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  1. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Logically based on history of big contracts running backs there is a lot of merit in investing the money elsewhere and getting a replacement RB. If Henry goes, I think we draft a RB in the first round as we have a late 1st rounder anyways. One that can play three downs. That or we sign someone like Lamar Miller, Peyton Barber or Jordan Howard to pair with Dion Lewis. There are several quality RB options though if Henry moves on I think we go RB by committee. I think if Henry goes we will actually keep Dion Lewis. If Henry resigns, Lewis is gone. I would personally like Melvin Gordon a lot in Tennessee because he is a three down back but don't see him being much cheaper if at all than Henry. All that being said, 99 percent certain Derrick Henry is back with the Titans.
  2. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I think we will either be picking in the top 5-10 or we will be right in the thick of the playoffs. I don't see an in between honestly with all the unknowns at this point. The great thing about this forum is seeing everyone's ideas come together and yes we disagree but we are all fans who want this team to be great. For the record, I think the Titans will retain both Tannehill and Henry. I don't think Ryan or Conklin will be back though. I would prioritize Conklin over Ryan but I think both price themselves out. Frankly giving Tannehill and Henry big contracts is frightening as both have risks. However, I think it is the best move the Titans can make. However if the Titans only keep one, I think it will be Tannehill as QB is the more important position. If Henry goes I think we must re-sign Conklin to maximize the continuity on the offensive line to help the run blocking especially for the next RB. If Henry goes, I think we keep Lewis and sign a guy like Jordan Howard. I just can't wait for the next few weeks to get rolling so we finally have some answers. Starts with the franchise tags.
  3. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    It blows my mind how people are so worried about the contract Henry could get yet seem to be fine to shell out endless cash for Tannehill. How many overpaid QBs have been terrible decisions in this league? Ask the Rams how Goff is doing? What about the Jags and Foles stellar deal there? Or Joe Flacco on the Broncos? Kirk Cousins was looking bad for awhile still not great? Oh Matt Ryan he has been stellar too right? Don't even get me started on Brissett the desperation move of all desperation moves. The funny thing too is of those QBs I just listed all of them except maybe Goff and Brissett showed more than Tannehill has to this point. I averaged it out from the cap hits I could find of the top 10 QBs and the average cap hit is 28,147,500. Are you comfortable giving at least that for Tannehill as that is what he is seeking I am sure. The question is what tier of quarterbacks do you believe Tannehill fits in? Is he top 5 elite? No way I would pick at least 10 QBs if I had a choice before him. Okay so he is top 15. You don't pay top dollar for a QB with half a stellar season on his resume and one good year many years ago. For all this talk of bad contracts for RBs look at how many atrocious ones there are for QBs too. Not to mention Henry will make half the money Tannehill will this offseason based on contract value for position. Yes QB is the most important player on the offense but if we shell out top 8 money to a QB like Tannehill who is not elite and is imo top 15 in the NFL that would be a huge mistake. The whole argument of Henry and Tannehill who helped each other more I can see both sides. I could understand if the Titans keep Tannehill and either sign a cheaper RB or draft one. Logic would seem to indicate that makes sense. Tannehill however is not a sure thing and anyone on here who says so is lying to themselves. Neither is Henry but Henry has shown more for us the past couple of years then Tannehill did in a half a season. Don't get me wrong I like Tannehill and think resigning him is the right move but not paying him like an elite QB when he isn't.
