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  1. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    Which just makes no sense to me. I mean, EVERY team could use Machado. He's awesome. But the Cubs have their infield set for the foreseeable future, and it's a really good one.
  2. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    He would make a ton of sense for the Nationals. Wieters is terrible and Severino is a backup C.
  3. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Tweets/Videos Get Embedded

    Very pleased for selfish reasons. I don't get to watch nearly as much minor league ball as I used to, and Kiley did a fantastic job before.
  4. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (6-7) @ Buffalo Bills (7-6)

    Dude's been really bad this year. Big disappointment.
  5. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    Pointless speculation by a few writers. Not happening.
  6. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    I don't even consider it, as I still have tons of belief in Addy pulling it all together offensively. He's already all-world defensively so his floor is very high. He has a dang near 4 Win season already under his belt and he has potential for a good bit more as he's only 23. Machado is stupid good, but I don't give that deal a second thought. Honestly, I would rather the FO look into extending Russell before he blows up. So this has to be confirmation that Cobb is asking for way too much. I would obviously love to add Darvish, but I wonder where that would leave us for our battle for Harper next offseason. Our funny money is still another year away from coming in, and we won't be a LT team every year until that money comes in. I obviously don't want to "punt" a season during this competitive window, but I am completely fine with the FO making a few more moves for 2018, staying under the LT limit, and going balls out for Harper next offseason.
  7. They will have to shell out more for Kershaw, and Kemp's salary will be on the books for LT purposes next year as well, but this is concerning to the still inevitable Harper to the Cubs transaction. The Dodgers can't simply be ignored in the Harper sweepstakes now.
  8. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    More. They completely bailed out LA so that they can get under the luxury tax threshold this year, and be able to afford Kershaw's raise next year and potentially make a run at Harper or Machado. Braves essentially bought Charlie Culberson, who isn't very good.
  9. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Agreed. He just hasn't been the same guy since getting hurt late in 2016. I wish him the best, but it was time to move on.
  10. Angels Will Sign Shohei Ohtani

    The $$$$$$$$$ being shelled out won't make it difficult either. Cubs may be the only team with an opening at a COF spot, lots of money to spend, and a legit contending team.
  11. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    They are absolutely destroying this offseason. Pick up a bullpen arm or two and look out.
  12. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Freddy Galvis is about to be traded to.................the Padres? Supposedly for a minor league pitcher.
  13. Angels Will Sign Shohei Ohtani

    So Peter Gammons said that Ohtani was blown away by Theo and his pitch, and would have signed with the Cubs very quickly if they had the DH. But they don't. So he didn't. **** everything.
  14. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Nobody mentioning the trade talks of Gerrit Cole to the Yanks, or did I just miss it? Rumors have it centered around Frazier and Adams.