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  1. You win easily. Drake is so far ahead of Bell.
  2. 1-1, PPR league, 10 teams My roster pre-trade: QB: Ben Roethlisberger RB: James Conner, Jerrick McKinnon, James White, Joshua Kelley, JK Dobbins, Christian McCaffrey (OUT) WR: Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods, Terry McLaurin, DJ Chark TE: George Kittle, Jonnu Smith I traded James Conner and Tyreek Hill for Nick Chubb and Allen Robinson. I might have bought a little high on Chubb, but I feel like he's much more dependable as an RB1 to weather the storm while McCaffrey is out than is Conner who is made of porcelain. I like buying low on Robinson, as I feel like he
  3. I don't see anything wrong with it unless moving forward you do that for everyone.
  4. McLaurin and Davis is not a wash. Davis is a marginal flex play going forward, while McLaurin is a locked-in WR2. He's not going to give you a stud like that for peanuts. You would need to include Hill or Ridley if you want Jones.
  5. Can't bench Chubb, and I also think you can't bench Robinson. He's so heavily involved as a volume play (36 touches through 2 games), and the Jaguars' resurgent offense is encouraging. I think you probably bench Woods because of the White matchup. That said Johnson probably draws Roby and Moore possibly draws Hayward, so I don't think you're guaranteed anything. With McCaffrey out, I imagine the Panthers throwing more, which bodes well for Moore.
  6. You're in the right neighborhood. I think a contributing RB (James Robinson, Joe Mixon, James Conner) plus a mid-WR2 (Robert Woods, Terry McLaurin, D.J. Moore) would be a fair package. But you need to get something back so that you're not giving up two useful players for nothing for the next several weeks. Like Robinson/Mixon/Conner + McLaurin/Woods/Moore for McCaffrey + Parker/Boyd + Hines/Kelley
  7. Given how premium RBs are, probably package 2 unless you're stacked at RB.
  8. I agree with your analysis on Gordon. If Driskel or Bortles is starting, you're going to get very few yards, maybe a lot of dumpoffs, and a few short-distance TDs. I would rather bank on production from Montgomery. I don't mind trading for Andrews generally but would just want more than Chark in that package.
  9. I don't know that I would make that trade actually. If you're going to deal Montgomery or Gordon, shoot for a better return. While Andrews profiles as a slight upgrade on Engram, I don't think the massive downgrade to Chark makes the deal worth it. Chark has me worried -- only 7 targets through two weeks (4th on the team). Keelan Cole seems to be the number 1 option, and Chark's skillset isn't ideal for the style of offense they're running. Shenault -- who is being used like vintage Cordarrelle Patterson (better receiver of course) -- seems to be their Swiss Army Knife. I think if you're
  10. If you're 1-1 or 2-0, the latter. If you're 0-2, the former, unless you want to take some risk.
  11. What does the rest of your team look like?
  12. Sell - Cam Newton, Josh Allen, or any other later-round, high-performing QB. This assumes the price is right. I like the idea of moving one for some help at WR and RB, especially given the rash of injuries. You likely drafted them relatively late and can probably throw in a Minshew or Tannehill off waivers, both of whom will give you respectable production. If you can get a decent return for Joe Mixon, I would pull the trigger. Besides only playing 54% of the team's offensive snaps (16th among RBs) through two weeks, the Cincinnati line looks abysmal. You might still be able to sell
  13. True. There's no one in the league that has the same "my ball" mentality that Dez has.
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