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  1. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Chargers Front Office

    I don’t see anyone else on the roster that would make sense as a player for player swap. You sure on Samuel? Anderson and Moore with McCaffrey, feels like Curtis will get lost in the wash. Seems like reasonable trade for both sides
  2. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Chargers Front Office

    Yeah I’d pass on the 5th and future 4th for Lamp. If that’s all we’re getting, I’m content to see if he can get healthy and finally produce
  3. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Chargers Front Office

    I don’t know what I’m missing, but I have no idea what you guys are talking about with “Godzilla” “Littlefoot” etc. I don’t see that key on the docs you emailed me
  4. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Chargers Front Office

    I need the sheet with the player key on it and I’ll throw my thoughts in
  5. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Chargers Front Office

    - Pass on Ross for our 3rd. Injuries are too risky for that price and with this class - Coutee I would bite on for a 5th-7th rounder - Your call on Lamp. I don’t know if he can stay healthy. I’d definitely take a third and tempted for a fourth.
  6. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Chargers Front Office

    Send me that DM so I can look at the spreadsheet! Thanks!
  7. FFMD ll 20’- Los Angeles Chargers Front Office

    Sorry, I completely missed this thread. I’m in for the trade for Tua. I think that’s totally reasonable to move up to 3. I’d rather trade Lamp than throw in the future 3, just my opinion, I would throw in next years third though if that’s what it took. I’m out on Stafford, the injuries scare me and we’d probably have to dump Ingram or Heyward to create cap room
  8. 2020 Draft

    That ASU game was ugly. I’m not gonna kill a kid over one bad game, I remember Roethlisberger threw 4 picks against Iowa his last year. It happens. If I was worried about anything it would be his lower body mechanics. JT points it out time and time again where his lower body isn’t lined with where he’s throwing the ball, seems like that’s when the throws are wildly off. That seems correctable, but it’s a little concerning coming from a senior QB, would think that would be cleaned up by now.
  9. 2020 Draft

    I went and watched both of those QB School videos from start to finish. I thought they were both really well done (maybe O’Sullivan was a little effusive in his praise sometimes on some routine throws). I was a little lazy in my initial assessment, I think you’re (Duffman) right about the mechanics breaking down a little, where I thought he was more skittish. When he gets his lower half right and shoulders square, he throws some beautiful balls. But it gets real ugly when his lower body isn’t right. I won’t regurgitate JT in the videos but his breakdown was great. If he can drop back and get his feet right, plant and throw, I think he’d be fine. Not sure how he’d do rolling out and making plays. For us, my question would be, if we wanted a guy to drop back and sling it, why not just keep Rivers? I think we’re looking for a guy to get out on the perimeter a bit, make some off script throws, make some plays with his legs when things break down. I’d be surprised if Herbert was our guy, I think and I’ve thought all along, we’d prefer Love or at least a player more like Love than Herbert
  10. 2020 Draft

    I think you meant this for Duffman, but I’ll tell you my thoughts on Herbert. I think he has obvious arm talent, his character make up is fine, he seems to make good decisions with the ball and he certainly has the size and athleticism you would love to see in a QB. I think he struggles when he sees a rush and that scares the crap out of me in the NFL. His eyes go to the rush instead of looking to attack downfield (something Burrow was excellent at and scored huge plays off of). What worries me is, I’m not sure that’s correctable if you’re nervous or scared in the pocket. A guy like David Carr couldn’t overcome that. He’s also been a bit inconsistent in his intermediate throws (that I’m not as worried about). It also bothers me that he didn’t take over games where you think he should (Arizona State stands out), just shouldn’t lose a game like that. I see a lot of one read and rip-its, not a lot of off script stuff or creating when things break down, which we all know is going to happen in the NFL
  11. 2020 Draft

    1. The team “loves Freeney” cmon man, that can’t be true. And if so, I’d have to question who’s evaluating the talent on this team because Feeney is average at best. We can get out of the Bulaga contract after 2021 with a 3m dead cap hit as opposed to, I believe a 14m 2022 salary. At that point, we would have cut bait on Bulaga and Pouncey (@25m in salary) and replaced with possibly Ques and Wirfs still on a rookie deal, would save a lot of money. So yeah, he makes some sense to me. You’re also assuming Pipkins works out at LT, that’s not guaranteed (although I actually do think he has some promise). 2. We play in the same division as the best freaking player in the league. So we have to play this dude twice a year and battle for the division and you want to go into those battles with Justin Herbert? Taking a QB at 6 is going to marry us to that dude for at least the next 3 years and that’s if he falls flat on his face. So I’m sorry if I’m not excited about possibly ending up with a Jimmy G, Kirk Cousins or “middling” QB at 6 because of positional value. All you’re doing by picking one of those guys is ensuring we get our tails kicked for the foreseeable future. We just saw what happened to the 49ers in the super bowl under those circumstances. I just think you take the best player there at 6. If it’s Wirfs or Wills take em, and figure out the QB thing later.
  12. 2020 Draft

