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  1. Is Russell Wilson on a HOF pace?

    “Regardless of whether or not they accumulate stats or win rings”. My post pretty clearly hinged on “best of the generation” type player, not stats or rings. So...bringing stats and rings into a post that basically says “regardless of stats or rings” is silly. No, it's not, since those are the two items that literally define whether a QB is at the top in his 'field'--playoff success and production. What's silly is thinking that Rodgers, Brady, etc., are considered the best at their position for any other reason than production and playoff success. Wilson has accomplished both, with or without adequate supporting staff. So if you do not use production and playoff success to judge QB play, what the heck do you use? The 'eye-test'?? Because if a QB's mechanics are spot on, and he has excellent field vision, arm-strength, anticipation, pocket-presence, leadership, and all those other attributes that make a QB good, then production and playoff success is what follows. QBs don't make it into the HOF based upon any other factors. Hype is generated by winning, and statistical excellence. Russell Wilson has had to overcome his height, and physical make-up, pretty much, to get drafted, and then when he gets drafted, and all he does is win, people still want to enshrine Luck by his 3rd season, when Wilson has out -'everything'd' him. He's consistently underrated, but If he continues on this pace for another 10 years, he ends up with a career Passer rating in the mid-to-upper 90s, over 300 TDs, 50K+ yds, and a SB ring, well, that's what the committee is going to look at, and yes, by default, he is a top 3-ish QB, even if the FF community doesn't want to admit it for their 'favorites'; I guarantee you, the rest of the league, coaches, players, including media, etc., know Wilson's worth, and he's earned that through his statistical performance and SB win/Playoff success. So tell me, if a QB ranks at the top in Passer Rating in one season, then leads in TDs in another...that's efficiency AND production, I''ll ask again, what else does he need to do to be considered a top QB in the game? you don;t think so? OK, that's on you. But don't think just because Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Ben have held the title for so long, that that means that Wilson can't break through, when he's proven, through the things that matter, that he belongs, but that somehow, other young QBs might come-up and surpass him?? How exactly? Winning? Check, Wilson's done it. Stats? Efficiency? Leadership? Check, Check, and Check--Wilson's done it, and still doing it.
  2. Is Russell Wilson on a HOF pace?

    Well, what does he have to do to be considered in the top 1, 2, (MAAAY-BE 3) QBs in the league? I'd argue that he just needs to wait for Brees, Brady, Ben, and Rodgers to retire, and he'll be right there, in the Public Opinion's eyes...however, in Statistical production, what more does he need to do? He led the league in 2015 in Passer Rating, he led the NFL in 2017 in TDs, he's currently 2nd All-Time in Career Passer Rating...ahead of Brady, Brees, and Ben. He's won one SB, just like Brees, yet has only played in 1/3 the number of seasons, so time to do more. Then, as was mentioned, add in his 3000+ yds rushing and 16 Rushing TDs, and you get a lot of offense out of a single player, yet one who's consitently at a Passer Rating of above 92, unlik some other QBs with legs are So yes, he is HOF bound if he, say, doubles his production plus some...say reaching that 50K ydg and 300 TD mark, whilst keeping his efficiency intact. Because in 3-5 years, when these other old-farts are gone, he rises to the top, IMO.
  3. May I just say...DeCastro...

