halfway decent OLB coach in here. I find it hard to believe that there isn't a former LB Coach, say, within the past 7 years or so, who was successful, was promoted to DC, then was let go, for whatever reason, and is out there looking for work. If that 'guy' doesn;t exist, there are over, what 150 college football programs out there that likely have a high-level LB Coach who would just LOVE a chance at the big leagues!! TJ Watt is too inconsistent; that's not on him. He has the motor--he just needs a capable coach to show him some new tricks; this will likely be a big boon to Dupree's game as well.
  7. Trades you want this year

    Well, sorry...the explanations/arguments for wanting to trade Dupree have been incomplete, as far as I am concerned. sliding others 'out of positions' to cover the hole, is not wise, having Chickillo as our only viable back--up, isn't wise, and bringing in a pre-season hero isn't going to cover it, either. I agree we need another OLB in here--trading Dupree to get it done is NOT the right answer, as far as I'm concerned, especially, and OLB that is actually making strides/headway at getting better--something JJ never did. So giving up on a guy that is actually improving, and not breaking the bank, makes little sense to me, when the REAL problem is clear as day--fix the coaching, first. THEN, if he doesn't improve, you can start talking about trading him, because you are going to get $.50 on the Dollar for him, so not only are you giving up on our 2015 1st Rd pick...a 25 YO, no less, when most from his draft class are at least 27. Your solution is to fix the symptom; I'm suggesting we fix the root cause, because once we do that, just imagine how good TJ can be, and by extension, Dupree.
  8. Draft Prospects 2019

    I completely agree...and you are REALLY hampering your odds when you start 'Reaching' ,2 full rounds for prospects you fall in love with, for some reason. Either trade down, or pick someone else; don't waste a valuable resource...a 1st Rd pick...just to satisfy some weird 'man-crush' you have. Let other dumb GMs do that; there are plenty that think they are smarter than the 'average bear'...and then...what...the truth is eventually revealed. Let's start with 2012...for shins and griggles...to me, these ere the biggest WTF picks in the 1st Rd...or at least, a top 3 2012 - Bruce Irvin - 15th overall, when he was, at best, a 2nd Rd talent. He's still playing, so good for him, but he played his first contract, and then what? Gone from his drafting team. Why? Because, well, he has played on the level of a, yep, 2nd-3rd Rd player. 2013 - Jarvis Jones - 17th overall - Was a top 10 prospect, til he ran like a UDFA prospect, then instantly dropped to 2nd Rd consideration. But Nope, Colbert/Tomlin are smarter...ugh 2014 - Johnny Manziel - 22nd overall - another, inital top prospect, until the process played out...then he just...kept..sliding. Everyone knew he was gonna flake...except that bum Cleveland, LOL! 2015 - Pick one--Cameron Erving, Arik Armstead, Phillip Dorsett--they are either gone fromt he original team, or very lackluster players...or both... 2016 - Artie Burns...moving on... I'll stop there, because we have no idea how the 2017/2018 drafted players will perform. Point is? GMs are NOT smarter than 50-100 other draftniks/scouts, etc. If the majority of them have a prospect as a 3rd Rd pick...there's usually, a good reason. Stop trying to fit a Square Peg into a Round hole, Colbert/Tomlin--It hasn't worked, if you haven't noticed, by now... Go back to sitting patiently and taking what comes to you...DD, Cameron Heyward, etc. THOSE are the smart picks. Not the "wait 'til they see this pick!!" selections. THEY-DON'T-WORK!!!
  9. Trades you want this year

