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  1. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Baseball should obviously be secondary in this matter, but I've made my position clear on how I feel about Russell going forward. As to how this affects the 2018 Cubs, the addition of Daniel Murphy looks even better now. Russell has been relegated to a late inning defensive replacement anyway, but still it was nice to have. Have to imagine that Bote is that guy now, as he's a clear upgrade over Murphy at 2B defensively. Gonna have to handle Javy with kid gloves now, though.
  2. Addison Russell place on AD leave

    Yeah, they will do just like the Blue Jays/Reds did and trade their abuser for pennies on the dollar in the offseason. But I'd be shocked if he ever played for the Cubs again, and as I mentioned in the Cubs thread, I hope he doesn't.
  3. Week 3: Oakland Raiders (0-2) @ Miami Dolphins (2-0)

    Maybe in deep, deep leagues. This offense is going to spread the ball around a ton.
  4. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    For sure. These situations are the worst.
  5. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    DFA him. Not even joking. You could excuse away the IG comments from her friend last year. But her own story ON TOP of the IG comments from last year? I don't want to see Russell in a Cubs uniform again.
  6. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Yeah, that 3 game cushion in the loss column is huge at this point. Have to give the Brewers credit for playing some good baseball in the 2nd half, though. But more credit to the Cubs for winning 19 of the 30 games in 30 days. That was ridiculously impressive.
  7. And then it got topped this last weekend. In no world should freaking Syracuse embarrass FSU on the football field. Ever.
  8. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Yelich Re-Cycles

    Damn. I actually got to go to games in Helena occasionally, while visiting family. Lame.
  9. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Crappy news on Morrow. I was actually optimistic on his availability after his simulated game last week. It will be a closer-by-committee now. Wilson/Chavez/Cishek will team up to close things out. Maybe Edwards as well, if he can prove that he's over the yips he's had for the past month. Another great win last night. Magic number down to 8. Gonna be really tough to sweep tonight against Ray, but with Hamels on the mound they can't be counted out.
  10. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Yeah, that was awesome. Made me laugh. What a freaking huge win. I had chalked that one up as a L, given that Corbin has been the 3rd best pitcher in all of baseball this year, and that the offense has been putrid lately. But then Hendricks out-pitched Corbin and the bats actually came alive. I knew the game was over when Javy hit the 2-run bomb to go ahead 3-0. They weren't scoring 3 runs off Hendricks last night. His command was as good as it gets, and has been that way for quite awhile now. Wilson only threw 1 pitch, so he obviously will be available tonight. In fact, the important relievers have really been able to rest up the past few games. Here are their pitches thrown in the past 4 games: Cishek - 1 pitch (1 appearance) Wilson - 13 pitches (2 appearances) Edwards - 8 pitches (1 appearance) Chavez - 4 pitches (1 appearance) I almost need to put Jorge de la Rosa in the "important" list. Dude has been really, really good since coming over. It's insane that he could conceivably make the postseason roster.

    Holy crap. I hadn't realized how great of a 2nd half he has had. He was good, not great, in the 1st half. But the 2nd? .355/.417/.733, 202 wRC+ Yes, a .733 slugging since the AS break. That's insane.
  12. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    He's not a complete non-prospect, but he's closer to that than being someone to get excited about. Just a horrendous 1st overall pick.
  13. Week 3: Oakland Raiders (0-2) @ Miami Dolphins (2-0)

    I'll go Fins, 28-23. Carr will throw a TD with under 2 minutes left to make the game look closer than it actually was.
  14. Week 2: Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ New York Jets (1-0)

    Let's get it out of the way: The Jets aren't good. We SHOULD be beating them. But with that said, it was still nice to see the team take care of business against a weaker divisional foe on the road. They were in control the entire game. The Run D was outstanding. I didn't much care for the play-calling in the 2nd half with the lead, but that can be tinkered with next time. Tannehill only attempted 8 passes in the entire 2nd half. I want to see this team step on the necks of their opponents when they are down.

    How likely is it that we get a game 163 this year in the NL? I go with 65%.