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  1. 2020 Opponents Set

    I do not see any games on the schedule that are unwinnable. But given all the circumstances and the way things work out I see us going maybe 10-6 or 9-7 and would not be surprised if we knocked off Baltimore in the opener and then the Bengals only to then lose to Washington, just because that would be a Browns sort of thing to do.
  2. Day three discussion

  3. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    I miss the Solid Gold Dancers
  4. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    I still want Logan Wilson and/or Malik Harrison. It would be nice to actually have a decent LB.
  5. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    While I preferred Winfield I am now a Delpit fan as long as he is on the Browns. Here is hoping he proves some of us wrong.
  6. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    This draft is deep and I suspect you can get good starters in round 3 this year.
  7. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    I would love to get McKinney at 41 and then if needed trade up and get Logan Wilson in round 2 as well. Would prefer if we thought he would be there in round 3 but suspect he will not be.
  8. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    I would offer them all of our 5th round picks this year.
  9. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    My first game in person was 1975. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/197511230cle.htm
  10. 2 Round Mock

    What exactly is Cleveland getting in that trade? It would take at least Denver's second rounder, which does not appear to be the case in this draft. Are they giving up their 1st rounder next year?
  11. 1st round 10. OT Andrew Thomas Georgia – I am hoping he is the choice here. I would take Wills or Wirfs as second options. I do not want Becton. 2nd round 41. S Antoine Winfield Jr. Minnesota – He is a good player and he fills a need. 3rd round 74. LB Jordyn Brooks Texas Tech – I like him although he will have the same issues most of our LBs have had over the years. Coverage will remain an issue. 97 LB Malik Harrison Ohio State – I think he could end up starting on the strong side. He makes plays. 4th round 115. G/C Lloyd Cushenberry LSU – I think he is a very good, strong guard and could eventually replace Tretter at center. 6th round 187 WR Collin Johnson Texas – Big WR with decent hands but not great speed. He would be a good guy to groom for more in the future but would help now. 7th round 244 WR Joe Reed Virginia – Potential slot receiver but initially special teams returner. My favorite player in this draft 1. QB Joe Burrow- He is going to Cinci so he will need some luck but I think he will be a very good starter at the NFL Level. 2. DE Chase Young – I think he will end up better than the Boas Brothers. 3. OT Andrew Thomas – I think he will end up being the best OT in this class. 4. Henry Ruggs – You can’t teach speed and he also has good hands. 5. WR Jerry Jeudy – Good speed, size and route runner I go back and forth on him and Ruggs as to which I like better. 6. OT Jedrick WIlls - I think he is also going to be a quality starter and any team will be happy to have him for the next 10 years. 7. OT Tristan Wirfs – Unlike some folks, I think he will be a very good OT but failing that will still be an exceptional guard. Both are important roles to fill in my opinion 8. CB Jeff Okudah – I still think he is by far the best CB in this draft and if we were in a position to take him I would not hesitate. 9. S Antoine Winfield JR. – I think he could end up as the best safety in this class, as I do not think Simmons is a safety. 10. LB Isaiah Simmons – When it is all said and done I think he will go to a few pro bowls and again if her fell to us I would take him. 11. DL Derrick Brown – I think he is very versatile and will play up and down the line and help against the run and the pass both. 12. OG Robert Hunt – He is going to be a stud at guard and if the safeties/LBs we like are gone at 41 I would not mind double dipping on the OL early to take him. 13. LB Patrick Queen – He is fast and seems to have good instincts. I think he will be a star. 14. LB Logan Wilson – I think he is a 3 down LB that makes plays and can do it all. If we have addressed LB by picks 97 or 115 I would love to get him. 15. DE A.J. Epenesa – I think this kid is going to be very very good and he just seems to make plays. Would be great playing on the other side of the line from Myles.

    Thomas in the first and Winfield in the second would both be better picks for the Browns.
  13. Sure to be mocked mock (2 rounds trades)

    Madubuike is a 2nd maybe a 3rd round pick trading up for him in the 1st is a terrible idea. He is undersized and is probably a backup at best.
  14. Mountains Mock 2nd round added

    Cleveland would not trade up for Delpit. He will liekly be sitting there at 41 if they really want him. I think they have their choice of either Delpit or Winfield at 41 if they wish to go Safety and I am not sure Delpit would be that choice in that case.
  15. Monday mock (1 round, 8 trades)

    That is pretty terrible for Cleveland across the board. Make those trades and then draft a 2nd or 3rd round player in round 1.