    No, I didn't forget...that's why I added the part about him being a...well, I won't say it again...but man, he could do wonders with our LB corps, if he actually put his mind to it. He never would, because he's all about himself, and his family, and that's it. So I full-well understand he would NEVER work-out as I would love to envision it--too many roadblocks. And I am tolerant of substandard OLB play at all; you are missing my point entirely. My point is, he's improving...despite Porter, and Butler, and he's still just 25YO. I'm saying, if he can overcome crappy coaching, as he's starting to show, then why would you give up on him now? He has 3 sacks, 1 FF, 1 Pick-six, and 3 PDs (matching his career total before the season started), and we are just 6 games into the season. I'm saying, give him a chance to finish the season, since he's showing improvement; I'm asking why would you give up on a young OLB who is improving, despite our DC/LB coach, and with no one even CLOSE to being as good waiting in the wings...how is that helpful, exactly? Like I said, even if you bring one in, you are telling 'us' you'd rather have Chickillo remain as our back-up option over the guy who has posted the stats I just presented above, and has actually 'looked' better, as well? I'm sorry, but that makes no sense to me. Unless we trade him, and bring back TWO OLBs in a trade, that we can afford, that are better than Dupree (highly doubtful), then trading our Starting...relatively CHEAP, and improving, OLB doesn;t seem like a wise move...like, at all.
  10. Draft Prospects 2019

    That's true, but we found the RIGHT player at his position, I believe, in Marcus Allen, but let's face it, he's got some development that needs to happen. The problem is, so does Terrell Edmunds...and Artie Burns. But since they were drafted in the 1st Rd, they are expected to get playing time, right away. And we are seeing what happens when you push someone who isn;t ready; they were projected 3rd Rd players for a reason; they were not projected to be able to come in and start right away and be successful, because if they were, then they would likely have been projected as 1st Rd players. I'm oversimplifying, as you are, but the point I am making is, if we do select a DB, or OLB, in the 1st, they have to be, as you said, the RIGHT player, for us, but also, be ready to come in and play. If the player is deemed to be the right player for us, but is projected a 3rd, or 4th, Round player, then for goodness sake...WAIT until the 3rd or 4th round to select them, and get someone else, who IS a 1st Round player, and RIGHT for our team, at a different position, instead of forcing the situation, as they have done with Burns and Edmunds.
  11. Trades you want this year

    Honestly...what is your fascination with getting Dupree out of here? Even if we did bring someone like Graham in, that leaves, what, exactly...Chickillo? Fort? No, sorry, I can't support getting rid of Dupree during his best season to date. He may not be the 1st Rd Selection we were hoping for, but he's far from being a Jarvis Jones, who, if you and the rest remember, I supported for years. Problem is, he never DID get better, so I was fine when they finally parted ways with him, because it was clear he just was not ever going to be a good NFL starting OLB. But Dupree? You want to get rid of him when he's on pace to surpass every seasonal stat to date?? Some he already has, in PDs, INTs, and FFs (tie), after just six games. Look, if he ends the season looking like he did at the end of last season, with no improvement (meaning, he would have to regress from his current play), then sure. But I think he deserves a shot to complete this season, and IMO, he deserves the opportunity to be coached by a decent LB coach. Quick--name one OLB that Porter has successfully developed--and don't even try to say Watt...he was 'gift wrapped' someone from one of the most NFL talent-laden bloodlines in the history of the game; if anything, I'm betting that Watt would be EVEN better, with proper coaching. I actually think he's being marginalized by the lack of coaching/talent development capability of Porter, and by the very 'average-ness' of our DC. Butler probably needs replacing as well. You want my opinion?? (Probably not, LOL, but I'm gonna give it, anyway--tee hee) If Tomlin/Colbert are smart...Okay, never mind...I'll say it a different way...If Santa came early (That's probably more likely to happen than Tomlin/Colbert being smart AND tough--willing to do what's best...), then Butler would be replaced (Rex Ryan, baby! I know 43M floated that idea several years back), as would Porter, and whoever the heck is our lame DBs coach. Our defense will continue to be on the bottom half of the league in both yds and points until these three things happen--Bank it! Please...PLEASE, Butler, Porter, DB coach...prove me wrong...I want SOOO much to be wrong about this. Why the heck (other than he's a ******-bag) are we not hiring Deebo to be our LB coach? If a 6' 240lb UDFA can rise to be the most feared OLB of his day...become the NFL's DPOY and get 2 x 1st Team All-Pro Nods. He accumulated 25 FF in a four year span...the same number Porter accumulated in his entire career. Our linebackers would be coached up to be 'monsters'...rather than 'monster talkers'...again, just my opinion, and probably a bad one. My point is...Porter is NOT getting it done; if anything, I'd put my money on him actually 'hindering' our younger OLBs' development; there has to be a better option out there. I applaud Tomlin's loyalty, but at some point, you have to know when the time has arrived to make a change. Defensively, ranked 22nd in YPG /21st in PPG is simply NOT getting it done, and Porter is part of the problem...as is the DB coach...but until Butler is sent packing, switching position coaches will only provide minimal help.
  12. Draft Prospects 2019

