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  1. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    Ball over Fox? Look, I like Lonzo Ball but I thought Fox was clearly the superior player coming out of that draft and so far has been the better pro. You kinda poo pooed over the "shoot well and stay healthy" part. Are there any two more important things? I mean, I can find guys to D up and grab boards in the 2nd round. And what's disturbing is (if rumors are true) Magic preferred Fox but was vetoed by I'm assuming Jeanie into taking Ball. That worries me as to who is making the basketball decisions in our organization. I'll hesitantly give them credit for hitting on Kuzma and possibly Hart, but I didn't think Hart had a particularly good year and Kuzma has been a good player on a terrible team. And we've seen that before (Jordan Clarkson) where a guy has come in and filled it up on a 50+loss team but hasn't really panned out. As for the 2nd part, we probably could have had Russell/Kuzma (still sadled with Mozgov) but no Hart (Kuzma and Hart taken at 27 & 30). So the question is, should we have even signed Lebron in the first place? We have a guy that's 34/35 playing with a bunch of 20 year olds, never did make sense to me. Doesn't seem like any of the big name guys want to come and pair up with Lebron and its pretty obvious no one is gonna trade with us unless we get murdered in it. So what do we do? Maybe everyone is wrong and guys come this year and everything is good, just doesn't look like that's realistic. So gut our team and future 1sts for AD? Ok, who's playing point? 2? (I know you didn't bring that up, just adding it) Ideally, I'd like to trade for Beal, preferably if we don't have to include Ingram. I'd be ok with not signing Kemba and keeping Ball. Ball/Beal/Ingram/Lebron we'd have Mo and re-sign Javale. I'm not too worried about the bigs with the way the league is going. Just watched Toronto win a game last night without scoring a point in the paint after halftime. Houston has who Capela and PJ? Portland has Collins/Kanter/Nurkic. Not exactly Wilt and Elgin down there. Golden Sate was winning with Bogut and Mo Speights, seems like we could find a guy or two to plug that hole if need be
  2. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    I'll preface this by saying no one bats .1000 in the draft, and generally I agree that the Lakers have done a good job. That being said , Ball over Tatum and Fox has been a blunder so far and the Wagner pick was a head scratcher last year. Just think of how much brighter our future would look if we would have kept Russell and drafted Tatum (Russell/Ingram/Tatum core). My concern is more the recent decision making that has gone on that just makes me question what the heck we're doing. Dumping Russell was brutal, not offering Randle is questionable, the signings of Rondo/Stephenson/Beasley/Mcgee, trading Zubac and Mychailuk (sp) for garbage...etc. I just don't have much confidence in our front office. Pelinka, the Rambi and Jeanie Buss? Personally, I'd forget about AD. I'd trade Lonzo to Chicago for the #7 and then flip the 4 pick with Kuzma and Hart (maybe add a future 1st) for Beal. I'd draft Garland/Hunter/White at 7 and then go hard for Kemba. That would give us a nice blend of guys to win with now and also have a foundation for the future
  3. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    That's what concerns me about White (below the rim athlete). It reminds me of Lonzo Ball and those drives to the basket layups he got at UNC are gonna get swatted in the NBA. I think Garland has a better handle and I trust his shot more from deep. The concerns over the five game sample size are legit, I can't argue that. I'm just projecting what I saw from those limited games
  4. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    I think as this process moves along, Garland will separate himself as the clear choice at 4. Granted the Lakers are so dysfunctional there's no telling what they'll do. But even if they package it in a trade for Beal, then Washington should take him as Beal's replacement. I think an athletic wing like Hunter makes a lot of sense for Cleveland, Phoenix is obviouslyy going best PG left, and I think Chicago will (and should) gamble on Reddish's upside at 7. That would leave Culver for Atlanta at 8 or 10 as I think Washington would be looking for a big at 9.
  5. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    1. New Orleans - Zion Williamson 2. Memphis - JA Morant 3. NYK - RJ Barrett 4. LA Lakers - Darius Garland 5. Cleveland - Deandre Hunter 6. Phoenix - Coby White 7. Chicago - Cam Reddish 8. Atlanta - Bol Bol 9. Washington - Jaxson Hayes 10. Atlanta - Jarrett Culver
  6. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    Well his buddy isn't exactly Matt Bonner, he's a all-star type prospect who I would argue is a superior prospect to Ingram and Tatum (I love how everyone thinks Tatum is the next Durant when he's avg 14 and 5 so far in his career). And Ingram is a slight of build forward who is coming off a very troubling injury (DVT). I'm not saying take Barrett only because he's friends with Zion ( of course that would be stupid), I think he's also the superior prospect to the other two centerpieces of the other two offers. And thats what this trade should come down to is Ingram vs Tatum vs Barrett because the other guys are league average or slightly above/below players, basically filler. And then you throw in the lottery tickets (draft picks) as well. If you put Barrett in the Ingram draft, he would be taken ahead of Brandon and the same with Tatum. I should have been more clear, I'm not only taking Barrett because he's friends with Zion, its an added benefit, I also think Barrett is the best prospect of any of the other guys.
  7. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    They better take the Knicks package because it means they're getting RJ Barrett. If those two are as good of friends as its being portrayed, thats the one way for New Orleans to build something long term is to pair those guys together and hope its enough to get them to stay there. If not, Zion will bounce as soon as possible for a bigger market and New Orleans will be back to square one in a few years. Grow it organically with two friends who like to play together and they might have something for the next 10-12 years.
  8. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - No Kawhi, No Problem

