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  1. Another blown 17 point lead. The players keep saying “we need to learn how to close out games” and I feel like the coaches need to learn how to finish games. Anyway, back to the possible replacements. I could see us promoting Pep Hamilton. By all accounts, he’s done an excellent job thus far with Herbert and Herbert seems to like Pep. That can’t be understated, the value of the QB/head coach relationship. Also, promoting Pep would allow him to keep some current assistant staff rather than canning everyone which an outside coach would surely do. Not that he should keep current staff but it’s the sort of move Spanos would go for (less contracts to buy out). I don’t know, just a thought that makes some sense to me
  2. I agree that Lynn won’t be fired in season and possibly not in the offseason. I don’t think Gus has done a bad job, or maybe I’m just willing to give him a pass with all the injuries on that side of the ball. Seems like every year his hands are tied. Steichen on the other hand, not sure how he got the job in the first place (I know how, just not sure how they decided he was the best choice) and haven’t seen much of anything that’s impressed me so far. IMO Telesco can hit the door too. Lynn’s his hire and quite frankly his drafts haven’t been great either. At minimum he’s made questionable picks in every draft, some hits (Hayward, Woodhead, Pouncey) and some misses (Benjamin) in free agency, and forget any creativity in acquiring more picks or trades.
  3. 6-14 over our last 20 games with 7 straight divisional losses. 4 of those wins were over Miami, Jacksonville, Chicago and Cincinnati. Beat Indy first game of ‘19 and Green Bay must have been asleep when they came out last year. That’s it, those are the wins for 2019-2020 so far
  4. Unfortunately I agree with this. I’m not crazy about Telesco either. Plenty of GM’s have turned teams around a lot quicker than he has, not sure why he gets so much love. In 2018 we went to KC and pulled out a crazy win on a 2 point conversion then later on went to Baltimore and won a playoff game. Literally those are the last two games that come to mind that I thought were well coached and we won
  5. How long are we gonna stick with this turd coaching staff? I like Lynn on a personal level, but we get outcoached every week. Praying we move on after this season and go for Bienemy or somebody else.
  6. Herbert impressed me last week. Im cautious though as KC prepared for Tyrod then got thrown a curveball. This happens in the NFL, heck Duck freakin Hodges had a good game against us last year. When coaches don’t have tape and haven’t prepared, they can be caught off guard. Remember when Mayfield took the world by storm for Cleveland? Now he’s league average or below. Herberts gonna start due to Tyrods injury. If he lights it up this week, then it’s gonna be hard to put that cat back in the bag. I’m tempering my expectations. I trust the coaching staff and what they see in practice that we don’t know about. Loved what I saw from Herbert, but would still prefer this be a learning year where he backs up a vet QB
  7. Watching the Browns march up and down the field against the Bengals, makes me feel even worse about our offense
  8. The offense made no sense to me at all. Would have thought Hunter and Ekeler in the passing game would be the focal points in this one and sprinkle in Keenan working intermediate routes. Instead we were running Ekeler between the tackles, we went to Keenan early then forgot about him, thought we had good success when we targeted Hunter but didn’t do that often enough either. Would have thought Tyrod would be on the move more as well, at least roll outs, didn’t see that much either. Was excited to see this “new offense” we’d been hearing about, if that was it, it was pretty terrible. Hopefully it was just knocking off the week one rust and at least we got a W even if it was ugly
  9. Positives Really liked what I saw from Tillery, much improved from last year. I’ll temper it with, well it’s the Bengals Oline, but much better from him. He took a step forward Bosa, Hayward Jr., Ingram all played well as expected Dont know if Joe was antsy, having trouble reading coverage, scared to pull the trigger or the coverage was just that good. Not many open receivers most of the game until that last drive. Either way, secondary did a nice job today Thought overall the oline played well. Pass pro I don’t think we gave up a sack. Disappointed in getting stuffed in the ground game at critical times, although I don’t think the playcalling in those situations was great either Kelley ran with some authority that was nice to see. I suspect his playing time will increase as the season goes on Mike Williams looked great I thought. If balls would have been thrown better, he would have had a big day. Hunter and Keenan both looked good as well Negatives Wasnt impressed with Tyrod at all and I’ll leave it at that I thought the offensive playcalling was abysmal. It was predictable and lacked any imagination. Not sure who that’s on Steichen or Lynn, but I thought it was terrible. I was under the impression we were going to roll out a new offense with a more mobile QB, that looked a lot like the same garbage offense we’ve been running. All in all, I’ll take the win. But if a win ever felt like a tie or loss, it’s this one. Fortunate to come away with a win today, but if we keep playing like this, it’s gonna be a long season
  10. In regards to Jags players, I’d venture that if you’re in a league with casual fans, they may have never heard of DJ Chark. Most people feel more comfortable drafting guys they’re familiar with or see a lot on TV. Jacksonville doesn’t get much if any national media or air time. Might have something to do with where they are selected
  11. Titan Rick in the other thread just said by all accounts Cook is going hard in practice. That’s a good sign, I would assume if he planned on holding out and not risking injury, he wouldn’t be putting himself out there like that.
  12. Good point and positive sign that he’s going hard in camp. That’s a really tough call, I’m seeing CEH going as early as 5 overall and I can’t get my head around that. 5 is where the draft starts for me and it’s trying to sift through Cook/CEH/Henry/Thomas/ and I’m high on Jacobs. Hard to decipher that imo
  13. I’m just saying, is he willing to risk injury on this contract knowing if he gets hurt he’s gonna have to play on prove-it deals? We’ve seen it before with Bell and last year Gordon, granted it didn’t really work out for either guy.
  14. I’d say yes. If he plays and gets hurt, let’s say it’s the knee again, he’s really gonna be damaged goods. Against balling out for 6 games (plus maybe playoffs) and adding that to his monster year last year? I think the risk of getting hurt during the course of a 16 is too great to jeopardize his next contract. Just my opinion, he might feel differently and go out and play regardless, I think him sitting at least some games is a possibility
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