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  1. A rare 3 team trade where all 3 teams probably lose and we all win. Kinda nice.
  2. Jack Easterby is absolutely acquiring the rights to any future Bruce Allen cheerleader pics in this deal.
  3. Petty spectacularly Texans move by the Texans to wait for Watson's value to plummet as low as it can go, then trade him.
  4. His swing is so satisfying when he gets one (and isn't on a rival team).
  5. @MikeT14 you know exactly what you did and I hate you for it.
  6. Goddamn he's a cute little dude. The subtle head tilts.
  7. If you know what's good for you, you best start posting those puppy pictures.
  8. He's transparently too scared to play the position. If the first read isn't there, he panics and scrambles. He can't adjust in the pocket, he can't keep his eyes downfield, and he immediately curls up under any pressure. I wish he was good, but he's broken, and playing him more won't help.
  9. @beekay414will kill me, but I sub out relish and kraut for white onions on brats. Red onions on burgers. Pickle on the sandwich is a must though, agreed.
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