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  1. 2018 Milwaukee Brewers Record 64-46 6/30 MLB, 2/5 NL Central Fangraphs Projected Standings BaseballProspectus Projected Standings (PECTOA) BaseballProspectus Playoff Odds 538 Projected Standings Schedule and Notable Dates Schedule 11 April: Projected Cutoff for Full MLB Service Year for Callups 04-06 June: MLB Draft 15 June: 2017 International Signing Period Closes 23 June: Projected Super 2 Deadline for Callups 02 July: 2018 International Signing Period Opens 31 July: Non-Waiver Trade Deadline 31 August: Waiver Trade Deadline Ownership, Front Office Personnel, and Coaching Staff Chairman and Principal Owner: Mark Antanassio Chief Operating Officer: Rick Schlesinger Chief Financial Officer: Daniel Fumai General Manager: David Stearns Vice President and Assistant General Manager: Matt Arnold Vice President - Scouting: Ray Montgomery Vice President - Baseball Projects: Gord Ash Vice President - Player Personnel: Karl Mueller Director - Amateur Scouting: Tod Johnson Director - International Scouting: Mike Groopman Director - Baseball Operations: Matt Kleine Farm Director - Todd Flanagan Manager: Craig Counsell Hitting Coach: Darnell Coles Pitching Coach: Derek Johnson First Base Coach: Carlos Subero Third Base Coach: Ed Sedar Bench Coach: Pat Murphy Bullpen Coach: Lee Tunnell Roster Active Roster 40-Man Roster Contractual Obligations Cots Baseball Contracts 2018-2023 Obligations Minor League Affiliates 2018 Daily Organizational Scoreboard AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox AA Biloxi Shuckers High A Carolina Mudcats Low A Wisconsin TimberRattlers Advanced Rookie Helena Brewers Rookie Arizona Brewers Dominican Summer League Brewers Dominican Summer League Indians/Brewers 2018 Draft Class 2018 International Signings Top Prospects Fangraphs MLB Pipeline Minor League Ball Baseball Prospectus Baseball America
  2. Overdue for it's own topic. Snippets include: "Mistakes were made by Maryland personnel", "Jordan did not receive adequate care", "the school takes legal and moral responsibility". The McNair's are going to own the University of Maryland football program by the time they're done suing them. The NCAA has to intervene here, a player died at the hands of a University on the practice field. I think suspending the program for a year is the right call.
  3. If they did we'd be hearing about this a few months ago. The incident happened in late May, and the delay here is because Maryland thought they could bury it. I'm assuming Durkin gets fired, but really Evans (the AD) and Loh need to be gone too. They each had intimate involvement in the initial Maryland reaction here.
  4. This is a player safety issue man. The organization that regulates intercollegiate athletics has a responsibility to ensure that the people participating in those athletics are safe. EDIT: And if you don't believe me, just look at the rules. You know who regulates how many practices teams can have? The NCAA. You know who regulates how much time student athletes can spend on their sport? The NCAA. How many padded practices? The NCAA. This is 1 million percent NCAA territory. It should be priority number 1 for any decent organization.
  5. The reason this is a story is because the McNair family went to the Maryland president Wallace Loh and asked for a settlement. He told them they wouldn't discuss it, and so the McNair's attorney went to the press and got all of this dug up. Maryland had a chance to do the right thing and admit fault. They're upset now because they got caught.
  6. I didn't say "death penalty" because it's not great word choice in a topic about a player death. Honestly, if the NCAA doesn't get involved here, then they should disband. The National College Athletic Association just had a member kill a player through gross negligence during an athletic practice, and the school is admitting as much. "Oops, our bad" doesn't change the slightest bit about what happened, what they did, and what they didn't do. If you're not going to enforce this, what the **** are you going to enforce??
  7. Chris Archer traded to the Pirates

    Yooooooo.... Yeah man that is a really steep price for Archer. This is why you don't deal with the Rays unless they weirdly love Drew Smyly.
  8. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Thames Headshot no Schoop

