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  1. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Please show me the language of any state law that says this...let's say someone confronts another, with a push/shove, or slap, the pther guy is allowed to pull a gun and shoot him, right? Because that's how you just worded that...'all you want'?? And yeah, no danger of being brutally attacked...did you completely miss watching the actual video, because that was 'brutal attack' But yeah, keep trying to spin the facts, NOTHING Rudolph did was anywhere CLOSE to deserving getting his helmet ripped off, and having his head swung at, and connected, by it being used as weapon. I'd love to here a rational explanation as to why Garrett ripped Rudolph's helmet off, because there is ZERO reason for that...NONE...But go ahead Steelers haters...nothing knew on this forum. Watch the video again--Garrett unnecessarily threw Rudolph to the ground, THAT is what started the whole confrontation, but go on continuing to trying to ignore that fact, or spinning it like Garrett was somehow unaware that the ball was out. Nice try. Hilarious how many are trying to spin this...what a freaking joke. Garrett has issues, and every time he commits a flagrant attack against someone else, he tries to play it off as 'oh, I'm not really like that...that's not who I am...it was just this once...' Dude is the next Haynesworth or Burfict...
  2. Does Tomlin Deserve Any Credit for This Season?

    And Ramsey is STILL getting a majority of the press; ESPN just 'splashed', at the top of their NFL page, an entire article devoted to how Ramsey 'gets in peoples head'...I just think it's funny that that the rams were mostly 'lauded' for landing Ramsey, and yet, Tomlin/Colbert/Steelers were ridiculed by more pundits than not. And ESPN can try to spin how much of an impact Ramsey has had on the Rams all they want, but the fact of the matter is Minkah has had AT LEAST as much if an impact as Ramsey did in his first 3 games with the Steelers, is younger, cost less in draft capitla spent, is cheaper, and under control for another 3 seasons. And Colbert didn't act in a vacuum; Tomlin had to be a big supporter of this for it to go down. Anyone who thinks Tomlin wasn't a major 'player' in the decision to go after Minkah is fooling themselves, so that point, in concert with everything else he's accomplished this season...aaaannnnd...any part, which I am confident Tomlin played a major role in, to how AB was handled at the end of the last season, and Bell, as well, has turned out, to be smart moves all around...
  3. Does Tomlin Deserve Any Credit for This Season?

    I didn't mean to insinuate that you, or EVERY Steeler fan hated it--in fact, I'd say that many were cautiously optimistic--but as you know, there were a ton of 'haters' of the trade.
  4. Does Tomlin Deserve Any Credit for This Season?

    It's funny--everyone, including most Steelers' fans--were calling for his head, saying it was the dumbest trade of the year; now he looks like a genius. Even if they do not win another game all season, it certainly seems highly unlikely the Steelers would have found a comparable talent with their pick... Proven 23YO NFL starter vs unproven 'possible' stellar talent...as they say..."bird in the hand..."
  5. Is Kyler the most talent rookie to play since Luck?

    Well, 1st off Luck wasn't the most talented Rookie from his class, let alone, the last 7 years. He might have been the most talented 'prospect' entering draft, but RGIII and Wilson both had better Rookie seasons, and showed more 'talent' than Luck did his Rookie season. Of course, there's all the arguments about 'surroinding casts', etc., etc....but the fact of the matter is, no matter how bad RGIII flamed out, if we are talking most talented 'Rookie', in a vacuum, then both Wilson and RGIII were more talented 'rookies' Now, since them? That's a tough call, but yes, Kyler is an amazing talent, and I do not believe it would be wrong to support that statement about Kyler, at present time.
  6. Does Tomlin Deserve Any Credit for This Season?

    The Colts were 5-2 when they played them, so the rams were not the only 'winning team' they beat...and to put the ENTIRE stock of beating the Colts to a missed FG at the end, by a 40+ YO PK is shortsighted---plus, as was shown, the placement was terrible (laces), and combined with a 'chili dip', which has nothing to do with age of the kicker, was why that FG was missed. Plus, let's remember that they lost to Baltimore, in OT, due to a fumble that put them in FG range, playing against the Steeler's 3rd string QB for a good portion of the game... The point?? Every W or L will exhibit a few quirky plays, that will help decide the outcome of a game. And not to mention that the last 2 wins came with only a PS RB, a RB signed off the street, and the 3rd down back...both starting RBs have been out (Connor/Snell). Tomlin absolutely deserves credit for what he has put together this season. 95% of the fans/media thought the Steelers were 'done for' after Ben went down. That same 95% also equated the 1st Rd pick traded for Minkah was most assuredly a top 10 pick...meaning?? everyone thought the Steelers were done, and would be lucky to reach 5 wins on the season, let alone, the first 9 games. The fact that the Steelers are above .500 are in large part due to Tomlin's Defensive coaching/coordinating, and the signing/trade of Minkah...one can pontificate all day long about how these wins were accomplished, or opposing records, or player injuries, etc, etc. Bottom line is, they are winning games that, 5 weeks ago, seemed a pipe-dream of ever happening, and that is in large part due to coaching and preparation, hence, Tomlin deserving a big deal of credit for these wins.
  7. I love what Minkah has added to this team

    :Thumbs Up: 👍 :Thumbs Up: 👍 It was a risk, but I do not feel it was as big of one as your feel it was, but hey, hindsight is 20/20, I know. Believe it or don't, but I honestly felt it was a reasonable gamble from the get go; it was widely known that the Dolphins asked him to play out of 'position' for most of the season, so far, so I wasn't worried about his potential...I was more worried that Butler/Tomlin would misuse him, as well. True, but again...the gamble was easily worth it. He's displayed 'top 10' talent, quite a bit, last season, with the Dolphins. And yes, I'm afraid we are stuck with Edmunds. I thought he was slowly progressing, but it appears that he's likely as good as he'll ever be, and were he a day 3 pick, I have no doubts that his job would be in jeopardy.
  8. Another trade? Who's this new GM?