    Ugh...I just closed my post...so, starting over...again... I understand what you are saying, but aside from Wagner and Smith, none of those players can claim to be at the top of their respective position, so while Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, Harrison Smith, and Kirk Cousins, I would expect, would be drafted ahead of DD right now in a re-draft, the likes of Josh Norman, LaMarr Miller, Dont'a Hightower, Whitney Mercilus, T.Y. Hilton, or Janoris Jenkins don't hold a candle to DD. And Kelechi Osemele is, at best, the 5th? 6th? best OG, so H2H, he loses out and would be somewhere in the late teens/20s, due to positional value. THAT is where the drop off happens, IMO, not for the best player AT that position. They are all very good players, but they all easily file in line behind DD in a re-draft. DD is the guy, along with Pouncey on a bit less effectual level, that makes those 'holes' that Le'Veon oh, so patiently waits to open for him. Without those opening, he's JAG. DD can make your RB look like a star...well, at least make him look better than he really is, at the very least. So basically, IMO, DD is picked 5th, maybe 6th, in case there were 1 or 2 other players you didn't mention that we are all forgetting from that draft.
  4. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Just peeking...sorry. Quick note. I just saw an advert that was discussing QB tiers...Ben was 4th tier, behind such greats like Andrew Luck, Jimmy Garappolo, and Jared Goff. Really? Every year, they underrate Ben, and every year, he comes out and 'ruins' expectations. Umm...Juju and AB, plus likely Bell? 2nd in YPG last year? T-5 in Total TDs AND Passing Yards? But Tier 4? OK, whatever... You may continue. Solid pick, Hitman!
  5. ...is everything he was advertised to be, and more. I know, this is out of 'left field', but I just got to thinking recently, is all. When he was drafted by us, 23rd over all, and through the draft process, he was to be the next 'Steve Hutchinson'. Of course, Seahawk fans, and one in particular, felt that was blasphemy and that DeCastro was highly overrated. Fast-forward 3 years, and the 2015 season we really start to see the consistency; he'd already flashed greatness here and there, but to be truly great, you have to perform at the highest levels on a consistent basis--just ask AB! There was also this ridiculousness, I remember, of how Kevin Zeitler, taken a few picks later later by the Bengals, might actually be the better pick, and by extension, the better OG. 5 years later, One of these two stand at the top of the rankings...consistently...while the other is on a whole-other team, mired in 'goodness', not 'greatness'. I say all this because I feel it just gets buried; people talk out their behinds, because they know it will never be addressed again, 5 years later, but most importantly, I bring this up to remind everyone not to take this 'greatness' for granted. And while you might find an occasional article, that just wants to be 'different' that may put a different OG atop the heap the past couple of years, the fact of the matter is, we have the best in the NFL, bar-none. Also, depending on what you consider Bell to be, this potentially means we have the best player at 4 positions, out of, depending how you look at it, between 18-26 or so, possibilities: AB, Heyward, Bell, DD QB - RB - TE - WR - OT - OG - OC - NT - 3T - 5T - 4-3DE - 3-4OLB - 4-3OLB - ILB - MLB - CB - FS - SS - P - PK (And yes, Heyward is arguably atop the 3-4 DEs...at worst he's 2nd...but, but Watt??? Yeah, I know, but I'm talking 3-4DE right now, not 3-4OLB...oh, you meant the 'other' Watt, well, I'm talking now, not two yesrs ago.) Anyway, those are pretty good odds, when you consider we have high-level players at other positions as well, such as QB, PK (laugh all you want), and yes, OLB. I think Dupree gets 'pooped' on a little too harshly. It would be lovely for him to be more active in the pass rush game, but the rest of his game is solid, IMO. Anyway, I'm going down a 'rabbit-hole' here, my point is, DD is often the forgotten man, and has lived up to his billing, and if someone were to do one of those 're-draft' exercises of the 2012 draft right now, DD would likely be a top 5 pick, IMO--he's that special.
  6. Bell contract 2018

    Hey, so I know this might make you re-think your stance, but I completely agree with you! Seriously, I like Bell...love what he brings to the team, but the way he is acting right now is darn-right 'Diva-ish'. We offered him WAY more than any other RB would conceivably even think about getting...guaranteed money, or not...he was offered a sensational deal; one that is likely better than what AB was offered, comparatively. AB's didn't have much in the way of guaranteed money, but he's still bringing in a nice paycheck every year, because he continues to deliver; Bell likely feels he won't be able to continue to deliver at his current level, and wants the Steelers to pay him anyway??? NFL contracts have gotten out of control.
  7. Next Year's Draft

    That's a HUGE 'if'; so far, he has not provided me, personally, any confidence that he's our answer at FS moving forward. I hope that changes this year, but I don't think it will; I think we made another 'Steeler-2nd-Rd-Flop'. We've been doing better as late, with Bell, Juju, and Tuitt, but so far, Davis has not impressed with the chances he's been given; plus, he's listed as a SS in the first Depth Chart, which doesn't mean much, I know, but it might mean they are planning on using him more in the box on 1st/2nd down, and letting Burnett play 'Centerfield' instead, as Butler recently alluded. I agree with your first two positions listed, but I would put CB and FS, and TE, as well, before WR or OL.
  8. Next Year's Draft

