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  1. Let's get a QB!!!

    He also has received some medical red flags at the combine from multiple teams, apparently. Throw in that he needs more poop in his pants to play anyway, and I pass on Smith. I wouldn't hate a pick of Vea. My pipe dream is somehow Nelson making it all the way to 11, but it is as I said, a pipe dream.
  2. My grades for 1st round position need - Day 3 FA

    Ridley? I would flip if Ridley was taken at 11. There is already a logjam at the position and Ridley is really old for a prospect.
  3. Welcome back William Hayes

    Are numbers out on this one yet? It really is a solid addition if the price wasn't too much.
  4. Welcome back William Hayes

    That he shouldn't have been drafted.
  5. Agreed! I’ve been vocal about the need to jettison Pouncey and that contract. Sitton is a very quality signing as well. Who temporarily tied up Tannenbaum in the closet to get all this done?
  6. Let's get a QB!!!

    They weren't getting one at 11 anyway, but the meeting with Mayfield was cancelled today because all the FO brass is down in Florida to meet with Josh Sitton. That's apparently why Tanny was restructured, and they aren't letting Sitton leave without a contract. The Mayfield wine and dine is being reschedule.
  7. Reshad Jones restructures

    $13 million in dead money seems pretty dang close to a lock for 2019 as well. That dead money is admittedly much less in 2020 than I thought it would be.
  8. He's already had multiple forearm issues, so I'm guessing his mechanics with it are not the best. Eff this in general, although I honestly don't care about minor league wins and losses. It better not ever reach the MLB level.
  9. Reshad Jones restructures

    FFS. Now we did it with Tannehill as well. That pretty much locks him in as the starter for the next 3 years.
  10. Let's get a QB!!!

    Without a doubt, although he's going to want too much money and likely at least a borderline shot at starting. Agreed, but the statement is probably correct about them being shaky. The drop off in talent after Rudolph is fairly ginormous.
  11. Reshad Jones restructures

    Sigh. I thought we were past this after the Suh shenanigans.
  12. Packers are cutting Jordy Nelson

    As did I, and I'm a Phins fan.
  13. Let's get a QB!!!

    Or instead, stay put at 11 and scoop up the premium talent that falls due to what looks to be a crazy run on QBs before then. That's what a smart franchise would do. So, naturally, that means we'll trade back, pick up a 4th rounder, and draft Jackson. Uggh.
  14. Who do we select at pick 11?

    My mistake. Your post seemed to indicate that you were of the belief that the Bridgewater signing would somehow have an effect on the Jets taking a QB at 6.
  15. Who do we select at pick 11?

    Which changes absolutely nothing, honestly. They will still draft a QB at 6.