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  1. TNF: Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears

    No-one from the NFC East should be allowed near the playoffs. Goodell has to step in and change the rules for this year for the sake of competition in the playoffs.
  2. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    Rural Texas has to shoulder a lot of the blame for this fiasco.
  3. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    This is on Dak just as much as the D. Garbage time yards won’t mask his performance
  4. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    How’s MVP candidate, Dek Prescott playing? mvp level?
  5. No Marshall Newhouse in the bottom 5 offensive tackles? The man has no arms and wears concrete boots. I think he also might be blind and deaf.
  6. Who gets the AFC's 6 Seed?

    New England Bills to win the AFC East.
  7. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    To have a real "elite" defense you need a hof pass rush. Everything comes off pressuring the QB. Makes the secondary's job 100 times easier. New England 2019 doesnt have this.
  8. Are we witnessing "Zombie Brady"?

    He is still playing fine... just has zero tight ends and receivers who can get open. But, he has been married for 10 years, which means he is having sex at most twice a week. I'm concerned his testosterone levels arent at the levels they once were.
  9. Most Disappointing Units

    +fan base. Pats receiving core have been awful. 32nd in the league at TE production. Incredible falloff from Gronk
  10. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | the lakers are good

    The 2020 Warriors might be really good if they land a top 2 pick.
  11. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    I genuinely believe I could kick for The Pats at this point.
  12. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    Foreskin taking kicks for New England
  13. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    Steeler fans know all about headhunters
  14. Week 13 - Patriots at Longhorns

    Terrible game. Too much camping.