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  1. Not really, it doesn't have to be both Probably fair value.
  2. The original plan was for Rammy to replace Strief eventually, so stick to the original plan.
  3. It would depend on what we could get for him if we could get a high pick and decent player in return, I'd do it.
  4. Doesn't change my opinion, he's one of the most talented tackles in the game, there's no reason to get rid of him.
  5. Lol nevermind, the answer is nothing; https://twitter.com/nickpiecoro/status/887441854513520642
  6. Who the hell did they have to give up?
  7. I want to see this so badly, it looks so good.
  8. We're trying to flip Moore from Nebraska
  9. Seriously? I thought Poe was awesome. Who talks first? You talk first, or I talk first?
  10. Well Bruce Allen needs to be shot into the sun, so that's not really a surprise.
  11. I can understand not really liking the plot for 7, but the characters make the movie, especially the new ones. They were all fantastic. Agreed on Rogue One though.
  12. Agree with this, the roast threads this off-season were pretty good, I even bookmarked the Saints one.
  13. He's our memeking, you're our memelord. Bit of a difference
  14. So its a junk pitch he'll toss every once and a while to mess with hitters. I wouldn't be so sure about that
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