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  1. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Holy **** was Lester bad today or what. That's the worst command I think I've ever seen him have. Just terrible.

    I think he's pretty good. His fondness of old school baseball is annoying sometimes, but it's minor in the grand scheme of things. Like last night, after a Cubs hit and run, he said something like, "That's what these baseball fans want to see. Perfect execution on that hit and run. Moving runners over. Sacrifices. The little things." Umm.....what? Baseball fans want to see 74 bombs a game.
  3. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    The Cubs' FO has addressed this directly by saying it will essentially never happen again with them. It was just the perfect storm. 108 years with no championship. The best team in baseball with one glaring weakness (elite lockdown closer). A 25 man roster loaded with good, young starters at every position.
  4. I made reference to Jed Lowrie, but I didn't comp their tools. I threw out Jed Lowrie as the comp for the type of impact Gleyber will have, i.e. overall value. I said Gleyber will be an annual 3-4 WAR guy, with maybe a tad bit more in a peak year. A really solid guy to have on your squad, but he wouldn't be a superstar (like Jed Lowrie). For the record, even with what I would classify as unsustainable power numbers from him so far through 60-some games, his production would be extrapolated to 4.1 fWAR over 162 games. Of course, his defense isn't as bad as the metrics say in Fangraphs either, so it may even out.
  5. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Cubs are also a much better defensive team, but Chavez gives up a lot of bombs. Not even the historically good 2016 defense could help with that. But the cost was essentially nothing and Chavez can go multiple innings if need be. Another arm for Joe to abuse down the stretch, to hopefully save the ones we will need for October.
  6. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Umm....why is nobody talking about the huge Cubs/Rangers trade? Jesse Chavez for Tyler Thomas. Oh, it's because neither are worth talking about. Carry on.
  7. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Cimber is a really solid reliever too, so let's not just categorize him as a throw-in. And he's under control for 5 years after this one, so there's a good bit of value there. But even with that said, it's painful to deal a prospect of Mejia's caliber for relievers that aren't in that tippy-top tier.
  8. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Yates caught my eye right before the break when the Cubs played the Pads. He would be a solid get for any team.
  9. And the Marlins apparently are spending again in LA as well, so there goes the other one.
  10. Machado to the Dodgers for Yusniel Diaz + 4 Prospects

    I would agree. Diaz is a really good prospect for 3 months of Machado. None of the rest of that package is close to a Dustin May, so maybe that's why people are down on the deal.

    The reference went over your head. But maybe you aren't old enough to know that song? Either way, that line is from a rap song in the late 90's. But the 112 PAs was only in direct rebuttal of your claim that Acuna's season numbers are only where they are at because he is coming back from injury. The truth is that he had been the definition of a league average bat for over a month before he was injured. Can't blame the injury, home-slice.
  12. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    I absolutely would believe that. But who is saying the O's aren't getting enough? Diaz/May/Robinson is a terrific return for 3 months of Machado, IMO.

    1. Very true. Never said it wasn't. 2. In his 112 PAs directly BEFORE he went on the DL, he had a line of .248/.313/.416 and was trending downwards. (Damn it feels good to be a gangster) 3. That's a ridiculously simplified version of the argument, but you keep doing you.

    I predicted that line on April 25th for Acuna this year. His current line, 3 months later? .249/.304/.438. HRUBES20 is the new PECOTA.

    That's not really harming him, though. Employers require trainings all the time, and he will still be paid while completing said training. I'm talking about suspensions and the like, which would cost him income.