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  1. I get it too, and still follow the rules. Granted, this is anecdotal and vaccine denial is a multi-faceted thing, so I'm not pretending that this is a magic bullet or anything. But I went to visit family recently after a year+ because pretty much everyone is vaccinated now, and my most insane, but not most hated Uncle pretty much lead off the "hi, how are you" follow up with "not getting the vaccine". He knows what I do and immediately tried to get into 5G stuff, so he's obviously trying to troll. I don't think he was ready for me responding "that's fine, if you get sick best of luck to
  2. For sure, we agree. I responded to "sell me on your solution" literally.
  3. Maybe your hospital is super tiny, but nation-wide you keep dividing things up between herd immunity/complete saturation of the healthcare system. Hospitalizations are going down. They're going to continue to go down. This is a gradual curve, not a binary yes or no. There is some fraction of the population immunity that would slow the spread down enough that the number of cases would be present, but manageable. We're starting to gain information on what that fraction might look like, and it's not that out of bounds when you add in the immunity from the 30% who won't get the vaccine, but w
  4. Herd immunity would be perpetual decline with no restrictions, but a lower level of immunity with a sustained, tolerable level of cases for the healthcare system would work. That's where this is headed.
  5. Israel has 62% of their population vaccinated. On March 1, they had 55%. On March 1st, they had 400 COVID cases/million. Today, they have 8/million. Patience. 70% vaccinated gets us back to a normal life.
  6. This isn't accurate. Every immunized person makes our population more resistant, reducing the spread. Herd immunity is a term we use to describe a point on a curve, not a specific threshold where COVID immediately disappears. The spread of COVID will decrease long term from where we are today long term regardless of public policy at this point because eventually something like 70% of us will get vaccinated, and a good chunk of that remaining population already has immunity.
  7. We give flu shots down to kids at 1 year old right? My first instinct is that we would keep going as low as we can safely.
  8. Fun fact about Zach Wilson: PJ Fleck wanted him at Minnesota but he didn't commit because he thought PJ was weird for constantly saying Row the Boat.
  9. He looks like the only NFL QB who could struggle with mono more than Sam Darnold.
  10. At least the broadcast isn't tipping the pick right
  11. 32/32 fans better be aggressively farting on that recliner.
  12. Why are we playing the National Anthem before a glorified conference call?
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