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  1. Expecations for 2020 Season

    The problem is most games in the NFL are competitive, so most teams can argue that if the ball bounced a different way, they could have been 10-6 or whatever. As Parcells said “you are what your record says you are” and that’s us in my opinion. We had problems at LB, Oline, when Hunter was out TE, deep threat/speed at WR (still an issue), and of course Rivers throwing picks probably due to poor oline play. So the question is did we get better and if so, how much? It’s hard for me to see Tyrod moving the needle much and same for Herbert. Left tackle is still an issue. We lost Gordon and will go with Jackson I assume or maybe Kelley. Counting on a lot of rookies and unproven players to step up is always dangerous. Talkin about Taylor, Herbert, Nas, Tillery, Murray, Hill or Reed, and whoever takes over at LT. I love the optimism but I don’t see how we stack up with the upper tier of teams in the league. I was hoping we would get a power back to go with Ekeler and try to run the Baltimore offense. I think that’s our best chance for success. Try to lean on the defense and run game. I think if we put too much on the QB, we’re gonna be in trouble
  2. Expecations for 2020 Season

    I’m a little less bullish on this season. I do see winnable games on the schedule and drawing Cincinnati and Jacksonville should help. The AFC East are all winnable games and the NFC South could provide a couple wins. Unfortunately we didn’t prove we could win in our division and I’m not sure we’ve done enough to get over the hump. I think Denver and Vegas both improved, not sure we closed the gap there. I do think in a lot of these games, the difference comes down to QB play. I’m skeptical about Tyrod and if we turn it over to Herbert, it could go downhill quick. That’s not a dig at Herbert, just reality with rookie QB’s. I see us winning some games we shouldn’t and losing some games we shouldn’t. I could see 10-6 and also see 6-10. I’ll call it 8-8
  3. 2020 Draft

    Deshaun Watson, that’s the guy I think Herbert plays like the most. Went back and watched a couple Clemson games from ‘16 and ‘17 and I saw a lot of similarities. Heck even the offenses were somewhat similar with Clemson running their fair share of screens. I thought both have similar strengths in athleticism and arm talent but have accuracy issues at times (particularly low thrown balls and balls behind receivers), I think both struggle somewhat with balls thrown outside the hashes or toward the boundary, a lot of line drive fast balls and not a whole lot of touch passes etc. looked very similar to me
  4. 2020 Draft

    Because I truly have no life, I went back and watched the Kapernick combine on YouTube. Kap ran an official 4.53 (Herbert had a 4.71 & 4.69 solid times) but it also notes that Kapernick was not 100% during the drills. Not sure what the injury was though
  5. 2020 Draft

    I didn’t know that, was strictly going off of remembering some of the runs Kap used to break off (against GB in the playoffs particularly). Seemed like he was flying, no slight to Herbert, but it seemed like a different gear
  6. 2020 Draft

    I think we’ve analyzed Herbert to death, anyone care to talk about the other picks? I’ll be honest, Murray scares me a bit. The athleticism and length are there all day, but his diagnosing could use some real work. He’s gonna be susceptible to misdirection at least early on in his career. He also gets swallowed up on blocks as well. Correctable things but things that will hurt him at least early in his career. He does have Pro Bowl ceiling though if he puts it all together. The other picks, I just don’t see a lot of juice there. Josh Kelley seems like a league average back. Reed and Gilman seem like depth chart/core special teamers to me. I do like Gilmans chances in that Adrian Phillips role which could get King traded. I’m not sure Hill makes this team. He’s not gonna beat out Reed as a returner and I’m not sure if he can cover kicks.
  7. 2020 Draft

    I I agree with all of that. I actually think the Kaepernick comp is really good (minus the speed, Kap could blaze). And definitely potential to be better than that. From a physical stand point, Herbert checks all the boxes no doubt. The unknown variable, as with most QB’s is gonna be how well he processes what defenses are giving him. He’s obviously intelligent enough to do it, it’s just something we’re not gonna know until he puts some games under his belt. It’s really hard to figure guys out, look at Burrow for example. Mediocre junior year, LSU brings in Brady, switch the system and it suits what Burrow does well and he explodes. Happened with Goff as well with McVay after Fisher. No reason Justin can’t do the same working in a system that plays to his strengths
  8. 2020 Draft

