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  1. Chargers Offseason thread

    I agree, and I think if Payne and Vea are in the mix, it's because they offer some semblance of interior pass rush (sacks) as well as run stuffing ability. I completely agree with you, we can get someone to spell Mebane in the middle rounds - there's plenty of those guys to be had that can do that job. It's the reason I thought Hurst might be a possibility as well, except for the medical and he doesn't hold up as well vs the run. I think Vander Esch is out due to school and only one year of starting experience. I'm not sure how we feel about Edmunds. I would think Smith and Evans are high on our board.
  2. Chargers Offseason thread

    I'd have to go back to last years rumors to dig the stuff up on Adams, I'll look for it later on today. I read that Williams was late to the party so to speak. I read we had a last minute workout with him (a couple days before the draft) at Clemson that sold him to us. Which is awful by the way seeing as we passed on Watson, Mahomes, Lattimore...etc. I won't disagree with you, I could be wrong about ILB. Telesco comes from that Bill Polian tree though, and Polian is adamant about taking impact positions in the first round. Guys that can score the ball (QB, WR, RB), guys that can protect the QB (particularly left tackle) , and guys that can sack the QB or get interceptions (CB,DE and edge guys). He de-emphasizes interior offensive and defensive line, linebackers and the safety position (yes I know safeties can get picks - his words not mine). Take it for what it's worth but Polian also is also adamant about taking players from Power Five schools with a proven history of production (sounds a lot like your five guys huh). I'd say he's pretty consistent. 13 - Fluker - RT - Alabama 14 - Verrett - CB - TCU 15 - Gordon - RB - Wisconsin 16 - Bosa - DE - Ohio State 17 - Williams - WR - Clemson
  3. Chargers Offseason thread

    Are those the five guys Posey named or is that your guess? I personally think we covet Derwin James the most. Rumors were we wanted Jamal Adams last year but the Jets snagged him right before us. If we liked Adams that much, I'm sure we like James as well. I actually think if he falls to the early teens we'll try and trade for him. James fits that mold of hybrid safety/corner that fits well in our defense. Plus we've all talked about how Telesco doesn't place a high value on DT and historically MLB get downgraded a bit as well. If I had to guess on TT's board, those five are ranked. 1:James 2: Smith 3: Vea 4: Evans 5: Payne
  4. Players that will Shoot Up/Down in Draft

    Riser Kolton Miller - Not on the tape, but I feel some team will fall in love with that combine performance. I think he'll be the first tackle off the board. Add in the lackluster tackle class and sort of like Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross last year, some tackle needy team will feel like they have to reach if they want a tackle out of this class. I think he goes top 20 and wouldn't shock me in the top 15. Faller Connor Williams - Bad tape last year combined with length issues. I feel teams if they project him at guard, he could easily fall to the third round. Doesn't sound like scouts are enamored with him as much as the draftniks and media project. If he projects to guard (a position he hasn't played) then he's gonna find himself behind Nelson, Wynn, Hernandez and probably some others. Combined with the de-valued guard position, he could be waiting awhile to hear his name called
  5. Predict The Pick v.2 - 17 - Chargers

    This is tough but I think it comes down to McGlinchey, Payne or Evans. I'm probably in the minority but I went with Payne, but I wouldn't be mad with either or the other two. Positional value wise, McGlinchey might be the actual pick
  6. Draft Rumors

    I didn't want to start a new thread on this and apologize if this has been discussed somewhere else but I read some teams have evaluated and placed Josh Jackson as a safety on their board. Thoughts? And where would he rank on this years safety class?
  7. Chargers Offseason thread

    I'm baffled by this move. If they use the money from McCain and Luiget to sign Boston then I could at least see the reasoning. That's what I was expecting. I will say, I'm sure our front office at least shopped him in trade and must not have like the offers (if any) coming back. And the fact that he hasn't signed anywhere yet sort of makes you scratch your head too
  8. Draft Rumors

    I think the Broncos want Barkley and the Giants are trying to entice that trade. Problem is, if the Giants want Chubb, he might not be there at five unless Cleveland traded out of 4 which is possible.
  9. Draft Rumors

    I agree. I'm not saying he doesn't need work, I'm just saying there's tools there to work with. When that's the case, there's usually a coach out there that thinks they can "fix em". Personally, I would roll the dice on Miller before I took McGlinchey. Miller has a chance to improve, whereas McGlinchey you know is gonna get smoked off the edge - and that goes for the right side too
  10. Draft Rumors

    I read a lot about Kolton Miller and his height. Ogden was 6'9, Orlando Pace 6'7, Alejandro Villanueva 6'9. Guys have made it at that height before. The key to me is he has the feet for left tackle, the other stuff can be cleaned up with coaching and technique. Unlike McGlinchey, who clearly doesn't have the feet, there's no coaching that up. Would not surprise me if Miller is the first tackle off the board and he definitely will be if a team feels his bad tape is the result of poor coaching. He certainly has the athletic ability to play left tackle
  11. Chargers Offseason thread

    In 35 NFL games he's rushed 139 times. I think that's @ 4 rushes/game. And keep in mind sacks count as rushes. I guess if 4 rushes per game counts as "dual threat" then he's your guy
  12. Chargers Offseason thread

    I don't believe Geno was ever touted as a "dual-threat" QB? At least I don't ever remember him running that much at West Virginia or in the pros. Personally, I think he's a good option for backup QB. It's not like we're gonna get Aaron Rodgers to sit on the bench. There's not 32 solid starting QB's in the league, so it stands to reason, your backup QB is gonna have some warts
  13. Draft Rumors

    I could see the grades thing holding weight if we were talking about Notre Dame, but LSU? I'm not gonna embarrass anyone by name, but there was a running back in my hometown that ended up at a State school (had a non descript career in the NFL as well) and this kid was in developmental classes throughout high school. Was borderline mentally handicapped, there's a way to do it if you really want a guy is all I'm saying.
  14. Draft Rumors

    If you're reading between the lines, that means LSU didn't REALLY want him, or they would have made it happen. Also, it's possible (and I have no idea) that Bradshaw wasn't highly recruited. Maybe he was a late bloomer like Wentz, and he uses the grades excuse instead of saying he just wasn't very good coming out of high school
  15. Surprise Top 12 Pick?

    Nelson is probably a longshot to fall. I don't have him falling based on talent level, it's more positional. We've seen Decastro fall into the 20's when he was widely considered top ten and Zach Martin went in the later teens. Then again guys like Cooper, Warmack and Scherff have gone top ten. At the end of the day he is a guard and teams in the top 12 may be looking for more of a "splash" player