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  1. I guess I am failing to understand the OBJ targets talk going on. He averaged 7 targets a game, not counting game 7 where he got hurt the first play of the game. That would put him on pace for 112 targets in a 16 game season. The offense isn't clicking because OBJ isnt on the field, they are clicking because it takes time to learn a new offense, to trust the offense, and having OBJ at this point of the season would only enhance the ability of this team to be dominant offensively. I definitely do think that Berry and Co. sit down with OBJ, along with a few other key players, and work out some s
  2. Pass rush has certainly been a weakness, however when teams are killing us on third down conversions, a lot of those are on plays where the ball is out super fast. The play last Sunday where the Bengals took the lead on the short Burrow TD pass, it was our safety not being able to make the correct read that led to him getting beat. I think Richardson has played better than you're giving him credit for. I think he would benefit a lot by us having some additional depth so he could be subbed out a little more frequently. The hardest thing trade wise for me is how to address a hole at
  3. Let's say that Delpit doesn't get injured, and Greedy is healthy and seeing the field. How much better is our defense with those two guys over the role players that have been filling in for them?
  4. We would be better off to keep Njoku and let him showcase his growth and his athleticism while helping us win, rather than trade for a 5th or later pick. If we elect not to resign him in the offseason, someone else will pick him up, and we will likely get a compensation pick out of him anyways.
  5. yeah you're right. He made the nice play against Sample.
  6. I don't see any chance at all that we move OBJ, unless we get a crazy stupid trade offer for him in the offseason, which most likely won't happen. Jarvis obviously loves him, but look at the way the rest of the team respects the dude, and how much they all jive together. On field, there certainly are improvements to be made, but he spent year one here with a terrible coach and still got 1,000 yards. He already had equaled his TD total from last year in 6 games played before getting injured. I don't think this is a situation where the QB and the receiver don't fit, I just think that it takes ti
  7. Reddick is having a heck of a season, I can't for the life of me see the Cardinals shopping him.
  8. I'd love Malik here. Also wish it were possible to snag Westbrook from their roster, but that's highly unlikely.
  9. Collins has all the talent in the world, he just doesn't love football. I think that's why at times he gets burned, and why he never lived up to the potential everyone knows he has. Money was obviously why he was cut, but Dorsey and co. want a team filled with dudes who live the game of football. Collins was the one dude defensively that I could pinpoint every Sunday that plays the game because of the business and not out of love. Baker, Garrett, Peppers, Larry, Ward, Schobert, Randall, Chubb, Landry, etc. all breathe football.
  10. Zion Williamson is easily the best player that will be in this NBA draft class. Setting aside the outside shooting numbers, which, by the way, Barrett isn't lighting the court on fire from outside by any means, the impact Zion has on the game defensively is going to be just as valuable as anything he ends up becoming offensively.
  11. I don't agree with that. Personally, I'd like to see Gregg as a head coach with a Kitchens type OC and a legit DC. Let Gregg run the team, run practice, motivate and drive the team, things he does well. This season taught us so much. It taught the team a ton too. We knew we wouldn't be able to fill every need in one offseason. But we really got to see where upgrades need to be made. I'd love to see us get a powerful, athletic NT to place next to Larry on the line. Adding a pure edge rusher across from Myles would be perfect. I think Kirksey back healthy will be huge in our pass defense. He had
  12. To me, when it comes to an OC, it's all about a guy that's willing to adapt his "scheme" to what maximizes his QB's strengths and abilities. I think that's why Kitchens has been successful, he was willing to sit down, with a rookie QB mind you and discuss what works, what doesn't work, and give the QB some input in the game plan. It's the same thing Arians did when he was a coach and OC. With Minnesota, I think there was a combination of both Flip not being what everyone thought he was, They ran the ball a lot less this year, Probably thinking with the upgrade at QB, it would put more points o
  13. Just saying, The Cowboys went 1-15 in Aikman's rookie year, and JJ's first running the helm.
  14. Josh McDaniels doesn't scare me, honestly I am very intrigued about him. My only question pertaining to him is would he really turn down the Colts job if he wasn't the lock-in guy to replace BB? I don't necessarily blame him for turning down the Colts job. At the time, we had no idea if Luck was going to be able to play or not, and the team had some major holes outside of Luck's health. McDaniels got two years in Denver. That's all. Von Miller hadn't arrived yet. Demaryius Thomas was a rookie WR. Decker a rookie. McDaniels never should have been given the power he received to make draft decisi
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