    But by the time that likely happens...or...at least, by the time he gets CAUGHT reverting back to his old habits, we will have likely gotten what we needed out of him in the short term, while our running game is in shambles... Unfortunately, this is a time when we need Ben...we could have loaded up the passing game, and let him take this team on his shoulders, and 'pass' our way to victory; not sure if Rudolph can shoulder that load. But at the very least, I hope they are looking closely at grabbing a 3rd Dn RB with excellent blocking skills, as well as able to be counted on for 4-5 screen passes per game. Why? Well, apparently this team misses Munchak more than we thought we would; our OL performance has dropped down to a near bottom-5 OL...all in one season. Don't let our performance against the 30th ranked Rush Defense fool anyone...that was more about the Dolphins ineptness, than our dominance in the running game. So, with that said...any pass-catching RBs, or maybe even some H-Backs on the market we can take advantage of? We are blessed with a fairly benign schedule through the rest of the season; Indy at 5-2 is a fluke, and the Ravens...well...that's always a close game that could go either way. No reason NOT to believe that if we play our cards right, we could conceivably end up 9-7 or 10-6. We've already played the hardest part of our schedule--assuming a Bills L and a Rams L...the rest are very winnable games, and we could conceivably head in to Baltimore with a 9-6 record...
  9. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    Sorry for the delayed response, but that...is...classic, haha...nice... ...and dang, do I love that movie...hilarious!
  10. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    I can see how that meeting is going to play out... When two immovable forces meet...this is gonna be great!!
  11. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    Oh, sure...there's lots of issues in today's society, but how does failed leadership come into play IRT Brown? Are we going to continue to blame the Steelers' leadership for AB's behavior?? He just proved that he did this to himself...the Steelers didn't 'coddle' him...the entire NFL, and that includes NFL writers and the fan-base 'coddled' him for 5 years...he started reading his own press, believed he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and got too comfortable there...that's his problem...not Tomlin or Ben...
  12. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Ship his butt to GB! (Sorry Packer fans...nothing personal..) But seriously...Aaron Rodgers to AB?? Plus make AB freeze to earn his money...
  13. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    It's all just a microcosm of today's society, TBH...it's ALWAYS somebody else's fault, the only reason X player acted the way he did, is because he was handled improperly, etc...same thing wiht kids and parenting..."If only his momma loved him more, he'd be a better person..." Blah, Blah...or the opposite end ...if Coach GM X didn't take control of the locker room the way they should have, this never would've happened, so on and so forth...EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY has an excuse for why X happened to them...this sense of entitlement to everything...oh, and that entitlement has a time restriction...not only is X person ENTITLED to Y, but he's entitled to it, right now... What the heck happened to people taking responsibility for their own actions?? As we focus back in on AB...when the hell did he ever some out and say "oh, my bad" That 'staged apology' lasted how many hours?? IDK...I'm trying to keep up...I can't tell when AB and the Raiders are 'All Good', and when they are on the outs...it's like a tennis match, haha... Seriously...AB needs to grow up, and realize that not EVERYTHING is about HIM, ALL of the TIME!...what a joke...
  14. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    And I never said you did present anything as fact...so we are in agreement...I said...the above...LIKE...as in, similar to...not 'is' fact... "You aren't going to make up that inch plus. Length and speed are more important than weight." But when someone states "X and Y are more important than Z," then you are attempting to make a statement, based upon...nothing...and present it LIKE it is some common-known...opinion...but that is just the point...it isn't Were people concerned about his height?? Sure. But more 'people' (to include analysts, fans, etc.) felt Bush was worthy of a top-half of the 1st Rd draft selection, than not, and though some may have mentioned his height as a detractor, he, as a 'complete package', was either at the top...or 2nd-ranked, at his position...ahead of AAALLLLL those other ILB/MLB prospects, who were taller...why do you thinks that is?? Because of this... https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/devin-bush ...he ranks near 'average; in arm length/wingspan, yet ranks way higher in speed components... ...and ultimately, 'instinct' and 'Football IQ' are likely going to make-or-break him as an ILB...which are more important than length/height, especially combined with his speed. I am more concerned about those attributes, which, IMO, were the bigger detractor than his height, to most analysts...
  15. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    My point was, you are just willy-nilly picking attributes, and assigning 'relative importance' to them, like it's some fact...it's not. Whether Bush is successfulor not will not be based upon being an inch and a half shorter than half a dozen ILBs, or about an inch shorter than another 4 or 5 guys. So, how do you explain Sam Mills, or how about Zach Thomas being arguably, the Dolphins best-ever LB?? Being an inch or two shorter is nowhere near as important as the collective of other attributes... And if Bush fails...it's certainly not going to be due to his height...