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  1. Pretty sure I could pay you round-trip (would have to cover this cost for you I'm sure), and then cover your medical bills. But I'll hear nothing at all. PersianCoward
  2. Confident you're as much as a pansy as your name would suggest. Would love the opportunity.
  3. Nah. You're a coward. Who am I kidding myself. Persian *****.
  4. Bruh, if your Persian *** was as confident as you portray yourself, you'd happily be waiting for me at the airport this Saturday morning when I arrive. But i guarantee your coward *** has an excuse. Nothing would kick off my vacation better than seeing you in person and putting you to sleep.
  5. Still having trouble graduating college? Must be massively disappointing. Feel bad for those Persian family members of yours that are relying on you. Looks like another failed generation. Too bad, I was rooting for you
  6. Aw. Those poor professors. What a horrible 40 minutes that must be.
  7. Wish I had time to talk with lunatics like yourself Persian pride. Totally down with your stance on things.
  8. It's 10:45 my time you moron. Keep talking crap when you're ****ting the bed on basic "papers and exams" lol your professors know with certainty you're a juvenile joke lol. Enjoy graduating as a nothing.
  9. Why don't you friggin' look? Oh wait, exams and papers
  10. So this was a big deal. One post-cut pickup for the backup interior line would be a massive sigh of relief. But Brooks is definitely someone I want on my side come January. Battle tested.
  11. Good stuff. Saw it on ESPN. Well-written per usual from her. Rodgers is cool.
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