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  1. Positives: Only 1. The secondary showed again why they are arguably the best in the game. X had a pick and almost had another one that he would normally get 9 times out of 10. The TD that Diggs got was on a play that X lost his shoe. Holland was still flying around the ball. McCourty almost had a pick. Jones with several PBUs. Josh Allen has looked like 2019 Josh Allen so far this season, but the secondary still played really well. The D as a whole played a reasonable game, but I can't count the rest as positives since they gave up a couple big runs. But it should be noted that Buffal
  2. Absolutely. Hope it's nothing serious and that he is able to get back on the field at some point this year. Bummer that he's not out there in what is a really big Week 2 game, but life happens.
  3. Big time. I get the thought process behind trying to keep "consistency" for Tua in year 2, but a good enough OC will be able to keep enough of the old system in place to not overwhelm a young QB while simultaneously adding their own dynamic.
  4. I like a lot of what Grier has done, but he is seemingly carrying on the honored tradition of a Miami GM being incapable of putting together a good O-line. We can only hope that the young guys do get better as the season progresses.
  5. This. Containing Allen's scrambling ability and finding a way to limit Cole Beasley are the 2 defensive keys for me. This is obviously in addition to the standard "get pressure on the QB" stuff. They will move Diggs around to avoid X, just like last year, so he'll get his. But good things will happen if those first 2 things can be done to a certain degree. Offensively, if we don't get MUCH better play out of the IOL, this could end up being a laugher. But I have some faith that the necessary moves can be made and offense takes another step forward with Fuller coming back. I'm not su
  6. I realize you have been gifted great Oline play for seemingly 30 years, but your definiton of being pressured is quite different than the rest of the league. Stepping up in the clean pocket and being able to deliver the football is so much easier than having to escape outside the pocket and deliver the football. At least it is for QBs like Tua and Mac. Go watch Tua's reps if you want to see pressure. He had guys in his lap all day and was forced to moved laterally. Neither Tua nor Mac are guys that are going to be good at this level when they have to leave the pocket like that. For as mu
  7. I watched the entire game. There were literally a handful of serious pressures, and the only sack they had on him was negated on a BS penalty. Part of that I'm sure was that NE ran such short routes, enabling him to get the ball out quickly, but that just goes back to my comments about their OC calling a fantastic game for their team. I wish Miami would have done that.
  8. The Mac/Tua comparisons are ridiculous. The situations they were in are so night/day different that you can't even compare them. Mac sat in a clean pocket; fired 7-10 yard passes all game; had a 100 yard rusher behind him; and was asked not to lose the game. Tua was pressured all game; was forced to throw the ball downfield much more; and had little rushing help behind him. If anything, you have to credit NE's OC for calling a game that fits his team/Mac perfectly. That's going to be a recipe for success plenty of times. Miami had some absolutely headscratching play calls. They ha
  9. Davis did fine as well. For as ready as all of us (myself included) have been to kick him to the bench, he was probably average overall yesterday. If I had to grade them, I'd say: Eich - Average to slightly below average overall at LT. He was tripped by Kindley on the play that Uche planted him and got the sack. Kindley - Well below average at LG. Easily the weakest link yesterday, IMO. Dieter - Slightly below average at C. He didn't kill us, but he was iffy at times. Hunt - Average at RG. I expected more from him, honestly. Davis - Average at RT. Solid, but
  10. Even Frank "Roy Hobbs" Schwindel can't get me to watch baseball right now. This kills me.
  11. And Jevon Holland was their highest graded rookie overall yesterday. Good day for the ex-Ducks.
  12. Ok, I rewatched some of the offense with a specific focus on the O-line. Kindley was really bad, guys. If Jackson is good to go this week, Eich needs to shift to LG against Buff.
  13. x2. I was just lukewarm on Sanderson's stuff before TWOK, but I love this series.
  14. Absolutely. I can't remember the exact record, but the Pats have been stupid good in home September games in recent memory. I want to say like 23-2 over their past 25, but that may not be right. Very happy to escape with a W.
  15. Annoying, but true. An accurate game manager is what that team needed and he's exactly it. I would love to see Tua with that kind of protection. But honestly, the Oline didn't do as poorly as I thought they would. I'm more upset with the poor playcalling. They had some great RPO success on the first drive of both halves, and then went back to it only sparingly.
  16. He's an absolutely perfect QB for that team for where they're at. It's exactly like watching Chad Pennington when he was at his best. Lethal under 15 yards and can hit the wide open guys downfield. The Miami playcalling has to get better. Their RPO stuff the opening drives of both halves was fantastic. Need to get back to that.
  17. Is there really much of a surprise on 3rd and less than a yard though?
  18. I'm ok with him QB sneaking and then getting the hell off the field.
  19. The one that bounced off the hands of not one, but two separate receivers?
  20. Mac Jones is gonna have a great year if he can stay as clean as he has today. That Pats' O-line gives him all the time in the world.
  21. What the actual **** is going on in this Miami game right now?
  22. He needed to catch that, after dropping the one the previous possession.
  23. Eff. I like Little as a reclamation project, but I don't want to see him get thrown into the fire in the first game. Of course, maybe he rises to the challenge and Jackson gets Wally Pipped. This. I think Phillips is listed as 3rd string, but we all know he is going to play significant minutes.
  24. This. I was screaming at my TV for Norvell to put McKenzie in as early as the 2nd quarter. Travis has a place as a gimmick QB for 10 snaps or so a game, but he should not be the starting QB under any circumstances other than McKenzie being hurt. But man, how nice was it to see a FSU team claw back in the 2nd half against a top 10 ranked team after going down 18? The last 4 years the teams would have just rolled over. That was absolutely the game we wanted all those recruits to see.
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