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  1. Arteta is the Spanish Solskjaer.. why stick with a guy that you know you'll have to fire eventually???
  2. Chiefs have a pretty easy remaining schedule. They'd be my favs for the no.1 seed considering buffalo and the colts could beat us after the bye.
  3. You sound stressed, a little wound up. May I suggest a trip to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park. Take the family.... have a day out. Recharge those batteries.
  4. If they meet Baltimore or the Steelers in the playoffs they're gonna need Mac to do a whole lot more.
  5. Kingsbury and LaFleur in the running also. I think Vrabel has done a great job too considering the massive injury list on offense.
  6. He's the greatest QB to ever go 2/3 in a win.
  7. It's gonna be heartbreaking when you miss the playoffs to a rookie QB this year. Therefore, check out the link below of things to keep yourself entertained on weekends while The Pats are hosting playoff games. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g60974-Activities-Buffalo_New_York.html You're welcome
  8. There was a small jump from the pats line.... but i guess not into the NZ
  9. They are the worst fans in football.
  10. Colts will also be coming off the bye. Need to get Harris back fit and healthy
  11. On a separate note- the BS personal foul calls against the Pats when beginning a tackle in-bounds need to be assessed by the league. Josh Allen is 6"5, 240 odd pounds... the idea that you can just go into a tackle and then release in motion as you're going over the sideline is ridiculous.
  12. The 2 QB sneaks were huge too. Made a FG on that drive which meant The Bills had to go for 7 at the end.
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