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  1. FFMD II Miami Dolphins War Room

    Please don't draft Herbert. Haha.
  2. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    I opted against it. FWIW, MLB.tv refunded my money on the yearly subscription, so that was a nice bonus.
  3. Thor Having TJS

  4. Opening Day to be Pushed 2 weeks RE: COVID-19

    I'm much less impressed by a junkballer throwing 15 IP because he was on the fortunate side of the BABIP gods. And offense was still down back then. Hell, that game went 18 innings and they ended up calling it a 0-0 tie. Wood faced literally the best offensive team in the entire league during the height of the steroid era and put up the highest game score for a 9 inning game in baseball history. There were multiple HOFers in their primes in that lineup.
  5. FFMD II '20 - General Manager & Writer Sign Up

    I can help with the Fins.
  6. First-pick.com mock

    I really can't get on board with any draft that has the Fins picking up Herbert. I dislike him that much as a QB prospect.
  7. Opening Day to be Pushed 2 weeks RE: COVID-19

    Best game ever pitched.
  8. 3. Tua - The pick is a no-brainer. 2 2nd rounders seems a reasonable premium to go up 2 spots and take him if the medicals check out. 18. Andrew Thomas - Another no-brainer if he's there. 26. D'Andre Swift - I would rather wait on RB, since Howard is signed for 2 years. 39. Antoine Winfield Jr. - Love this pick. Fits a need and I think this kid is gonna be a baller. 70. Julian Okwara - I get the value there, but Tyler Biadasz is available at this pick and fills a tremendous need for this team. 141. Devin Duvernay - I like this pick. I want the Fins to pick up a slot WR and Duvernay is exactly that. Allows them to dump the oft-injured Albert Wilson and save a bunch of money. I'm not going to nitpick 5th-7th round picks. All in all, I wouldn't be upset at all with your draft for the Fins. Good job.
  9. FFMD II Miami Dolphins Front Office

    I'd be down to help in whatever way I can. But my work schedule probably won't allow too big of a commitment.
  10. BayRaider Mock Draft 3/20/20

    No OTs in the first 2 rounds is a disaster for the Fins.
  11. Free agency is here, thoughts, news, rumors.

    He played a full season last year, something Kilgore couldn't even come close to doing in Miami. That by itself is a huge improvement.
  12. Free agency is here, thoughts, news, rumors.

    Karras brought in now as well, on a 1 year deal for only $4 million. Great deal. A league average C that is actually capable of staying on the field is a huge addition to this team.
  13. Free agency is here, thoughts, news, rumors.

    Oh, my bad. I thought you were saying $73 million spent towards the cap, since you mentioned room for one more good player. They have room for several more good players under the cap.
  14. Free agency is here, thoughts, news, rumors.

    Both OTC and Spotrac have the following out so far for 2020 cap hits: Byron Jones - $14 million KVN - $6.025 million Flowers - $5 million Grugier-Hill - $3 million Fejedelem - $2.25 million The don't have Lawson, Ogbah, or Howard yet. But if those 3 take up $23 million, that's still well over $50 million in space left after Reshad Jones and Albert Wilson are cut.
  15. Dolphins sign RB Jordan Howard

    He's a good between the tackles guy. Pair him with whoever they bring in via the draft, and that backfield will be much more talented than what they had last year. Very happy they didn't give MGIII the big deal he was looking for. I am mildly disappointed they didn't try to trade for Gurley and that awful contract in order to grab an extra draft pick, though.