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  1. Syntax, context, and connotations help well-educated folks infer meaning beyond what people actually say. Which is a fun way of saying your toxic reaction to posts pointing out we were not going to be a very good team tell me you expected to compete for the division. You don't have to explicitly state it, your posts make it pretty clear. The post where you quoted hrubes and I mocking us for being down on the team at the start of the season while we were in first is exactly what I was referring to. The hysterical rants are absolutely you throwing a tantrum. Its not stupid to lament th
  2. You in May. Everybody but you pretty much agreed we were in for a rough year. You threw quite the tantrum when all this was pointed out.
  3. You in June. You've been been throwing a fit because people rightfully hated the direction the Ricketts pushed us.
  4. I am 100% correct. Your hysterical reaction tells me I am right
  5. No you tagged hrubes and I when we were in first calling us quitters. I’m not gonna stop posting, you can’t make me
  6. For such a young team I will take it
  7. Oh, but you did. You @ me when we had the division lead. Your hysterical posts in reaction to me tell me I’m right
  8. Did not realize how serious the Lonzo hype was.
  9. You bumped this thread when we lead the division and then you disappeared when we started losing.
  10. Man, if we could swing Reggie Jackson I’d build Griffin a statue
  11. At the very least, I look forward to the Pels being a play in team
  12. Sounds like a perfect fit next to BI and Zion.
  13. Who can tell me about the guy the Pels drafted?
  14. Remember when you thought we would win the division?
  15. Graham at $12 million? I'll take it.
  16. Okay, we really need Dinwiddie or DS at this point.
  17. If we give up Lonzo for Graham I'm gonna ******* puke
  18. Depressed resignation we're gonna suck after seeing the prospects we received
  19. We knew it was coming. Still really ******* hurts.
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