    I say forget Davis, its gonna cost our 4 this year, Ingram, Kuz and a future 1st (at least thats what I read as possible compensation). They can keep his ***, we've come this far with the youth movement, might as well see it through now. Make a trade for Beal (4 and Ingram, Hart for Beal and Washington 9) or go hard for Kemba or heck even go for Conley. Its not as sexy as Davis but we're not gutting our team either. If we add Kemba or Conley and the number 4 pick (Garland/Reddish/White/) we'd have a nice pick of vets and youth. We can compete now and still have our core for the future. I just don't think its wise to give away our whole team for Davis, although there's no doubt in mind we'd do it
  9. Biggest head scratching picks

    I'm a big believer in that position is primarily played between the ears. Sure it helps if you have a cannon for an arm and some wheels, but I'll take the smart QB anyday. As a side note, I love the argument that he falls apart under pressure lol, because you know, every QB just absolutely thrives when there's four Dlineman in his face. As a Chargers fan, it must just be pure irony that Rivers best years have coincided with competent Oline play, and his worst years have come when the Oline was trash, go figure. Now, put that Duke line up against some of those ACC Dlines and tell me how many QBS would have thrived there?
  10. Biggest head scratching picks

    Who are “most people?” The same people that don’t watch or analyze the tape? Or actual real scouts that do watch the tape? Because unless you know one personally, there’s no way of knowing what actual scouts thought. Just look at 2018, I’m sure some guys had Mayfield at 1, some had Darnold and a couple guys may have had Allen or Rosen. I know ALOT of Cleveland fans were pissed about the Mayfield pick after the draft, worked out pretty well
  11. Biggest head scratching picks

    Rooting for this kid, the beating he’s taken in the media is ridiculous. I attribute most of this to all the mock drafts and “experts” picks in the four long months leading up to the draft. Just like with Ferrill at 4, people get so used to seeing the same names mocked to their team, that when it doesn’t go that way, they get skewered for “reaching”. If we didn’t have all this media attention on the draft for months, would we really be killing this kid right now? He’s a quality QB prospect, with years of production and starts to back it up. If the argument is for Haskins, go look up how many one year starters at QB succeed in the NFL. Haskins has his warts too, his name just got more hype through the process. Here’s a prime example: I think every mock draft I’ve seen over the past few months had Jacksonville taking Jawaan Taylor at 7, and if not, Taylor was the first tackle off the board and at worst a top 15 pick. Not only was he not the first tackle off the board, he ended up in the 2nd round and taken behind guys like Tytus Howard and Kaleb McGary who were widely viewed as day two picks. And guess what, Houston is getting killed and Jacksonville got a steal in the 2nd round 🙄
  12. Biggest head scratching picks

    I think how well they performed in the post season bowl games (East-West / Senior) and their combine showings helped more than anything. Those small school guys, if they're thought highly of and then go down and compete well against stronger competition, it sort of confirms what the scouts saw on tape. Seems a fair amount of weight is put into how well those guys perform in those practice weeks and leading up to those post season all-star games
  13. Biggest head scratching picks

    As a Chargers fan, that was a head scratcher for me. Felt (still feels) like a reach. The kid has some tools to work with, but those guys are usually more suited for Day Three than Friday night. Throw in Edoga, Edwards, Cajuste, and Evans were still on the board and its a little more perplexing
  14. Best Value Pick in Each Round

    Round 1 - Nick Bosa - Best player in the draft, to get him anywhere after 1 is a steal Round 2 - Cody Ford - Thought he should have gone in the first all day Round 3 - Will Grier Round 4 - Hakeem Butler Round 5 - Mack Wilson Round 6 - Rodney Anderson Round 7 - Mike Weber
  15. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Yeah I was just thinking the other day about how many championships we missed out on because Scott Tolzien got away back in 2011. I mean look, CAN it happen, sure and Tolzien had a heck of a pre season that year. We also had the option to keep him but we had Rivers and Volek and didn't want to burn a roster spot on a 3rd QB. This pre season could see a lot of a series or two by Rivers, a few series by Taylor, a few with Cardale and some mop up duty by Stick against a bunch of future plumbers. I guess if he shows enough in that time to get poached, then God bless him or we can carry him on our roster probably at the expense of a WR like Scott, Davis or Cantrell