  4. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    This is the most crucial offseason this franchise has had in at least a decade imo. Decisions made will be franchise altering and I think either this team is right in the thick of things next year or we will be wishing we were 9-7 again. I honestly am not envious of the decision makers who have to sort through all of this. Even the world's biggest optimist never saw a season like that for Tannehill. I am sure when we traded for him the hope was he could game manage with Henry running to keep us on the right path. However, he made some huge throws and really gelled in this offense so now there is the Tannehill conundrum this offseason. The question is am I comfortable with giving Ryan Tannehill 30 million a year cap hit wise to be our QB for the next five years or so? If I am being honest...... no. As much as I loved how exciting our offense was, outside of the New Orleans game this team lived and died by Derrick Henry and the offensive line run blocking. Derrick Henry was the reason we won two playoff games. When he couldn't get going against KC look what happened. Seeing some of the other QBs with huge cap hits in the NFL honestly it is scary to see how much average QBs get paid. Tannehill was exceptional this year but he is not a top five QB in this league and most certainly should not be paid like one. Bottom top 10 to top 15 maybe. Working against Tannehill too is the fact that this is the best market with the most capable starting level QBs we have seen in a long time assuming lots make it to free agency and I think many will. If Tannehill is going to cost $30 million per year against the cap then I am sorry give me Brady, Rivers, Bridgewater, Winston or even take a shot on a guy like Alex Smith (assuming he is able to play) or even Taysom Hill. Personally I would try and get Newton but he may cost a ton. Yes I am aware with Brady and Rivers the offense would need to change a bit to make up for the less mobility. Winston is a turnover machine but he has a huge arm and can easily do the play action beat you deep throws with Henry running a lot. Alex Smith if recovered is capable and was mobile hopefully he still would be but who knows this is a wild card. I think both Bridgewater and Hill can be quality starters mind you they are more unknown especially Hill. Newton IMO would be a great fit for this offense and would be elite for us if somehow we could get him. That all being said, I am sorry but to me I would be scared as hell to commit long term to Tannehill with such a huge cap hit when he had a great half of a season and Henry was the main reason he was effective more often than not. I really don't know what is going to happen this offseason which is both exciting and nerve wracking. If we re-sign Tannehill I would be fine with it I like Tannehill but if we give him a huge contract for many years I am definitely going to be concerned. Henry to me is a must re-sign as the price for RBs is not expensive and you cannot overstate what he means to this team. Again the work load on RBs is concerning but I don't see how the Titans could justify letting Henry their leader, most productive offensive player and most marketable player leave.
  5. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I really like the hiring of Jim Haslett. Think he will be an asset to the entire defense. I also don't think it will be a guarantee Vrabel is calling the plays. Haslett has lots of experience in that area and to me I don't think he came here to do a lateral move. I think he will have a big say in play calling. I think Vrabel and him will be the ones calling the shots on defense. Not fully sure how that will look but we shall see. I trust in this coaching staff.
  6. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Some interesting stats there. IMO I would rank it 1) Clowney 2) Ngakoue 3) Judon 4) Fowler The top three are who I would try to get one of. Fowler kind of scares me though. Is he is contract year wonder?
  7. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    This times a million. Of the four big free agents we have only QB to me is a more important position than an EDGE. I think we need to bring Henry back if the price is not outrageous as he is a unique back in the NFL. That being said give me an elite edge player we desperately need over Conklin or Ryan. An elite EDGE will help the defense more than Ryan would as you can find quality corners easier than you can quality edge rushers. Conklin would be nice to have but his pass protection is only average so don't overpay for him. Kelly is an adequate starter worst case for way less. That being said if Conklin goes I would either sign another vet for reasonable or draft an OT in the 2nd round maybe. Just look at the two Super Bowl teams. Both had strong defensive lines and pass rushes there is no secret.
