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  1. "The Legend of Philip Rivers"

    I’ll have to check it out!
  2. This time of the year cracks me up. “Chargers looking for mobile QB to move the pocket and change the launch point”...also “Chargers expected to be heavily involved for Tom Brady”. Lol
  3. I would too, and if it were any other team than the Bengals, maybe we’d have a chance. The Bengals aren’t trading that pick, no way unless Burrow flat out refuses to play for them. Even then, we’re out, because he’s not gonna refuse to play for Cincinnati to force his way to the Chargers. As much as I hate to say that, we’re as dysfunctional of an organization as they are.
  4. I agree, I’m just worried that we’ll overspend either in trade, or FA or the draft. I really think we’re gonna try to make a splash to try and create some excitement around our team. The front office has to be thinking we can’t go 4-12 next year and expect to start building a fan base.
  5. If Tua keeps getting positive feedback on his hip fracture (and that’s what it looks like so far), there’s gonna be a bidding war to get to that 2 or 3 spot in the draft. I would assume all of those teams (minus the Bengals) would be open to offers. Wonder how much it would cost to get up there, particularly the ‘skins pick, because they would in essence be passing on Chase Young as well
  6. I’ll always be a Chargers fan and a fan of Philip Rivers, he’s one of my all time favorite Chargers. I wish we could have won one with him. That being said, I’m looking forward to what the future holds at QB for us. For the first time in forever, I’ll actually be scouting the QB class hard in this draft. I still think we’ll trade for a vet, but you never know
  7. I think the writings been on the wall for Rivers for awhile now. I never bought into Rivers being an Anthony Lynn type QB. I think Lynn’s wanted a mobile QB since day one (Brought in Cardale, Tyrod and drafted Stick). At least someone that could change the launch point and move the pocket. On another note, we’ll get killed for how we treated Rivers 🙄 and how classy the Giants were with Eli. Whatever, we didn’t bench him last year and use him only in emergencies this year like the Giants. We let Rivers play out the string, when honestly we probably should have given Tyrod a start or two to see what he had
  8. I just don’t see this front office considering a rebuild. I think they believe (as evidenced by lack of trades at the deadline) this team is close to contention. We might draft a young QB, but it’s gonna be with the intention of developing him. Also, considering the fact that our fan base is non existent in LA, they’re gonna want to hit the ground running (I.e winning). Cam’s a flashy guy with prior success and a marquee name to draw fans. It makes a lot of sense to me.
  9. Coach Lynn extended

    That’s great stuff Duffman!
  10. Anyone have an interest in Cam Newton? Assuming he’s healthy, seems like Cam and LA would be a perfect marriage. Any ideas on the compensation for a trade like that? I’m assuming Carolina would get a 1st and a 2nd or something like that.
  11. Melvin Gordon wants to return...

    If I’m paying a RB, it’s Ekeler. I think he’s more dynamic and explosive in the pass game. I feel like what Melvin offers, we can replace with a draft pick or free agent. Nothing personal, I like Melvin, I just don’t think he’s a special back like McCaffrey, Barkley, Zelda etc
  12. Coach Lynn extended

    I like coach Lynn personally, just not sure he’s an X’s and O’s coach that can match wits with the better coaches in the league.
  13. Joey Bosa Saga part II

    This one is tricky for me. Personally, I’d pay Joey and look to trade Melvin Ingram to balance out the money. Joey is still what, 23 years old? He could still be part of the youth movement. I really think the organization has to decide on a direction and it all has to do with QB. If we go young QB (Tua, Herbert, Love etc) then I think we should be looking to cut/trade the vet players. If we go vet QB (Rivers, or sign/trade for whoever) then we keep the vets and look to fortify the lines and make a run
  14. Reports coming in that the Chargers have moved on from Philip Rivers. Not surprising at all. Looking to the draft, I think people are prematurely ruling out the Lions as players for QB in the draft. Stafford has an injury history and they might be willing to trade him (I haven’t read this, just a thought). They should at least feign interest in the QB’s, they could probably dupe us into overpaying to move up
  15. I’d be ok with Tua or Love but I just don’t think Herbert fits in LA. His personality is more suited for a small market team like maybe Indianapolis. I think we could trade back up into the first for a tackle if one fell or stand pat in the 2nd for Tega Wonagho, Jackson, Bartch, Jones...etc. Or possibly spend some money on a tackle in free agency and go IOL in the middle rounds. Plenty of ways to shore up the holes. I agree the Oline is a mess, but if a franchise QB is there at your top ten pick, that need/position trumps everything else