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  1. That was pure conjecture by a few reporters. Even then, I don't think any of them said Fitz would be happy and excited to ride the pine.
  2. What reports are you talking about? No NFL player that is a competitor would ever be happy or excited to step to the side. The difference in this situation is that while Fitz is nowhere near pleased about being displaced, he WILL be a good mentor to Tua because he's a good dude and a team-first guy. The Miami locker room is rock solid these days.
  3. Ah, yes. My bad. And not that I think will decommit, but one of the main guys over at TN. They seem to have their finger on the pulse of all things recruiting.
  4. I would love to buy in, but they need to beat a legit team first. Jags/Jets/NinIRS aren't exactly a murderer's row.
  5. This is exactly how I was with Harris as well. He's impressed me this year. I've always been a big fan of Waddle.
  6. Obviously if that's true, you have to deal Fitz for a 2nd. A 3rd would be really hard to turn down as well.
  7. Eff that. Fitz is borderline invaluable as a mentor for Tua. No way am I trading that for a 5th.
  8. I don't love that it will be against that D-line of the Rams, but it does give them 2 weeks to prep to specifically handle Aaron Donald. TUA TIME, BABY! Also, an obligatory "Thank you for your service" to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Dude is genuinely a good guy and a terrific teammate. Couldn't have asked for a better bridge QB to help Tua out.
  9. I can't blame anyone for not watching the Fins play, because, well, they're the Fins. But nobody that has watched all the games could possibly come to the conclusion that Fitzpatrick has been good. He will have a play or two where he is impressive, but then turn around and throw into triple coverage and the DB somehow has the ball doink off his chest. I think it was the Seattle game where he would have thrown 5 INTs had it not been for drops by the defense. He was a fine bridge QB for Tua in a season where there were no preseason games. He allowed Tua to get up to speed with the NFL game and was able to learn some things. But this team isn't about 2020. It's about 2021 and beyond. It's time to get Tua those invaluable reps.
  10. I really hope there is a QB run at the top so that guys like Parsons/Waddle/Chase get pushed down a bit. I think the Fins end up with 2 picks in the 10-16 range.
  11. Easily the best the Dline has played all year. Big Marv looked like a man possessed. I think it was probably just a good, old-fashioned bagman on this one. (I get the Devin Bush reference, though). I read the recruiting stuff over at TN, and one of the lead guys there thinks Terrion Arnold is gonna decommit and sign with Michigan soon as well. There was also talk of some deep conspiracy about Ole Miss negative recruiting FSU and getting guys to decommit so Ole Miss can flip Altmyer (who is blowing up this year).
  12. Yeah, a big part of it has to do with Fitzpatrick being Fitzpatrick, and being capable of throwing 5 INTs in one half of football. But I could not agree more. Step on their throats. He really has. I was his biggest critic the first few weeks but he's finally coming to play. I don't want to put too much into that, but I agree. This is the most cohesive I have seen a Fins team in quite awhile.
  13. The start to this series pleases me.
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