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  1. Chargers Offseason thread

    If we were counting on Verrett then shame on our organization. I feel bad for him on a personal level, but I think now we can close the book on him and see what our other young corners have to offer. I was scared Verrett was gonna have a good season and we would pay him and THEN this would happen. I wish him the best going forward but that probably closes the door on his career with the Chargers
  2. Chargers Offseason thread

    I'm perfectly fine with Nwosu, I liked him before the draft and thought he was a good fit for us. Plus I knew we had done a lot of work on him so I suspected he was high on our board, that goes for Malik Jefferson as well. As far as Jones, he played on one of, if not the best Dline in the country alongside Chubb, Street and Hill. He definitely flashes, and when he does, it looks good. I guess my question is, why is his production not better? He obviously wasn't the focal point of the offensive line and should have had plenty of one on ones with the guard. Rumor is, the Chargers really got sold on him during Senior Bowl week. Think about that for a second. He played four years at NC State and it took Senior Bowl week to sell us on him? If he's that good, those practices shouldn't have meant much if anything. That bothers me a little bit
  3. Chargers Offseason thread

    For the most part I liked what we did this year, particularly James (1st), Nwosu (2nd) and White (4th). Quessenberry, Cantrell and Jackson have potential to make the roster as depth pieces, which is fine at those points in the draft. Overall, I think we improved as a team this weekend I only have a couple criticisms 1. We are obviously a team that drafts for need over BPA. We have to be one of the most predictable teams in the league when it comes to need/selection. It's gotten us in trouble in the past, particularly the 3rd round. Chris Watt (14), Craig Mager (15) and Max Tuerk (16). These guys were all reaches at that point in those drafts and it seems like we may have done it again with Jones this year. Which leads me too.... 2. This front office lacks any creativity or imagination when it comes to the draft. I don't think since Telesco we've traded back one time for additional picks or traded a current player for any worthwhile draft capital (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). In the 3rd this year I would have liked to have seen a trade up for. Nnadi or Green who went within ten picks of our selection, but better players than Jones. The price to trade up wasn't high this year, I think that would have been a good move for us. It feels like those guys went and we panicked and took Jones. Jones is my question mark out of this draft. Even without a trade up, personally I would have taken Harrison Phillips at that spot. I hope Jones balls out and proves me wrong. Thats really it. I like the players we selected. Absolutely ecstatic to get Derwin James in the 1st, didn't see that coming but that made the draft for me
  4. Chargers Offseason thread

    Anyone interesting that we're bringing in as UDFA?
  5. Chargers Offseason thread

    Seems like we keep drafting the same "type" of guy. That safety/LB tweener (Jenkins, James, White). I agree Phillips is probably on his way out but it also says Jenkins isn't panning out either. Or am I wrong?
  6. Chargers Offseason thread

    Tell me we're not trading up for Mason Rudolph....
  7. Chargers Offseason thread

    Ecstatic about James last night, but we still need help at LB and DL. Really hope we don't get "Craig Magered" tonight.
  8. Chargers Offseason thread

    Boston's a memory
  9. Chargers Offseason thread

    Night before the draft, here's how I see our pick going at 17. I think these 9 guys are guaranteed to go before us: Allen/Rosen/Mayfield/Darnold/Jackson/Ward/Nelson/Chubb/Barkley These are the guys I think are preferable finalists for our pick. And if on the board will be our pick: James/Fitzpatrick/Vea/Payne/Smith/Edmunds That's six guys with 7 picks in front. Basically to land one of those guys we're hoping for 2 of these guys to go ahead of us... McGlinchey/Miller/Alexander/Davenport/Landry/ Ridley/Moore/Vander Esch If that doesn't happen and one of our preferred 6 doesn't fall, I feel like the pick will come from this pool McGlinchey/Miller/Evans/Vander Esch/Taven Bryan
  10. Draft Rumors

    He knew about it his freshman year at Michigan. Google Maurice Hurst heart condition Michigan - its the first article that comes up - from freep.com as well
  11. Draft Rumors

    He didn't get asked to come back for a re-check because the condition was pre-existing and they knew about it before the combine, it was documented at Michigan. So when he went to the combine, the heart condition was confirmed, they erred on the side of caution and sent him home. No reason to have him come back for a re-check when they've already confirmed the heart condition - it would be like double confirming the same thing.
  12. Players that will Shoot Up/Down in Draft

    Ive read mock drafts are sleeping on Jaire Alexander and there's a real possibility he goes in the top 15. Not sure that counts as "shooting up" because he's already considered a 1st rounder but thats higher than I've seen him mocked
  13. Draft Rumors

    That's the Chargers. I'm sure Mayock was referring to, well you know, competently run NFL franchises.
  14. Chargers Offseason thread

    I gotcha. Maybe Polian is assuming that you don't totally eschew talent for positional value. That is if the choice is between the 5th tackle on the board in the first or the number 1 safety, you take the safety. That's common sense. But if you're at the top end of the first and you can choose between the #1 Tackle and the #1 safety, you take the tackle. I know that's not mind blowing stuff, but I'm sure there's some flexibility in his "rules" is all I'm saying. In this draft, it would not surprise me if a McGlinchey or Miller (and I'm not advocating this) got the nod over a Rashaan Evans or even Vea or Payne if they're on the board. I also wanna point out that I think these players don't have a long term future with the Chargers and could be traded or cut outright either this offseason or next. Verrett Benjamin Barksdale Tyrell Williams Point this out only because I could see a possible WR or TE selection in the 2nd if the value is right. Why TE? Because we can put Hunter in the slot. Also a guy like Christian Kirk would make sense as a replacement for Benjamin and a kick returner. I also don't think it's crazy if Smith, James, Vea, Payne are off the board - the selection could be cornerback.