    Gonna need to hear the call from BA, because "HE'S DONE IT AGAIN" on Braun home runs are my cocaine.
  9. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    The NFL salary cap is based on the league's collective revenue, which is the sum of team's revenues. So...yeah, what a franchise makes has something to do with the limitations of the salary cap. Nailed it. This is the thing that NFL fans put on repeat that is just mind-numbingly devoid of context. ~$1B Dallas Cowboys ~$700M New England Patriots ~$600M New York Giants ~$550M Washington Redskins That list goes on too. NFL teams make crazy amounts of money. Per the CBA, players get half. Therefore, players make half-crazy money. Posting a dollar figure without any context whatsoever somewhere between comically naive of how NFL contracts work and intentionally deceptive. In 3+ years. When Donald's contract is over. And when league revenues keep rising, that $35M AAV probably won't be too far off 5% of the yearly revenue. Where did I say there would be no repercussions? There obviously are. They just spent 5% of their yearly revenue on 1 player. All my post showed (with a small sample that you're welcome to add to), is that the trend we see over and over and over again across different leagues is when you have a superstar player, ~5% yearly revenue and skimping at other spots on the roster makes more sense than letting them leave.
  10. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    That's really not a crazy AAV either. The Rams probably generate ~$500M of revenue per year. $24M/year of that is about 5% of the total. The LA Angels generate ~350M revenue per year according to Forbes. Mike Trout is getting about $34M/year, so about 10% of the total. And he signed a deal further away from free agency than Donald did, so the Angels had less leverage. Even if you say that a baseball roster is half the size of a football roster and chop Trout's fraction in half (which isn't accurate since larger rosters tend to reduce the contracts of the "middle class" of free agent eligible players), it's about an equal fraction of revenue. The Edmonton Oilers generate around $150 in yearly revenue, again Forbes. Connor McDavid is getting an average of $12.5M/year, or ~8%. Again, even with a smaller hockey roster, the math more or less checks out in terms of total fraction of revenue. And the NHL has a salary cap at almost exactly the same fraction of league revenue as the NFL, so even if you start looking at cap space instead of revenue, there's really nothing all that crazy about what Donald is making. You can do similar exercises for the NBA or European soccer, but it gets weird because the NBA has maximum salaries based on service time and because soccer contracts aren't reported consistently (some are after tax and some are before tax, which is a big deal when the tax rate gets to 50%). The general point being, if you are a professional sports team spending 5% of yearly revenue on a superstar player is reasonable from a business perspective. It's not crazy that Donald is making that much money, because NFL teams are making a crazy amount of money.
  11. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    That's not a gif. That's a 2-frame blurred out picture of what I'm guessing is a man having a stroke. That is the internet equivalent of those crappy flip books you made in like 1st grade that when you paged through them really quick nothing happened because you were in 1st grade and didn't have the attention span to finish it. Unexcused.
  12. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    None of those players were signed in 2018, and none of those players play on the defensive line. I'm also not sold that those three players do have a bigger impact than Aaron Donald. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/stephen-gostkowski-4587/ Stephen Gostkowski at $5M this year https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/los-angeles-rams/johnny-hekker-10414/ Johnny Hekker at $3.5M/year Pick a long snapper, any long snapper. $1.5M/year. Those 3 cost ~$10M. Extrapolating, there's obviously no reason the Rams couldn't get 7 starters for Aaron Donald's money. #sabermetrics
  13. You probably need some Acuna in your day.
  14. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    The Rams hater in me wants to criticize, but I really can't. He's really good, and thinking outside fandom for a second, this continues a trend towards more player-friendly contracts with higher guarantees. Good to see that the NFL players realize they have more leverage in their negotiations than they have historically utilized.

    Holy ****. Good to hear it looks like he'll make a full recovery.
  16. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    That's so much better. The jump to 60 feet from 46 feet was huge and this makes it so that one dude who goes through puberty at 11 doesn't kill anyone.
  17. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    Did they move the mound back? Thought it was 46 feet until 13, then 60.5 thereafter.
  18. Wisconsin Badgers Thread (13-1) | Orange Bowl Champions

    We're not 100% squeaky clean. I wasn't close with that many players, but there were a few who I know got free drinks/food, which is basically what ended up getting Jim Tressel fired (well, the cover up was what really buried him, but still). But look at how our school handled the Dom Cizauskas situation compared to how OSU handled the Zach Smith situation. He gets accused, an investigation is opened, and in the interim he is immediately not considered part of the class, then was barred from any UW campus for life. Don't pass go, don't collect $200, gone. Based on how his career has gone since then, he probably gets meaningful playing time for us based exclusively on football ability, but we made it clear that wasn't the important thing.
  19. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    From 46 feet? That may as well be 100.
  20. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Thames Headshot no Schoop

    Weird response to an inning where we came back from 1 down by scoring 3 runs...
  21. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    This is criminal.
  22. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Alternatively, don't consider the "victim" really a person at all.