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  1. Dallas has the best offense in the NFC and a good defense. If we somehow win that one, the Packers will turn into the NFC favorite.
  2. We get Dallas after this week tho. That’s going to be a huge game between likely 4-0 teams. Pack win that and the hype begins.
  3. Chicago’s defense is elite but their offense is average at best. Minnesota has a really good defense and really good offense with Cook being a dominant player and Cousins/Thielen/Diggs being just enough in the pass game. Chicago scares me more because the defense is truly dominant. Minnesota is more well rounded, but a defense like Chicago can just crush anyone on any given day.
  4. I didn’t see that. Defense gave it to him. Then Garbage yards after the game was out of hand.
  5. If we get through Philly, that game in Dallas is lining up to be a statement game.
  6. When he left here, I said I was disappointed cuz he developed so much here. Glad he’s back too.
  7. Bakh grade 58 Jenkins 74 (limited) Lindsley 58 Turner 64 Bulaga 75 Not quite what we were hoping for, but I guess Mack, Hicks, Griffen and Hunter have a little something to do with that.
  8. Billy Turner hasn’t been great. He’s had some bad pass protection misses. Anyone have the pff grades of our OL so far this year??
  9. I’d have a hard time ever taking a guard, but I thought Hockenson was a good pick. An elite TE is better than a bust DL
  10. Jenkins played a lot in preseason. He’s a rookie... Fatigue sets in, in a long NFL season coming off the combine and then their first training camp. Those couple weeks off set him up for success in the long season ahead. Couldn’t have gone any better for Jenkins, honestly
  11. To the best of my knowledge..... no one from the Packers has ever said anything one way or the other so we’re all just guessing Turner slides out.
  12. Turner is already the starting RG, so how can he backup LG?
  13. Agree completely. It’s barely a loss, but it was nice to have Taylor because it gave Jenkins a couple weeks to just work out and learn the offense.
  14. We can afford to lose a guard. We could even lose one more with Lucas Patrick on the team. I even think we’d get by if Pankey had to play guard. Losing a tackle would hurt much more. The two we have are really good, so it would be tough to replace that.
  15. ??? I don’t understand what this means?
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