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  1. Week 15: VIKINGS (9-4) at Chargers (5-8)

    This is the type of game that the Chargers would inexplicably win (see Green Bay this year) and then turn around next week and lose to the Raiders by 30 🙄. I’m not playing the injury excuse for the Chargers, the fatal flaw of this team is and has been a pitiful offensive line exacerbated by an immobile quarterback. I would expect Griffin and Hunter to dominate in this one. Our defense can be ran on too, so I’d expect a day from Dalvin as well. That being said, there are worse 5-8 teams out there. If the Vikings are sleep walking, and the Chargers can give Rivers some time, this could be a dog fight.
  2. Future Outlook

    I agree there’s other factors in the loss but the defense basically gave up 16 points, I’m not gonna put too much blame on them. It’s more than that though, what about Denver, Detroit and Pittsburgh? I really hate doing this because it comes off as I’m bashing Rivers and I’ve actually been a fan and he’s one of my all time favorite Chargers. I just think it’s time to turn the page, that’s all
  3. Future Outlook

    That two minute “drive” at the end of the game was the most abysmal thing I think I’ve seen. 1:02 with three timeouts and you’re chucking hail mary’s? Unreal. All we needed was @45 yards, check downs, middle of the field, runs, all that is still in play. The o line sucks, but so does most of the league, get rid of the ball. No matter how you cut it, that was squarely on Rivers. The first pick was awful, the second it looked like the receiver fell down. Maybe I’m over reacting to a season ending loss, but like I said, I think this has ran its course with the Rivers.
  4. Future Outlook

    I’m convinced this is Rivers last year as a Charger. There seems to be some friction between him and Lynn. I think Lynn wants a more mobile QB that can move the pocket and create if things break down. Not sure if Rivers will retire but I think this has ran its course. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if we kicked the tires on Cam Newton if the Panthers go in a different direction after this year
  5. A soul for a soul, Nasir Adderley to IR

    Adderley wasn’t gonna get on the field this year anyway, except maybe covering kicks. Missed too much time in training camp. Might as well IR him.
  6. Future Outlook

    Just want to point out how disappointing it is that the front office hasn’t made one move to improve this team. We get injuries and the only answer is to look to rookies and the practice squad. Hats off to organizations like the Steelers that even though they won’t compete for a Super Bowl this year, had the foresight to grab a player like Minkah Fitzpatrick when he became available. Year in and year out we sit on our hands. No creativity whatsoever. How long has it been since we entered the draft with more than our allotted 7 or fewer picks? Really starting to question Telesco’s ability as a GM more and more as these seasons go by
  7. Forest “Fireless” Lamp to IR

    Man, hard not to feel bad for Forrest, but on the bright side at least it wasn’t the knee.
  8. Jim Harbaugh

    Lynn’s not the problem, we were all ready to give him coach of the year before the Patriots game last season. Flat out, the injuries have been brutal this year, there’s other teams with expectations dealing with the same - the Eagles, Steelers, Falcons all come to mind. Look at the 49ers, drafted 2 overall this year, now they’re healthy and undefeated- same coach. Don’t get me wrong, Lynn’s not perfect but we were winning games last year with him and our team at full strength. Our problem is, and has been that we can’t run the ball. We are constantly in 2nd and 9 situations, our o line is abysmal and the two guys who were respectable (Okung and Pouncey) are out which is catastrophic for us. I don’t think things will change for us until we fix the line. I would add D line but I actually think that is on the right track now. Everybody jumping ship after this rough start, I’m disappointed too, but I think we can turn it around. Maybe not this year, but this is still a valuable year for guys like Tillery, Broughton, White, Tranquill, Adderley etc. Oh, and you guys clamoring for Harbaugh lmao, have you watched any Michigan football? The offense they run is from 1982, it’s pitiful but as an OSU fan I think it’s glorious.
  9. Travis “Stone Hands” Benjamin to IR

    I couldn’t believe he made the roster this year, and seemingly made it without question. Outside of a few far and between splash plays, he’s been terrible.
  10. Future Outlook

