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  1. 15 hours ago, 43M said:

    WB is such a trainwreck, and destroying characters and a property that is very marketable and not that hard to make, at the very least, decent.

    Havent seen WW84 yet, but the first one was extremely overrated too...and thats sad considering its probably the 3rd best movie in the DCEU (Joker not included).  


    The best movie has been Shazam, which was awesome.


    EDIT: I forgot BoP exists, that's also an awesome movie.

  2. 13 hours ago, ninjapirate said:

    @Malfatron I also had to ask myself why chris pine was in this movie in the middle of it. It seems like him being present at all was just a waste of money from WB. 

    Way too many tears over Chris Pine. I actually liked it because of how schlocky it was, but that means I didn't enjoy it the way it was supposed to be.


    EDIT: Also, like 30 minutes of the movie was Chris Pine as a fish out of water jokes.

  3. On 11/3/2020 at 1:04 PM, ET80 said:

    I'll say Kamara is a better offensive threat, sure. Pass catching is largely a function of how an offense operates - you either design things to get a RB involved in the passing game, or you don't.

    I really don't know what Henry would look like in a Saints offense, much like I don't know how Kamara would look in a Titans offense.

    I hate to bump this, but if as an offensive coordinator you don't design your scheme with your talent in mind you deserve to be shot into the sun. I'm sure Payton would design a good power run scheme for Henry, and whomever the Titans coordinator is would include lots of swings, flats etc... for Kamara

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  4. 55 minutes ago, ET80 said:

    Yeah... when you're getting close to 3,000 yards on the ground, it doesn't really matter if you catch passes or not.

    Henry is a much better runner than Kamara. Kamara is a much better receiver than Henry. I'd say the gap between Henry > Kamara as a runner is equal to Kamara > Henry as a receiver.

    The best running back isn't judge purely by running ability, which was my point.

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