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  1. man, Falcons laying the smack down on the Raiders lol
  2. the missed TD in the first half and going for it instead of getting the FG on 4th in the second are making this much more stressful than it needs to be
  3. Please don't throw it in his face - we would find a way to lose from a stupid penalty aka Rudd's helmet :)
  4. How do we go from the pressure on the QB we had last week to absolutely so little this week?
  5. Chubb is so beast mode all the time !
  6. Schobert with a whiff there - shame the penalty killed it.
  7. I want to cut that dude hair so bad lol
  8. lol, that was dripping with sarcasm from him
  9. Baker is getting so good at that hard count
  10. Come on defense - let's get some pressure on the QB this drive.
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