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  1. AFC South Discussion Thread

    He said quite a few were good when you go through the whole list. He hates Allen who the Bills picked and does not think much of Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan or Andrew Luck. I find it funny he says he thinks Luck is overrated and doesn't buy the Garappolo hype but then goes onto say Watson will be league MVP. Give me a break I cannot wait for Watson to come back down to Earth. He also says Beckham makes Manning but I guess Hopkins doesn't make Watson? My main thing is who cares what Ramsey thinks on QBs in the league? Reporters must be hurting for information to pass along. I wanted the Titans to take Ramsey in the draft but so glad his big mouth isn't on the Titans. Like shut up and play football man. Hope the Titans torch him or he gets run over again by Henry.
  2. Training Camp Thread

    I also do agree and believe Finch should and will make the team. He seems to have a nice set of pass rush moves and the more pass rushers we have the better in the NFL. He made Byron Bell look like a clown the whole time he went against him. Yes Byron Bell is not that good but still a very impressive start for the rookie. I look forward to seeing more of Finch. Another area I am really curious about is WR. Could it be Sharpe doesn't even make it? To me Jennings, Williams, Burnett all deserve consideration and a few others even. I know they keep hyping up Sharpe in practice and he was a Robinson pick but wonder if he will make the final 53. I guess yes as he is a safe option but I would hate to see someone like Burnett or heck Williams even impressed me get cut to play it safe. Campanaro is yet to practice or play for a bit too and wasn't he supposed to be like what Williams has been? It is an interesting one to watch and the Titans need to pick the WRs right as there are durability concerns with some of the players in the mix.
  3. Titans sign S Steven Terrell

    It will suck really bad for Cruikshank if he is out for the year. Tough break for a rookie in the first preseason game. Don't know much about Terrell to be honest. The safety injuries have been ridiculous so far this year for the Titans and injuries in general are piling up. Hope the injured can get healthy and stay healthy to contribute this season.
  4. Training Camp Thread

    I am actually probably more fine than others with our top four receivers being Davis, Taylor, Matthews and Sharpe. I feel like in the last lousy offensive scheme Taylor was poorly utilized and I think he will have a great year for us. He isn't just known for speed though the speed element will help the whole group as a whole. Taylor can do it all and I think he will show that and show out this year. The issue with the receivers is if we suffer an injury that may be tough. I do hope Burnett makes the team. My concern right now is on inside linebacker especially with my Adopt a Titan Rashaan Evans. What the heck is going on with him if it is indeed related to the heat? Very concerning he is yet to even practice which is disappointing as he was a first round pick for a reason and I was pumped when we picked him. Not a knock on Compton or Brown at all as I feel both are solid LBs but Evans I felt would have put the group over the top and without the depth is not great.
  5. Cyprien Out For The Year

    Sucks to lose a starter in Cyprien for the year in training camp. I don't think Reid or Vacarro is an upgrade on him. All on the same level imo except Cyprien was with the Titans and had more chemistry with teammates. Whoever takes over the SS spot I am not expecting a world beater just do your job. Don't need to be an all pro. We already have that in Byard at the safety spot.
  6. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    With my 2ND pick I select OG Josh Kline.
  7. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    With the 6th pick of the AAT 2018 draft, I select LB Rashaan Evans. @Andrei01 you are on the clock.
  8. Adopt A Titan - Sign Ups - 18/25 Spots Filled

    Sign me up please!
  9. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Honestly I would not be surprised at all if James Daniels is the Titans pick if they stay at 25. It makes a lot of sense he is extremely athletic, a strong run and pass blocker and due to his movement skills and athleticism perfect for a zone blocking scheme we seem to be moving to. Not to mention he can play either C or G with great versatility. I know this wouldn't be a sexy pick but would help solidify the O line so it would be much better this coming season and play at the level it needs to. Priority one is protecting Mariota and this guy can do that as well as make space for the RBs. Daniels to me would be a a perfect fit and a great pick.
  10. Titans sign WR Michael Campanaro

    Not the most exciting signing in the world but seems like a decent return man which isn't a bad thing to have. If it means Adoree Jackson no longer is returning that would be even better. Jackson is a starter who I do not want to see returning kicks or punts and also Adoree had multiple gaffes last year returning so him not returning may be the best move anyways.
  11. Titans sign DL Bennie Logan

    Solid signing he is more of a nose tackle than most of our other defensive lineman so I like it. He is good against the run from what I have read. As long as he can eat blocks and keep the LBs clean it is a good move.
  12. The Offseason Thread

    I would rather have Jordan Matthews than Eric Decker. He is younger and I think would be a decent add for a decent price. There is no better free agent WR left out there to me Jordan Matthews is the best of what is left.
  13. New Jerseys Thread

    I personally am very happy with the main home and away combinations. Mostly navy blue is always what I have thought looks best and glad it is very present. I actually like the grey shoulders the way it looks it looks like the blade of a sword which is neat. I like how the incorportated the sword in spots throughout. I liked the ideas of the state of Tennessee being incorporated in spots very cool. Even though I am a Titans fan who lives in Canada I am super glad they paid tribute to the state of Tennessee as I think that is really great for the fans and the state. The helmet being blue with the grey mask is awesome I love it. I am not as big a fan of the baby blue onesies we will see for colour rush which is pretty much what we have seen in the past for colour rush. I can live with it though. Overall happy with the new uniforms and helmets I think they are pretty sharp.
  14. Titans sign Blaine Gabbert

    Solid signing he is a solid back up. Much better than Cassel I like it. I only saw how he played against the Titans but he played pretty well it seems when he got the chance. He is also athletic so if Mariota misses time the playbook does not need to change all that much if at all.
  15. The Offseason Thread

    I think the Titans will be in on Hankins. The D line is a need since we cut Williams and Klug and he is young and a very strong run defender who can create pressure at times. I know some think we don't need a true NT but if we do run 3-4 I think it would be greatly beneficial if we did. Theoretically, it is going to be harder to pass on the Titans next season so opponents may try to run more. Someone like Hankins will ensure our run defense (which is still important in the modern day NFL) does not miss a beat. Also we lost Williamson whose run defense was always solid. Hankins would help keep the LBs clean in the run game which would be helpful for LBs in the mold of Jayon Brown. I hope we bring Hankins in for one he is a very solid player would be a nice add.