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  1. thanks, like I said not kept up on pressers, etc like I usually do.
  2. I have not watched any of the recent press conferences but has anyone actually come out and said that Kitchens will still be calling plays or is it you all continuing to just assume he will? I get the impression from his hires that he is trying to focus solely on the being the HC and hiring competent coordinators under him to focus on the play calling.
  3. Ahhh the growing pains we are going to experience with this....We get more experienced coaches in here that screw up managing the game as a HC and you truly think this is going to be better? I can live with the growing pains and learning curve, but if we miss the playofffs the next couple of seasons because of inexperience mistakes are you going to be as willing to live with it? I will but am asking all of you fans of this. I just hope that he takes on only HC duties and hires someone to do the actually play calling. If he is doing both this is going to be just another in a long line of failures.
  4. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    Going out on top is the best way to go out if you ask me. Once things start going bad is too late. That said, I highly doubt he is going anywhere.
  5. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    I am with you Ditch'... 49 yrs, 3 grown sons (but still played when they were younger),and retired military but still working a job of 40-50 hours a week with a ton of business travel, and still get my nerd on gaming every day. Also like you, I never watch TV
  6. It was a joke dude, relax lol! Was a play on all of the pressers where they were always saying we need to "stick to the process"
  7. Serious thread: Freddie for HC

    And you guys write like you know he will be a good HC....same thing, from two different perspectives.
  8. Stick with the process and he will improve!
  9. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    That is a government employee you are referring to there. us government contractors get fire or contracts not renewed if we do not provide stellar performance.
  10. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    Was a nice try. Would not have been in that position had we not been screwed on the fumble in the 1st half nor the missed FG. Looking good for next season though!
  11. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    that was a catch
  12. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    Lol, was just going to post something similar