    I think that’s a pretty fair evaluation, Luck may be a little lofty, but there are some similarities there. I don’t see any reason Herbert can’t be successful, I do think he needs to sit this year. Herberts been a tough grade from Oregon’s offensive scheme to the players around him. I’m not sure if the “see it” comes from lack of anticipation, trusting in his arm or if he’s slow to recognize/process what the defense is giving. That’s one of the troubling things from the ASU game, they threw some different looks, heated him up a little and he had one of his worst games. Credit him with settling down and having a better second half in that game. Ive watched more Herbert since the draft than I care to admit. He misses some reads (checks it down), he’s inaccurate at times (I thought outside the hashes), has some Jeff George to him where everything is a fastball, and it’s been mentioned that he seems to aim the ball at times. That being said, he also has plenty of good tape as well where he makes some spectacular throws. I’m excited for him to work with Pep, be around pro level talent, and learn a pro level offensive scheme. If we work around his strengths, I don’t see any reason why he can’t be successful
  9. 2020 Schedule Announced

    Personally looking forward to the Bengals game as it’s less than an hour from my house. Wish it was later in the season though, free Bengals tickets are easy to come by when they’re out of it, They’ll pack it early though to get a look at Burrow. Trying to get to Tampa Bay too as part of a vacation in week 4. The schedule itself isn’t too bad though from a W/L perspective (or shouldn’t be). AFC East doesn’t look too good and we drew Cincinnati and Jax from last year. NFC South is gonna be tough, would have liked to have New Orleans at home but we got the Falcons outside, so that’s good. All in all, it’s a potentially manageable schedule. I think this season is either gonna be like 10-6 or Tyrod and and Herbert lay an egg and we go 3-13
  10. 2020 Draft

    I think Wentz is a great comp for Herbert. Athletic, big arm, inconsistent accuracy at times etc. Obviously as I’ve stated, I was completely against this pick, but I’ve warmed up to it (really what choice do we have lol). Sounds like we’re going to run some pistol and some concepts taken from Shanahan and Greg Roman with Baltimore. If we do, I think that’s a great fit for Herbert. Run some +1 concepts, RPO,s and QB designed runs and get Herbert on the move. I think he has a chance to do well with that. I think sometimes we (myself) get caught up in the predraft analysis on what guys can’t do (or haven’t shown) as opposed to what they can do. For instance with Isaiah Simmons, everyone’s draft darling, yeah does a lot of things well but I could make a highlight clip of teams running at him with great success and you would come away thinking he was day three prospect. Same with Herbert, we can show missed throws and lack of touch misses but there’s plenty to like as well. Telesco said it, ALL of these guys have strengths and weaknesses, we’re gonna have to work with Justin on his strenghts. Goff is the prime example, looked like a straight bust with Fisher, McVay came in and totally turned him around. Could be the same for Herbert, get him with a consistent OC, in the right system, hopefully he can excel. Sounds like he’s a hard worker, loves the game, smart, has the physical tools, a lot of things that can lead to success
  11. 2020 Draft

    Yeah I’m fairly disappointed in this one. I’ll be honest, I wanted nothing to do with Herbert, so that pretty much took the air out for me on day one. Then to trade up for a LB with questionable instincts and hasn’t been asked to cover in college, is a head scratcher for today’s NFL. Then we get a decent RB (I like Kelley) a kick returner, camp fodder at S and a undersized slow timed WR. We never addressed the offensive or defensive line AGAIN, we didn’t get faster at the skill positions (a theme with everyone else in the division) and we left with a lot of question marks left on this team. I think we’re the 4th place team in this division and we’ll be drafting in the top ten again next year. Unless Herbert kills it and becomes a top 10-12QB in this league, we set ourselves back a few years this weekend
  12. 2020 Draft

  13. 2020 Draft

    Christ, we’re clueless
  14. 2020 Draft

    Not much left that’s real exciting on the running back market. I’d say Curtis Weaver, People’s-Jones, Quartney Davis, Saahdiq Charles, AJ Green, Harrison Bryant, Ben Bartch, Gabriel Davis, Thaddeus Moss, Nick Harris...I think could be good options at 112
  15. 2020 Draft

    I couldn’t agree more