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  1. 2019 Draft Prospects

    It was funny as Riley Ridley, Parris Campbell and Andy Isabella were all sitting there at that point and I do not expect at least the first two to be there in round three, but I just went with what was sitting there available.
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    So working through WalktheDraft and not making any trades I ended up with the following, essentially just taking the best player available. I would be fine with this. Pick Player Pos College 2:17 Joejuan Williams CB Vanderbilt 3:16 Riley Ridley WR Georgia 4:17 Chase Hansen SS Utah 4:30 Oshane Ximines EDGE Old Dominion 5:6 Ben Burr-Kirven LB Washington 5:32 Drue Tranquill LB Notre Dame 6:16 Greg Gaines NT Washington 7:7 Alec Eberle C Florida St.
  3. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Earl Thomas to Ravens?
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I suspect the Raiders will spend one of their firsts on Simmons.
  5. So using the default from WalktheDraft I got the following: 1:17 - DL Ed Oliver, Houston 2:17 - SS Johnathan Abram, Mississippi St. 3:16 - WR Riley Ridley, Georgia 3:31 - CB Rock Ya-Sin, Temple 4:17 - LB Joe Giles-Harris, Duke 5:6 - EDGE Christian Miller, Alabama 5:17 - CB Kris Boyd, Texas 5:32 - QB Brett Rypien, Boise St. 6:16 - DL Daniel Wise, Kansas 7:7 - WR Mecole Hardman, Georgia I don't actually think we will use all our draft picks and expect a trade up or two, so we would have less picks than this so room for a couple of FAs. With that first pick I would love if Ed Oliver is there but don't really expect it. I would be happy with Christian Wilkins there too. I would see Peppers moving up to the LB/Safety Hybrid and Abram playing the SS spot with this draft. I could see someone like Preston Smith or Za'Darius Smith as options as free agents. I would like Ndamukong Suh if you can get him at a reasonable short term deal. I would like Mosley too but not a lot of available free agents really impress me that much.
  6. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I would talk Wilkinson over any of the DTs except for Williams and Oliver. Maybe Simmons if he was healthy.
  7. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Except I think you can stay at 17 and get a high quality player in this draft. The more QBs and OL that folks overdraft this year the better.
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

    So if the following players are all sitting there at 17 and you can't find a good partner to trade down with, who would you pick: Ed Oliver, Jonah Williams, Byron Murphy, DK Metcalf, TJ Hockenson, Devin White, Christian WIlkins, Greedy Williams. I certainly don't expect all of these guys to be available at 17 but I suspect a handful of them will be.
  9. 2019 NFL Mock draft (3 rounds)

    1/17 Cleveland Browns - DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia – This is a good pick although I could also see Dexter Lawrence or Jachai Polite there if the board fell the way you have it. 2/49 Cleveland Browns - Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State – If we went with Baker in the first I think the pick here would be Dre'Mont Jones. WR not that huge a need for the Browns but DL is. If they went with Lawrence in the first round I could see JoeJuan Williams or Rock Ya-Sin here. 3/81 Cleveland Browns - Mitch Hyatt, OT, Clemson – Mitch Hyatt is not impressive, and in my opinion could end up as a Guard at the NFL level. I would not take him before the 4th or 5th round and would not count on him being more than a guard or a back-up. I think someone like Terrill Hanks at WLB would be a better choice for the Browns. 3/96 Cleveland Browns - Jamal Dean, CB, Auburn – A second CB after taking Baker in round 1 seems a bit of a stretch here with other needs on the roster. The Browns need DL and LB more than CBs. I do not see guys like Chase Winovich or Carl Granderson on your list so I would think going with one of them would better fill a need.
  10. Johanns Mock #1

    I think for the Browns I personally would take Christian Wilkins, Byron Murphy or Dre'mont Jones over Jeffry Simmons but I could see them taking him.
  11. Todd Gurley

    Did the Rams have him listed on an injury report the past few weeks? If they did not, and it turns out he was injured, is him/them denying it now just part of them covering their butts for now?
  12. Pre-Superbowl Mock

    Not a good job for the Browns at all.
  13. Walkthemock Drafts

    So I tried this and got the following: Pick Player Pos College 1:17 Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky 2:17 Devin Bush LB Michigan 3:16 A.J. Brown WR Mississippi 3:28 Derrick Brown DL Auburn 4:17 Mike Weber RB Ohio St. 5:6 Tommy Sweeney TE Boston College 5:17 Kris Boyd CB Texas 5:29 Lil'Jordan Humphrey WR Texas 6:16 Paul Adams OT Missouri 7:17 Lonnie Johnson CB Kentucky 7:22 Kendall Joseph LB Clemson
  14. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    Well if they stop them it will be a first. Ravens can chew up the time easy
  15. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    Gotta challenge that spot