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  1. So, what do you think of our draft?
  2. Being in first was fun while it lasted
  3. Given that he's just a chill guy who's already dealt with his issues for the most part, and he's also very dorky and sweet. I find his character refreshing. Finally started getting into Mass Effect 3 this weekend, Thane's death hit me.
  4. In first place, just as predicted.
  5. God, I can't even imagine a heartless renegade leaving David with Cerberus.
  6. Overlord is one of my favorite missions, the final reveal is a gut punch
  7. I had a fit because my game glitched after getting Liara, it bugged out my game and I deleted my save. Putting the work in to get through it this weekend hasn't been super painful. I actually really enjoy the mining in 2. Actually, I love everything about 2, so take what I say with the proper salt.
  8. I'm pounding my head into a wall trying to find the will to finish the first game. Its not easy because Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game, but completing the first does make make the 2nd game better
  9. God damn, I really don't like ME1 anymore. ME2 is still my favorite game though.
  10. And we have the exact same number of super bowl wins, how odd.
  11. Look forward to the Saints being 32nd on your rankings.
  12. ITT; A near complete lack of reading comprehension. I would rather have the glory of being an integral part of 3 championships
  13. TFW you're Koufax incarnate and give yourself more run support than your own teamates
  14. Y’all remember the hilarious thread on the other site when Aldon threatened TSA with a bomb at the airport?
  15. The human characters are irrelevant, all the stuff with the monsters and Hollow Earth is great
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