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  1. The cynical part of me says that it is just the typical "found an issue with the physical" scenario where the team wants to back out of an already agreed upon bonus so that another draft pick can be swayed away from college. But given that the Mets have already signed the entirety of their 2021 outside of Rocker, this may actually be legit.
  2. Yeah, let's hope the logo looks better on the field. That's terrible.
  3. This is where I'm at as well. No ill-will towards X at all for wanting to capitalize on a monster season. No ill-will towards the Fins for not wanting to give him more money after they just went out on a limb and gave him a big contract a year ago. I'm guessing just making more of the contract guaranteed isn't going to be good enough, since it probably would have already been done if that were the case. X is obviously fantastic, but I think his knees are a ticking timebomb. Given the new contract he will require, the new team would probably want to ship some salary back to the Fins.
  4. It was ok. Don't love it and don't hate it. Jordan Wicks is nothing more than a BOR starter unless they can add some velo to the fastball; improve his breaking ball; or both. The changeup is fantastic, but he was hit too hard in college. I really, really like James Triantos, the 2nd round pick. He had the highest contact rate of any prep player in the showcase circuit and I just generally love the bat. Drew Gray is a really interesting prep LHP that you love to bring in. Christian Franklin didn't make enough contact in college for my liking, but he could maybe be a 4th OF type if things
  5. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, that Pirates draft is looking sexy AF.
  6. I can agree on the Braves as well. They were a really, really good team.
  7. That wasn't me that said that at all. I thought it was a very viable strategy this year, since there were no generational prospects.
  8. Stupid Pirates. That's a terrific draft.
  9. Well I happen to know that the best reliever in baseball this year is for sale........
  10. Certainly possible, but the Expos were the team to beat that year.
  11. Clemson and UCLA are having a fantastic draft, in terms of recruits making it to campus.
  12. Super meh on the Jordan Wicks pick for the Cubs. They must think they can either add velo to him or teach him a new breaking ball. The changeup is dynamite, but he needs a bunch more. Got beat up by the better teams this year and just didn't do a good enough job of run prevention for me to like the pick.
  13. You stay the **** away from Lonnie White. He is property of the Chicago Cubs.
  14. Agreed. The Bieber/McGreevy comps are absurd, and based only due to going to the same school.
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