    The Patriots usually like to trade BACK into the 2nd Rd, not up in to the teens...that would cost them a pretty penny to move from 32 that far up. Are you a soothsayer? Knowing somehow we are going to want to trade back to 32 next draft?
  9. Earl Thomas

    I have to agree; none of these guys you mentioned are deal-breakers for Thomas. We're not getting him anyway, because it's not the 'Steeler Way', but if if they DID take a chance on him, as much as I am a fan of giving Hargrave this year to figure it out...or not...giving him and a 2nd round 'tweener who isn't really great anywhere, a 6th Rd DL that really isn't the best fit for us, and two former UDFAs (I believe, right?) -- a 'meh' Guard on the wrong side of 30, and an undersized DB, is hardly too much for, like you said, the best FS in the game, or at least, a top 3 FS. Thomas is a 'game changer'--none of the four you are offering are, and collectively doubt they'd have the impact that Thomas provides. And while I understand your point, to a degree, about Bell, IMO, to have control over Bell, and be able to have first signing rights next season, It would be worth it for his level of talent. But my original point was to conduct a S&T, like they do in the NBA...sort of. not sure how it would work, or even if it's allowed, but screw it, go into negotiations with Bell...AGAIN...but this time, capitulate at his lowest offer, then put him on the block. I guarantee one of the other 31 teams would bite and be more than happy to pay Bell what he is asking, and I bet Seattle is one of those teams...Shaun Alexander...Beast Mode...they have a recent history of strong, big RBs. At this point, Bell is becoming a distraction, IMO. I'm tired of his 'Diva' attitude, after the Steelers stuck by him after his Blount-Blunt fiasco. they offered him 5 years $70M. I don't care how much was guaranteed, and sorry for my mini-rant, but AB, even his 'Diva-ness', signed with little fanfare and little guarantee, because he had faith in his own abilities; someone like Bell, IMO, isn't to be trusted. the Steelers, IMO, should have every right to make his contract 'Performance-based'. It's real simple; he provides the team 50 catches and/or 500 yds Receiving, plus 1000 yds rushing on at least 3.9 YPC, he gets his $14M the next year. He doesn't? It's on a pro-rated sliding scale. Between 40-49 receptions or 400-499 yds, he takes a $2M hit, to where he can't lose more than $6M on receiving...say after it's below 200 yds/20 rec, it doesn't matter, gets at least $8M...AS LONG AS, he rushes for the above. Between 900-999 yds, he takes a $1M hit, and so on. Of course, there would have to be a floor there to, say 600, so he's guaranteed $4M no matter what. And of course, a legitimate injury for a few games resets the totals. Anyway, IMO, this is how all 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and beyond, contracts should be handled. Guarantee like 25% of the contract, each year, but in order to reach the full potential of the deal, the player should meet certain 'gates'. It would be a nightmare for Salary Cap guys, but we worth it but keeping parity in the league. Sorry to derail your thread, warfelg. I'll bring it back full circle. Bottom line, this deal (yours) makes sense for both sides, and while Seattle fans would likely balk, the fact of the matter is, Thomas isn't happy there; they may as well get something for him.
  10. Earl Thomas

    I personally, would make that deal, as I think Earl Thomas is difference maker, and it seems almost 'wrong' to have a Steeler team with no dominant DB. Since our 70s' Dynasty on, we've almost always had at least one...Blount, Shell, Woodson, Lake, Polamalu...we suffered for a few years with 'Burnt' Alexander and Flowers...Flowers was good, but not a game changer. Anyway, that is one position we are severely lacking and all attempts to fix since Polamalu's retirement has ended in failure. Someone like Earl Thomas would easily mean more to use than the compilation of names/picks you provided. I say, how about a S&T...if we can do that...we sign LeVeon (to a deal that Seattle will live with...hopefully one that Bell agrees with as well), and they send us Thomas and Penny. I know Thomas is special, but LeVeon is a 'legend in his own mind'...maybe we can sell that to Seattle! Kills 2 birds with one stone. Gets LeVeon and his unreasonable demands out of here, and we get the playmaking safety we so sorely need! See Warfelg, I out-O'rourke'd you!
  11. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Browns Up)

