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  1. Carr is a coward, it’s the trait I hate the most. Carr would have folded like a lawn chair with that defense coming for him, we’ve seen it happen many times.
  2. The Raiders have no chance with Carr we need to at least attempt to find a guy who can compete with Mahomes.
  3. I remember when nobody wanted old Peyton Manning..... of course I want Tom Brady.
  4. He was signed to a record contract when he signed it wasn’t perceived as team friendly at the time it was revealed. My point being is it doesn’t matter how much he makes there is still plenty of money and resources to build a good team.
  5. It won’t matter what Mahomes contract looks like, Rodgers and Jimmy G have some of the richest contracts in the league and one of them is going to the Super Bowl this year.
  6. He’s setting the table for blitzes
  7. Look what we have to deal with for the next 15 years, kinda sad buts it’s awesome to watch.
  8. Nothing can stop Henry right now, he’s on a historic run. Reminds me of how impactful Jerry Rice was in the playoffs.
  9. 9 in the box will not stop the titans run game though, that’s the problem.
  10. Titans will win if this game is a grind, and it looks like one
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