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  1. Gotta wonder about a couple of things 1. The Chargers requested a 2nd interview with Saleh before Staley. Wonder if Saleh was their first choice and maybe they got antsy when Saleh took the Jets job and didn’t want to get left at the alter again 2. Maybe the Chargers had extra insight about Staley, seeing they share the same stadium, same city etc etc 3. Staley must have been impressive in the interview process. This will be Telesco’s third HC hire, you have to figure this is his last bite of the apple, at least with LAC
  2. LBC, how do you feel about Garrett? When I saw it a couple days ago, I rolled my eyes. The more I think about it, the more it makes a lot of sense to me. 9 years HC experience, working for one of the toughest (as far as fan expectation/media/owner) organizations in the NFL, I would think he would know how to handle a staff. It’s not the sexiest pick but I kinda like it particularly if paired with Steichen or Hamilton or both. We have a team, I believe, if healthy and a tweak or two to the roster, could be in the playoff hunt. Do we feel comfortable trusting that to a first time HC?
  3. I’ll never understand the love for Telesco either. This will be his 3rd HC hire? Most GM’s are lucky to get two cracks at it. It’s not like he’s nailed the draft either. Fluker, Verrett, Gordon, Bosa, Williams, James, Tillery, Herbert, Murray, Teo, Attaochu, Perryman, Henry, Lamp, Adderley....there’s a lot of ugly in there and I left out the 3rd round which (outside of Keenan) has been a total waste - Watt, the USC center can’t remember his name, Mager!!!, Pipkins and Feeney have been decent at best. I don’t know, I don’t understand the fascination with TT
  4. I like that we have Eberflus scheduled for an interview. I don’t think he’ll get it, but I like that we’re interviewing DC’s and not only OC’s. I think it’s important to hire the right guy, a leader, regardless of which side of the ball.
  5. A lot of good candidates out there. I have Brian Daboll and Robert Saleh at the top of my list. Bienemy concerns me with his past record with Colorado and how much he has to do with the Chiefs offense with Andy Reid there.
  6. I’m gonna get killed for this, but I think it’s a legitimate question to ask if he’s peaked or not. Has he gotten that much better since his freshman year? I still see pretty much the same player I saw when Clemson won it all a couple years ago. He plays on a top 1/2/3 team in the country in a crap conference where they run everyone. He has nfl talent all around him. The last 3 top (if you want to call them that) defenses he’s seen (Ohio State twice and LSU) he hasn’t really tore it up. Shoulda been 3 losses but OSU pooped the bed last year. I thought when OSU brought pressure the other nig
  7. I’m higher on Slater and Darrisaw than I am on Cosmi, although I do think Cosmi will be able to stick at LT in the pros. I agree he needs work, but I think (we’ll see at the combine) his athletic profile will suggest he can stick there. I see him as a Kolton Miller type prospect, his technique needs help but he has the feet to play tackle. For the record, I’m agreeing with you, he’s not a finished product and needs development, I just feel like he has the tools to work with to get there
  8. Any one else feel like we should sit Ekeler and Herbert this week? Meaningless game where we’re sitting some key starters anyway (Bosa/Allen). We could give Tyrod the start and do him a solid to show what he can still offer to his next team or give Easton some live game reps. Either makes more sense to me than running Herbert out there with that offensive line and exposing him to an injury. I get flashbacks of Drew Brees shoulder against Denver back in 05 in a game he shouldn’t have been in either
  9. No, I don’t think Houston is more talented than the Chargers or in as good of a position in regards to draft, money, FA etc etc. They do have a young ultra talented QB with a bit more proven track record than Herbert. They’ve also been willing to let their head coach have GM responsibility (Bill O’Brien) in the past, something we haven’t done. And I’d be willing to bet they’d be willing to pay more than the Spanos’s. I think our ownership group is garbage and I’m willing to bet everyone else in the league (agents, players, coaches) know it to, Look at our history of head coaches, they’ve m
  10. Daboll is the hot name right now and probably at the top of my wish list. He’ll in all likelihood be able to pick his next job. I would think he would attach himself to a better organization, I think Houston with Watson makes a ton of sense,
  11. The more I watch this team, the more DE becomes a glaring need. We have zero pass rush. Matt Judon, Carl Lawson, Trey Hendrickson, Bud Dupree are all free agents this off season.
  12. Looks like the Bengals will have the #3 pick which all but insures Sewell will be gone. Would be an ideal year for a freaking trade back if the opportunity presented itself, but we all know that likely won’t happen with TT. Surtain or Horn at CB, Cosmi, Slater, or Darrisaw at LT, Chase, Waddle, Smith, Pitts at WR/TE, Paye, Ojulari at DE. We have a good opportunity to grab a difference maker outside of Sewell
  13. Well, add Christian Darrisaw and Devonte Smith to the wishlist, Been impressed by both. Darrisaw would be a nice consolation if we miss out on Sewell. Easy mover, plays with leverage, aggressive, finishes blocks - impressive. Devonte Smith is putting up a year that could catapult him ahead of Chase in my opinion
  14. We weren’t prepared to play a football game yesterday, that was obvious. The effort wasn’t there from the first snap. I don’t expect us to win another game this year. Cowboys play Bengals this week, that should move us up one spot. Another thing though, maybe it’s time to realize some of our players just aren’t that good either. Where was Mike W and Hunter Henry yesterday? We know the o line is atrocious. Melvin Ingram has been terrible along with most of the defensive line. For all of the “look at all the talent of this team” talk, I sure don’t see it show up very often
  15. First game I thought Herbert looked like Oregon Herbert
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