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  1. L - @Ravens W - Bengals (Thursday) W - Redskins L - @ Cowboys W - Colts (4:30) L - @ Steelers W - @ Bengals W - Raiders bye week L - Texans L - Eagles W -@ Jaguars L - @ Titans W - Ravens (Monday) W- @ Giants W - @ Jets W - Steelers Count me in 10-6
  2. Seems to fit what they think of LBs role being - "Phillips is a reliable option but lacks the alpha field demeanor and explosive athleticism teams look for. He has backup talent and should step into a special teams role quickly. Early tape was better than later tape as the competition level increased. He does an adequate job of handling his assignments but won't make that many plays outside of the scheme." Just a body to play at an average level.
  3. Still want Wills or Simmons for us so is a chance lol
  4. Most NFL pros aren't drafted for their intelligence levels.
  5. This was what we had and ironically, was also my first type of car 8 years later when I was 17
  6. I remember snow nearly up to the second floor windows of our apartment, being unable to open the front door because of it and eating potato soup and fried potatoes until it came out our ears because was all we had in the house lol. Still do not like potato soup or fried -potatoes to this day due to that Guess it traumatized me lol. Being young those few days seemed like they stretched on for weeks. and was 9 as well but do remember it!
  7. My guess is more that it will happen when the Federal law changes.
  8. I completely agree with you that is is not assault but unfortunately in this day and age, this kind of stuff gets ruled as assault. I think is is stupid, but is the way things are. In a locker room, as well as on the sports field, players are always smacking other players backsides to express joy, admiration, motivation or just as a "good job"...to me this is what happened, but bottom line is that if you touch anyone these days without their consent you can come up with these charges against you.
  9. Jim Schwartz for me now that McCarthy is gone.
  10. Give me safe and boring stability: GM: Eliot Wolf; HC: Mike McCarthy
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