    That's all well and good, but where, pray tell, do you suggest we get our, DBs from? It's not like our track record via FA is much better (Haden may be our best CB, but at this stage in his career, and his results, that's not necessarily a good thing...then we have such great viable assets such as Morgan Burnett--shocker--he's injured...then there was the great Mitchell...the list goes on and on). It's not the players we are drafting; it's the positional coach--it's obvious he's just not getting the job done, just like Lake didn't. We need to score a 'homerun' in hiring our next 'Munchak'. But also, we need to stop taking 3rd Rd talents in the 1st and 2nd Rds -- Edmunds, Burns, Davis, Golson -- We are placing ourselves in a disadvantageous position to begin with. I mean, look at this list... http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/players.php?genpos=SS&draftyear=2018&sortorder=tsxpos&order=ASC Do you see something wrong with it?? I do...how the he!! do we select a guy who is 3rd on this list in the 1st round, and the very next prospect...4th on the list, we select in the 5th Rd. These decisions are haunting us, and are killing our chances to be dominant. It's seems 1 out of every 2 years, we make a monumental reach in the 1st Rd, since 2013...JJ, Burns, Edmunds, who are offset by those who were actually selected where they should have been (or lower, in Dupree's, case, and that hasn;t really worked in our favor, either)--Dupree, Watt, Shazier (and actually, Shazier was about a 5-7 selection reach, if I remember right, but not a big deal). The point is--Shazier is out indefinitely and Dupree is slow to develop, leaving us Watt. That's 2 out of 6 1st Rd selections that are no longer on our roster, technically speaking, leaving us with the aptly named 'Burns', a slowly developing Dupree, a relative 'Stud', yet jeckyl-n-hyde-esque player in Watt, and a seemingly similar situation with Edmunds, though it's hard to tell after just 5 games played. So, all this to say, basically, that i have no issue selecting a DB in the 1st...assuming, however, that this DB is supposed to be there. I mean...it's a good thing we didn't take Jessie Bates III with his 42 tkls and 2 INTs, or find a way to move up to take Derwin James and his 36 tkls, 3.5 sacks, and an INT...or even (though now IR'd) Mike Hughes, over Edmunds, then take Edmunds in the 2nd...or 3rd where he belonged...but, but, but, then another team might have taken him (I love that argument)...well, too darn bad, but then, at least, we'd likely have an actual 1st Rd talent selected, you know, in the 1st Rd. And though I bring up stats, etc. so far...really, none of that really matters; the draft is about understanding the 'value' of a player, and where he 'should' be selected. Those prospects that are UDFA, or maybe even Priority UDFA-valued players, taken, say, in the 3rd Rd by a team, because their scouts are smarter, and the GM just scored a 'coup' by getting that guy...sorry, but those GMs are idiots. Those are the guys you take a chance on in the 6th/7th Rd, and if they are gone?? Oh well, move to the next on your list; I'm sorry, but of that prospect was a true 'game-changer', he would have found his way into the Draftnik's/Media's radar somehow, thus considered a 3rd/4th Rd value. In this day and age, there just are not very many who slip through the cracks... So...again, back to my point. If we pick a DB in the 1st, I'm perfectly fine with that, so long as that DB was a 1st Rd prospect; this little "I'm smarter than everyone else" act that Colbert/Tomlin are playing over the past drafts has cost us dearly, IMO. Couple that with crappy DB coaches, and you get what we have. We may very well just need to 'pay' for the star DB through FA or Trade; I would say Bell could be our answer, but he's tanked his value so much with his little stunts, even he is not likely to bring back much if there was someway that we would be able to trade his butt. Sorry for the 'War and Peace' response, all ; just felt I needed to say my piece on our drafting woes, of late, which will surely manifest itself again, this next draft, until these yay-hoos pull their collective heads out of their behinds, and go back to the 'tried and true' way of drafting that other successful GMs use.
  13. Bell contract 2018

