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  1. Says the fan of the team that he was clowing on. I personally find it immensely entertaining. Have no interest in the throwing behind Woodward to make a point, but the rest is awesome. Willy had been HBP like 7 times in his previous 10 games against the Brewers or something (including getting beaned), so I get the frustration though.
  2. To be fair, Kindley really did hit a rookie wall last year. He was the worst lineman when he was in there towards the end of the year. But I agree that it doesn't mean he can be forgotten about. My ideal scenario is the Fins picking a new RT; Hunt kicking in to RG; and then Kindley overtaking Flowers at LG. Flowers can then be easily jettisoned in the offseason, saving like $10 million in cap space.
  3. I missed this. Was his velo down in ST as well, or is this a new development?
  4. I love it. When he shushed the crowd after rounding 3rd on his go-ahead HR last night; it may have moved a little. Every team needs a villian for opposing teams to hate. It's just good entertainment.
  5. Yes he is, if he hasn't already had it. Absolutely no idea about Hill's asking price and such, but his situation resembles J.T. Ginn's a fair bit. I think Ginn got late 1st round money from the Mets as a 2nd round pick.
  6. * (3 of those games came against the Cubs, who can't hit anybody)
  7. It's a copout answer, but it will depend entirely on how the board falls. If all 3 RBs worth a top 50 pick are taken before pick 36, they won't reach on a different RB in the 2nd round. This Edge class is weak overall and I absolutely could see them go for one of the boom/bust Edge players in the 3rd round. I agree that LB is still a sizeable need, but it remains to be seen if the FO agrees; after adding McKinney and Riley, and resigning Roberts.
  8. I could see a 5th round IDL, but that's as early as it would get. Cox or Jamin Davis (if he's still there) are guys I would really like to see brought in. I want no part of Browning. I give this about a 5% chance of happening. Fins can't afford to ignore the OL with the 1st 4 picks; particularly the C position.
  9. Eff that. I riot if they spend 3 top 50 picks on D, considering what they need still on offense. Not a fan. The speed and RAC ability are terrific, but he's not big and has a pretty terrible injury history. But the worst thing with him for me is that he catches everything with his body.
  10. It's still the corpse of Lorenzo Cain. But it's the Cubs, so naturally he is the one to single-handedly beat them.
  11. Yeah, that was weak. Shaw was rightfully pissed about that one.
  12. Neither of these teams are good at hitting the baseballs.
  13. That's tough. Gonna be real interesting to see where he ends up. I know he was working on getting more movement on his fastball, as it was pretty straight. That usually drops the velo a bit. Haven't seen any velo readings this spring yet.
  14. If you squint hard enough and pray to the draft gods fervently enough, a situation pops up where Parsons is there at 18 (plenty of chatter about him dropping a bit). A Smith/Parsons 1st round is about as good as it would get for me. I would be absolutely shocked if 3 of the first 4 picks weren't on the offensive side of the ball. Very likely a WR/TE, OL, and RB.
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