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  1. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Yeah anything I've heard about Simmons has been glowing, I'd be willing to forgive that one transgression as a 17 year old. Seems like he's walked the line since, no reason to give the kid the death penalty over one mistake. There's also rumors that he's running already and may only miss the first six games (maybe that's being spread by his people though). If that's true, I would say he's going in the top 20-25. We've seen lesser talents (Willis McGahee) taken sooner. I'm gonna stand by my DB pick in the first. Not sure if its CB/S but I feel it will be secondary player. Unless one of the top offensive tackles falls to us, is the only exception. Tillery doesn't seem like our type of pick considering the character stuff (rumored stuff if true), neither does Lawrence. I could see Wilkins if he's there. I will admit McGary and Risner make some sense, considering they could provide some positional versatility. My top 3 in order Ford (probably dreaming) Adderley Gardner-Johnson

    That probably wouldn't get it done then

    I could see this, and this trade could make some sense for both sides. LAC gives their 1st (28) and 2nd (60) for Rosen and the ARZ 2nd (33). Chargers slide back a little into the 2nd and Arizona can technically claim they got their 1st and 2nd for Rosen. Could be a win for both sides
  4. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    I might be higher on Grier than most, I'm pretty convinced he's gonna go at the end of round 1. I could see Grier in that Dalton, Carr, Garroppolo tier of QBs. I don't see him in the elite tier though. Dalton is brutal (I'm not a fan) but, yeah that might be a fair comp. I have him behind Lock and Haskins, I think Lock has more arm talent which makes his ceiling higher and Haskins is younger so I'd be willing to gamble on his growth and potential. Tillery - man, I'm with you on the talent. I like what I see on tape with that guy. I read on another site though that scouts question his maturity, there's questions if he can pass drug testing, and if he's a coachable player. Now, that could all be a bunch of BS spread around to drop his stock, but its out there. But the talent is there, I certainly won't argue with you on that.
  5. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    To the OP...Layne and Campbell are both position converts (Layne from WR and Campbell from RB) so they're both gonna have some work to do and aren't finished products. You're drafting them on potential and upside and off of their tools to work with. I agree with you on Gary and Ferguson and can see your argument on Sweat (I'm not that crazy about him either) I like Adderley a lot but not top 12 a lot. Anything after say pick 20 and I could get on board. Tillery, I don't think its the talent that's the question its the inconsistency from game to game and his character that are dropping him (if true). For me underrated players (players I think will go higher than currently projected) - Hakeem Butler, Elgton Jenkins, Erik McCoy, Chris Lindstrom, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Will Grier

    I think you can make an argument that in today's game, interior pass rush is more valuable than edge rush. With how quick these offenses (Patriots) get rid of the ball, your edge rusher has virtually no chance of getting to the quarterback. Chargers vs. Patriots playoff, Ingram and Bosa didn't get close to Brady. The days of Norv Turner and the five step drop back, set up, scan the field and deliver the ball are seemingly coming to an end. The interior guy has the shortest path to the QB, plus he has the ability to effect sight lines more and the QB feels that pressure immediately when a guy is rushing right in my face. Its getting harder and harder for that 285 pound DE to run the loop and still get to the quarterback before the ball is out. At least that's what I've been seeing

    That was crazy and freaking awesome! Back then there were 15 minutes between picks in the first round, teams were running up to get their picks in. Definitely one of the best moments in draft history

    I was trying to think of some other ones...Bruce Irvin, Matt Jones WR (2005 Jacksonville), Donte Whitner (Buffalo 2006) come to mind. And the classic Kyle Brady pick from the Jets

    Yeah that was a shocker for sure, Heyward-Bey comes to mind as well.
  10. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I think the trade down market will be tough this year, probably our best opportunity would obviously be if Lock or Jones were still there at 28 and some team wanted to get that 5th year and also get ahead of New England. I could also see a team wanting to get up for possibly Fant, Jacobs or maybe Simmons as well. Like that article said, the sweet spot in this draft is day two, so I just don't see a lot of teams wanting to part with those picks easily. I just don't see a lot of grade descrepency when you're talking about Ya-Sin vs. Layne vs. Lonnie Johnson, or Adderley vs. Thompson vs. CGJ, Risner vs. McGary vs. Deiter and so on and so on in this draft

    Not necessarily "coming out of nowhere" but if I had to pick a guy to hit the top ten, not currently getting top ten hype, my guy is Hakeem Butler. I could just see a team falling for those measurables and size.

    It seems like these late names that pop up are ones that actually end up in the first 2018 - late buzz on Kolton Miller, Frank Ragnow, Taven Bryan 2017 - Haason Reddick, Garett Bolles, 2016 - Karl Joseph, Keanu Neal, Artie Burns Just seems like every year, about a week out, we start hearing a few names that most thought were day two guys. Feels like Johnson may be one of those guys this year
  13. Into the Offseason - 2019

    So if I'm reading this right, we can cut him prior to next season without a cap hit? Did all this do is guarantee his money for '19?
  14. Into the Offseason - 2019

    At 28 its just total guesswork right now trying to figure out who will be available. It would definitely be to our advantage to have a run on QB's and I'm talking Jones and Lock, going top 20. A run on WR's, CB's and having Hock, Fant and Jacobs all go ahead of us would help. And if we're looking for DL help specifically, then the OT's plus Risner, Mcgary and Lindstrom as well as Bradbury going ahead of us, might push a DT into our lap. But Wilkins is a long shot imo
  15. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Would obviously have to see the board for accurate input, but it doesn't look bad. Really like what you did on day three, I like Doss and Broughton both. Day one or two, would have liked to come away with a DB either CB or S