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  1. I don't even know how to approach that one. Just a sad situation.
  2. Had him blocked already but you jabronis keep trying to drag me back in.
  3. To be fair to the Bengals, they took a 1st round C in 2018 and a 1st round LT in 2019 before their franchise QB pick in 2020. It's not that they haven't tried. They just perpetually suck.
  4. Anti vax Polling for vaccines are already improving. I'd agree that people refusing to take it is the last hurdle, but don't think there is a reasonable chance enough people refuse to get it that we have to meaningfully extend social distancing measures or anything like that.
  5. A few things: Do you have any open spots in your family? An uncle you can't take places? One political black sheep? I'll be the lowest of the low if it comes with those tickets. I challenge anyone to read past the second "RISSOTO" in their own voice. Good luck. DAVE SAID HE'D MAKE NEW EPISODES WHY DIDN'T YOU LEAD WITH THAT
  6. I typed that whole thing out before I realized "why would ET see a standup over the weekend unless he was at the show". Donnell Rawlings is my go to recommendation for everyone who talks about Chappelle Show. No one knows, but that dude has toured forever.
  7. That's Donnell Rawlings. Did you see his show?
  8. So we already knew about 50M Pfizer/BNT in December, 1.3B Pfizer/BNT doses by end of 2021, and 1B doses of Moderna by end of 2021. Now we've got 3B doses of AZ by end of 2021. I don't see how we aren't back to normal by 2022.
  9. Yeah this is a trainwreck. Not sure why you want to watch this.
  10. I can't tell if this is a football game or a video of a puppy getting waterboarded,
  11. They kicked him off the broadcast it seems like since he hasn't spoken since.
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