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  1. Way too many sensitive fans.
  2. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    Love getting swept on the road.
  3. The Boys{Amazon}

    Just finished this. Billy trying to use the spice girls in a pump up speech
  4. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    Schwarber the fastest Cub to 100 homers.
  5. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    Not exactly proving me wrong so far.
  6. Yes. Side-note, it would always piss me off luck stans would shout: HIS TEAM WENT 1-15!!!!!1! As if the Colts didn’t go 1-15 because of the dumpster fires they started at QB
  7. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    Wonder how badly we get our ***** kicked in Cincy this weekend.
  8. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Just in time for the deadline to pass.
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Apparently the Giants sprinkled some EYBS on this season.
  10. Chicago Cubs Thread - Kimbrel incoming

    18-28 on the road so far this year. OOF
  11. Watchmen Trailer HBO

    Yeah, the Watchmen were supposed to be the villains.
  12. Shazam

    The humor, tone, and writing put it well above MoS for me. I really hated the writing and what they did with Superman
  13. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Welp

    He won MVP, and should win again this year
  14. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    May this glorious meme never die
  15. NBA 2k19 Franchise - Heat GM

    Not as bad as mknight NOT UPDATING THIS