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  1. I don't understand why Nebraska fans are whining - aren't they a blue blood?
  2. @ Northwestern... And we haven't had public practices, so it's not clear who's working with the 1's or 2's consistently. But just as a guess: QB: Coan/Mertz, Wolf, DVB Beaten this to death, but IMO Coan starts the season as the starter. I'd like to think Mertz can beat him out, but with how PC likes to manage games and with how good the rest of the team could be, I think it's Coan. Wolf is the 3rd guy. RB: Watson, Davis, Guerendo 3rd down RB: Groshek/Berger This is one of the deeper teams, so pretty much every spot is fluid. This is no change. Groshek is an easy 3rd down RB, PC won't trust Berger with pass protection early in the season as a true freshman. But Berger is too good to keep off the field entirely, so I could see 2 RB sets with both of them to help mitigate the WR losses. Obviously Watson is the starter, but he's got to take the next step or he's going to get passed. If you told me Berger was the primary RB by Week 5, I could see it. FB: Stokke/Chenal, Easterling We loaded. Receiving TE: Ferguson, Rucci, Dakovich Blocking TE: Sampson, Cundiff, Large We loaded. WR1: Pryor, Dunn, Chimere D. WR2: Davis, Krumholz I didn't list Isaac Smith or Devin Chandler, but yeah this is pretty clearly the thinnest group we have. I think Chimere D. could play as a true freshman a bunch, and I could also see Berger lining up in the slot (if Ferguson doesn't) just to improve the production. I really, really hope we don't see Dunn/Krumholz much, but we will. Davis and Pryor need to block well enough to keep them off the field. I also didn't list him, but Stephen Bracey could be a jet sweep/return specialist ala Cruikshank. LT: CVL, Brown, Nelson LG: Lyles, Seltzner/Tippmann C :Seltzner/Tippmann, Sampson RG: Bruss, Seltzner/Tippmann RT: Beach, Wedig, Barton This should hopefully be the year we start turning the corner back to OL. CVL is the obvious guy at LT even though he didn't play well last year, but I think Brown gets a lot of burn so that he's ready to take over in 2021. In the interior, I think Tippmann and Seltzner are going to be pretty much manning both center and the backup guard spots as the utility guys. I have Beach at RT over Bruss because I think he's a slightly better fit their (and I really like Bruss as a guard), but given how good the blocking TE group is, if PC wants to manage the overall OL, he could move Beach inside to provide more help to the C and have the TE cover Bruss. I also have Sampson listed at C, he's gotten reps there even though he did well as the blocking TE. I also didn't list the interior OL recruits , but Barrett and Bortollini are depth all over the interior. I'm not sure which one UW has pegged as a C. NT: Benton, Williams, Paez DE: Loudermilk, Henny, Johnson/McDonald DE: Rand, Mullens, Johnson/McDonald This is pretty easy. OLB: Burks, Lyttle, Johnson MLB: Chenal, Njongmeta, Zachman MLB: Sanborn, Reed/Turner OLB: IGM, Franklin, Herbig 3/4 starters are straightforward, and I go with IGM as the breakout guy. Could easily see a freshman OLB taking a big role here, we're so deep there it's nuts. CB: Williams, Wildgoose CB: Hicks/Melvin, Cone, Lofy S: Nelson, Wilder S: Burrell/Pearson, Toler Hicks would be the favorite, but I think Melvin is the future at one of the CB spots based on the Minnesota game. Williams stepped up at the end of last season so he's the default starter, and Wildgoose/Cone can get time in nickel or in running situtations. I didn't list Engrahm (I'd think he's a slot DB) or Blaylock, but CB is also as deep as I can remember it being at UW. And our starters are about as good as any non-Nick Nelson UW CB tbh. At S, Nelson should get his job back since Pearson and Burrell can't stop getting thrown out of games for targeting. Wilder is an obvious backup, but I like Toler to get some time as a physical presence there too. This team looks really good, but what is scary to me is what this could look like next year. We're consistently recruiting over better and better players, and it shows up pretty much everywhere except WR right now with all of the losses we had.
  3. Bateman hired an agent so he could arrange a way to train for the draft during COVID. He didn't do anything unethical, or even start taking money or anything, and everything he did was the direct result of COVID. The circumstances are obviously exceptional. The B1G season would be better from a fan perspective with him than without him, and if you defend the pointless NCAA bureaucracy over that, I don't know what to tell you.
  4. I would second this, and for HSA's I recommend Fidelity. Also really low cost, and user-friendly enough.
  5. That makes sense, because reading your explanation I wasn't sure where the stupidity was. Thanks!
  6. I mean the NCAA is going to be under crazy pressure to grant this, and then that opens up what amount of hardship you have to endure before it's okay to sign with an agent.
  7. So this is interesting as a potential precedent setting move.
  8. Seems to me like you're allowing diversity of thought tbqh.
  9. Isn't 1st amendment law some of the most complicated?
  10. I can agree with the cause and try to empathize with their righteous anger without condoning every method used. Sometimes life is simple but this is a very nuanced thing IMO. I know that's harder in 2020 because so many people try to deliberately conflate the two, but in my own head it's possible for both things to be true, and I don't think it makes me a hypocrite either.
  11. Imagine trying to argue in bad faith on the internet in 2020.
  12. Had a piece of furniture delivered. Got to walk it up 2 flights of stairs yesterday. Thing weighed 150 pounds. That counts as strength training for the past 6 months right?
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