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  1. I'm here to hand out crow for the BAEsom haters.
  2. Words can't express my feelings right now.
  3. I hate to bump this, but if as an offensive coordinator you don't design your scheme with your talent in mind you deserve to be shot into the sun. I'm sure Payton would design a good power run scheme for Henry, and whomever the Titans coordinator is would include lots of swings, flats etc... for Kamara
  4. The best running back isn't judge purely by running ability, which was my point.
  5. If only somebody had invented a way for the football to go forward through the air, if only a running back was an important part of that
  6. Tanny just gave me a heart attack and I'm not a Titans fan
  7. That won't count, but Patty Mahomes shoots real good.
  8. Holy **** he did something after this. EDIT: lmao
  9. Can we end the Derek Carr experience please?
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