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  1. yep. he runs for a lot of 1 yard losses, and he runs around a lot until a guy is open. Lamar Jackson type stuff.
  2. One guy that I'd consider trading for is Tyrell Williams. He is having a slow season thus far with Detroit, but his career has been about him being a pretty solid deep threat, with him getting open downfield and making plays. Schwartz may be the future for us in that role, but it would be nice to have a reliable veteran in that role this year. He has a super affordable one year deal with Detroit, we could probably get him for a really low pick, or a future pick, and roll the dice.
  3. Watching the entire game, I don't know how anyone comes out thinking Joe Woods was a part of the problem. We go into the game, down a starting DE that has been on fire this season, and huge in run defense. Early into the game, Denzel Ward goes out, doesn't come back in, and we are rolling with our UDFA corner in his place. He comes in, plays his guts out, goes toe to toe with Keenan Allen most of the game, and gets called for a crushing, terrible PI call. We get two terrible PI called against us, that lead to Chargers scores. We had two big blunders in the secondary, that led to huge blown cov
  4. Allow me to comment on the above. All of what you wrote is accurate, and factual. I think Stefanski messed up early when he went for it on 4th and 2, when we have been struggling to convert on 4th down, and, up until this game, our defense has been outstanding the last two weeks. Take the points, get the early lead going because failing to get any points shouldn't have been an option. He also can't be super aggressive early on, and then when the game is on the line decide to be conservative. You went for the 4th down early because you felt the Chargers were gonna score a lot of points, but you
  5. what do we consider elite? To me, it's odd that we look at a QB that's 26 years old, in a game where we have seen franchise QB's who currently are playing into their late 30's or longer still playing at a high level, and we assume that he will never become that. When did Peyton Manning become elite? Was it after his SB victory in 2006 (he beat Rex Grossman in a game where his team had 3 field goals and a defensive touchdown)? Was it in the seasons in between when he was setting records (that Baker Mayfield was on pace to beat, BTW), but not getting it done in the postseason? Is the only way Ba
  6. let's just run through a list of Super Bowl starting QB's since 2000. Eli Manning won two. Ben went to three. Look at some of the other names on the list not named Brady, Peyton, Rodgers, the obvious, there were plenty of guys in there that are not known as elite, or upper echelon QB's. Some of these guys, including the HOF group, won at least one Super Bowl due to the way their defense played, or how they ran the ball, not because of how they played in particular. All of this regular season comparing means absolutely nothing. The important thing is getting the job done when it matters, which
  7. I wonder if Baker practices wearing the shoulder brace or not. He doesn't have any fear over getting hit in practice, so it's possible that he doesn't practice wearing it. It could be a big change, going from practicing without it (if thats the case) to playing games wearing it. Just a small change in motion or arm position can alter a target a lot.
  8. I just feel like its pretty premature to call for getting rid of a guy when he's two games returned from a major injury. It's clear, you'll never stop looking backwards to warrant your decision. You're that scorned spouse who got cheated on, but is still in the marriage, even though you live every day not trusting your spouse. The offense we saw in the second half of last season, and early pre-Baker injury this season wasn't in spite of OBJ's absence, it took time for the plan and scheme to finally be put together and executed correctly. Adding a playmaker to the team doesn't change that
  9. I'll be honest, I'm starting to question if you've actually been watching the games. For starters, Gillan has been horrible all season long. yesterday, I believe he had 7 punts, one of which was decent, at a brisk 54 yard distance. His last punt was nearly a shank. When we signed him, he was known as this guy that punted the ball a mile, now, he cant do that, and he is probably one of the worst when it comes to short punting. when punting from the midfield area, a good punter should easily be pinning them back inside the 10 on regularity, Gillan hasn't been doing that. As far as yo
  10. I'll take a stab at this. I think whatever team loses the Super Bowl will be the last to lose.
  11. I'm not sure how that would be discouraging if it was due to an injury. the non throwing arm is still an essential part of accuracy. if he wasnt able to elevate the left shoulder to the normal range, then the counter on the right side is typically a higher angle on the right side. It has a bigger impact to release point than you'd think. I was a throws coach and thrower in HS and college for track and field, and one of the most important factors in launch angle and optimal release point is the non throwing side being in the right spot.
  12. I'll disagree with the Mayfield play. He wasn't his best, no doubt. He overthrew Felton early on what would have been a likely TD. He missed Bryant later in the game on another play that could have been a TD. But he was playing a week after injuring his left shoulder. Have to believe that factored into some of the off target throws. He was also under duress a lot in the game. 5 sacks and hit I believe 7 times. Gotta love when your QB gets hit in the head, flag gets thrown, and the officials decide to pick it up. Only Cleveland! Just to compare, In week 1 Ryan Tannehill was sacked 6 times, and
  13. I am ready to see what our run defense can do against a team thats pretty good running the football. In a sense, playing the Vikings almost feels like playing ourselves. I think our pass rush is gonna be there, swarming as much as possible. I don't want to sit around and give them a chance to come back though, I want to put as many points up as possible. As far as Baker goes, I'd love to see a 3-4 TD game, but at the end of the day, I just want to win. We all know Minny's pass D sucks, so even if the guy has 5 TD's, I can almost guarantee come Monday morning the narrative will be that Mi
  14. This should be the game that we go pass heavy. Minnesota is one of the bottom teams in essentially every pass defense category.
  15. I think its way premature to assume we lack identity or the sky is falling down. We have played two weeks of football. Half of the defensive group are new to the team, so expecting them to come onto scene and play perfect football is something I didn't plan for. We also went about 44 mins down two key safeties in week 1, yet held the reigning AFC champs to 10 points in the first half. The big find for this defense is how they can transition when playing teams like Houston, where they are going to get the ball out as quickly as possible to mitigate our pass rush impact. We have to anticipate th
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