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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Because whether correct or not, there are plenty of voters for the MVP award that consider the team around the player when deciding on who to vote for. Bellinger will be docked for being on a team that would make the playoffs even without him, and has multiple other all-star players in the same lineup. But when you take those things away, and look at things "in a vacuum", Bellinger is the MVP.
  2. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    That actually seems pretty fair to me.
  3. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Yelich is probably the most valuable player to his team in the NL. He about single-handedly has a team with a -9 (yes, negative) run differential currently in the playoffs as a WC team. But Bellinger is the more valuable player in a vacuum.
  4. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    Pretty much nobody, unfortunately. Haniger is hurt, otherwise he may be an option (albeit a costly one in terms of trade capital). Starling Marte may be an option, but you would be paying a division-rival tax. I'm sure Dex could be had from the Cards, but he's not a good bet going forward and would command a fairly large salary.
  5. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Is Pujols going at said pitcher will ill intent? Because self defense is literally the only reason a pitch should ever be thrown at another person's head.
  6. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    I don't see a Gordon acquisition as helping all that much. He's a better fielder than Schwarber, but the overall bat is very similar. If he could play a solid CF, then sign me up. But another LFer isn't high on the priority list. Even moreso if they intend on keeping 3 catchers for awhile and Willy has to play a fair number of games out there. I think Montgomery was dealt mostly for his roster spot. He had no options left and has been completely horrific as a reliever this year. Can't afford to keep a guy on the roster that isn't going to play (which begs the question about why Descalso is still on the team).
  7. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    1. Trade Addison Russell for anything 2. Find an offensive upgrade at CF. Almora just isn't good offensively and Heyward should stay in RF. Bote/Garcia can man 2B until we hopefully get Zobrist back. 3. Get the LH reliever that you mentioned. Agreed. Wish him nothing but the best, but he just isn't in the plans for this team anymore. He has been unusable this year out of the bullpen, and he's been bypassed by Alzolay, Chatwood, and probably Colin Rea as the fill-in starters. Maldonado is the terrific defensive vet C that this front office loves to acquire. I seem to recall us carrying 3 catchers in 2016. That season turned out alright. But I suppose it could very easily just mean that Willy gets more starts in LF or that Caratini is going to be dealt.
  8. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    More the latter than the former, but it's very true that other than really the Dodgers, the NL contenders all have glaring weaknesses.
  9. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    Second Half Cubs, amirite?
  10. Devils Top Prospects(2019 Midseason Complete)

    Luciano has been the talk of Arizona. Like, "future #1 prospect in all of baseball" type talk.
  11. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    That was just a terrible, terrible stretch of baseball leading up to the break. Here's hoping everyone gets refreshed for the 2nd half and REMEMBERS HOW TO HIT WITH RUNNERS ON BASE!
  12. 2019 Home Run Derby

    Everyone can suck it.
  13. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    It will almost certainly come up in discussions. But every contending team in baseball could use Will Smith, so the Giants will have loads of offers to dig through.
  14. Welcome to the pattern of seemingly every NL Central team in 2019. We all suck.
  15. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Torn UCL. Damn. Sorry, guys.