    There is SOO much wrong with this analysis, it's not even funny. First off, you are completely ignoring 48 selections between 17 and 64 by quoting Top 16 and 3rd Rd QB success rates...can I cherry pick, too? Here...I'll add them in for you. That would be a 65% success rate for picks 17-32, and 48% for 2nd Rd QBs. Secondly, you just admitted that you had a 5th Rd grade on a QB selected 7th overall, that was traded up for with picks 53 and 56, which turned into 63 and 117... So, Josh Allen is worth Vita Vea, MJ Stewart, Carlton Davis, and Jordan Whitehead? But my favorite is trying to ignore the draft changes in 2008, and then again in 2010, when in 2008, it pushed Rd 3 to the final day, and 2010, was the first year that a 3rd day was added...so yeah, I bet the stats don't look so hot between day 1 and day 2 QBs between 2005 and 2009...when Day 2 meant Rds 4-7, or 3-7, during those years...priceless... And then, you try to pass-off Carr's success because he was 'supposed' to be a 1st Rd pick but his name derailed him? And what about LOC. Tell me, how well did Josh Allen do when he played 'Real Teams'? https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/4/2/16913670/josh-allen-wyoming-nfl-draft-college-schedule-strength-opponents So great. Josh Allen does great when he plays teams like Utah St....how many 'Utah States' are there in the NFL? Exactly Zero. And even then, Josh Allen's stats were hardly elite. 44 TDs vs 21 INTs ...a major regress from the year before, while all Mason Rudolph did was elevate his game each and every year. I'm not sure how anyone can look at Rudolph's career and not say he's a 'winner'. 32-9 in the Big XII and 3-1 in Bowl games is pretty impressive. People want to say that Josh Allen is a Winner, but, 16-9 and 1-1 in Bowl games, with that one win being against an 8-4 C. Michigan squad isn't very impressive...sorry, but it just isn't. Overall, however, my point is not that Mason Rudolph is 'better' than Josh Allen; my point is Mason Rudolph as the 76th overall pick was a better selection than Josh Allen at 7th overall...or we can look at it this way... Vita Vea, MJ Stewart, Carlton Davis, and Jordan Whitehead >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rasheem Green and Alex McGough ...whereas... Josh Allen is PROBABLY better than Mason Rudolph. And that really is the crux of the argument. Josh Allen has a ton of ?????s as the 7th overall pick, and will start from Day 1, because he almost has to, whereas Mason Rudolph gets to learn from behind Ben as the 76th overall pick. As far as value, and which of the two was the best selection, all things considered, I don't see how many, if any, could honestly say that Josh Allen was the better of the two. Mason Rudolph was being discussed as high as 12th overall to the Bills, by quite a few fans, draftniks, media-types, and scouts, and ended up going 76th overall. You are entitled to your opinion, but that doesn't mean everyone felt the same way. "Mason Rudolph, one of six quarterbacks who some thought would be taken in the first round, slipped past everyone in Round 2 before finding a new home in the third round with the Steelers." - https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-draft-day-2-recap-grades-mason-rudolphs-new-team-derrius-guices-slide/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/draft/2018/04/30/nfl-draft-steals-cowboys-steelers-mason-rudolph/562208002/ Posted April 8th, BEFORE the draft..."Watching his tapes on Youtube in big games and high pressure situations... I think this guy is MUCH better than Allen. Nobody is going to know until he gets a couple of season under his belt but he does have the most to prove... I was listening to Jerome Bettis at his restaurant in Pittsburgh and his pick for the Bills was Mason and the Bills keep their pics for their rebuild. Bettis said some great things about Buffalo and said after next years FA and their cap they will be the team of the AFC in 2020. His only complaints about the Bills was the time to award the fans of Buffalo with a new stadium." - https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/204050-mason-rudolph-could-be-the-steal-of-the-2018-qb-draft-and-has-the-most-to-prove-per-bettis/ https://withthefirstpick.com/2018/04/28/2018-nfl-draft-pittsburgh-steelers-find-steal-mason-rudolph/ ...and on and on... And if you want to play the "Carr shouldn;t have been drafted in the 2nd Rd..." well, we can play the "Rudolph should have been drafted in the 2nd Rd," increasing his prospects of success from 25% to 45%. And Josh Allen should have slid to the back half of Rd one, taking that 81% to 65%, and now we are a looking at a 65% chance of success vs a 45% chance of success, then compare the price paid for the selections. Fact of the matter is, Josh Allen could have slipped to the late 1st, and no one would've wondered why... https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/04/18/josh-allen-draft-cleveland-browns-mmqb-peter-king (Also, notice Mason Rudolph's injection into the article... So again, you can try to use stats that show Allen is going to be successful while Rudolp won't, but if Rudolph was potentially viewed as a mid-to-late 1st, who likely would slide to the 2nd due to other pressing needs of teams in the back half of Rd 1, then using 3rd Rd stats to suggest his chances of failure are high is highly flawed.
  12. T.A.S.T.... This Aint STEELERS Talk

