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  1. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    Out of the entire press conference this takeaway was most promising for me... Really cemented for me that this is a new day at halas hall... Previous regimes stubbornly took the high character position to the extreme. Hunt will be disciplined for his actions by the proper authorities. No need for the organization to compete against itself in a PR battle. The Hunt move just makes too much sense. Especially if his punishment is announced before the draft and FA, which would allow the team to move Howard for draft compensation. In the end write a contract to protect against future character problems. But dont take your hat out the ring if you dont have to. I Bet Any Amount of Money The 49ers are pulling their hair out after overreacting to the Reuben Foster situation only for the Redskins to sweep in and claim one of the best up and coming defenders in the league...
  2. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    It seems that Rex Ryan rubs You guys the wrong way... Rex is beloved in the city of Baltimore by those fans and organization.. HOF Ray Lewis swears by Rex as well as future HOF Ngata, Suggs, and Reed. When Rex went to the jets Baltimore players flocked to Jersey to play for him.. It came crashing down in NY once the organization realized they didnt have a QB in Sanchez. And The Media said he put too much pressure on the team guaranteeing SuperBowls in the preason.. Those teams went to Back 2 Back AFC championships with Rex's Defense, underwhelming performances from Sanchez, and a RB Jerry Angelo ran out of town in Thomas Jones... That's Not bad imo... The only time I remember Rex having real issues was in Buffalo and let's face it, When was the last time Buffalo has had their **** together. If I'm not mistaken he clashed with Marcel Dareus who the team later got rid of anyway after Rex because he was a head case... You guys act like the bears model themselves after the patriots... All our players and Staff raved about this year was the FUN atmosphere created... From Club Dub, End Zone Celebrations, And Fat Guys Scoring Tds. That sounds like a crew Rex would fit right into. As far as his personality in the local media it is a match made in Heaven. The only coaches to really have success in this city all have STRONG personalities...(Ditka, PJackson, Thibodeau, Coach Q, Maddon, Ozzie) the lone exception was Lovie and the media ran him out of town. I'm All in On Rex... The Games our defense got in trouble were always in the 4th quarter when Fangio would simply play prevent and it cost us big time.. With Rex at the helm that simply wont happen. And if Rex doesn't get a chance how about Jack Del Rio?
  3. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    What exactly has Rex done that was so wrong that he cant get an interview? I'm lost seriously. No sarcasm maybe I forgot... was it the tattoo?
  4. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    He is also a better DC than Wilks and Pagano... Just because he is too outspoken for you doesn't mean he wouldn't fit this D perfectly
  5. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    The latest rumors this A.M. is Fangio will take the Denver gig🤧... I wish him the best until we play. So who is ready to charter that Jet for Rex Ryan😎... I think Ryan is the only candidate that guarantees our Defense remains top 5... his aggressive style pairs with the speed this Defense has... Only player I would be a little concerned with is Kyle Fuller because he chooses to play off the line regularly... The rest of the crew should be flying around as usual. Ryan's attitude is also a perfect fit for the City and Team. Coaches that dont have big personalities are always ran out of Chicago no matter the sport🤷🏾‍♂️

    It's always easy to comment on somebody else's money. Football players have dedicated their life since approx 10 years old to their craft. They dont get to drop classes, change majors, change careers like most adults. Most people don't really hit their prime in their career until 30, in a football players life 30 is almost the end of it all. Get as much as you can.

    I know we on a Bye.. I just hate the Bye week.. and all media talking about the cubs?‍♂️

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2798375-1st-round-rookie-report-card-grades-at-nfls-quarter-mark Seems National Media is higher on Roquan than Bears faithful... I wasnt a guy that demanded a trade of him for the holdout(I think players have to get everything they can Money and Language see Earl Thomas) However, i expected more splash plays from the former Bulldog. I like him sideline to sideline so far, but in coverage as much as he has been targeted I expect more hands on the ball. I love how he is not playing to his size in the middle. He appears more physical than Deion Jones between the tackles. I would have given him a B. Drop the Grades and Comments P.S. where is the weekly thread for the Dolphins?
  9. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Great Start to Season... Its just great not to be already talking about next years draft!!! Or What Ryan Pace did in New Orleans ?⏬
  10. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Crazy how all national media is picking Bears for the 1st time and all Bear Nation is picking bucs???? ?⏬
  11. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Bad news Anthony Miller day to day
  12. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    I think the pass rush is in for a very Big game.. The Buc are a Vertical team that thrives on the deep ball.. However this means Fitzpatrick holds the ball alot longer waiting for the play to develop so the pass rushers will have a chance to get home... When Fitzpatrick is limited to the intermediate pass game he is mistake prone... If Prince is out whoever Tolliver checks on the outside will have to be shaded as the Bucs will attack Tolliver because although his size and potential are intriguing he is a rookie and if you continuously attack rookie corners they are prone to mistakes. I think the Bucs also have benefited from playing against horrendous defenses thus far... The Saint D ranks 30th, Philly D is 9th(couldn't stay off the field with Wentz out) and Pitt D is 24th.. The Bears will be the 1st formidable D Tampa has played..
  13. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    I think the key to this game will be getting JRosen on the field... After Bradford's first two starts the leash is extremely short. The Arizona media is calling for The 1st round Qb after seeing Baker Mayfield's performance on Thursday Night Football. Lfloyd is now out of that club which should lead to him being alot more effective. Cards will try to Triple Mack with a Tackle, TE, and RB... This will leave unblocked pass rushers up the middle and on the back side if schemed correctly. Look for Delayed Blitzes up the middle from Roquan and DannyT. None of the Cards QBs are mobile. This should force the pocket to Floyd who should dominate the heavy footed DJ Humphries. In the Run game the depth the Bears have will be key. As Amos should have a big day in the box as a result of Arizona not looking to challenge deep. This game also plays to the Bears strength as Amos, Roquan, and Danny T can all cover David Johnson out of the backfield. If there was ever a game in which Fuller and Amukamara should be up and smothering for 5 yards, THIS IS IT! Larry will give us a little trouble in the slot vs Callahan and Jackson however that is dependent on Ari QBs being able to take advantage. Cardinals coaching staff has publicly stated that McCoy has scaled back the playbook in an effort to focus on plays they have mastered. Offensively JHoward and Tarik should be the focal points for the offense. Sustained drives should break the back of this Cards D. RPOs and the short passing game should also be an extension of the run. As much as I would love for Trubisky to Air it out this week he has to stay away from Pat P at all costs. Peterson has returned to shut down form and If Trubisky locks in on ARob the same as he did last week this game will be alot closer than it should be. With that being said Nagy has to implement KWhite in the pass game. That big body and speed matched up on that weak Corner opposite Peterson should provide a hell of a mismatch. Dont know how many targets Trey will get as the gameplan will call for Trubisky to get the ball out quick and Burton will likely be helping out with Chandler Jones and Markus Wheaton who returns this week.
  14. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    This game has more matchup problems than ppl realize I think Bears win... But Pat P will really limit Trubisky eyes... He locked in on ARob in wk2 wont be able to do the same in WK 3... Could KWhite get some deep snaps? With no TMathieu at safety. How will Trey Burton be featured if he has to stay in to chip/block/ subbed out for DSims to help on Chandler Jones?
  15. Bears Trade Deiondre' Hall to Eagles

    @TankWilliams it was a tweet from Brad Biggs he likely got it wrong because now the tweet wont load on bleacher report ?‍♂️