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  1. Trade Down Choices

    Get one of the top 4 OTs at 10 and stop trying to get cute. I think there is a huge drop off after the first 4. Now if they are all gone then you can try one of the others in rounds 2 or 3. If they are all gone, and there is nobody we really like at 10 (unlikely unless none of the QBs are taken in the top 10) AND we get blown away with an offer then I could see them trading back.
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    How dangerous is he though? As far as I can see he has never returned any type of kick for a TD in the NFL.He averages just over 20 yds per kick return and 7.5 per punt return. Not exactly talking about Josh Cribbs here.
  3. Free Agency Discussion

    Why is that? It seems that some rookies have started at LT in the past with some success. Not sure why we would need a mediocre veteran in the place of a potentially talented rookie.
  4. Jack Conklin Signed

    Average in Pass Protection is way better than what we had.
  5. 1 Round Mock with Trades.

    Jedrick Wills not going in the first round?
  6. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 04/01/2020)

    First, awesome job as always on this. I know this is a lot of work. I would be happy with your choices but have a few suggestions or changes I would make if I were to make the picks. 10. Cleveland - Tristan Wirfs [ OT ] Iowa I like this pick and think whichever of the 4 OTs (WIrfs, Wills, Thomas, Becton) is available and that they like the best should be their pick here. 41. Cleveland - Ashtyn Davis [ S ] California Not a huge fan of Davis but only saw a couple of games. He seemed to run himself out of tackles on a couple of occasions. Not impressed with the Safety class overall in this draft. I would prefer either of these two guys as filling a bigger need this early and maybe pursue safeties in free agency or later in the draft. Prince Tega Wanogho [ OT ] Auburn Cesar Ruiz [ IOL ] Michigan 74. Cleveland - Isaiah Wilson [ OT ] Georgia He is fine and seems to give a lot of effort in the couple games I saw but I would prefer one of the other OL listed above over him, and I also like Winfield over Davis as a Safety so if the board fell this way this is what I would prefer. Antoine Winfield Jr [ S ] Minnesota 90. Cleveland (From Houston) - Damien Lewis [ IOL ] LSU I like Bredeson a lot but could be a Big10 bias as I saw him more. Ben Bredeson [ IOL ] Michigan 112. Cleveland - Jordyn Brooks [ LB ] Texas Tech I really like this pick. He would contribute I think fairly quickly at least in certain spots. Seems like a pretty sure tackler which they could use. 186. Cleveland (From Arizona) - Josiah Coatney [ DT ] Ole Miss Raequan Williams [ IDL ] Michigan State I don’t know anything about Coatney but I do like Williams if he is available here as depth. 243. Cleveland (From Green Bay) - Darrynton Evans [ RB ] Appalachian State I know nothing about Evans but am familiar with both of the guys below and think they could both contribute at spots of greater need. David Dowell [ S ] Michigan St. Branden Bowen [ OT/OG ] Ohio State
  7. UPDATE ON BOOTYGATE: Charges Dropped vs OBJ

    From a purely legal standpoint it is battery.
  8. The Search for a GM

    That seems like pure speculation with no supporting information.
  9. Post Divisional 4 Rounder with Comp Picks

    I like all 4 rounds of picks you have for the Browns.
  10. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    While I am not a Mack Wilson fan, I do not see much coming up from the college ranks this year in the form of Linebackers. Maybe Isaiah Simmons but not seeing anything to get too excited about beyond him. I do not see Wilson getting cut, but I would like to see him pushed to the bench by a quality starting LB, if one could be had in free agency. I think they really need to resign Schobert, so at least we have one starting caliber LB.
  11. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    He seems to miss a lot of tackles and runs himself out of position regularly. The 5th round is about where he should have been drafted and is probably a decent back-up or special teams player at this point in time. Nothing more unless he improves drastically.
  12. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    If we draft around 12-15 and don't trade I would like something like the following: A.J. Epenesa EDGE Iowa Prince Tega Wanogho OT Auburn Trey Adams OT Washington Shyheim Carter S Alabama Paddy Fisher LB Northwestern Antoine Winfield Jr. S Minnesota Cesar Ruiz G Michigan While I think we need a TE I do not see anybody in this class that impresses me too much at a spot we could get them.
  13. 2020 Outlook

    Ben standing on the sidelines looks like he has gained a bunch of weight and is auditioning for a role as a homeless person on Law & Order.
  14. Dorsey

    I think we have two solid starters on the OL in Tretter and Bitonio and a serviceable player in Robinson. The rest are trash except as backups. Our DL, if all are playing, is fairly decent with Garrett being the lone very good player. Our Safeties are all backups and special teamers at best. Our LBs outside of Schobert are special teams players with perhaps some situational value. None are really starting quality at this point in their careers. We could use a good TE as well to go along with Njoku. He is not the prototype but is a decent starter. TE seems to be a hard position to draft reliably and takes several years to develop in most cases.
  15. Fix the Browns

    You never let the inmates run the asylum. You do not cut malcontents you sit them down and have a hard conversation with them about what is and what is not acceptable.You have that same conversation with the entire team and let everyone know what the expectations are.