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  1. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    The smart bet is on the college bat the FO likes the most. Here are some guys that have been mocked around the Cubs' range: - Michael Busch - UNC - LF/1B - Braden Shewmake - A&M - SS - Logan Davidson - Clemson - SS - Greg Jones - UNC Wilmington - SS/CF - Kody Hoese - Tulane - 3B - Will Wilson - NC State - 2B - Kameron Misner - Missouri - OF (I actually haven't seen him mocked as low as the Cubs, but he's been bad in SEC play and his stock is dropping hard) Of course, they could be way ahead of the rest of the scouting community on a player and pull the trigger on them as well. They did that with Nico Hoerner last year. He'd probably be a top 10 pick right now if the draft was redone and the Cubs "reached" for him at 24 last year (was generally ranked around the 50th best prospect predraft). I personally would really love to see Greg Jones be brought into the system, assuming the powers that be are sold that he will continue to make contact as a pro. He's a switch-hitter with great bat speed from both sides and true 80 grade speed. That would be fun to add.
  2. 2019 MLB Draft

    Espino was a projected top 10 pick after he dominated the showcases last summer. Big fastball that has reached 100. Supposedly he's thrown 2 different secondaries (I believe curve and a slider, but can't remember). Mechanics are iffy. Maxed out body. Last I saw was that he had regressed a bit this Spring.
  3. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    At least 3 for sure. But the initial court document filed by Ben in Tennessee is alleging "inappropriate marital conduct" by Juliana, which does not necessarily give hope on that front.
  4. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Saw that. Here's hoping it can be as amicable as possible.
  5. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    I guess. Losers couldn't even get a 13:1 K/BB ratio though.
  6. All-Stars on your team right now

    Willson Contreras and Kris Bryant should start at C and 3B in the NL. Javy likely starts at SS due to fan vote. Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks are squarely in the mix as far as pitchers go.
  7. 2019 MLB Draft

    Kameron Misner has fallen off a cliff in SEC play.
  8. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Combination of him getting a lot of reps in CF, and a really unusual amount of errors in the early going. Heyward hasn't had more than 3 errors in an entire season since 2012. He has 4 this year and it's not even the middle of May. It's likely a fluke and his defensive numbers will climb throughout the season. Good weekend series, taking 2 of 3 from the Brewers. Disappointed in the offense (1 for 26 with RISP the entire series, seriously), but the pitching was great. Lester is ridiculous right now.
  9. Dolphins sign CB Xavien Howard to record deal

    I'm not entirely sure that a rebuilding club is the one that should be paying a CB that kind of money, but I won't complain about the player. X deserves it, and I suppose it is nice to be able to lock up the elite talent that was actually drafted and developed with the team.
  10. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    This MFer slides into 3B like he's at a modeling job.
  11. Free agents 2019

    He's been terrible thus far in his pro career, but it's not like we are running out pro bowlers on the right side of the line. Here's hoping a scheme change or coaching change can help.
  12. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Damn, that's no bueno.
  13. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    While also turning on the AC fan behind him when he's at bat. It's all coming to light.
  14. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Swapping Russell in for Zobrist makes this team infinitely less likeable, and that pisses me off. But yeah, I hope it's nothing serious with the Zobrists.
  15. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    I blinked and he got his wRC+ up to 137 and has been the most valuable 3B in the NL. As expected. It also happened at the same time that Heyward has come crashing back down to earth. .209/.333/.349 in his last 13 games (51 PAs).