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  1. Oh lord, please link his Kaaya evaluation
  2. Vans can never be wrong, HE MUST ALWAYS BE RIGHT.
  3. I have it bookmarked in case it ever becomes handy
  4. Y'all acting like that ended the debate don't know Vans. Prepare for MOAR goalpost shifting, because Vans is incapable of ever being wrong.
  5. God, Mahomes Vs Lamar is already more annoying than Brady Vs Peyton
  6. lolno he'll either never respond or move the goalposts
  7. Yes, Sean Payton is totally a genius and mostly responsible for MT and Brees’ success. Totally. He’s a great offensive mind, but he has his warts, and definitely not a defensive minded guy.
  8. He was too busy staring into his eyes to notice the INT
  9. He came in for the Steelers game against the Raiders when Ben got taken out for a bit, he threw an INT in the first series I believe.
  10. I hate how much I can agree with this
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