  8. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    If I am the Titans, Clowney has to be on the top of their free agent list of external players as to me he fits the biggest need for this team outside of QB and RB (I am assuming however we bring back both Tannehill and Henry). I think we could re- sign Tannehill, and Henry and then go and sign Clowney. Would not have too much cap left after that without cutting some vets but Walker and Lewis to me are goners and we won't bring back Ryan and Conklin in this scenario. I would rather have an elite EDGE player like Clowney than another corner or OT anyways. I know this board we don't always agree but one thing I think we can all agree on in the pass rush was not good enough without sending extra players all the time. If we want to have a chance in hell to beat a team like KC, we need to be able to create a pass rush with 4 or 5 guys max. There is a reason why pass rushers get paid and Clowney is a chance to finally have an elite one plus he has ties to Vrabel. Getting a pass rush with less people rushing makes the entire defense so much better. I know Clowney may not have the sack numbers, but just ask Houston how important he was to that defense. A front seven of Casey, Jones, Simmons, Clowney, Brown/Long, Evans and Landry would be top five in the NFL imo. However, though I rate Clowney personally the highest of all the free agents, this is a really strong group of edge players and ends many of which would help to fix this issue for the Titans. There is no excuse for the Titans not to address this spot with at least one quality free agent as there are several to choose from.
  9. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I think people need to realize there is no way all four of the free agents we have that are marquee (Tannehill, Henry, Conklin and Ryan) will all be back. No way I see that happening unless one takes a discount. To me I like Logan Ryan but the fact is we got three high paid players in the secondary already and Adoree Jackson is going to get his money soon. I just don't see Ryan being brought back at the money he will want. For everyone saying cut Butler I would rather have Buter tbh because he is a far better outside corner. I wouldn't want to spend huge money on a great slot corner. Spend the money on a pass rusher instead. Conklin would be great to have to solidify the o line. However, if he wants top dollar can you justify that with what Lewan and Saffold are making already? I think the case can be made more for Conklin than Ryan and would love to have Conklin back. Titans for years have had two premium bookend tackles and would love to see that continue. Henry was the reason we won two playoff games and is a big part of this team and unless the philosophy changes is the engine of the entire offense. As Henry went so did the Titans. However, i would be worried to give him top dollar for long term with the miles he already has on him. He also has not always consistently dominated. RBs are less important than offensive line but Henry means a lot to this team so bring him back and franchise tag if necessary. Tannehill is a complete wild card to me. Some quality QBs hitting free agency. Do we think Tannehill is a top 10 QB in the NFL? Cause he may get paid like one and not sure he is worth that. The truth about Tannehill will come out next year either in Tennessee or another team. Tannehill is the one who scares me the most. He was average his whole career then elite for us over the 2nd half? Which is reality? If this past year we get a bargain. If prior years and we re-sign we got hosed and will be in a tough spot for years. IMO you re-sign Conklin for sure as a great O line can make RBs and QBs look good especially RBs as this line seems geared toward. Then re-sign Tannehill but if he wants too much Brady, Rivers, Bridgewater and heck even Winston are viable options. Henry is the heart and soul of this team he would be up next or be franchised. To me OT and QB are more critical positions than RB or CB.
  10. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Vrabel taking over as DC does not bother me my only concern is dividing that with head coaching duties.
  11. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    First off I never said to not keep Henry I said to franchise tag him. Gordon is not going to get the same money as Henry and imo the two are about the same though Gordon is a better pass catcher. My whole point is do you pay a RB with as many carries has already has Henry long term? History shows time and time again giving big money to RBs never pans out. You are entitled to your opinion but Henry has never dominated a whole season. Yes this year was an incredible year for him towards the second half and playoffs but the offensive line is a big part of that. Bottom line Henry has shown second and end of season he is fantastic. However, yet to do it all season long. He has a ton of mileage on him already. Would be nervous signing him longer than four years and would preferably only sign him for three or franchise tag him. I also don't think the Titans can re-sign Tannehill and Henry and be ready to make a run at the super bowl again. Not without adding a premier pass rusher.