    I don't disagree with what you are saying; I am not saying we have 11 All-Pros back there, but when did we ever? You bring up Dupree as a more athletic Clark Haggans; you don't think that's a coachable skill? I do. Same with Davis--placed in the right position...playing in the correct scenarios...amplifying his strengths while hiding his weaknesses, is something our DC of the past was able to maneuver. Hargrave was a late 3rd Rd pick--he's playing at his draft level, IMO. And now, just 6 games into this season, he already has 3 sacks. The dude has heart, and a motor, and the willingness to get better, at least from my 'cheap-seats-vantage-point'. And Burns? Yeah, we all knew he was a 3rd Rd talent that was drafted 2 rounds too high. You are spot-on correct with him. Not sure if a new DB coach would actually be able to help him and Davis or not. That was just a bad draft; our two best picks from that draft are the aforementioned Hargrave and Tyler Matakevich, most likely. And now, we have Terrell Edmunds; he's another 3rd Rd talent selected in the 1st Rd. My point is, if Colbert insists on continuing to screw up the draft, then we are going to need 'top-shelf' coaches to get us somewhat capable as a Defense. And I know, in the past, I've argued FOR Colbert as being one of the top GMs in the NFL, but now? IMO, he's lost it. He's turned into one of those GMs that thinks he's smarter than everyone else; thus making stupid choices in the earlier rounds, like the Patriots have been doing the past 5-7 years. I believe it's time for him to go. Even if Edmunds turns out to be good for us, he was not going to be selected before our 2nd Rd pick, most likely. Why? Because most other GMs know hos to draft, and part of drafting is drafting value-based picks, and Terrell Edmunds was NOT a 1st Rd selection, and was lucky to even be considered a 2nd Rd value by only a couple of the major draftniks. IMO, we could have had Edmunds in the 2nd, and taken CB, Mike Hughes, or better yet, WR, Courtland Sutton. This team is on a down-swing, unless Rooney makes some drastic decisions, and soon. Sorry, but IMO, Colbert has lost it; he's gotten too 'cute' for his own good...Burns, Edmunds, Washington/Rudolph combo... Anyway, just my opinion, of course. I could be very wrong, but Colbert's drafting prowess has taken a nosedive...again...IMO.
  14. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    So, what does that make me if I come in a full DAY after the game?? Nevermind...I don't want to know...I'll probably be accused of being a Browns fan...new (Browns) or old (Ravens) Browns--either way it's not good... Ooh...we should call them the Browvens!! (I'm sure that's been used before, many times...) OK, so, did my topic deflection work?!?! Anyway, what I REALLY came in here to say is that while I agree with 43M, that major mid-season changes are improbable, nor are they typically successful, if we do not attempt to do something, we are going nowhere this season. We might 'eek' into the playoffs, but we aren't going anywhere; we'll get slaughtered. I mentioned it a couple of weeks back in a different thread; our positional coordinators are the problem. It's not our players. Case in point--AV was garbage when he came to Pittsburgh; he was a career 2nd/3rd option at OT. Now look at him. Foster was 'meh' and turned into a decent OG for us for a couple of seasons, and DD is regarded as the BEST OG in the game. I know it may be blasphemy, but IMO, at a minimum, the Steelers should purge Butler, Tom Bradley (DB Coach), and Joey Porter (OLB Coach)...and then give Rex Ryan a call, and see how he'd feel about rebuilding the Steeler D to greatness, paving a path for him back to Head Coaching somewhere...who knows, maybe here! Yeah, yeah, the guy has issues--don't care. He knows how to build a defense.
  15. Bell contract 2018

    Ding, ding, ding...give this man a prize... But also, how they are being utilized?? For his few 'warts', LeBeau sure did know the right mix of schemes, blitzes, positional versatility...and let's face, we had a certain 'aura' and 'attitude' that just is no longer there. And the sad thing is, we have the players with the talent--of that I have no doubt, but we (yeah, okay...THEY) lack a cohesive identity. Our D used to be feared, and that may not have gotten in EVERY players' head, but IMO, it got in enough of them to make a difference. Who's scared of our D anymore??