    Really wish we would have gotten to see what a John Butler regime would have looked like long term. AJ was good at hitting on the late rounders (Michael Turner, Darren Sproles, Shaun Phillips, Shane Olivea, Malcom Floyd all come to mind). In the early rounds it almost felt like he was trying to prove he was smarter than everyone with some of the picks (Craig Davis was a third round prospect, and English was a second round prospect and who can ever forget Jonas effing Mouton in the 2nd).
  11. Future Outlook

    You’re right about the injuries, not much you can do when you have so many starters out. I still think our depth could be better, but it probably still wouldn’t be enough to overcome all the injuries we’ve had. Also, don’t feel as if Telesco has done anything to improve the team in light of these injuries, we had a fairly favorable early schedule if we could navigate it to 5-3 we would have given ourselves a shot My point with Oakland, Buffalo and Chicago was more where those teams were two to three years ago and where they are now. I think all of those teams are on a more positive trajectory than we are. Oakland particularly had improved immensely from last year. If you thought last night was bad, wait until that monster offensive and Josh Jacobs comes to town
  12. Future Outlook

    I’ll see your Mark Vlasic and Billy Joe Tolliver and raise you a Craig Whelihan and John Friesz. Been a fan since ‘82, I’m a Chargers fan because of Dan Fouts and Air Coryell. I was 9 years old then, my favorite teams were the Chargers, Ohio State, Lakers, and the Reds - they still are. You’re absolutely right about Spanos, I live in Ohio and Cincinnati has their very own Spanos, his name is Mike Brown. I think I can list at least 10 teams (including ours) where the bottom line (revenue) is the driving force of the organization, not winning. It’s hard to sit back and watch the futility year in and year out, I hold out for that one magical year like Tampa Bay in ‘02 or the Saints in ‘09. For his sake, I sincerely hope Rivers moves on next year and catches on with a possible contender (Tennessee, Tampa Bay, come to mind). It’s criminal that we haven’t given him more talent to play with. We should have been building a stud offensive line for years, it should have been priority number one. We have an immobile QB with a line that can’t block, and there’s no doubt in my mind we’ll go corner back in the first round next year. Disappointing season for sure, fairly certain we’re one of the only teams that could lose at home to a 3rd string quarterback. But I’ve seen worse in my 34 years.
  13. Future Outlook

    I also want to point out the mistakes made in the draft. ALL the wasted third round picks - Mager, Tuerk, Chris Watt, Feeny Ronan extent. Also the 2017 draft was exceptionally brutal. At 7 with a chance to draft Mahomes, Watson, McCaffrey and some others, we went with Mike Williams. Can you imagine how different the feel would be in this organization with Mahomes? Not to mention the help in growing a fan base. Look, I love Rivers, I think he’s had an outstanding career, but it’s run it’s course. This team desperately needs an exciting young playmaking QB to build around.
  14. Future Outlook

    Telesco got a lot of credit for building what was supposed to be a playoff caliber roster. It was obvious this team was razor thin on depth and not able to withstand the injuries. Did nothing to address the backup TE spot even though Henry is obviously injury prone. Let Tyrell walk and Benjamin stay even though Mike W is injury prone. The oline has been atrocious for years and the one guy we couldn’t lose (Okung) absolutely couldn’t get hurt - and did. I could go on but the question is about the future so.... - Team needs to decide what young core to build around. My suggestion is Bosa, Tillery, Derwin, Nasir, Casey, Desmond, Tranquil, Kyzir, Justin Jones on defense. Let Melvin, Perryman, Mebane move on.On offense I’d keep Keenan, Mike W, Ekeler. Let Gordon walk, can’t sign Hunter to any long term contract, and I think it’s time to move on from Rivers. - Upcoming draft, look for QB of the future in the first. If not, start investing in the offensive line - heavily. Could use another corner and a pass rusher opposite Joey. TT has had what, 6-7 years? Teams like Oakland, Chicago, Buffalo, have already turned the corner in less time. We need to make some moves. This whole “sign some low end free agents and draft isn’t working”. Acquire more draft picks at least to fill out the roster
  15. Who killed you this week?

    Mixon, dude is killing me