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  1. 2020 Offense

    I think that even a year of seasoning for Rudolph will make our Running game better, if, in the event that Ben doesn't stay healthy. Tomlin and Colbert seem very comfortable with Rudolph, and assuming, to a lesser degree, Duck. We've all been pretty harsh on Rudolph, but we need to remember that even most 1st Rd QBs that come into their 1st season, will often times have their 'warts' to figure out, and fine tune, as well. Rudolph can throw a long ball, very nicely, at times. He has NFL size, arm strength, and some of the intangibles that are required to be successful (FB IQ, pocket presence, progressions, etc.), however, his footwork, and subsequently, his aim and touch, still suffer, but these are coachable attributes, potentially. He seems to be erratic, even with his strengths, by staring down receivers and not going through progressions, when things start to go 'south', but remember, it was his very first season playing int he NFL I'll admit, I do not see Rudolph as our QBOTF, but Tomlin and Colbert seem to believe in him, so maybe they see some things in his development that we just aren't seeing, as fans...my point with all this, is I expect, even without Ben playing a full season, that Rudolph will be able to come in, as needed, and perform better than he did last season, which, if we're being honest, he performed decent enough for a good portion of last season, that he might be able to pull #2 duties for a time, and act as a transitional QB until we are in a position to draft one. I bring all this up to basically mean that we should be able to weather the storm, if Ben is injured, better than last season, so long as our #1 WR , TE, and RB remain healthy.
  2. 2020 Offense

    I hate to be 'Debbie Downer', but we must always remember these...Starters/key Players who missed 10+ games, last season... 2019 - BR, Davis, Tuitt, Nix, and still...Shazier (plus Connor missed, what, 7 games?) Our ENTIRE 2016 draft class is gone, and our 2014/2015 aren't lookin' too great either...that's an entire year's worth of young talent...wasted...and we haven't really been fortunate in having Days 1 and 2 picks pan-out over the last 5 years. Other than 2019, Dupree has performed more like one would expect from a Day 2 pick, and both Day 2 picks are gone. 2016 has already been discussed... we're 3-for-4 in 2017 (Sutton??)...2018??? Ummm...1.5 for 3?? IDK...2019 is too early to tell, but looks like a solid 2-for-3, at least, thankfully, and we know we are at least 1-for-3 in 2020 (Minkah). Point is things are looking better now, and 2013/2014 combined looked good a couple years back, but since??? Looking pretty paltry as well. These are players we should be expecting better than a 50% contribution for in 2020; 2013 was just 7 years ago...At best, if Layne pans out, we are 10-for-22 between 2013-2019... I'm going off on a tangent here, I know, but let's face it...every year we think we are going to go '3-for-3' with production from these picks, but history shows potentially half those picks don't pan-out, and we already have a known 1-for-3 in 2020...and as much as I believe in Claypool, there is definitely risk there, and our 3rd Rd pick is development all the way... Ben will hopefully be at 100%. but even if he is, that's a 38 YO there, coming off elbow surgery regardless of his optimism, we should be 'guarded' with what to expect. Conner has yet to give us 16 games; same with Vance, who is, let's face it, not in the top 20 starting TEs in the league...and neither Ebron from 2019... I'm just saying we are banking on a lot of 'maybe's for 2020...I'm excited, as you are, and think the potential could be through the roof, but I'm also expecting to have 3-4 starters out of the line-up for any given week...and as we saw, some 'starters' are more critical than others...
  3. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Oh...well! Shoot, if their defense attorneys say that they are innocent, well, then, it must be true. Seattle and NYG have nothing to worry about, since it was all just a misunderstanding... ...the Seahawks and Giants can go ahead and re-insert these two back into their depth charts! I kid, I kid...they probably would not sound so brazenly optimistic if they did not feel strongly that they were innocent.
  4. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Yes...it's this type of thing that makes no sense to me. Even if he had a history of behavior (which I have no idea, tbh), the facts were, that the cops came due to a call, and nothing happened, so where did 6 games come from with all this, as opposed to much more public displays of 'tarnishing the shield'. Hopefully, whatever new system has been agreed upon under the CBA will eventually start making more sense, but it's not likely to happen over night...
  5. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    I had heard rumblings of this, but I'll be honest, I had no idea when, or how, it was to be implemented. That's good to hear, because it was mind-numbing trying to figure out how a team was going to be effected. And it was mind-numbing for us, I can only imagine how teams must have felt...
  6. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    ...except, when they didn't... (Elliott, Roethlisberger, and others). There's a pretty incriminating audio recording in the Hill case, yet the NFL claims 'not enough evidence'. Yet, (and this has NOTHING to do with the Ravens and me being a Steeler fan...just making a point) Rice only received 2 games, initially, even knowing there was video evidence, but since his wife pleaded to Goodell to not take her shopping money away...er...I mean, not punish Rice because it only happened once, and wasn't that bad, lol...good thing there's no history of battered women staying with, even apologizing for, their attacker...oh wait... Anyway, I know this seemingly goes beyond the scope needed to make my point, but it's not, because I'm demonstrating a ridiculously disturbing 'non-pattern' of Goodell suspensions...being, one can be arrested for 18 months for essentially allowing dogs to die horrible deaths, and only receive 2 games, yet be accused of something regarding hurting women, well, except for for the above mentioned cases (Hill, Rice)...having incriminating evidence is not enough...it took actually video evidence to be seen by the public before the REAL hammer came down. But 'alleged' offenses, after conducting internal-to-the NFL investigations, with little-to-no evidence, getting 6 games for 'tarnishing the shield', well... ...all that to basically state, we have zero idea what Goodell will or will not do in these cases, because we as the public, are not provided any insight to what an NFL internal investigation will find. Nope, we as 'joe-public' just have to be satisfied with accepting the phrase "after the NFL conducted its own internal investigation, and have decided..." So again, this was not a team-biased-oriented post, I just wanted to point out the abhorred nonsensical record that Goodell has, to date, with his findings. And as such, we likely have no idea what Giants' and Seahawk fans have in store in regards to Baker's / Dunbar's suspensions...or lack there of, and will have to decide whether the Seahawks will need to sign more depth, or if the Giants need to look for another starter... ...again, it doesn't matter what the US Legal system has to say, it's all based upon the internal NFL investigation, and what they perceive the court of public opinion fallout to be, against the NFL...and THAT, my friends, is the TRUE meaning of justice, lol. Where the teams, teammates, and fans have to pay for the 'dumb' actions of 20-something millionaires... or or or ...you decide which of these emoticons are appropriate...

