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  1. If you liked Niang (as did I), you should check out #98... very similar. #42 could move Vaitai inside strengthening our OL. I feel RB and IOL are our two biggest holes remaining, so I am focusing there before we have to wait awhile to pick again.
  2. I think 122 has the best chance to make an impact. That being said, I think the wise move is 42 or 98. We have to land an area of need as we won't pick again for 100 picks.... and I'm not sold on Vaitai as a RT.
  3. So the bottom quarter of my post is what you key in on? I said "like this" to begin with.... you're a real savage.
  4. It seems that way... but Harris played in a similar system. All scouting reports lead one to believe he was a perfect compliment to Shelton.
  5. I'm fine with the Geronimo Allison signing as WR depth.... but how did we miss out on Ronald Darby for $4 mil or Shelby Harris for $3.25 mil? I get that they have to want to sign here, but I know Harris in particular was out for the money, he couldn't be had for a $1mil more to come to Detroit? Signings like this are what make deep, championship rosters...
  6. I think Chase Young is a real possibility. I think Quinn knows the value of a Franchise QB and knows any team in need will move up at all costs (#2 in this case) to get their guy, allowing Young to fall to us.
  7. I have been growing frustrated with focus on ex- Pats.... this helps a bit. Thanks
  8. Maybe he's in play for a OG spot? Sounds like he can play 4 spots on the OL.
  9. Spotrac now has us at $48,505,8889. The Rookie Class should cost us about $10.9 mil, leaving us with $37,605,888. I would also cut R. Okwara for and additional $2.12 mil in saving for a grand total of $39,725,888 in cap space for free agency. Resign: T. Wilson: 2 yrs, 8 mil $4 mil guaranteed (3,5) M. Killebrew: 2yrs, 2 mil J. McKissic: 2 yr, 3 mil M. Ford: 1 yr, $550k K. Wiggins: 1 yr , 3 mil --------------- $9.05 $30,675,888 Sign: Michael Pierce: 3 yrs, $24 mil $12 guaranteed (5,8,11) J. Pierre- Paul: 1 yr, $8 Daryl Worley: 2 years, 14 mil $6 guaranteed (5,9) Daryl Williams: 1yr, 7 mil ---------------- $25 mil Leaves us with $5.6 mil left over, but our bases are covered with CB2, DT, DE/ OLB, RT/ OG. Draft: 1(3): Chase Young, DE 2 (35): Denzell Mims, WR 3 (67): Jaylon Johnson, CB 4 (109) Leki Fotu, DT 5 (149) Robert Hunt, OT 5 (172) Logan Wilson, LB 6 (182) Antonio Gibson, RB/ WR
  10. The 5th year option for an Offensive lineman would be $11-12 mil. They could have picked it up and still had more cap space than us, with less holes to fill. I do believe Conklin is an upgrade to Wagner, but I get the argument that he is not worth top dollar. Tennessee might have seen something a PFF score might not translate.
  11. Looking at the Titans, that is the team I think we want to be. Vrabel has done a fantastic job, even sticking it to Belichek in the playoffs using some of the cheater's old tricks against him.
  12. I guess..... but locking up a top 5 RT for below market value sounds like a win to me, especially to a team that relies as much as anyone on running the ball. Additionally, they have $64 mil in cap space.
  13. I wonder why Conklin's 5th year option wasn't picked up.
  14. I heard Ron Rivera talking up Tagovailoa. He might not be confident in Haskins and looking to move on from him (which wouldn't be unprecedented). He could also be drumming up a blockbuster trade. One thing that is clear, franchise QB's (particularly on rookie contracts) are extremely valuable. All someone has to do is fall in love with Tua or even Herbert, they will pay the price to Washington.
  15. I just said this in another post, but I really think we will get the chance to grab Chase Young. I really feel Tua is going #2. I really like Okudah as well, so I hope to happy with one of those two at #3. As far as Ruggs goes, he is actually my #1 WR, he's going to be awesome.
  16. The more I think about it, the more I feel Chase Young is going to fall to us. I really believe Tua is going #2, and I don't see anyone going bonkers for Herbert/Love just yet.
  17. Not much to debate in this post. I'm hoping for all of them to play well. Johnson and Hall provide our Offense with blazing speed which we sorely lack. Hopefully Bryant can step up opposite Flowers, I'm not sure our 2020 Starting DE is currently on the roster.
  18. I am all for Okudah at #3... I think that is the surest bet regarding the Lions in the draft. My original point was $24 mil doesn't get you far when you are trying to fill 4 holes and not rely on the draft... because the draft is a crap shoot. The same people pinning their hopes on replacing Slay with Jones and Glasgow with Garnett are hoping to draft a NT Top 10... that to me is terrible value all around
  19. Do you think reaching for Jaylon Johnson from Utah, and Jeff Gladney at #35 is justifiable because we signed DJ Reader $15 mil per; and only have Oruwariye as our #2...(I don't care what his draft profile projected, he was a 5th RD pick for a reason)
  20. What is the trade back exactly? This is a solid score, but I'm not sure Okudah lasts to 6, and he is my favorite prospect. I love Mims at 35. What if we did Okudah at 1 (3), Mims at 2 (35), maybe swap Anae at 67 for Fotu 106?
  21. Starting caliber players usually demand top 10-15 pay scales. Don't be surprised when Shelby Harris and Michael Pierce become $7-$10 mil a year players, and Jack Conklin gets $17 +. Did you think a QB was going to get $35-$40 mil per? Again, not paying up for talent and hoping to land their replacement in the draft leaves you exposed. Draft Georgia's mountainous OG in the 3rd because we need an OG to compete with Aboushi / Wiggins/ Garnett/ Dahl, when there was a prime WR prospect available (not only for now but certainly next year) is what makes fans tear their hair out 2021.
  22. I said "above average, traditionally." And while I'm completely fine with upgrading from him, we have other obvious holes to fill. Not sure they want to focus any energy on upgrading/ plugging another hole. Filling a hole at less than replacement value doesn't make a lick of sense to the front office (in regards to your draft will fill 1-2 holes). It's in the same vein as the Darius Slay situation.... in a win now mode, why create more uncertainty?
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