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  1. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    I owe both of you responses and will get on it once work settles down isn't killing me.
  2. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Yelich Re-Cycles

  3. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    3 is the only one I would say deserves somewhere between push-back and clarification. We know, for example, that Urban Meyer lied to the media, he's admitted as much. But that lie isn't the really important lie (though I don't think it's totally meaningless by any stretch). Would you say that, based on what we know, that the most likely scenario here or the scenario that best explains his behavior is that Urban Meyer was aware of what Smith did in 2015, kept him on staff in spite of that knowledge, and removed any evidence of his knowledge by deleting the messages from his phone? I'm not saying there's 100% undeniable smoking gun proof of what happened. All I'm saying is you outlined best/worst case scenario without mentioning their relative likelihood, and I think that's important in these discussions.
  4. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    There are reasonable OSU fans, and OSU fans/students/alumni who are not happy about how this was handled (rightfully). They're not defending Urban Meyer, OSU's treatment of him, or acting like the fanbase/football program is the victim here though.
  5. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Full disclosure: there's part of me that's glad we lost since Danny Davis played.
  6. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    There are OSU fans who are completely reasonable people. They're just not in this thread posting that the reason I quoted Urban Meyer sticking his foot in his mouth again today is because my team lost or because I'm jealous that OSU wins football games.
  7. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt


  9. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Yelich Re-Cycles


    Josh Hader's last 20 batters faced: 6 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 BB, 1 lineout, 17 Ks.
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I mean her boyfriend is dumb enough that he probably dies on the job immediately tbh

  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    O/U 4.5 months until she's single again
  14. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    If you can find a post of mine defending the program for letting Davis back, link it. But you won't.
  15. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    That's exactly what it's saying. The entire post is that because my team was bad, and they were, I can use DV as a distraction to detract from OSU's football success. Walk that statement backwards in the inverse: if OSU is good at football, then that can also be a distraction from the DV they've enabled. When you start equating or considering in any way football success with stuff like enabling DV, you're admitting that their on the same scale, and there's some price of the latter you'd be willing to pay for the former.