    I had hoped he would be a great 'sleeper' find in the 3rd...funny how he was ranked higher than Burns...with Layne being a potential late 1st Rd pick, taken in the 3rd, and Burns being a solid 3rd Rd prospect, taken in the 1st... Artie Burns - Grade = 5.91 http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:_0Hlnrgc47YJ:www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/artie-burns%3Fid%3D2555344+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Justin Layne - Grade = 6.30 https://www.nfl.com/prospects/justin-layne/32194c41-5955-1215-cffc-8abcb8fc6ac5 So, somebody explain to me why Layne did not receive more action in his rookie season, while Burns did? I don;t believe for a second that Burns was more prepared day 1 of his rookie season than Layne was last season's day 1 of his rookie season???
  8. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Not to mention the fact that if they did nothing wrong, why have they not turned themselves in immediately to clear their name. Maybe it's not as bad as what was all said, but donuts to dollars they are guilty of something, and at a minimum, I can't see that there won't be suspensions of some kind, if for nothing else than 'tarnishing the shield'. I won't cry over spilled milk, but I would find it extremely biased, and suspicious, if some hefty suspensions weren't levied for this incident. A 1st Rd pick from just last year?? Definitely suspension worthy, and the two teams should be preparing for those two losses for quite a few games...

    If he has no advantages over Marcus Allen, then that does not bode well for him making the team, which, as a 6th Rd pick, wouldn't be the worst draft pick in history. I just thought he looked a bit 'quicker', and able to diagnose pre-snap, better than Marcus, just based upon how quick he got to the runner. Additionally, without seeing much of Marcus Allen's play on the Steelers, I believe one of Allen's 'cons' was his desire to take big hits, and 'blow up' the ball carrier, ultimately resulting in missed tackles. One thing I liked seeing from Brooks was how sure of a tackler he was...even if he didn't make the 'hardest' hit on the ball carrier...
  10. Tight Ends - Best of the rest

    Steelers fans were thinking the same thing in 2016, after signing Ladarius Green, and, well, we see how that worked out... ...as they say...there's no ability more important than availability... And what do they do 4 years later??? Yep, same idea...different name...ankle issues...and Ebron is no stranger to concussions, after suffering one in 2018...oh, and he had groin surgery before 2019 season...and other nagging injuries (knee/hastring) before...and...and... ...so yeah, we can say the same thing with Ebron, but I'm not sure which 'ending' would be more fitting for our 'statement'; we could go with the same one as you, with "...to stay healthy." Or, what might be the bigger issue, we could say "...become a main stay in the top 5 just needs to learn to play TE." But I'll defer that to Lions/Colts fans, lol!! Sure, I'm hopeful, but that hope didn't amount to a 'derned' thing in 2016, with Green...
  11. Your team: Overrated, underrated, best, etc.

    He's performed 'passably' as one would expect from a former Late-2nd-to-Mid 3rd Rd prospect; he's played a ton of snaps, starting earlier than expected in his rookie season, and have made a bunch of tackles Sometimes, prospects really are Day 2 prospects for a reason, and GMs really are not smarter than the general draft community; this was one of those times. So, his lack of splash plays, as well as, his seemingly inability to develop much from his rookie season to the next, is what I believe what August is referring to this being his prove-it year.
  12. MVP’s you did not agree with

    Appropriately so, lol. Ward earned that one, and bailed Ben out on at least two throws in that game. It's a shame, because Ben was masterful in the 3 playoff games in 2005....then just fell apart in the Super Bowl...
  13. MVP’s you did not agree with

    Yes, the play before, I believe... ...but overall, he was 6 for 8 on that drive...driving 78 yds in 2 minutes...
  14. MVP’s you did not agree with

    Super Bowl 43 - Ben over Santonio QBs with lesser efficiency performance numbers have won, to include this past Super Bowl. How many QBs have spearheaded a GWD like that, and do not win. Yes, Santonio made one heck of a catch, but Ben literally placed that throw where ONLY his WR could grab it.
  15. The Claypool Quandary

    I'll be honest...I don't know if Chris Simms is usually on point with his evals, or if he's more like Gruden and his QB evals, where he loves everyone, but if he's right, looks as if Claypool has some potential...