    So, this is kind of Steeler related...because I'm making it so. Anyway, I just purchased a watch...I'm calling it "The Bradshaw"...LOL...
  13. Help Coming..?

    Did you carefully look at the YEAR of the date of any of these articles in the media you are reading? I ask because it's been the same story for what, going on 6..7 years now? You might be reading an article from 2013, or 2015...who knows, they are all the same, only the draft selection names have changed each year... This year, it's Mayfield, Ward, and Chubb 2017, it was Garrett, Peppers, Njoku and Kizer... 2016, it was Coleman and Ogbah, and to a lesser extent, sneaky-good Kessler... 2015, it was Danny Shelton and Erving, and the ingenuous move to select Ifo Ekpo-Olumo (or however you spell his name), in the 7th... 2014, it was Justin Gilbert and Manziel Add those 5 years up, and you have 51 players...practically a football team... But continuing on... 2013, it was Mingo... 2012, it was Richardson, Weeden...and lest we forget, Josh Gordon... Face it...it's been since 2010 since the Browns ACTUALLY had a fruitful draft, with Haden (who's with us now ) and TJ Ward, who is ALSO no longer on their team. Yet since this time, the Browns have drafted FIVE 'Franchise' QBs...who knows...maybe this year, they got it right, but since they always seem to outsmart themselves, and likely just should have taken the more 'sure-bet' QB in Darnold, I'm not holding my breath that Mayfield will end up being any different from the previous 4....
  14. Overall...solid evaluation. Likely a bottom 25% draft based on what we know right now. We may have missed an opportunity to get better, RIGHT NOW, to put us over the top, but I think Rudolph is the type of QB you go after in the 3rd, if he's sitting there, and he was. He could have gone late 1st/early 2nd, and yeah, some wouldn't have liked it, but many would really think it too much of a stretch, either. He was the 5th to 6th rated QB, depending what board you looked at (I saw him as high as 3rd, and as low as 7th), and he was the 6th QB taken, so he was taken where he probably should have been. In a 'bubble', the Steelers could have taken Rudolph 60th overall, and Washington 76th, and fans/draftniks would have probably liked the value for those two 'better', if that makes any sense; many felt Washington was a 3rd-4th Rd WR, though I don't see it, and most sites had him ranked in the 40s-60s. In fact, after the draft, I went to go look, because so many were calling Washington a reach, yet this is what I found... NFL.com BigBoard - Washington - 65 | Rudolph - 95 DraftTek BigBoard - Washington - 43 | Rudolph - 41 FootballFanSpot Final Mock Draft - Washington - 49 | Rudolph - 52 TheSportsQuotient Final Mock Draft - Washington - 24 | Rudolph - 31 DraftCountdown BigBoard - Washington - 56 | Rudolph - 43 DraftAce BigBoard - Washington - 56 | Rudolph - 57 GBNReport BigBoard - Washington - 77 | Rudolph - 53 | (Terrell Edmunds - 37) NFLDraftScout BigBoard - Washington - 84 | Rudolph - 43 Yahoo BigBoard - Washington - 58 | Rudolph - 64 Mayock BigBoard - Washington - 49 | Rudolph - 37 Pro Football Focus BigBoard - Washington - 24 | Rudolph - 25 Washington averaged the 53rd spot, while Rudolph averaged the 49th spot...so those are both 2nd Rd values, but Washington had more 3rd rd grades than Rudolph...in fact, Rudolph had only one, and that was NFL.com. But anyway, great analysis, and I think you REALLY understand the prospects, and how they fit better than most, IMO; I appreciate that...or...we could both be way off-base. Ah well, it's fun to speculate, regardless!