  12. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Frankly this is how I look at it: I don't want to pay Ryan Tannehill top level QB money for half a season of work. A stellar half mind you but it wasn't all him and there are several good options in free agency if needed. I don't believe Ryan Tannehill is all of a sudden an elite QB. I don't want to pay Derrick Henry top RB for a half of season of work. A stellar half mind you but RBs breakdown also there are some quality free agent RBs too. To me a guy like Melvin Gordon can do some damage and would be my target if the Titans don't want to spend big on Henry. I don't want to pay Conklin 15 million per season as we already have a ton of money in the left side of the line and Kelly to me is fine to take his spot for way less. I don't want to pay Ryan big money to play corner when Jackson will need some serious cash soon and we already got a high paid secondary with Byard, Vacarro and Butler (who I fully believe we are keeping around this year). This is the off season the Titans front office has in front of them. Those are the four premier free agents we have and legitimately there are strong reasons to not commit big money to each of them. However, the Titans absolutely cannot afford to lose all four and I think need to keep around at least two. Logic would say those two will be Tannehill and Henry and I would be happy to have them back and would not fault the front office at all. However, I would be on edge a bit waiting for Tannehill to regress or waiting for Henry to hit the RB wall. If it's me you re-sign Tannehill, you tag Henry and try to re-sign Conklin. If not Kelly is fine there worst case. I think Ryan is good as gone as can't justify that kind of spending in the secondary with Adoree Jackson needing more money soon. I would take the money and find me an elite pass rusher or trade for one. This is an absolute must if the Titans want to get over the hump. Give me a premier pass rusher over any RB, right tackle or corner.
  13. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Agree with Ryan being the one to walk if I had to pick. However, I don't think corner is a big problem for us. I think the pass rush is. We already have invested heavily in the secondary. Time we did on our pass rush.
  14. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    If Brady ends up a Titan I think Dion Lewis is sticking around. They have experience together and did well together. Lewis is the exact kind of back Brady likes to have. If Tannehill comes back I think we bring Henry back. If Tannehill is gone though I don't know for sure if we will keep Henry. I mean it seems crazy I would expect one of them is back but don't know for sure. I guess due to the importance of QB Tannehill has to be the priority but Henry was the real weapon for us this year especially the 2nd half. It's a tricky spot for the Titans. IMO you franchise tag Henry if you can't get a reasonable deal done or go and get a RB like Melvin Gordon. The franchise tag for Tannehill would be 25 - 30 mil per year and I don't know if he is worth that. Tannehill played great and certainly looked legitimate in this offense. However I have to wonder if we stick with the same scheme and him and Henry are back the element of surprise is gone. Can they still be successful even close to the same level?
  15. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Pass rush help is needed desperately. Maybe Walker who they drafted this year and didn't play will help but we need to draft or sign a pass rusher big time to help Landry. I would franchise Henry personally and try to sign either Tannehill or Brady. Logan Ryan unfortunately would be a cap casualty. I also think Delanie Walker sadly is done in Tennessee and I think Woodyard may retire. We need pass rush help and another corner with speed. If we don't sign Tannehill or another capable QB that is obviously a huge need but I don't see the Titans letting Tannehill go for better or worse unless he prices himself out. Losing Henry to me would mean we have to change our philosophy a bit but I think if the offensive line keeps it up run blocking we can be effective if we needed another back. However I hope the Titans keep Henry. No other RB like him. I do think we could be using Dion Lewis better I still like Lewis and if we lose Henry we need to keep Lewis. I don't think we need to address offensive line starter wise even if Conklin leaves Kelly is capable. TEs I think we are fine with the current group. Wide receivers maybe one more with speed but overall I like the group of AJ Brown, Corey Davis and Adam Humphries in three wide. D line is solid, inside linebacker we are set. Outside linebacker is solid but need one more edge rusher badly. Secondary I actually want us to keep Butler have him and Jackson outside. We should draft a CB with speed. I am high on Hooker and Cruikshank. Safety we are set. Kicker Joseph seemed overall fine. Kern is the best in the league. So really the only areas we need to address (outside of QB or RB depending on how that shakes out) are a pass rusher and a corner with speed. Obviously QB and RB uncertainty is critical but depending how that shakes out this Titans team is solid overall and several of the young guns should only get better.