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  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I'm just sitting here waiting for someone to make a version of this meme to explain:
  2. Cleveland Announces Team Name Under Review

    @Eagles27 tagging you if you want to lock it up, but figured it's news worthy.
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Terrible idea tbh. Snowflakes like these people singing at the top of their lungs is going to really spread COVID.
  4. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    $10MM in a nest egg without supplemental income using a 3% yearly withdraw rate corresponds to $300k/year before taxes. That's solidly upper class, but not Bill Gates money at all. And that $10MM number doesn't take into account anything Jones has already spent, including a house.
  5. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    What a jackass.
  6. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    Thanks for posting this, I appreciated hearing your take.
  7. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I think the author felt the same way because the article is presented like "yes, reader we know you think these people are too stupid to exist, we thought the same thing".
  8. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    I wasn't able to find any confirmation that the Powhatan tribe is in favor of this. Do you have a statement from them? I would disagree on this the other trebles not mattering, precisely because the word used is "Redskin' and not the name of a specific tribe. I agree with your general point: we don't need the approval of modern day Greece for Michigan State to be the Spartans or anything like that. And while the term 'redskin' originated in the area, it was used by Europeans to describe all kinds of tribes. And that's the key difference: the word, and by extension the team identity, is not representation of the Powhatans or another specific tribe. It's representation of an outsider's reductive view of who they are. If there was a way to change the name and turn a negative representation into something positive like FSU, that'd be a huge win for everyone involved including the NFL. But Dan Snyder is simply incapable of leading that change, so I don't see how saying "well change it to a positive representation" is a realistic scenario.
  9. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    That's not good faith American Native representation. It's representation of a ridiculous, over the top stereotype of Native American 'culture'. (And I use culture in quotes here not to insult real Native American culture, but to emphasize how poor and reductive the team depiction is.) Real Native American representation in football is done places like Florida State, and the Seminole tribe is proud of that association. That's not what anyone is talking about here. And frankly, the difference between good and bad faith representation is night and day. Take a look at how FSU speaks of the Seminole tribe: https://unicomm.fsu.edu/messages/relationship-seminole-tribe-florida/ Now contrast that with Dan Snyder.
  10. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    I would absolutely wish it on Dan Snyder. Thoughts and prayers in advance.
  11. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    I can't think of any better plan to undermine Dan Snyder's grip on the team than setting up a situation where he has to publicly comment on race in today's climate tbh.
  12. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    The more damning reasons to change it are the documented impact that negative connotations in media have on Native American populations. The American Psychological Association has presented research on this for years. Here's their (very well sourced, scathing) statement on it: https://www.apa.org/about/policy/mascots.pdf
  13. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    Was expecting this the moment Goodell read the players' statement. Maybe Snyder limps by and is able to keep the name for now, but he should realize at this point that not changing the name is a losing proposition. "Should" is the operative word here though. Snyder is going to make this an ego thing and get himself bloodied for no absolutely no gain whatsoever.
  14. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    This is now a "post stories about how embarrassingly cheap the MLB owners are" thread tbh.
  15. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I'm sure if we just taught these people how to wear a mask or all dressed up in red and blue shirts and sang Kumbaya our problems would go away though amirite.