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  1. Thank you for this. It blew my mind that people kept throwing Florial in the top 50-60 prospects in the game.
  2. And I don't think I've ever been more confident in my ability to hit a 97 mph fastball. Just straight meatballs. Also, did my eyes deceive me, or did this garbage bullpen somehow manage to throw 5 scoreless innings yesterday? (with the caveat that the Pirates are a terrible offensive team)
  3. Yep. That arm was something else when it was healthy.
  4. Phillies/Jays is postponed for this weekend. Nice to see the approach, even with no positive cases from the players yet.
  5. He's looked lost at the plate so far. But he has good company in Kris Bryant, Ronald Acuna, Mookie Betts, George Springer, etc.
  6. No gifs yet of Joe Kelly after he struck out Correa, and then promptly said "Nice swing, *****"? I'm disappointed in you, Baseball Forum.
  7. Unfortunately, no. Not surprised. Any way for them to save a buck, even at the expense of the health of the players.
  8. That's ridiculous. All these teams have the cash to make the hotel exclusive to the players and personnel.
  9. The spaghetti throwing approach hasn't looked good through the first few games. Sadler/Underwood/Norwood/Winkler should not have opening day roster spots on a competitive team. Maples is our new version of Carlos Marmol, but even more wild if that is possible. Rex Brothers had good results the first time out, but his stuff is pretty iffy over the long haul. I'll give Tepera the benefit of the doubt, as he's been a solid reliever as recently as 2018. Kimbrel's stuff is still plenty good enough, but the command last night was absolutely non-existant. Not sure if it's rust or a mechanical issue, but that needs to get straightened out in a hurry.
  10. This story isn't nearly as crazy now that we know the Marlins actually contacted the Phillies, as well as MLB and the MLBPA.
  11. Actually only a conditional 7th. It is the pick that we got from Atlanta in the Charles Harris trade, making it a Harris for Shaheen swap. I'm fine with it. Let's see if the guy can stay on the field long enough to contribute.
  12. You clearly missed that the Marlins as a team all earned their medical degress from March to June.
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