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  1. Give me average at both over last in rushing defense. The past decade of horrible run D has made me bitter lol.
  2. Seems so odd to not be talking about who we should hire for HC at this time of the year
  3. i would not say Hooper did nothing, in fact I give him catch of the game...but he certainly could of done more
  4. ok, on to the important question - where are we picking the draft ?
  5. am going to be pissed about that non-call for leading with the helmet at the goal line against Higgins in the first half until next season now
  6. play calling that last series and the non-penalty call in the first half for the leading with a helmet really a factor now
  7. now the tough decision ....eat the clock as we score and have them able to drive for a FG to go ahead (against our ****e defense) with no time left or score quick and try to stop them while still having time if they score?
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