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  1. I took it as over/under the literal number. Like Sewell over 5.5 meaning he’d get drafted anytime after 6. And Chase being drafted before 7
  2. The two that stand out to me are Chase 6.5 Under Sewell 5.5 Over
  3. No offense taken. I’ll stand by what I said, I’ve definitely been wrong many times before.
  4. I’ve seen plenty of guys roast college defenses and bust in the NFL. By that logic, Tavon Austin should be on his way to Canton in a few years. The measurables are taken for a reason. I’m excited to see him in the NFL, I hope he tears it up. But if he does he’s gonna be an outlier, I just think it’s gonna be hard for an NFL GM to sink a top 10 pick into an outlier.
  5. Jaelan Phillips, if a team is comfortable with his medical, the talent and pedigree warrant a top ten pick. I think the Darrisaw hype has been overblown. I could see Jenkins and Cosmi both going ahead of him. I think the character stuff with Parsons has also been overblown. Sounded like some hazing that was taken a bit too far, not condoning it, but 18 year old boys in a locker room get out of hand sometimes. I think he’s a top 10 pick all day. Might be crazy but I could see Dickerson land somewhere in the 20’s. I still think the story of the first night will be the fall of Devonte Smith.
  6. He does? Everything I’ve seen, if Azeez doesn’t win with speed it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, explosive speed is a very nice start, but he has work to do on his counter moves.
  7. 6.7 3 cone for Turner 😳...that’s nice!
  8. Yeah I was thinking a Mack/Bosa pairing would be beneficial to both guys. If we don’t get another bookend we’ll end up paying 25 mill a year to watch Bosa get double/triple teamed. Our front office is a joke too, so I feel ya there
  9. Gotcha. Thanks for killing my hopes and dreams man LOL
  10. I think no doubt, they trade with Atlanta to 4. The Broncos have a good/very good roster that just needs an elite QB. Even if they swap 1’s this year and give up next years first and another day two pick or so, it’s worth it for them in my opinion. They’re young and talented enough that giving up the 1sts for an elite QB justifies it
  11. Something to consider, with a team like Cincinnati and Mike Brown, marketing and jersey sales are important. Chase is the sexier pick. The moment they draft him and he picks a number, jerseys will sell like hot cakes. Don’t know if the Giants sold a lot of Andrew Thomas jerseys last year. Also, they took Jonah at 12 a couple years ago, last year was in essence his rookie year, he wasn’t horrible, are they really gonna give up on him that soon? Plus they signed Reiff as a possible stop gap. I think this is Chase
  12. Appreciate the input guys, I knew the Bears restructured Mack, wasn’t sure of the financial implications of a trade.
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else think Holland can play CB? In the film I’ve seen, his coverage is tight and he looks to have the fluidity for it. I didn’t see his pro day numbers and I’d assume if he could do it, he would have played there. But to me, he looks like he could play corner
  14. Hey guys, Chargers fan here, I had a crazy thought recently and was wondering what a Khalil Mack trade would look like? Highly unlikely I’m sure, but his contract and age may not fit with your process (assuming you don’t get Russ or a different QB). Chargers have some cap to play with and huge need opposite Bosa. Add in Staley’s familiarity with Mack, thought it would be an ideal fit. Thoughts?
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