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  1. On the bright side, y'all will look great against the Ravens.
  2. The Steelers playing down to competition. Water is wet, grass is green.
  3. Driskel gets more than 1 second and throws a TD. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED
  4. Jesus Driskel has a defender in his face before he can get his feet set.
  5. Stafford isn't as good as Watson and definitely isn't good enough to straight up carry his team like Watson is.
  6. Even if they were healthy I don't know how they could deal with such a terrible line.
  7. Oh sweet baby Jesus the Broncos couldn't block my Bronchitis ailed grandmother.
  8. He and Kyler were both really good as rookies.
  9. Minshew is actually really good it turns out.
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