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  1. This is where I'm at as well. I absolutely love Watson's game. Dude is terrific. But I am an unabashed Tua believer. I truly do believe he's lefty Drew Brees once you get an OC that understands what plays to call for his strengths, and once he gets even one receiver that can get separation. Would I trade Drew Brees (on a rookie contrat), plus an elite prospect at #3 overall, plus a day 1 starter at #18 overall, plus at least a rotational starter with the '22 1st round pick for 4 really expensive years of admittedly terrific Deshaun Watson? Pretty easy call for me.
  2. I wonder what the Texans would realistically be asking for in return for Watson?
  3. I think it was more a "has power to all fields" type of thing, rather than a "uses all fields" thing. He was mostly a dead pull hitter since he stepped foot in the Cubs org.
  4. No. It will be the NFC East of MLB this year.
  5. A little of that, but it's my belief that the extreme shifting the past fews years had a tremendous detriment on Schwarbs. He would hit rockets that would end up being lineouts to the 2B playing in RF. Very easily to guess that it frustrated him a bit and he starting trying to just hit the ball 450 feet more often.
  6. There are some guys supposedly with Cubs connections that are predicting a KB trade very soon. I look forward to the 2019 IFA signing and the 2020 2nd round pick we will get in return.
  7. The HR that ended the Cardinals' run of NL Central dominance. I will never forget you, my portly adult son.
  8. I'm already starting to print my "I support the players" picket signs and t-shirts.
  9. Damn. What a fantastic trade for the Mets.
  10. If no trade down from #3, Sewell/Waddle is a pretty fantastic 1st round for Miami.
  11. Angels interested in trading for Willy. Time to start perusing that farm system. I know they were really high on Reid Detmers this past draft, who the Angels ended up taking before the Cubs' 1st round pick.
  12. Yeah, it just depends on what the team is looking for. Waddle is certainly more dynamic, but he doesn't run routes as well as Smith and doesn't have as good of hands. Of course, I'm not saying he's bad there though. I love Waddle. But I firmly have the Slim Reaper as my #1 WR for the Fins in this draft. He's absolutely everything that Tua needs.
  13. Get both, and I'm 100% serious. Trade down just a bit from 3 to get more picks and then take Smith. Then use some of the picks acquired to trade up and take Waddle.
  14. That's very possible. And unfortunate.
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