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  1. Having a hard time seeing how we win more than 80 games
  2. Yes, Brees declined physically after 2017. Honestly 2013 is when he started declining physically. His arm strength at the end of each year would be bad.
  3. Thats 6 wins outside 2009, don't hurt yourself moving the goalposts. We also got robbed in 2018.
  4. He did indeed did get robbed in 2009. That's not a knock against Brees considering Brady, Rodgers, and Manning are top 5 all time.
  5. Are you going to pretend Brees didn't got robbed of an MVP and a second super bowl birth? Are you going to pretend that winning one Super Bowl is a mark against Brees, and that winning said Super Bowl in New Orleans doesn't enhance his legacy? Are you going to pretend Brees didn't play with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning, while not acknowledging there is one first team all pro spot for QB? Brees' legacy is winning a Super Bowl with the god damn Aints, in the process leading his offense for a GWD and beating Peyton Manning while Manning threw the game losing pick-6. While put
  6. Brees put up elite production in the playoffs outside the dome as well dude
  7. Y’all know Taysom isn’t actually getting $140 million right?
  8. The dome argument is infuriatingly dumb, as if Brees wasn’t an elite QB outdoors in the cold as well
  9. Didn’t say it was a slight or problem, I’m just saying the 4 elite QBs of this era really were that good.
  10. Brady has won 7 ******* Super Bowls, broke the single season TD record and then put up elite production into his 40s. Manning won multiple Super Bowls, MVPs, and broke the single season TD record twice. Rodgers has been the most efficient QB of all time, has completely broken the bell curve for TD to INT ratio, and put up elite production. Brees being seen not quite as good as 3 top 5 all time QBs is no slight against him, and Brees was an elite QB that put up better individual seasons multiple times. He also went and beat Peyton Manning’s team in a super bowl; leading his offense on a game s
  11. The NFL punished the Saints so heavily because it was scumbag, bush league ****, not because it was cheating.
  13. Now I’m getting strange looks for laughing like a maniac, thanks Dome
  14. If we can somehow keep Jameis we should be pretty set. If we can go 3-1 with Taysom Hill starting we'll be okay.
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