    Filed under things that probably mean nothing, but QB coach Jeff Christensen is currently working with Tyrod Taylor and Cam Newton. Also, bleacher report is saying FWIW that Herm Edwards said in a radio show that Newton would be signing with the Chargers. Again, probably nothing, but I’m bored and dying for draft info lol
  13. 2020 Draft

    I think an offensive lineman with positional versatility (Wirfs) still makes a lot of sense at 6. Even if Pipkins works out at LT we could slide Wirfs in at LG as an upgrade to Feeney. Then in a couple years we could slide him out to tackle when Bulaga moves on. I see your point though, and if we’re high on Pipkins, and aren’t enamored with Herbert/Love at 6, it opens the door for guys like Simmons/Brown/and I think Lamb.
  14. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    How do we not bring Cam in?
  15. Chargers Pick at 6

    I have it 1a) Wirfs 1b) Wills 3) Becton 4)Thomas 5) Jackson. I’d be happy with Wirfs or Wills but I think 6 is too high for the other guys. I do think Becton has an exciting upside but his 2018 tape wasn’t that great and at times he looked disinterested. Not sure what that was about but it scares me when someone has inconsistent play and then going into their “draft year season” they turn it up a notch. Don’t wanna get Jared Gaithered again. For us I’d go Burrow-Young-Tua-Wirfs-Wills-Okudah-Simmons-Lamb I think I’m that order. I’m out on Herbert, Love, Becton, Thomas or Brown at 6
  16. Chargers Pick at 6

    I went Wills - Lamb - Simmons....everyone just going to give us Herbert though
  17. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    I typically don’t get too excited about offensive tackles but watching Wirfs and Wills has me feeling some type of way lol. Not sure which one I favor, but I have em both ahead of Thomas and Becton. Just thinking but with Casey, Harris Jr, King and we tendered Mike Davis, Derwin and Nas (hopefully) I don’t see us going CB at 6 if Okudah was there. Simmons and Derwin sort of overlap, as much as I like Simmons, I don’t feel we’d go there with an off ball LB. Just signed Linval, we have Jones, Tillery, Broughton can’t see us going Derrick Brown. Burrow and Young will go 1-2, most likely Tua 3, I do think the Giants will take one of the tackles. That should leave us with either Wirfs or Wills, one of the QBs (Herbert or Love). And then I’d say a super dark horse candidate, maybe CeeDee Lamb. Haven’t seen it mocked to us, but we could seriously use WR help next to Mike and Keenan.
  18. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    I agree, but I also think there’s something to be said for rewarding a guy that’s come in, busted his tail, good locker room guy, winning player etc. I think that was the premise behind our 10m/ offer. It shows other guys on the team, if you buy in and work hard, we’ll reward you. It would have been an overpay for Gordon but probably not a back breaker of a contract either depending on the guaranteed money. Once he started asking for 13-15m though, then it had to be all about business, and that was just too rich.
  19. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Totally agree. The Donkos can have him, I’m hoping we find another explosive type back to go with Ekeler. I liked Melvin, I never thought his vision was that great, his ballhandling seemed shaky in big moments (Titans come to mind) and he didn’t seem to have that 2nd gear. If we made a hole, he’d run hard through it, that’s about the best I could say for him, and I thought he really improved in the pass game through the years. But definitely not worth 10m a year for 4 years
  20. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Man, Todd Gurley and his busted arthritic knees get signed before Melvin Gordon? Melvin got some horrible advice, passing that 10m a year up last off-season was a huge mistake. I wouldn’t mind bringing him back but at this point I think he has to leave to save face. If he wanted more than 10m and the final number ends up being 6m, I can’t imagine he’d be happy.
  21. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Forgot about DE, that’s a good point. I still think Ingram is a trade candidate considering his age and production vs money owed. Or maybe a restructure with a one or two year extension. Depending how the draft shakes out for us, Epenesa could be a play in the 2nd
  22. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Well I think if the thought process is, we’ll take Hurts at 37 this year and draft one in the first next year, then you’re not really convicted on him in the first place. Just pass and draft a different position and roll with Tyrod or whoever. If you’re taking Hurts that high, then I’d think you’re assuming he’ll be the starter at some point. Our problem is, even with Tyrod, we’re good enough to win 5-6 games which knocks us out of the Lawrence/Fields market next year (obviously barring a monster trade up package).
  23. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Ran a quick simulated mock (I know they’re not totally accurate) came up with 1. Jedrick Wills 2. Jalen Hurts 3. Cam Akers ( Trautman, Peoples Jones, Claypool, AJ Dillon, still on board) 4. Akeem Davis-Gaither
  24. Sooooo 4th for Cam?

    Yeah, outside of Burrow, this QB class is a little scary. You find yourself trying to talk yourself into guys (Herbert/Love) or projecting (Hurts). I could roll the dice on Hurts, although I think it would cost us our 2nd (Telesco doesn’t have the stones to wait til the 3rd). But yeah, I could get behind that. Would love to add Wirfs or Wills to this line with Bulaga, Turner, and Pouncey. Wirfs/Wills in the 1st, Hurts in the 2nd, WR/RB/TE in the 3rd and 4th